Watch: Lady Gaga Soars With ‘Star Spangled Banner’ At Super Bowl

Published: Sunday 7th Feb 2016 by Sam

Lady Gaga just blew the roof off the Levi’s Stadium at Super Bowl 50.

The 29-year-old singer soared to seismic heights with a spirited rendition of the US National Anthem – the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

Boasting power, control and an arrangement that fit her flawlessly,  Gaga’s showing is one that will no doubt be remembered for all the right reasons in the years to come. It’s also a

What are you waiting for? Watch Mother Monster etch her name in the history books after the jump…

Stellar! The game may still be on-going, but Gaga is already one of the night’s main MVPs.

Your thoughts?

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    Brought the house down. Talent

    • MJ Stan February 7, 2016

      Tyler whats the point??

    • FORMATION IS RHYTHM NATION ’16 (Lana Del Fan) February 7, 2016

      Who’s lady gags again? (Even my spellchecker didn’t know what a GAGA was lol)

      • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 7, 2016

        Madge and Bey could never biktch..yew mad?

      • FORMATION IS RHYTHM NATION ’16 (Lana Del Fan) February 7, 2016

        @truth. You tend to comment irrelevant things. Most of the commenters pay you dust but I’m about to pay you absolutely nothing. Bye queen??????????

    • Ugggh February 7, 2016

      Am I the only one that didn’t like it? It was theatrical and boring at the same time. Eh. It was forgettable for me.

      • Lets Be Real. February 7, 2016

        I hated was too glee club like she was singing to deep in her throat trying to mimic soul…

    • Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) February 7, 2016

      Rumour has it that Microphone was Customisd using Ciara’s Pennis’ foreskin, of course knowing Gagas history with wearing meat and all I believe that…

      • FAF February 7, 2016

        Corny come harder ..

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan February 7, 2016

    Awesome work by Gaga!

  3. Rihboy February 7, 2016


  4. Chile Please!!! February 7, 2016

    Yeeeesssss! She was feeling her inner Whitney! Kudos….I actually think she did a very good job. Time to glue this wig back on! Yes Gawd!

    • TicklerP February 7, 2016

      U did not just compare this vomiting mess of “A Voice” to the great Whitney Houston aka “The Voice”.

      Because she added her glitter dramatics it doesn’t make this memorable.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 8, 2016

        He didn´t compare them or said at any point she is anywhere near Whitney you retarded hater. He just said she did her best while probably feeling totally inspired by legendary Whitney Houston. Nothing else.

  5. Cough Cough February 7, 2016

    Pure talent. Your predecessors are applauding you at a time where organic talent and mainstream isn’t the majority. Thank you Gaga! You’re a beast and true vocalist!

  6. Terny February 7, 2016

    She’s still not gonna happen. 2008-2013 #SoOver

    • JanStan February 7, 2016

      Who is u? Grammy, Oscar nom, Golden globe, Superbowl slayage, IN THE LAST YEAR. And your fave?

      • Rihboy February 7, 2016

        I understand the attempt. But Gaga won’t Mariah at all in the span she has left of relevancy. Very talented, but just not going to meet the same accolades.

      • Terny February 7, 2016

        Successful Vegas residency, Hollywood Walk of fame, BILLIONAIRE BEU, & tht Giant rock on her finger…#LEGEND Now I ask who is you, & when will Fadga?! ? #OuchTht’sGonHurt.. Kiiii

      • JanStan February 7, 2016

        I Stan for legends so I drag anyone to the trenches who talks ill of Mariah, Janet or Madonna. However, you’re level of delusion to call someone OVER who is slaying the industry to LITERAL death makes me ashamed to acknowledge your irrelevant existence. Not to mention when u talk of a rock and billionaire beau as evidence that your fave is more relevant than Gaga I have no choice but to cut u off my radar quicker than coach Diana cut Star and Skye! Bye!

