Janet Jackson Brings ‘Unbreakable Tour’ To 2016 Dubai World Cup

Published: Tuesday 23rd Feb 2016 by Sam

Janet Jackson has scored many a time in her illustrious career, and the winning streak shows no signs of letting up.

The diva’s ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ has been such a success that she’s now been tapped to bring the show to one of the largest (and lucrative) stages – the 2016 Dubai World Cup.

Details below…

In a unique move, the Platinum coated superstar will perform at the Apron Views concert stage immediately following the races. Emirates Airline is the attached sponsor.
Access to the show, set to take place March 26th, is exclusive to Dubai World Cup day ticket holders.

Speaking on the trip, which proceeds the March 30th launch of the European leg of the ‘Unbreakable Tour,’ Jackson said in a statement:
“I am excited to perform for the global audience at this year’s Dubai World Cup. The entire Unbreakable company is looking forward to traveling with me to Dubai and being part of one of the world’s most prestigious events.”
More power to her!
#NowPlaying: ‘Dammn Baby’


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  1. Indie February 23, 2016

    Daaaaaamn Baby!!!!! This is incredible!!! I hope it’s televised! This so awesome as according to Jimmy Jam, the show has been slightly revamped with new songs added etc! It looked incredible anyway but this is major!!!

    • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 23, 2016

      Me too!!!

  2. Darius February 23, 2016

    This is major!!!

    But are we really going to pretend that she ain’t treating this record just like all the ones before and not doing any promotion or putting out singles. Like Unbreakable has some true gems. Over ever seeing a video for BURNITUP at this point but can we get a single? Any single? Perhaps a little “Dammmn Baby” or “Night”? Songs that are radio candy. It’s very disheartening to think that “No Sleep” might be the only single/video we get from this project.

  3. monarc087 February 23, 2016

    I really like this CD. the great forever, damnnnnnnn baby, Should have know better and the MJ inspired Broken Hearts Heal are just perfection.

    While everyone may say Madonna is the queen, Janet Jackson is the underrated Queen of Pop. in my book. IF it were not be Janet, where would all this new generations divas be?

  4. Bill February 23, 2016

    The Dubai World Cup is a horse race. It’s not televised. JLo and Kylie played it. It’s really no big deal. This ain’t a football/soccer game.

    • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 23, 2016

      Biitch begone!! U ho!!

  5. King B February 23, 2016

    Good for her! But honestly, no shade though, I never heard any songs by her, even my mom didn’t know. I mean like, I always hear ” My Heart Will Go On”, “I will always Love You”, “You’re Still The One” ” Bad”, but none of her songs I’ve ever heard.

    • Royalkev February 23, 2016

      You’ve never heard of Rhythm Nation or Together Again?

      • King B February 23, 2016

        Okay, first of all, I’m not from English speaking countries. And yes! Idk those two songs at all. If not because I read about her having 9 number ones or on TGJ, I wouldnt know those songs at all. Even “All For You”. When I read about “Survivor” was blocked by AFY, i was thinking, what song is that, I’ve never heard of it. Meanwhile, until today, I always hear Whitney and Celine songs being played, MJ of course, even the cranberries. But seriously, I’ve never her JJ’s songs. I’m just being honest. I hope youre not angry(that’s wht I’m not being sarcastic or use any bad words) 🙂

      • Royalkev February 23, 2016

        @King B

        I’m not mad at all. I’m just honestly shocked. Janet was such a big touring artist in the 90’s (bigger than Whitney, Mariah and Madonna – as a whole). Although I can understand how your mom separated Whitney and Celine from the other women (because they’ve both had the biggest hits out of the bunch and not due to accumulation), but Janet’s still a global icon with great international success. Actually, all of them are! Again, I’s just surprised that some of the biggest hits of her career escaped you. The only thing I’ve seen paid more tributes than ‘Rhythm Nation’ is maybe IWALY (Whit) and MHWGO (Celine), but still your experience is your experience!

    • RASHAD February 23, 2016

      Seriously you or your mom don’t know any Janet Jackson?? Especially your mom??? That’s crazy. (If, That’s the way love goes, I get so lonely, Escapade, Love will never do, Throb, Doesn’t Really Matter etc…. This woman has like 10-11 #1 hits… YouTube is a great resource!

      • King B February 23, 2016

        Okay, my mom knows her, just that when I asked her, she said that Janet is not so famous ( maybe because it’s in my country? ). But then she said Celine or Whitney once upon a time were SO POPULAR, and Madonna as well. For Mariah Carey, she kinda put her in the same “category” as Janet. Since she knows that I like Beyoncé, she told me, ” you know what, Beyoncé is as famous as Whitney in the 80’s( or 90’s im not sure), she literally said that Beyoncé and Whitney popularity is the same. Ps. I’m not from English speaking country, and if you notice both JJ and MC are kinda local, sorry for being kinda rude.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 23, 2016

      King B has a point. Janet Jackson songs are not played anywhere except for Together Again. That´s literally the only song by her that gets some airplay in Spain and I suppose in many other countries. The others mentioned here have several worldwide classics. In the USA sure more people know some of her classics, but not everywhere.
      Her career has been amazing so no shade, only respect. But she obviously wasn´t as big as those others. Numbers prove it too.

