Rihanna Officially Releases ‘Anti’ As ‘Work’ Tops iTunes Charts In Over 90 Countries

Published: Friday 29th Jan 2016 by Rashad

It’s the day Rihanna fans have waited so patiently for.  Following a four year wait, four “first” singles, a confusing campaign, temporary free access, and millions of streams, Ri’s faithful #Navy (and curious music lovers) can finally have their hands on the official ‘Anti’ release.

As a reward for their patience, the version lifted to iTunes just moments ago also features 3 new songs.  While this doesn’t seem to be enough to satiate critics, many of whom have panned the project as a “confused body of work,” “inconsistent,” “lacking clear direction,” and more, fans – on the other hand – seem to be more forgiving…and more generous with their coins.

Indeed, after racking up over 13 million free spins and 1 million free downloads, itunes Charts indicate the songstress may be well on her way to earning some (extra) bucks for her hard work.  Details below:



With reports indicating the set’s lead single ‘Work,’ featuring Grammy winning rapper Drake, had zoomed to #1 on the digital charts of over 90 countries (nearly half the number of countries on the planet), it appears its parent body is set to follow suit.

As of time reporting, the album has not been available a full hour and has already topped itunes charts in over 40 countries and counting.

While we are at least 36 hours away from the first ‘full on’ prediction of its first week sales, at the rate it’s going, Rihanna‘s contrary campaign may prove itself potent and lend her second Billboard 200 chart-topper.

Tidbit:  Haven’t heard ‘Work’ yet?  Click here to listen.

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  1. 2bad2bme January 29, 2016

    the girls want her to fail sooo bad but the team has a plan…that is why “four five seconds”, and “BBHMM” is not on the album because her team knows that she is just beginning after the BUZZ!

    • Blackdude January 29, 2016

      Yes her team had a plan and Jay is a marketing and business genius. They knew she couldnt sell it the traditional way so they did it like this, a safe approach

      • Cupid January 29, 2016

        1 million people got the album for free. After giving it away she put the album on iTunes and still manages top 3…. But you still say she couldn’t have sold the traditional way?

  2. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 29, 2016

    *runs to iTunes*
    Come through queen ??

  3. Carey Like Mariah January 29, 2016

    She’ll do no less than 70K first week, no more than 150K, I’m calling it. But I wish her the best either way. Get moneyyyyy *Janet voice*

    • Rihboy January 29, 2016

      Well technically Samsung already paid here for one million copies. So she already made quite an earning. However I doubt any of that will hinder regular sales. Conclusively she got paid to release this album for free and will make additional .work work work work work work

      • Blackdude January 29, 2016

        She made an earning OR the people who actually wrote, produced and composed the album ?

      • Cupid January 29, 2016

        She owns her music now.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan January 29, 2016

    After hearing “Sėx With Me” I am for sure buying this album! I am in love with that song ?.
    I don’t expect high sales but it should still do 50K and over or hopefully more.

  5. RihYonce January 29, 2016

    So proud of Rihanna, This Album is great it’s definitely becoming my favorite & I wasn’t so sure in the beginning but I’m glad she took a different route Love On The Brain, Same Ol Mistakes, desperato, consideration , yea I said it , needed me & Pose really slaying me right now , I hate the she released the album they way she did but I’m glad to have new music her it’s been long enough. Honey Bey you up next !!

  6. Monica stan January 29, 2016

    125K first week.

  7. RihYonce January 29, 2016

    Definitely buying my copy , I hope she at least does 200K but considering that most people have it Im thinking 125K but you never know never underestimate, it has been 4 years & the fans who really love the album they will buy it

  8. bibi93 January 29, 2016

    Success for real

  9. Rosie January 29, 2016

    If there’s any physicals: 150-180K

    • King B January 29, 2016

      Imagine if she sold less than Lana after all the hype. She had to copy BEYONCÉ’s suprise move to get second no.1. Even 180k is still slightly more than Lana.

