New Video: Zayn Malik Releases ‘Pillow Talk’ Video

Published: Friday 29th Jan 2016 by Sam

Zayn Malik, the Asian British Pop sensation, has emerged from the chaos of his One Direction departure.

Today saw the the pin-up make a bold bid for singular stardom with new single ‘Pillow Talk’ – the lead release from debut album ‘Mind of Mine’ (due March 25th via RCA).

A deliberate stray from the parent-pleasing Pop of his 1D days, the Levi Lennox production – the video for which debuted moments ago – skews racier.

Will Zayn’s arrival spell the end for Justin Bieber Bieber’s dominance? Time will tell. But it certainly makes for an interesting development in the male Pop arena.

A brilliant song and edgy-arty video below…


The chorus takes a moment to kick in, which is somewhat risque given his traditional Pop lean. But, if there’s ever a time to assert his solo point of difference, it’s now – with the world’s eyes and ears watching.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

    Team Bieber and Jonas never was a fan of One direction so not gonna bandwagon for his ass. Hes fine af tho ???

    • Cici Finna Be A Bride January 29, 2016

      Molly close your legs and your mouth because Zayn doesn’t want you. He wants Queen Gigi.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

        Get off my clitt you irrelevant fuuuck.

    • 2 4 Tinashe January 29, 2016

      Did he say he had a clitty cat? Poor confused soul! Men don’t have vaginas so Zayn would not desire you on the way he must desire Tinashe.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

        Oh another irrelevant the exit is that way ➡?

  2. King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

    Justin Bieber has nothing to worry about. Not with a platinum album, 3 top 10 singles currently, #1 and #2. Y’all setting this kid up for failure and even his Destiny’s Child members could even stop Justin. (can’t believe I’m typing this.) *Plays Close To You by Rihanna *

    • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

      Exactly bieber took down adele who tf is zayn?

      • Dev January 29, 2016

        Biebers music is still very tween and fashionista but not my cup of tea (unfortunately) and Adele is still middle of the road. I’d be surprised if he did much with this song, but may just pull something out pf the bag for the next single or on the album.

      • whenindoubtthetruthwillout January 29, 2016

        Bieber took down Adele? Really? How? Did he sell 3.4 million copies of his album in its first week?

  3. Dev January 29, 2016

    He sounds a lot like Maverick Sabre. The song is okay but not a fan of the video as i can’t stand Gigi and a
    i’m not sure why the black girl had to be legs a kimbo and b****** out.

  4. mac January 29, 2016

    David is being paid to promote Zayn lik he was for Iglooo and Ora so Zayn will be getting five or six threads a day. they all have the same manager. And now hes on the grammy committee zayn will probably get a nomination too. True tea. #watchandsee.

    • WTF January 29, 2016

      Mac are you black?

      • killian January 29, 2016

        He is black a Nigeriana even

  5. Malik on my Mind January 29, 2016

    Justin spent so many years trying to get what King Zayn already has so the slayage is authentic and inevitable.bye bye Biebette.

    • Anderson Bieber January 29, 2016

      Think again b**** because you are higher than giraffe c****** if you think Zayn is any match for Justin. Zayn will be a local singer at best so fall back before I drag you and your edges up and down this page.

      • Zayny 4 Zayn January 29, 2016

        *LaughsinSpanish. Zayn has already snatched Biebers two tone wig with his 1d sales so snatching him solo will be a walk in the park. Plus, Zayn is Asian and will have the support of his community unlike racist Bieber who sings about the n word and black people being lynched.

    • Bey Sting January 29, 2016

      The delusion is real. The only one who should be worried about Zayn is RiWhona since PT is gonna snatch and slay Work on iTunes. Zayn is basically demolish her chances of slaying before Beyonce gets back and finishes the job.

      • One Man To Rihanna’s…. January 29, 2016

        But Work is already on its way to outselling Run the World. ???????????????????. I know it must make you mad to see Rihanna back in her rightful place. The top!!

      • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

        Girl shut up and enjoy the music messy

      • One Man To Rihanna’s…. January 29, 2016

        Don’t talk to me like that Molly! Don’t you ever!!!!!!!! I’ll slap your face if you disrespect me again. It’s not my fault DIL has only sold five million.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

        Excuse you I was talking to that bitter bey sting girl

  6. MusicFan103 January 29, 2016

    It was rather boring and bland to me. His voice didn’t sell me as if he can suit a solo song either. Maybe the song is just bad. I didn’t care for it at all. It was almost as if the music video was designed to distract you from the song. Try hard really came to mind for me. I expected something more Contemporary R&B too. Not some wannabe Pop R&B hybrid.

    • 2 4 Tinashe January 29, 2016

      So true girl. It reminded me of Anti.

  7. ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

    Justin , The Weeknd, and Nick are the only niigggas making impact these days… Zayn is overrated af ✌

    • Dev January 29, 2016

      All of those pop queens you mentioned are overrated, Bieber the most because he really cannot sing and is flat most of the time. At least Nick gave us Jealous… even if a screechy live.

  8. LB January 29, 2016

    Meh, this song is too One Direction for me.

    Ok here are the positives;

    – He is good looking
    – He can sing
    – He has a fan base

    Now the negatives;

    – The song still sounds too One Direction
    – His fan base is still made up of tweeny kids who may not be open to the concept of this song
    – He is still signed to Simco and has been low key dissing them.

    This will be an interesting one to watch, either he’ll blow up really big or flop really badly

    Plus he is serving too much Joe Jonas tease

    • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

      But do you think justin should be worried?

      • LB January 29, 2016

        Considering how amazing his album is doing, the one who should be worried is Justin Timberlake

      • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

        Now that’s some true tea ☕

      • Dev January 29, 2016

        Sales don’t mean good music. i wish ya’ll would remember that sometimes

    • MusicFan103 January 29, 2016

      I basically heard the Joe Jonas sound too, but I wasn’t sure anyone would recall or remember. I really liked his song “Love Slayer.”

  9. dee January 29, 2016

    The video is very busy and the song is mediocre. However, his vocals are on point. Def better than the Biebes.

  10. Mo January 29, 2016

    This is crap

  11. killian January 29, 2016

    He took it up a notch I mean nice vocals,he can sing..but beiber is the golden boy he isn’t gonna be dethroned anytime soon he is on his lane I love Justin but zayn is going in hard though it’s riri that should be pressed if harry styles were to go solo then I’d say beiber has a competition

  12. DanYiel Iman January 29, 2016

    Wow actually never heard his voice so clearly, he has it going & I’m here for it!

  13. cocobutta January 29, 2016

    I like his tone.
    Good starting Base.

    He always been into the R&B before 1D.
    Remember him on xfactor trying to do his little runs.
    Like how he’s cleaning up voice structure but defo think more in the tank

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