      • King B February 23, 2016

        I started listening to English song in 2009 (thanks Beyoncé). Even tho I rarely listened to English songs, but there are some songs that I knew, just because everyone is like singing it. Like for example, Whitney. And then My Heart Will Go On. And last time, I remembered watching Shania’s Twain on TV and I really love You’re Still The One. And even more surprisingly, Survivor, Say My Name and Lose My Breath were ALL HUGE BACK THEN. Especially, I can that all these US non 10 weeks number one are even more popular than Independent Woman that sepnt 11 weeks. And also, Ashanti Foolish was literally and unknown song for me. And Dilemma by Nelly was kinda huge. I still heard it on Radio. Apart from JJ, Brandy Monica and Aaliyah too. I mean like, I doubt the success that they had WORLDWIDE. But i cant deby their US stats.

      • LmfaoHoe February 23, 2016

        In all honesty that is true. Janet has such a great catalog along with Mariah its a crime knowing her songs were not promoted rightly in the UK where here (USA) she got her credit. I can defend this cause I have cousins in Europe who are only familiar with Janet’s Rhythm Nation and Janet album. When they visited and heard Velvet Rope, Control, and Damita Joe for the first time they jumped they asses on the computer and began to purchase the whole album lol. I’m like how tf ya didn’t know more about her other albums? But of course they know MJ, Whitney, and Tupac. If Janet albums/songs were promoted right overseas, she definitely would’ve gave Madonna a bigger run for her money without a doubt.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 23, 2016

        King B
        Well, tell your mum that Beyonce has never had a peak in her career as big as Whitney´s. Who has to her name the biggest era by a female EVER among many other things. Whitney´s numbers are the biggest along with Madonna, Celine and Mariah´s.
        Janet´s old hits get as much airplay in most of Europe as Destinys Child´s. Meaning pretty much none. Now Beyonce´s hits are the ones that get attention still, mainly Crazy in Love, Halo and Single Ladies.

    • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 23, 2016

      Liar whoore!!

    • Shady81 February 23, 2016

      So @King B your mother never heard of What have you done for me lately,Control,Nasty, When I think of You, Pleasure Principal, Let’s wait a while, Miss You Much, Escapade, Black Cat, Alright, Come Back to me, Rhythm Nation, Love will never do without you. And you can’t tell me she’s never heard of That’s the way love goes, and Again, if, or better yet Runaway or at least Scream come on now she’s never heard of scream? I think your ass is Lying hell not even All for you. I can understand you never heard of her cause your probably are 12 or something but your mama even the biggest non Janet fan has heard her songs and even probably bop to one or two of her songs without even admitting to it but honey to each is own, but chile your lying about your mother not knowing who Janet is.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 23, 2016

        Believe it or not most people here in Spain wouldn´t know thsoe songs either. Only really famous song by her here is Together Again.

      • Shady81 February 23, 2016

        @Johnvidal everyone knows Scream though plus the songs I’ve mention Janet was burning hot in the mid 80’s, 90’s,and 00’s she even toured Spain during the Rhythm Nation, Janet, and Velvet Rope tours, just because music isn’t as great as it use to be doesn’t mean she’s not global and people saying she’s local is laughable because if she was then her Unbreakable tour wouldn’t be selling out in Europe.

    • janetsrb February 23, 2016

      Where are you from King B? What country? I Guess it’s not some big market so Janet never cared about it.

  6. Royalkev February 23, 2016

    I can’t wait for late March to get her! I just want to see Janet getting back to this tour! I’m excited to see what she’s switching up for her European leg! I’ll finally see her in the summer and I really hope we get a dual single by then. My vote is for Dammn Baby/Take Me Away (or Night).

  7. Lake Erie February 23, 2016

    Ok Janet! I hope it’s televised too! Can’t wait until she comes to my city this summer!

    • Shady81 February 23, 2016

      They don’t televise in Dubai.

      • Lake Erie February 23, 2016

        Shady81!!!! Hey shady! !! Its been long time! How you been?!?!

      • Shady81 February 23, 2016

        Good! How are you?

      • Lake Erie February 23, 2016

        My bad. That’s good! Same here. Glad to see you on here posting. Was wondering where you been at.

      • Shady81 February 23, 2016

        @Lake Erie been staying off because all the stupidity of children trying to create a stupid pointless stan war all the time but I still read hear and there. But I’ve been checking out Lipstick Alley it’s been really entertaining I don’t know how to post comments on there but I’ve been reading alot of there different post, they have a wide variety of sections to choose from.

  8. Janetfan February 23, 2016

    I’m so excited !!

  9. JanStan February 23, 2016

    MOTHA!!! Hurry this child can’t wait to see u 5/14 in Vegas!!

  10. RealTalkBSWalk February 23, 2016

    The Queen Of Everything!

  11. Greg_N_Greed February 23, 2016

    Lmao at folks talking about they never heard a Janet single before. All those Hits and not 1. Girl Bye! Before Beyonce came along their was only one female running the game for almost 20 yrs straight consistently before SB knocked her down and that was Janet. Yes you had Madonna, Whitney, Mariah and MJ around but Janet was running the game. This is why Beyonce even exist today and do what she does.

    • Sandra March 7, 2016

      Janet has never been running the game. She was always in the shadow of MJ, Mariah and the others

  12. FC/JC February 23, 2016

    Work ICON!

  13. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 24, 2016

    Good for her

  14. King B February 24, 2016

    I’m just being honest. And the truth is that DC/Beyoncé is more well known WW than JJ. In the UK alone, she had a total of 30 UK top tens (they predict HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND will reach top ten this weeks) No matter what you say, that’s my opinion, i don’t hate her.

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