  10. metzo January 29, 2016

    Pillow talk is debuting at #1 next week anyway so i dont see it for work

    • Rosie January 29, 2016

      PILLOWTALK is so good, thought it would be try-hard trash
      And he already came through with VEVO/Spotify. Top 2 is on lock

      • metzo January 29, 2016

        You gotta give it up tohim. He was very smart to have simultaneously released both the song and video. The timing was great and the song is so s*** ughh. Justin cancelled

      • Rosie January 29, 2016

        The production>>>
        I think it’s going to smash. Other than the obvious UK/US #1 debuts next week. Poor Justin, poor Nick Jonas’ white gay-baiting ass

  11. Alenna January 29, 2016

    98k first week

  12. christinastherealtalent January 29, 2016

    Her best body of work to date! I’m shockingly impressed with the direction she went!!! Kiss it Better and Love on the Brain are FIYAH!!!

  13. LB January 29, 2016

    S** with me is hitting, PURE FIRE.

  14. Tyler Makiavelli January 29, 2016

    When that first week sales come up I want to see the navy lol.
    Moving onto #B6 lol.

    • RihannaNavy January 29, 2016

      Um whats this?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 29, 2016

        Wait… ??

    • MDNA January 29, 2016

      Tyler is scheisethroned kii!! wtf?!?

    • LB January 29, 2016

      Death, oh Miss Tyra

    • CATFISH CAREY January 29, 2016

      Eww Fagler trolling as a little moron?

    • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016


    • .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

      DEATH!!! Exposed!!!

    • WINTZ January 29, 2016

      Awwh poor Tylenol having multiple identity crisis! I’m so ASHAMED for you!!! Kiiiii

      “WOOOIIIIIEEE!!,” He hollered in disdain! I can just see you now… Pathetically crouched over holding your grossly obese gut as you stare wide eyed at this EPIC slayage in disbelief!

      The meltdowns are EVERYTHING!!!
      From POST to POST the Sleepless HIvE stay doing the MOST! I live!!! Kiiii

  15. LB January 29, 2016

    Released on her label, so she is getting 56% of whatever the album ends up selling.

    *side eyes the 7% crowd*

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

      Why you think some slaves away on back to back tours? lol

      • RASHAD January 29, 2016

        Rihanna was a SLAVE to Def-Jam and released back to back albums and did back to back tours because she had a bad accountant & bad contract! You throwing shade at Bey but it’s all good you just mad because Bey out grosses Rihanna’s last tour lol! Rihanna voice: Don’t act like you forgot!

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

        When the pest runs dry, they bring up Beyonce being rich. Didn’t her net worth drop by half last year? lol
        And NOW Rihanna is her own boss, while Beyonce is a Sony slave. Better go on another tour, but guess who else owns her own tours. lol

      • RASHAD January 29, 2016


        Last time I checked that BOSS you speak of who owns her masters is currently struggling with her current tour. Beyonce will out gross her anyday!

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

      And you better get a A+ in the School Of Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Music Business 101! LB!

      • LB January 29, 2016

        And I’m not even done. She has writing credits on every song and owns her masters. All she needs is one song to make it on as add (desperado candidate for NFL ad) and more $$$$ in the bank

  16. Quinn January 29, 2016

    Just purchased, she earned my coin. Anti is a solid cohesive body of work. I think it’s my fave Rihanna album.

  17. Lou January 29, 2016

    Congrats Rihanna!

    I am so happy for her success.

    I hope WORK will be her eventual 14th #1 song and that ANTI becomes another #1 album for her because she hasn’t had any (only 1) in comparison to her contemporaries and even I can admit that.

    ANTI is a GREAT album and WORK is a STRAIGHT DANCEHALL CLUB BANGER… It was giving me Vybz Kartel meets Beenie Man meets Sean Paul and sasha vibes.


  18. King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

    180K to 200k. Itunes and others didn’t have Tidal nor a (the amazing) Samsung Galaxy device, so it will sale. The gifted album was the best promo I seen, ever! Let the fans do the talking.

