That Grape Juice’s Top 5: Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Headliner Picks

Published: Monday 8th Feb 2016 by Sam

After a roller-coaster ride, the curtain has officially fallen on the 2016 Super Bowl.

Last night’s Pepsi Halftime Show brought many a notable moment (thanks largely to Beyonce and Bruno Mars).

Naturally, attention is now turning to who the NFL should call on to headline next year’s festivities.

We may be a year away, but choices are made much earlier.

Journey with us after the jump as we lay out the top 5 acts we’d like to see scorch the Super Bowl stage in 2017….

5. Pink


How time flies! 16 years have passed since Pink exploded onto the scene and it’s even odder to note that she’s only been receiving her props (commercially) in more recent times.

Whether it’s rope gliding across arena ceilings or soaring to the heavens vocally, Ms. Moore has established herself as one of today’s top performers. She also boasts an endless array of hits. So, from where we’re sitting, the Super Bowl Halftime would be the most fitting of stages for her and one that is deserved.

4. Usher


Mr Raymond’s dance moves may need updating, but there’s no denying his talent or catalogue of smashes.

We’re more than aware that he already joined the Black Eyed Peas during their 2011 performance. But (like the masses) we’ve control, alt, and deleted B.E.P’s tragic showing in its entirety from our memory bank.


For us, Ush can still command a stage and has stadium sized smashes for days. As such, he’d make a solid choice. There’s also a distinct air of his headlining being long overdue. Surely, it’s time?!

3. Jennifer Lopez


Say what folk will about J.Lo’s current chart clout, the fact remains that there isn’t anything that can minimise the slayage that is her stage presence.

She’s more than a performer, she’s an electrifying entertainer. She’s stunning, slick, stylised, and larger than life. Crucially, with her high octane choreography and seasoned command of the stage, she’s made of the material that renders Halftime so memorable.

What’s more, she’s a rarity in that she is literally beasting the stage better with each passing year. Like, at 46, she’s turning in performances that her 36-year-old self wasn’t and the 26 year old girls can’t. Swag!

Just the thought of 70,000 people turning up to ‘On The Floor’ (together with the 100 million plus at home) has us salivating.

2. Lady Gaga


Facts are facts and, regardless of career challenges, Mother Monster stands as one of today’s top entertainers.

Currently in the midst of a captivating comeback, how epic would it to see the star’s return climax with an explosive showing at Halftime 2017?! She’s more than capable.

The 29-year-old may be reeling-in her crazy these days, but “outlandish” (no matter how refined now) is still a large part of her schtick.

Indeed, she’s one of the few equipped with the ability to bring both extravagance and talent to the Super Bowl stage.  Importantly, she also has the hits.

1) Janet Jackson


Yes, you read right.

At this junction, it’s almost redundant to outline what took place on that fateful day in 2004. It’s etched in the history books. In permanent pen.

But that was then and this is now.

So much time has passed (12 years to be precise) and it grates because it’s as if the legend of what happened actually holds more weight more than what actually transpired. Even more bothersome is the reality that the very thing that caused the furore would these days be social media fodder for all of 24 hours (if even that).

Regardless of which side the Super Bowl 04 fallout one sits on, the truth for all involved is that there is an opportunity here. A big one.

“Janet Jackson” returning to Halftime would be headline news and ensure viewers tuned in – fans and critics, as well as those just utterly fascinated to see it actually…happening.

Any such performance would have to be entertaining yet tame. The principal upside is that it’d serve as a full circle moment for Janet and the NFL. Above all else, it’d no doubt be a ratings touchdown too – which is the most important factor.

Over the last few years, there have been two huge marketing opportunities to action such a showing- both of which were missed. The first being 2014, ten years after the original and 2016, the Bowl’s 50th anniversary).

As such, for 2017, we say…book it!

[Note: Though billed as the headliner in 04, Janet only performed three songs as she shared the slot with Nelly, Diddy, and Kid Rock. Our pick above would be for a full performance]


What do you think of our picks?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus February 8, 2016

    Kiii y’all dead wrong!! fRih should be #1 on this list! She’s over due for it. But yaaaass JLo and PINK OMFG!!!