    • No H0m0 February 7, 2016

      Damn hate just running all thru ur veins u are a sad human

      • Terny February 7, 2016

        Just stating facts honey boo boo… Ain’t gatz tymna h8t

  7. Anti460 February 7, 2016

    Gooooood Gaga

  8. ?Queen Molly? February 7, 2016

    It was ok but nothing epic not memorable at all #next

    • Weezy Tha Goat February 7, 2016

      You Stan for Laverne C** and that b**** whispers so stfu.

    • Rihboy February 7, 2016

      The nerve!? ???

  9. RIP February 7, 2016

    It was ok, wasn’t epic or amazing! All of the artist on TGJ list was better than hers..ALL

  10. Rated R February 7, 2016

    Lady Gaga ! What a way to open “The Super Bowl” . She literally took every ounce of passion in her body to produce arguably one of the best renditions of the US National Anthems in recent history . Way to go Gaga . Ps. Did anyone peep her quick but potent transition from chest to head voice with a Mariah run at the end .

  11. Anti-Singing Garbage voices February 7, 2016

    Better than that garbage Ciara.

    Ciara cant sing like that.

    • Sam February 7, 2016

      If thats the best comparison that you have she actually did a really bad job.

  12. Weezy Tha Goat February 7, 2016

    She killed it. Can’t even hate.

  13. TicklerP February 7, 2016

    Cruella D’ville gets styled by RuPaul- glitter squad ?

  14. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 7, 2016

    It was nice. Better than Beyonce’s rendition

  15. La Perra February 7, 2016

    A bit too theatric but none the less great job!

  16. No H0m0 February 7, 2016

    This is #2 on my list for best national anthem performance of all time. Gaga sung that song like it was actually written by her. she made every American proud

    • Arx February 7, 2016

      Ok you’re definitely a homo.

  17. JanStan February 7, 2016

    It would have been better had the audience not been going crazy THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE THING. She slayed the STADIUM TO ASHES. On to the next QUEEN!

  18. Jay_Scorpio_Navy_2005 February 7, 2016

    Hate all you want on Lady Gaga but (1) this was no pre-recorded vocals 100% LIVE, (2) Most of our favs could only dream about delivering such a flawless rendition of the anthem (3) I dare say this will be the best of all time and everyone will just have to deal! Washed up or not Lady Gaga slayed tonight!!!

  19. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 7, 2016

    That lacefront tho! Plus, she was doing way too much from the platform heels to the glittery 70’s pantsuit. Good thing her voice was great though.

  20. Barb B**** February 7, 2016

    She is too over the top for me something about her voice is not sonically pleasing to me.

  21. LB February 7, 2016


  22. Arx February 7, 2016

    Way too “broadway” for my liking. Why can’t she just sing without all the drama.

  23. LB February 7, 2016

    She killed it

  24. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 7, 2016

    Can she please do some thing about her wigs tho ?

    • LB February 7, 2016

      B**** I missed you

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 7, 2016

        I Missed you too. I see u still got the girls seething ?

  25. Okayyyy February 7, 2016

    I am sooo here for Gaga’s return and she does have chops, but this performance was just okay. It wasn’t bad in any way, but it was nothing special. Love you gags.

  26. Royalkev February 7, 2016

    I’m surprised that I didn’t really care for this (especially after being impressed with last year’s Oscar performance Gaga gave). She’s a bit too dramatic (in a comical way) and something was off in parts.

  27. Gee February 7, 2016

    Fanstatic job Gaga

  28. RICHIE_RICH February 7, 2016

    She was off key, and a lil dramatic.

  29. JanStan February 7, 2016

    As an FYI her rendition was LIVE. As we know that’s not something everyone has the skill to do…

    • Arx February 7, 2016

      Who are u talking about Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey? Id rather hear them lip sync FOR THEIR LIVES than hear Gaga audition for Rupaul’s drag race again.

  30. cocobutta February 7, 2016

    Other than her mic techniques she did wonderful. What I look for is execution and vocal choices and what I really enjoyed was some of those choices. Hints of Broadway opera mixed with her R&B and Pop vocal versatility.