    • RASHAD January 29, 2016

      Girl you are so full of S***! If this had been any other artist you would trash them! Gags gave away her album for .99 cents the nay threw shade, Jay-z had Samsung buy 1 million of his album the Navy said Beyoncé husband was desperate. Beyoncé released her surprise album and you/navy called it a gimmick! The real shade is Rihanan end up doing almost a 3 things (Gaga, Jay, and Bey did all in one). The joke is on the Navy! She made u wait over 3 years for this lol! Best promo you ever seen my ass

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

        Have a seat, shut up and maybe you’ll learn something.
        The ONLY Gags album I bought was the 99 cents one, so that’s debunked.
        Here’s a comment made by the one and only on a Jay Z post. It’s called Google, but we’ll learn more about that in lesson Two.
        “June 21, 2013 at 2:20 pm
        Mark111 says:
        You queens are stupid. I’m sure Jay doesn’t give two shitsand a p*** about billboard stats cause 1) He got the cash (whats really matters). 2) Samsung gets it’s marketing. And 3) Jay is gonna do 400k anyways, plus the mill, the album is already a success. It’s not that fair cause Gaga did the same with Amazon Cloud promo.
        And for Beyonce, I called it HYPE, she can’t chart with a single, so she had no choice but to release the album the way that she did or Sony would had never (and didn’t) support it. Hint 4lop.
        So, next time you try to diss the King, better come with facts, not whatever you can pull out of your back side. Class dismissed.

      • Rihboy January 29, 2016

        But gags didn’t even do a fraction of this. What’s your point ?

    • RASHAD January 29, 2016

      @Stretch Marks111

      I hear what you saying but you still full of s***! The Navy including have all threw shade at all 3 artist for how they released their albums. Rihanna has took bits and pieces from all 3 of those artist.

      Beyoncé- You said her album was all “HYPE” lol! Boo boo please explain to me what Rihanna’s “Anti album” is? She been hyping this album up since 2014 and the ultimate shade her reviews, first week sales, domestic sales, world wide, and tour will do LESS than Beyoncé “HYPED SURPRISE ALBUM”! You said Bey can’t chart last time I checked Rihnanna”s last 3 attempts at topping the charts she flopped which is why Jose “buzz single as you like to call it didn’t make the album”! You full of s*** Mark & you know it!

      • RASHAD January 29, 2016


        Rihanna’s album will have art pop sales when the dust settles TRUST! Her using SAMSUNG will only get her so far and once you deduct what SAMSUNG purchased the true numbers will speak for themselves. This album and era as a whole is a Flop. YOU GUYS KNOW IT but WILL NEVER ADMIT!

    • King B January 29, 2016

      LOL Gaga and Rihanna are basically the same now. One sold album for 99 cent and one for free. And Beyoncé is still charting,106 weeks on chart. It’s not hype at all. It won Grammys and VMAs. Hype is born this way and 2020 experience. And Aaliyah is the MOST HYPE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. #300kinUK

  19. MDNA January 29, 2016

    So Tyra was Scheisethroned all this time? A little monster stan? troll exposed!

  20. Swiftie – Riri January 29, 2016


    Tyra was…



    Please gawwwwd, this can’t be true because the EXPOSURE would be too real!

  21. BeyKnowlesBest January 29, 2016

    I’m still iffy about the album , but my fave song is kiss it better it reminds me of a modern day red light special by tlc

  22. LB January 29, 2016

    @Mark @Centurion have you seen miss Tyra ????

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

      I guess she got confused maing all those 99 avi’less comments in the Rihanna posts. I told you, I never seen so many faceless pressed comments on here. ANTi really got them doing the most. lol. Watch the album do 200K+ the first week, #1 because Adele did less than 100K last week. So expect more Pest being mad. lol

      • RASHAD January 29, 2016

        Death at you admitting her only chance at getting a number one is because she locked her self behind 8 doors until she though Adele was done spanking that ass on the charts. Adele is the reason you didn’t get a album in 2015 lol! The struggle and obsticales to obtain a #1 album though!

  23. smh January 29, 2016

    Every time I drop, I’m the only thing you’re playin’
    In a drop top, doin’ hundred, y’all in my rearview mirror racin’
    Where y’all at? Where y’all at? Where y’all at?

  24. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 29, 2016

    I’m expecting 350,000+ first week (streaming included), even in the midst of all the leaking debacle. I’m proud of her, and I honestly don’t see Zayn’s s*** self taking the Hot 100 #1 spot from “Work”. Lol, did Drake just earn his second #1? I think he did. He better give her a kiss as a thank you.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 29, 2016

      I’m not sure; we’ve got to wait and see. I know that Zayn sure won’t take that #1 spot for sure on BBH100.

