The Stream Scene: Bryson Tiller & Lana Del Rey Head Towards Major Milestones


Meet Bryson Tiller…the R&B newcomer on course to claim the genre’s crown for himself in 2016.

Determined to outperform the genre’s current batch of maestros the entertainer’s debut album ‘TRAP SOUL‘ opened with extremely modest sales (22,000 units) when it was released in the October 2015.

However, as his competitive star continues to rise the project recently crossed the 148,000 units sold mark. Promising, considering sales pulled in by some of his closest rivals.

Now pop open the lid below to find out how and why he joins ‘High By the Beach’ chanteuse Lana Del Rey on the latest edition of TGJ’s The Stream Scene.

Four months after its release the visual for Tiller‘s ‘Don’t‘ is now on course to kiss the 40 million views milestone after making its way across the 39 million barrier.


The sleeper hit’s visual has be watched for a total of 224 years and has driven 20,964 new subscribers to his channel before the album is expected to enjoy another sales boost following the launch of several sold-out shows worldwide.

Elsewhere, Lana Del Rey‘s ‘High By the Beach’ sways on similar seas after its parent LP ‘Honeymoon’ moved 116,000 units its opening week.

Like Tiller’s ‘Don’t’ ‘Beach recently washed up at 39 million’s shore and now stands just 416,000 spins away from reaching the 40 million views mark on VEVO.

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  1. LB January 15, 2016

    Is this shade @ Lana?

  2. Navi Kiss January 15, 2016

    Bryson will never beat Bieber so…..

    • Iggy So Wiggy January 15, 2016

      Sorry b****? Justin better hope Bryson doesn’t come out with a hit and snatch him like Iggy snatched Rihanna’s title as the Queen of Def jam.

    • Bey ? January 15, 2016

      Justin is only slaying cos people like Bryson kept the genre relevant. You can’t replace Bryson but you can replace Biebette. Just ask Aaron Carter.

    • Grande the Way January 15, 2016

      …..they aren’t in the same genre

      • Faf January 15, 2016

        Chris brown and Justin make the same music

        Bryson is more like Tory Lanez

      • RihYonce January 15, 2016

        Exactly Justin & Bryson music is in no way the same genre so they shouldn’t even be compared

  3. Barb-wire January 15, 2016

    I’ll check for this Tiller guy, I hope he won’t waste my precious time like all these new R&B flops.

    • RICHIE_RICH January 15, 2016

      He won’t sis that CD is the ??????!!!!

    • RihYonce January 15, 2016

      He won’t Bryson Tiller is slaying urban music right now his entire album was perfect

  4. King B January 15, 2016

    ” Terence Love You” is probably her best song in my opinion.

  5. Rima January 15, 2016

    Lana is such a flop hahaha

  6. RICHIE_RICH January 15, 2016

    I love his CD…. Exchange , been that way, Right my wrong, etc

    • Navi Finna Drag January 15, 2016

      Do you love yourself you unruly dog?

      • RICHIE_RICH January 15, 2016

        Well of course I do doll. This mug is sitting boo!!!!!????

    • RihYonce January 15, 2016

      Exchange , Don’t , Open interlude , let Em know & been that way are my favs

      • RICHIE_RICH January 15, 2016

        I love the whole CD.

  7. Grande the Way January 15, 2016

    I don’t get the hype around him tbh. He isn’t delivering anything the Weeknd, August Alsina, or Jeremiah aren’t already. R&B is starting to sound the same again.

    • Lana Lover January 15, 2016


  8. Stephon Jackson January 15, 2016


    • RihYonce January 15, 2016

      Don’t play dumb you know who Bryson tiller is

    • RICHIE_RICH January 15, 2016

      You should take a listen !!!!

    • #JACKIE January 15, 2016

      Is Mariah?

  9. Slayty Perry (2 Diamond Singles) January 15, 2016

    Bryson’s show in the UK just sold out within in 5 minutes. He’s coming for scalps tbh

  10. RihYonce January 15, 2016

    Personally I love Bryson Tiller & Tory Lanez , their music is everything they can actually save urban music , right now August Alsina flame is dying down & thrybshouldnt even be compared to the weekend because his sound is not even similar, but everybody has their own opinion but like it or not these 2 are going to slay this year

  11. MUSICHEAD January 15, 2016

    I told u guys…RCA is about to roll out the machine to promote this guy lol. He still can’t sing but I admire his hustle.

    • prestige January 15, 2016

      LIEs you tell! He can sing and rap effortlessly. He is very impressive

    • credits January 15, 2016

      I heard that struggle run in that lyric, “Just give me all of you in exchaaaaaange for me” lol it sounds off. But the songwriting is definitely incredible.

  12. #JACKIE January 15, 2016

    BrySLAY Tiller is here to slay lives. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Storm January 15, 2016

    He must be good if David likes him, lemme listen.

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