    Excellent job in my opinion

  31. killian February 7, 2016

    Why so much theatratics…good vocals unlike some who make gutturalbarely audible whimpers!!! Voice a bit too broadwayish and her hand gestures and everything going on took away from it she is not a memorable performance at least not vocally.but very commendable job

  32. madbrax February 7, 2016

    did she raid Bette Midler’s closet? she looks and dressed like an 80 year old drag queen who’s had too much botox and surgery

  33. ~The Arcade~ February 7, 2016

    Bravo Gaga!!!! She did that

  34. well well February 7, 2016

    good good. 😀

  35. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 7, 2016

    LMAO… WHITE PPL shouldnt be allowed sing hardly anything yet alone the NATIONAL ANTHEM. She sounded like a DYING TURTLE (literally she did). Tyrese & alicia keys did far better. Only thing worse is Xtina & Cerrors reindition.

  36. MsYonce February 7, 2016

    She did great but that hair gurlllllllllllllllllll

  37. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 7, 2016

    I think rihanna would have been the better choice to sing this over gaga whom sounded like celine dion with broncitis the flu & streap throat all in 1.

    • JanStan February 7, 2016

      Wait though. Rihanna doesnt even sing her own songs right. NBFR.

  38. Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 7, 2016

    Gaga really just inserted an accent in that water gargling vocal pipe?

  39. RealTalkBSWalk February 7, 2016

    Loved it!

  40. Sam February 7, 2016

    This reminded me of the Beyonce video, it looked better than it sounded. When the volume was on mute she looked like she was really singing with emotion, but with the volume and no visuals she started off as if she was in the sound of music mode, then switched to soulful diva (where she failed) and then herself (which still didn’t impress) and then attempted a ending with stiff faux soulful emotion which she didn’t really pull off.
    Its a 3/10 from me and two of those points are for the shoes

  41. FC/JC February 7, 2016

    Good Job Gaga….

  42. OMG Logic!!! February 7, 2016

    It was cute but nothing more than a reductive version of Whitney’s classic version.

  43. HailBeysus February 7, 2016

    OMG Y’ALL THE HALFTIME SHOW IS UPOM !!!! BEY GUNNA SLAY Y’ALL MATHAFUXKAS LIVES!!!! Oh and Coldplays gunaa be there to ?

  44. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 7, 2016

    They are NOT PLAYING with making sure her comeback is nothing short of epic. I don’t blame them, though.

    I’m ready for Bey now. Let her slay and make them mad as hell.

  45. briano 1 February 7, 2016

    Wrong let them degrade bw with this thing that will be flailing her loins

  46. HailBeysus February 7, 2016


  47. RICHIE_RICH February 7, 2016

    She going on tour tickets on sale Tuesday

    #formation tour

  48. What now February 7, 2016

    Ok I expected so much more from her! She slayed the Oscars and some of those jazz performances, so why tf is she singing like she’s Whitney Houston hailing from the UK? WAAYYYYY Too dramatic and for those saying she didn’t lip sync, check the position of that microphone and and what her mouth is doing during the “the Bravvveee” note. Gaga has lost her damn mind and my vote for epic come back 2016.

  49. Dem Lessers February 7, 2016

    She looks like a middle aged albino demon, but if she sang live well done. I’m not even American and I felt that sh*t.

    • CUNTY February 8, 2016

      coming from britney fan haha what a joke

  50. GurlWepa1989 February 7, 2016

    The best since Whitney Houston. R.I.P Nippy.

  51. JOHNVIDAL February 8, 2016

    She did great as expected. She´s so talented.

  52. glenchimi February 8, 2016

    ppl actually think she was good ?

    it’s was okay perfromance. not remarkably amazing..

    I expected more than this since I amazed her sound of music performance

    it was … just okay…

  53. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 8, 2016

    She did a pretty good job

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