      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 29, 2016

        Yeah. I agree with that, but I honestly do think her 14th #1 has arrived. I don’t wanna jinx it, though.

  25. CATFISH CAREY January 29, 2016


    • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

      Because you’re basic and have a small mind.

      • RASHAD January 29, 2016

        Basic and small minded basically sums up the NAVY!

  26. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 29, 2016

    I have a horrible confession to make.I bought a Rihanna poster and Iam going to a circle to go talk about how much I have lost it.This will flop and whatnot.

  27. #TeamTinashe Stan January 29, 2016

    This is Rihanna’s first full urban album right or am I mistaken? She took a risk as we know her market niche is “Pop” but this is what I’ve been wanting from her!!
    HASHTAG: #TakeMyCoins

  28. Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

    Not even #1 in the relevant countries kii
    When I say ANTI you say FLOP!!

    • HailBeysus January 29, 2016


  29. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 29, 2016

    You know I’ve been thinking, and I think “Love On the Brain” should be the 2nd single. Sure “Kiss It Better” is a certifiable jam, but Brain is the gem that the whole world needs to hear…especially that high note on brain. It shocks me every time I hear it

  30. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 29, 2016

    This go fall off and the nappy go get very upset.I see 1K first week sales.14million including the 13 999 945 albums of free and illegal downloads.

  31. King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

    That No Direction kid tried too hard. Song lack direction, a beat and the video gets the award for Try Hard. Sure it’s trending, but don’t that fan base always having the most basic trending hashtags? A few days ago it was one of them being a dad. And does that group even have a #1 hit? Anyway, Nick Carter of today, the Justins are not bothered, not even that Jonas girl.

  32. Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

    ANTI won’t probably do 500K WW Can’t wait for the excuses.
    Mark and loose booty will probably be hiding in each other assholes till the dragging dies down???

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 29, 2016

      Do you know that I cringe every time I scroll past your avi…I thought you should know that

    • Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

      This is comes from a delusional Stan that hides behind a Rihslût AVI

    • i’m backbitches rihanna’s biggest fan January 29, 2016

      girl shouldnt you be knitting a sweater somewhere b**** go clean your dentures you dusty ass ho! don’t make me drag you to your next colonoscopy ho!!!!

  33. King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

    I just schooled that clown up there and it said “I hear what you’re saying… but.” SMH, only a fool keep trying after taking the L. lol

    • RASHAD January 29, 2016

      You didn’t school s***! You are in denail and trying to back peadal because all the shade you threw from 2013 until yesterday blew up in your face!

      She tried to take from BEY & JAY’s playbook and failed!

  34. LB January 29, 2016


    I might have to disagree with you there, unlike the Justins’ and Nick Jonas, Zayn can actually sing.

    That said, that song sounds too One Direction to me. If he doesn’t pick it up with a real banger, he’ll be a Joe Jonas instead of a Justin Timberlake.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

      He’s trying too hard. His audience is still those 12 year Olds, adults won’t be tuning it. It took the Justins a while before they could be accepted, he’s not getting in right off the back. We’ll see tho, but there’s levels to this and he seem to blow his load on the first single.

  35. Joenysmith January 29, 2016

    I saw some people saying that it would do 3.5 million first week as in beating Adele first week sales. Haha keep dreaming b****** that wont happen EVER!!!! Adele is the ARTIST right now and no one can touch her or beat her achievements,not even taylor twit or Beyawnce. S*** they arevsaying that Zayn Malik’s song is gonna be her first week haha which is awesome cause Pillowtalk is fire.

  36. King B January 29, 2016

    I’ll wait for the sales. Anyways, thanks to suprise release , she will have her second number one album. #BeyInspired

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

      It wasn’t even remotely like Beyonce release nor a surprise. Omg you pest are stupid. Lol

      • King B January 29, 2016

        The navy are the stupid one. She made no announcement about the release date. So it’s a suprise. Not sure why you’re in denial. She copy Gaga, Beyoncé and Jay Z all at once. Thanks to BEYONCÉ, she finally wants to release a crtically accliamed album. Thanks to beyoncé she will finally earn her first 300 k album (probbaly), thanks to BEYONCÉ ,she really try hard (but fail) to sing and show off her vocals.