    • bonBon489 February 8, 2016





  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 8, 2016

    Cool list. But don’t forget they also want ratings, JLO will not bring that. She is not as popular as the other act. Usher won’t do it, because he already did it with BLACK EYED PEAS, which is considered on of the worst in history of halftime shows. The best bet is GAGA and PINK(who will probably give a better show than everybody, that girl is amazing). I would Rihanna too, but i do’t know how that will go down. Overall, i would love for PINK to do it, she is amazing.

    • bunny February 8, 2016

      slo has the latin on lock and they are over 20%

      • bonBon489 February 8, 2016


  3. Smile February 8, 2016

    Rihanna would be my pick. JLO would also put on a fantastic show.

    • Nostros February 8, 2016

      Say what you will about Rihanna but she sings live and after watching her Rock in Rio show I was pleasantly surprised at her command of the stage and the how connected the crowd was to her chart churning hits.

  4. Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 8, 2016

    Rihanna has all the right songs to do it, but if she can combine it with GOOD vocals and cool DANCE routine, she might do well. But i pray its PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      I agree Rihanna has a great set list for the Super Bowl. However I think CBS is salty after how she publicly dragged them and called her out for putting her in that “Ray rice domestic abuse situation” & pulled her sing off the Sunday night football theme song.

      • blue February 8, 2016

        they just featured her in their super bowl/grammy promo video. So i think they are over it.

  5. King B February 8, 2016

    Imagine if they ask Gaga to perform and Gaga brings Beyoncé (again!). Anyways, Christina Aguilera would be okay with her uptempo songs. I think GAGA is too early. But P!nk is okay but her songs are quite boring tho.

  6. pat February 8, 2016

    Janet would b a ratings n performance slay!!

  7. SB51HTOWN February 8, 2016

    We love Janet, but the SuperBowl is back in Houston Tx next year so that’s already a no go! However I do think Usher, pink, or Gaga can shut it down. I would say Rih Rih but I wouldn’t want to watch her lip sync. I’m sure Drake will be featured somewhere since he loves him some H-Town! All in all we have another year until Super Bowl 51 and they better choose wisely! H-Town don’t believe in no wack ass Super Bowl show! Well considering our rodeo line up this year, I’m not too sure! Lolol

    • ChampagnePapi February 8, 2016

      No ma’am. Lip syncing would be BEYfake’s Forte as the world already saw. U tried it…

      • SB51HTOWN February 8, 2016

        I bet you’ll be going to her formation tour tho and spending your coins so please take several seats! Chile you can only throw shade because you’re paying. U tried…..

  8. Here To Win February 8, 2016

    Great choices.

    I was thinking earlier today that a Janet performance would be the total full circle. It would be great to see her blaze the stage, and FINALLY silence the critics after “NippleGate”.

    I’m a P!nk STAN, so that would also be great. Recent years have seen her really etch her name as an electrifying entertainer, and this would be a great platform for her. She doesn’t have a LOT of collaborations, so I’m not sure who’d accompany her. Maybe a “Lady Marmalade” reunion? No? Ok!

    JLo – well… she’s JLo, so that goes w/o saying. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, LL Cool J, Pitbull, Wayne, etc. WE’D BE IN STORE FOR A GREAT SHOW!

    Usher & Lady Gaga are both good choices too.

  9. RASHAD February 8, 2016

    Usher- He already did it with Black eyed peas In 2010.

    Pink- Yes, she is an amazing performer who I feel never fully gets her fair share of credit.

    J.lo- Hell yes. Did you not see how she slayed that EPIC dance opening of the American Music Awards last year?

    Lady Gaga- Yes, after her great reception for doing the “Star Spangled Banner” I won’t be surprise if her team inks a deal for her to headline. God knows it would be a show stopping spectacle!

    Janet- I’m here for it but the powers that be will NEVER allow that to happen. They would use a hollow gram of Michael or reunite the Jackson 5 before they ever let Janet back!

  10. ~The Arcade~ February 8, 2016

    If they didn’t put Janet in montage during Coldplay’s set, what makes you think they’d ask her to perform again? Besides, I really think that Ms. Jackson has moved on from that hoopla.

  11. Leon vs. LEBO February 8, 2016

    Destiny’s Child..

    • Pat February 9, 2016

      Child please…

  12. Vidiii February 8, 2016

    Usher for the Superbowl! And alongside Ciara and Chris Brown as performers would be so sickkk!!! The Best dancers out right now for me in the game! Usher Ciara and Chris Brown would dance circles around the whole stage????. That would be so fucing awesome!!! ???