      • HailBeysus January 29, 2016

        MARKIESHA YOU IS A MATHAFUXKIN LIE!!! FORBES, TIME AND COUNTLESS OTHERS SEEM TO THINK OTHERWISE. She followed the Queens blueprint. Stay pressed and mad. Hoeanna Bows to the Almighty Queen Yoncé!

      • killian January 29, 2016

        Dont be silly mark it was a suprise release …you do to much. its nice but Lord knows if it wasn’t free I wouldn’t have gotten the album and many of the buying public would not havet too .

    • RASHAD January 29, 2016

      Let Mark do what he do! We know and the industry knows this was really her only option because she waited to long and Adele (literally came out of nowhere and made her switch up her game plan). If Mark and the navy wants to stay in denail let them. We have the satisfaction of knowing the real tea. The “Gimmick/Hype Beyonce Surprise album” is what Rihanna tried to do and failed on epic proportions. When them first/physical sales come in and we will see how fast that albums slides down the chart!

      • HailBeysus January 29, 2016

        Kii lets not forget she copied Miley to with the free album. Lmao but Rihanna’s album rollout is innovative and original. Lmfao!!!! The lies the K** Swallowers tell themselves just to get by this flop and messy ass era hahaha

  37. King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

    The whole point in releasing an album is for the fans, make money, further your career. She made the money, she already got the check. 1 million fans already have the album and it’s her best work yet. So no way this is a flop. How? Because it may not sale and her not getting 7% while Jews get the other 90%? Because the Pest are still stuck and BEYhind on the old way that Cleary isn’t working anymore? You’re a fool of you’re still typing flop when she, Samsung and we the fans already won.
    I wonder will RIAA will count the Samsung units like they did with Jay. If so, another one. And it still going to do 200K. Lol

  38. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    just wanted to pop up and exit
    and make Penny Sparrow seethe cos of my existence
    LB’s heart race cos I might come for that Canadian mug
    CATFISH CAREY hides in the shadows of Harlem streets
    fetch Centurion from the river I sent him to fetch water
    Mark ramble aboit nothing important with his cowbay education
    but I’ll leave for today
    im out!

  39. ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

    I really enjoy the album good luck girl

    And damn tyler say it aint so h**.

  40. RihannaNavyStan January 29, 2016

    we’ll see ? purchase ANTI ?

  41. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    CATFISH CAREY you look like a Somalian/Ethiopian/Sudanes/CAR
    Marikos on them essays like he’s on payroll from Rihanna
    Metzo , long time no see
    Robocop, how come you never go hard for your robot fave’s flop unpurchsed album songs loke you’re doing now?

    • CATFISH CAREY January 29, 2016


  42. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    this FKA twiggs clown got 15 days to try and make it to the top 3 of any chart
    after that Hurricane Adele is back
    she waited for Adele to sell 100k a week so she could release an album. I can’t!

  43. Yeah I Said It January 29, 2016

    Beyonce $16 album debuted at the top in 123 countries #JustSayin

  44. King B January 29, 2016

    LOL. So now they are talking about who earn more? There’s nothing to be proud of when Honeymoon sold about 120k w/o promotions and deals.

  45. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    I just bought it and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  46. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    I can’t wait to buy the physical copy too. The last time I bought a physical CD copy of an album was in 2014 (Jhené Aiko’s Souled Out ). I really wanna see the packaging.

  47. HailBeysus January 29, 2016

    SCREAMING!!! This entire era is mess amd confusing. She is doing everything to mask tje floppage. The Album reviews are nothing to prance around. That 1 million downloads is due to her shiiit being free and not to mention, everyone that downloaded the album got a 2 month free Tidal membership! KIIII I CANNOT DEAL RIGHT NOW!!!! Also Death @The K** Swallowers SamSung indeed paid for those 1million albums and in their deal with Hoeanna they sent 1 million subscribers to Tidal. That free code came with a 60 day Tidal exclusive trail lmao!!! Forbes clocked y’alls Tea real quick. Hoeanna clinged to Samsung like Jay only she 1 up him by clinging to TIDAL HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • RASHAD January 29, 2016

      EXPOSE IT!

  48. WINTZ January 29, 2016


    This woman reminds me of a sturdy tree, that doesn’t die nor wither away when it has been through a storm and loses a couple of it’s limbs.