    • shakira stan February 8, 2016

      Usher has not danced since the cconfession tour ,girl sit ..

      • Vidiii February 8, 2016

        I didnt ask you for something. He dances, more than that shakiraboy who is only shaking her ass and belly? No routine and cheography??

  13. ~The Arcade~ February 8, 2016

    I do like the idea of P!NK performing next year.

    • shakira stan February 8, 2016

      Nobody wants to see a trans jumping around with a rope .

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 8, 2016


      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        Lol right! If we wanted to see a circus act we know where to go. Pink has hits though so that’s a plus for her

  14. What now February 8, 2016

    I agree with the list but Riri should be asked soon as well.

  15. BeyKnowlesBest February 8, 2016

    Gaga, Rihanna or Britney!

  16. Truthness February 8, 2016



    However, I think CBS are a little bit salty after what she did to them last year after the whole Ray Rice fiasco. LMAO.


    Rihanna is the ONLY act with enough hits to truly keep us interested for 13 minutes.


    Pink and J.Lo would be cool too… Maybe Lady Gaga but Usher and Janet… NO!

    • MusicHitsYouFeelNoPain February 8, 2016

      Rashad trolling as Truthness with only minutes between it’s post. We know u really been a fan undercover boo

  17. shakira stan February 8, 2016

    Too bad TGJ is an irrelevant site and their opinion means nothing .
    Rihanna will own that stage next year .

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      Your girls been saying that s*** since her “Unapligetic era” yet it never happens! Death at Bey & Bruno being invited to perform 2 times each less than 3yrs after already doning it lol!

      Basic singers/performer are not allowed on the Super Bowl stage!

      • rosy February 8, 2016

        The reason why I think they don’t ask is because she not American and football is that but in my opinion she need to do it people like the hives are so petty that’s why I cuss bey out I want to give bey credit but her fan base is nasty to rih and disrespectful beyonce is not queen only to the bitchy ass gay men Im a navy but I like gaga and people hateful put rih and beyonce against each other it’s sick those hives will be bey downfall u wait

      • Pat February 9, 2016

        @Rosy, Coldplay and Bruno arent American either little stupid girl!

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      TJG is irrelevant yet you stay perched in their comment section trying to defend your goat vocal favs (Shaikira & Rihanna).

      Super Bowl in Houston, TX (Beyone’s home town). Don’t be surprised if she is invoked in the half time AGAIN!

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        Doo doo booty eater RA$HIT… Dutifully do like that age old stale FFUUCCKK that your father regrettably gave your mother and disappear!

  18. Truthness February 8, 2016

    But It’s in Texas…

    I bet they get a country group to do it.

    Just watch!

  19. shakira stan February 8, 2016

    Rihanna must perform on that stage next year ,at the end it comes down to
    Who people really wanna see ,last night proved people were over Beyonce barely an pop till Bruno came around and saved the show .

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      It won’t happen. No Rihanna next year that for DAMN SURE. Lies you telling Beyonce was the most trending name on social media last night after halftime.

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        No $HITFACE that would be Coldplay as the most trending artist all night on twitter

  20. MG February 8, 2016

    Britney and Xtina maybe!! 90’s pop queens.

  21. james February 8, 2016

    Jlo for sure . She is an entertainer . She can slay .

  22. Y’all Poor AF February 8, 2016

    Y’all do realize the halftime performers only perform like 4-5 songs so each artist on this list and others have more than enough hits to perform for 12-14 minutes. Pink has Get the Party Started, Just Like a Pill, U + Ur Hand, So What, Raise Your Glass, Who Knew, Just Give Me a Reason and Blow Me One Last Kiss, Rihanna has Diamonds, We Found Love, Umbrella, Disturbia, SOS, Rude Boy and Only Girl, J.Lo has Waiting for Tonight, If You Had My Love, I’m Real, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Get Right, On the Floor and Live It Up, Usher has You Make Me Wanna, U Got It Bad, Yeah, Love in This Club, OMG, DJ Got Us Fallin in Love, Gaga has Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, Born This Way, Edge of Glory and Applause, Taylor has Love Story, Mine, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space, Shake It Off and Bad Blood, Ciara has Goodies, 1,2 Step, Get Up, Like a Boy, Love S** Magic and Oh, Chris has Run It, Kiss Kiss, With You, Yeah 3x, Turn Up the Music, Don’t Wake Me Up and Loyal, Britney has Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, Toxic, Womanizer, Gimme More, Hold It Against Me and Til the World Ends, Xtina has Genie in a Bottle, Come on Over Baby, Beautiful, Fighter, Ain’t No Other Man, Your Body and another group that would be great to headline would be Green Day or Maroon 5

    • Pat February 9, 2016

      Guh i knew after the first three lines where you started to name pinks hits that an essay was in the works. You could have saved all that because im sure noone read it.

  23. UR February 8, 2016

    Usher would have to be my number one choice, definitely. He’s got hits stretching over two decades. He’s also a fan-favourite and quite popular when it comes to performing on stages all across the world.

  24. Mariah February 8, 2016

    I’m sorry but not every act deserve to perform on the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Some artist, as big as they are/get, just do not fit on that stage. Rihanna being one of them. She is music for a different stage and that doesn’t mean she is less than.

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      Rihanna is less than which is why she hasn’t been invited to headline. You can’t sugar coat the truth. No basic singers, dancers, or performers allowed at the Super Bowl!

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        Nah Rihanna’s so confident within herself that she will not allow anyone to disrespect her. CBS is trying to punish her for putting them on blast about exploiting her domestic issue for ratings. Fall back b.tch

      • Maxamillian February 8, 2016

        I agree…love Rihanna, but she cannot dance to save her life and half of her live singing is “We found Looovveee In a….” while the audience sings 75% of the song.

    • MusicHitsYouFeelNoPain February 8, 2016

      While using Mariah’s name as cover up, We all know you saying all of this in defence of a woman wearing blonde while trolling blacks and black issues at Super Bowl in her very tired leotards and no hit songs.

      Rihanna has slayed her tour sets with chart churning hits. Please sit.

  25. christinastherealtalent February 8, 2016

    If people didn’t have their head so far up Bey’s a**, they’d be able to see all the other talented performers they snub!

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      Last time they let Pig-Tina perform she snubbed her own vocal chords! She won’t be missed or invited back no time soon. People head must be up Bruno’s ass too because he just performed 2yrs ago!

  26. King B February 8, 2016

    After watching Dirty live, I want Xtina.

  27. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) February 8, 2016

    I’ve been saying for YEARS that Usher should headline the Super Bowl Halftime. He’s an incredible performer, he has the hits and he’s a veteran in this business. He deserves it. Rihanna or Lady Gaga wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

  28. Zoninn February 8, 2016


  29. LB February 8, 2016

    Rihanna would bring the house down, she has 10 years of nothing but iron clad hits.

    It would literally be the best Superbowl Performance ever, the biggest party at the Superbowl.

    My Set list of choice,

    1. Goodnight Gotham/Rockstar
    2. Work
    3. What’s my name
    4. We found love
    5. Unfaithful
    6. Diamonds.

    • LB February 8, 2016

      Sorry, replace Unfaithful with Umbrella

      • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

        LOOSEBOOTY why you lying? You know the Queen. You was seething over her royal highness epic video/single than her SB SLAYAGE! Now her STADIUM WORLD TOUR!!! But I’d try to forget too if my fav was being overshadowed in her time to shine.

      • LB February 8, 2016

        ^^Ain’t nobody got time for this Slave_Hive

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      Not happening! Beyonce will not allow that goat to perform in her hometown lol

      • LB February 8, 2016


      • TicklerP February 8, 2016


        Looooooool is that the older blonde woman- clocking 20+ years in Music Industry but was put to shame by the record breaking younger black girl in space of only 10 years?

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      Beyonce the girl you ended Rihanna “Anti-Successful” era over the weekend. If you still do know her name according to Rihanna Bey is “Her greatest Idol”.

      • LB February 8, 2016

        I’ve never heard of her

  30. BLACKOUT TBH February 8, 2016

    1. J.Lo
    2. P!nk
    3. Britney
    4. Gaga
    5. Rihanna

    Janet’s already done it, otherwise she’d be #1 tbh.

  31. LB February 8, 2016

    It’ll most likely be miss Taylor Swift next year

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      Taylor promotes Coke. She isn’t allowed to associate with an competing beverage. I know it kills her too lol!