    Like that tree, Rihanna is SOLIDIFIED, GROUNDED and continuously exudes GROWTH inspite of her wounds and keeps on THRIVING!!!


    I just need a moment… To soak this in.

    To witness this ICONIC JOURNEY is enough! Thank you! Empress!!

    My coins been waiting!!


    Congrats RIHANNA

  49. WINTZ January 29, 2016

    Oops ma bish done passed adele on the worldwide charts as top intl female artist right now…

    I like u adele but… COME THROUGH empress Rihanna!!

  50. janvier January 29, 2016

    Well the album is actually good(I like kiss it better love on Brain & same mistake) but the navy got admit from the messy 4 yrs run to the so called inventor copying bey & husband this era will defo flop. Plus quit that s*** abt owning her masters, we all know this b***** will remain a slave to the carters (jay controls both album & tour sales). Let’s wait till Forbes earnings.

  51. WINTZ January 29, 2016

    “Rihanna is the first female artist that dethroned Adele as the best selling female on iTunes WW since ‘Hello’.”

    Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa y’all think this is it? Just getting started B!+€H€$!!!

    She is back for BLOOD!

    Another one for u to SEETHE over!! Please continue!!! Fill this post up PRONTO.

  52. WINTZ January 29, 2016

    Awwh poor Tylenol having multiple identity crisis! I’m so ASHAMED for you!!! Kiiiii WOOOIIIIIEEE!!! I can just see you now… Pathetically crouched over holding your grossly obese gut as you stare wide eyed at this EPIC slayage in disbelief!

    The meltdowns are EVERYTHING!!!

    From POST to POST the Sleepless HIvE stay doing the MOST! I live!!! Kiiii

    • HailBeysus January 29, 2016

      Bitxh shut it the fuxk down hoeee! You K** Swallowers do the most! Y’all did the MOST with Beys album roll out, Y’all did the most with Jays Rollout and Y’all did the most with Cacas rollout. Your fav just did what all three did in 1 and its not even as ground breaking or game changing as they were. Hoeanna is flopping and doing everything to Mask it by clinging to Samsung and Tidal. Samsung purchased 1 million copies of her album. I cannot wait for next friday when the numbers are released! Until then take your success stanning ass back into the Abyss for Fading Favs because your ass was absent for Hoeannas Flopage era. Now all of a sudden you want to be back talking shiiit.

  53. killian January 29, 2016

    Please let’s not get over our heads here.Riri is back and I’m glad she is its been a very looong wait BUT was anti worth the wait HELL NO.thank God for modern day album release gimmicks She can still hold her head high.Now Beyonce come save us

    • briano 1 January 29, 2016

      feeling myself Monica Lewinsky on my dress you things are truly insane

  54. WINTZ January 29, 2016

    *missy elliot beat* Get yo SEETHE on! G-g-get yo SEETHE on!!

    Lmaooo y’all UPSET!!!! Take it to The Lord in Prayer ?

    Many more sleepless nights camped under ICONNA’s post to come chile.. Get ready!!

  55. HailBeysus January 29, 2016

    Kiii laughing @TheKumSwallowers thinking free downloads and albums purchased by a billion dallor copy is slaying hahaha!!! Anyteaways ill be back next friday to see the first week sales. If she aint do 300k or above im dragging! If she do less than 200k im murdering dragging scalping and SCREAMING with joy!!!. If she exceeds my expectations, ill take the L and have several seats for all my trash talking this era. But ill still be expecting sales of at least 7m ww and 5 grammys. The Navi was claiming this was her Ray of Light moment. Altho the reviews def say otherwise KIII!!!

    • WINTZ January 29, 2016

      Heffa plz…. The real reason you are under ICONNA’s post SPAZZING like a Tasmania devil on crack is because DEEP down you KNOW that even with putting Rih and Beys marketing strategies BOTH aside:

      1. The musical impact this YOUNG global superstar has on the world is UNDENIABLE. She dethroned SLAYDELE. I can’t…?

      2. Drake will be getting his 2nd worldwide hit from his collaboration with rihanna, “Work”.. Something your fave failed to deliver as per usual…

      3. She has FAR exceeded the total amount of records sold by Bey… And now that ANTI has dropped the tally will be uprising inevitably and you are P!$$€D AF right now! (as u should be)

      4. She is consistently setting and breaking music records worldwide. Now This era! This era! This era is upon us! It has officially began and it’s coming for BLOOD.