  32. Casual-T February 8, 2016

    I’m all in for Janet Jackson. She was who I had in mind before I got to the #1 spot on this list. #Redemption

  33. Coolness February 8, 2016

    Yes for P!nk and J.Lo. When it comes to these two, it’s clear that their prowess as performers have improved with time. With P!nk, one simply has to look at videos of her most recent tour and her iconic Glitter in the Sky Grammy performance. Jenny SLAYED that seven minute medley at last year’s AMAs – it’ll only be right that she gets to perform her OWN hits on the Super Bowl stage someday.

    As for Usher, he’s not the dancer he was when he was in his 20s but he’s still a talented performer and has the catalogue to deliver a great show. However, I’d only truly want him to do it if his form is at 120% as I’d hate for him to give a show that’s lackadaisical. Lady Gaga would be a great choice too. I’d love a full circle moment for Janet but I doubt it’ll happen. Say what you will about Rihanna’s performance abilities (I’ve criticised her for that) but the girl has HITS UPON HITS! An energetic showing of We Found Love would give me life!!!

  34. ?Queen Molly? February 8, 2016

    If rih performs she would need another act to draw in major ratings maybe Drake or Eminem?

    • RASHAD February 8, 2016

      It would be another ColdPlay situation where should be overshadowed. Bey is not going to let that s*** go down in her hometown Houston, TX next year!

    • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

      Lol fRih would be overshadowed by Eminem. It would be The Monster Tout all over again. Did y’all see them review’s. Poor fRih just gots no kind of stage presences when she set with actual talent ??????

    • blue February 8, 2016

      clear the delusion out your eyes, rihanna is a huge draw by herself

      • RASHAD February 8, 2016

        Draw yes. Will she deliver a performs to rival last night… I doubt!

      • blue February 8, 2016

        honey please last night was good, it was nowhere near amazing. Katy’s shark trending proves that.

      • Maxamillian February 8, 2016

        Rihanna can’t perform to save her life. I love my gal Rihanna, but just no…Unless she brings out a slew of guests to help her sing half her #1 hits (Eminem, Justin Timberlake, ASAP Rocky, Chris Brown)…On second thought, maybe its not so bad an idea…Still though, she really needs to up her game. I feel they will most likely go with a white artist…Unfortunately, most likely the safest bet: Taylor Swift.

  35. JanStan February 8, 2016

    I think theres an 80% chance Gaga will do it. New album+national anthem slayage=highly likely. Plus, she left the unsuspecting audience that didn’t know her outside of her crazy antics parched to the Gawds. All signs point to yes.

  36. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

    I reckon it will be Taylor and someone else. It will work in her favour if she brings up another untalented non-vocalist teenybopper like herself, so she doesn’t get upstaged.

  37. Shady 81 February 8, 2016

    I’m suprised they didn’t mention Missy Elliott that would be great!. And Janet could be a secret special suprise guest since they got hits like Son of a gun and Burn it up together I don’t know why TGJ is so scared to mention a rapper.

  38. blue February 8, 2016

    P!nk would slay!!!!!! She has a long career of hit and new recents ones to keep you both nolstalgic and current.

  39. blue February 8, 2016

    the super bowl is running out of options, at this point rihanna could walk into their offices demand the she performance and they would be more than happy to let her. The girl has soooo many hits she could do a 30second medley of each.

    • LB February 8, 2016

      They don’t have anymore excuses, she has the biggest hits of the last 10 years. She has so many hits she would bring the Superbowl after party to the halftime show.

      And not just any hits, but massive hits.

  40. JanStan February 8, 2016

    Y’all please stop. Rihanna is not a performer. She’s strictly for the radio and thats fine. Huge hits do not equate to being able to perform on one of the biggest stages in the world. She’s not at that level.

    • blue February 8, 2016


  41. rnblove February 8, 2016

    U S H E R

  42. Barb-wire February 8, 2016

    They should get Aaliyah to perform next year… She’d be great.

  43. Theman February 8, 2016

    Pink, Usher, Justin T., Lady Gaga would be great choices! Pink is incredible! She’s a brilliant performer!

  44. #TeamTinashe Stan February 8, 2016

    Sam I agree with this list. I’ve always felt that Janet Jackson should of NEVER had to share the stage with other performers. She should have her own. Rihanna would be a great option to because I for one would be highly interested on how she will carry on.

  45. MusicHitsYouFeelNoPain February 8, 2016

    I like rihanna on stage. To each his own. What excellent stage talent does j lo posess??i like the girl but she cannot sing to save her life.

  46. David February 8, 2016


  47. RealTalkBSWalk February 8, 2016

    YES! Janet, I agree

  48. bunny February 8, 2016

    Britney spears and Eminem are due a SB

    • blue February 8, 2016

      an eminem performance guarantees a rihanna appearance

  49. blue February 8, 2016

    rihanna’s intro could be a smash up of the intros of mad house, disturbia and goodnight gotham.

  50. Anti(hives scared of R8) February 8, 2016

    I could care less if Rihanna performs or not.I hate overrated ass football. F*** SB.

  51. RihYonce February 8, 2016

    USHER!!!!! He deserves it most , it’s way overdue

  52. Samuel February 8, 2016

    I would still like to see a full Missy half time show!! and the guests would be too much

  53. mr.m February 8, 2016


  54. Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

    Rihannas not a “performer”.She would need a good supporting act I.e. Katy/Missy, Cold Play/Beyonce & Bruno.

    Usher would slay the stage. And Id take another Janet performance over JLo’s.

  55. Mercedes February 8, 2016

    ASHANTI AND JA RUE AND JLo on one stage that would be good half time show 2017 Superbowl!!!!!!!!!?????????? yes

  56. SCALPING THOTS February 8, 2016


  57. Oscar February 8, 2016

    didn’t barbwire get exposed… why is it still here

  58. Maxamillian February 8, 2016

    I’m going to go with none of the above…Maybe Lady Gaga or Pink if I was to choose. Why do people want Rihanna? She is a great video artist, but she is not the best live performer.

  59. King February 8, 2016

    Lady Gaga is dropping a record at the end of this year. She’s doing SB. Rihanna is just going to stand stiff as hell on the that stage, boring ass f*** smoking marijuana. #wannabefemalebobmarley

  60. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! February 8, 2016

    Taylor swift! She has to perform within the next 3 years surely!

  61. Royalkev February 8, 2016

    I’d really like to see Janet get a chance to have a do over! I think it would benefit everybody! … I’d even bring Justin back! It might help settle a few things! JLO would also be perfect! She’s such a dynamic performer! I actually feel like Adele and Taylor will be happening soon (in another 2/3 years).

    • Shady 81 February 8, 2016

      You tried it with bringing Justin’s ass back Chile Bye that s*** would never happen. Not with Janet ass anyway she is totally through with that m********* she dislikes him more worse then she dislikes Madonna, you must want her to catch a murder case could you imagine those two on stage again together. Every time she looks at that mutha she think about her Tiddy popping out of nowhere, and as soon as they get deep into the performance Bloap, Bang, and Splatter. All you see is 2 things- 1.)Justin blood soaked broken up body at the bottom of the 40ft stage and 2.) Janet got this evil ass look with a tad bit of Justin’s slatter blood on her. Sometimes your idea should just be said quietly without a loud after thought let’s keep it real Janet will never see a stage let alone a Superbowl stage with Justin ever and I mean Ever ever ever again he basically destroyed her career to boost his Career, then he did those god awful albums these past couple of years of Michael Jackson after he died, Janet just doesn’t have a warm fuzzy spot nor feeling for Justin at this point so your opinion needs to remain silent because I rest my case.

  62. FC/JC February 8, 2016

    If they booked Janet! Nobody would be able to compare to the viewer ratings!

    She and her nipple are THE SUPERBOWL!

  63. black heart people February 8, 2016

    Jennifer Lopez all the way

  64. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 8, 2016

    Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna

  65. Kitteneyez February 9, 2016

    JLo Rihanna or Chris Brown would be awesome

  66. Momo February 9, 2016

    Jlo all the way ! She burns the stage every single time ! Great choice. No one performs like her
    Janet and pink are good as well

  67. Navy Nick February 9, 2016

    I agree, all picks are perfect!!!!!

  68. horatio February 9, 2016

    Janet is a mute point. She would never do it even if they did invite her back. However I do agree quite a few other people that Rhianna should do it.

  69. TT February 9, 2016

    Well, of course Mariah duh. Imagine heartbreaker remix and fantasy remix….whaaaat

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