      5. She is still THE most marketable artist around. So much power in her name! Let PUMA, MAC, and now Samsung etc tell it!

      6. Beyonce released 20 €UM guzzling, Lewinsky inspired Porno anthems that were EMBARASSINGLY Chartless. And she did it on a SELF-TITLED album. Such a SHAME what she reduced her name to! That is why the album looks gimmicky. All hype and no substance!

      7. U are welcome to the anointing of ANTI! Stay perched, guilt ridden and conflicted as u diligently download Rihanna’s great catalogue of music.

      She is THAT B!+€h!!! You WILL have to deal with this eventually so I suggest u put in early practice u TUNA-C*** heaux! *hisses teeth*

  56. Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

    Work is already dropping down the iTunes Charts
    #2 Costa Rica (-1)
    #2 Czech Republic (-1)
    #2 Ecuador (-1)
    #2 Finland (-1)
    #2 Greece (-1)
    #2 Ireland (-1)
    #2 Mexico (-1)
    #2 New Zealand (-1)
    #2 Oman (-1)
    #2 Papua New Guinea (=)
    #2 Portugal (-1)
    #2 Romania (-1)
    #2 Saudi Arabia (-1)
    #2 South Africa (-1)
    #2 Thailand (-1)
    #2 Turkey (-1)
    #2 United Arab Emirates (-1)
    #3 Austria (-2)
    #3 Jordan (-2)
    #3 Malta (-1)
    #3 Peru (-2)
    #3 Philippines (-2)
    #3 Switzerland (-2)
    #3 Taiwan (-2)
    #3 Turkey (-2)
    #3 Ukraine (-2)
    #4 Italy (-2)
    #4 Singapore (-3)
    #5 Mozambique (-4)
    #6 Egypt (-5)
    #7 Hong Kong (-3)
    #8 Hungary (-6)
    #9 Estonia (-7)
    #9 India (-2)
    #9 Russia (-3)
    #10 Malaysia (-8)
    #10 Slovenia (-9)
    #12 Kazakhstan (-10)
    #13 Mauritius (-12)
    #14 Nicaragua (-12)
    #15 Uzbekistan (-8)
    #16 Indonesia (-6)
    #17 Niger (-4)
    #19 Vietnam (-18)
    #20 Russia (-5)
    #22 Denmark (NE)
    #24 El Salvador (-23)

  57. briano 1 January 29, 2016

    So what it hit no 1 you bitter shixstained bettys really need to bring something else to the world besides your hatred

  58. Knowles Carter January 29, 2016

    Poor Ri Ri hasn’t been the same since 12/13/13. “Changed the game with that digital drop!” ?

  59. Keri Qween January 29, 2016

    Get that #1 album Rih

  60. WINTZ January 29, 2016

    Calling Radio… (((Ring ring))) heh cuz you know when that hotline bling…

    *Adele’s voice* HELLO….

    -The NAVY wishes to request “SEETHING” by the HIVE. Please play on 3peat!!!

  61. Rory January 29, 2016

    Ummmm Critic’s aren’t saying that about the album. I’ve seen good reviews so far

  62. i’m backbitches rihanna’s biggest fan January 29, 2016

    i will make it my sole mission to drag every single beyonce pests come try me b****** i will shove a d**** up ya ass then smack yo mom in the face with it clap the f*** back hos!!!! ya dont want it

  63. Navyland January 29, 2016

    I notice alot of women are jealous of Rihanna.

    • briano 1 January 29, 2016

      They arent women they are gay black men…the hive

      • briano 1 January 29, 2016

        And im tired of thwm bullying and tearing down black women and exalting creole girl

  64. What now January 29, 2016

    At 1st, i didn’t see what Rihanna was doing, but now I get it. It’s ANTI. That means Anti promo or the normal thing that she does. I love that she did a phase 2 after the leaking of the album. You all can hate on her all day. The girl is winning. PS: If she does <200k first week, who cares? She's never had big opening numbers, but still goes 4x plat ww ever since GGGB.

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