Alicia Keys Announces New Management / New Album Due This Year

Published: Thursday 3rd Mar 2016 by Sam
ALICIA KEYS - Girl on Fire Promo Shoot and CD Cover

Alicia Keys is revving up the engine of her comeback campaign.

Four long years have passed since she released ‘Girl On Fire’ – which, after selling less than 700,000 copies in the US, is easily her worst performing album to date.

Motherhood has been her priority in the time since (she gave birth to second son Genesis in 2014), yet the singer-songwriter is finally piecing together the puzzle that is her career re-launch.

Details below…

Billboard reports that after a brief stint at Maverick (home to Madonna, Britney Spears, and Fifth Harmony), Keys has ended her management agreement with the firm.

Instead, her longtime friend and co-manager Erika Rose has stepped up to shepherd the songbird’s career alone.


The pair have been working together since 2010 when Keys inked a deal with Red Light Management – her business home after departing the team that launched her career into the stratosphere, Jeff Robinson’s MBK.

Speaking on Rose’s new appointment, as well as her upcoming album (which she says is coming this year), the 35-year-old said in a statement:

“Erika has played an instrumental role in my artistry since day one. She is a strategic manager who makes smart decisions and understands the balance between business and creative endeavors. I feel a great sense of trust and clarity knowing she will be holding the reins of my career as my business partner. This is the best music I’ve made yet and the best time of my life is yet to come.”

We really hope that last sentence rings true, because (save for a few songs) ‘Girl On Fire’ was a frosty fright.

Unlike most in today’s budget-challenged business, Alicia was not short on promo slots or spend on her last outing. Indeed, one need not look further than the endless list of stages she graced to scream that LP’s title track. Yet, the reality is that the project itself was the pits and the public did not connect with it accordingly.

Hence, here’s hoping Rose has the midas touch to help Alicia’s career bloom again. She is incredibly talented and has an unparalleled pen-game as well as an ear for melody. So fingers crossed she’s been baking the business in the studio and that her team has a plan in place to ensure the public are more welcoming of what she has on offer this go round.

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  1. Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

    YAAWS I’M ready

  2. Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

    Yes @ 2016 already Bey, Christina, Britney and all the other Vets. B**** I’m just R.E.A.D.Y

  3. DIABETES UNBOTHERED March 3, 2016

    OFF-KEYS needs to understand just like THE REST of the dead bodies Bey left in the scrap pile that she is WASHED UP. in the words of FLAVOR FLAVE “TIMES UP, U GOTTA GO!.”.

    • Sade March 3, 2016

      Ho u need to OD on ya insulin BIATCH

    • Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

      Take a break from TGJ. SMH no wonder @yourAVI…… Anyways Alicia might be washed up but she has 15 grammys in her name 2nd best female artist of last decade (behind your fave) not to mention her first 2 albums outsold all of Beyoncé’s.

    • FORMATION IS RHYTHM NATION ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 3, 2016

      Why did I watch that whole episode of charm school ???????

  4. Shannon March 3, 2016

    Sam you are an embarrassment, you talk mess about Rihanna every day and as much as I like Rih there may be some things that are through as far as her artistry, but Alicia Keys is untouchable, and that album was actually a great album, but people don’t want great music anymore, they want meaningless trap mess, ghetto renditions and booty shaking, when all the dust settles Alicia stands as one of the most successful MUSICIANS, not just artist or singer but Musician(songwriter, singer, producer) and her music is TIMELESS something we can’t say for some of the folks that you stan for. We will be long gone and Alicia Keys music will continue to live on, so you can check yourself with the ignorant comments and the shade because Alicia is already a LEGEND and will remain one, her songs will live on forever.

    • Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

      Shannon THANK YOU

    • Maka March 3, 2016

      That hood rat Sam doesnt know a thing about music… Girl on fire is her best work to date… can t wait for her comeback

  5. shakira stan March 3, 2016

    She started flopping as soon as she started dueting with beyonce.

    • Arx March 3, 2016

      Rihanna started flopping after she duetting with Shakira.

  6. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 3, 2016

    I hope Alicia Keys comes with that fire! The one person that took her shine was Adele. She’s the new soulful, down-tempo, make me think about love while in the car songstress. I’m looking forward to this project as I believe that she help save R&B music from being completely appropriated.

  7. a March 3, 2016

    I dont see any album announcement on here.

    just typcal words by most artists that plan to release “this year”.

  8. RNB fan March 3, 2016

    She flopped b/c she abandoned her RNB fans, Soory but that CD was too pop for her core fans.
    We want some RNB love songs….. not pop.
    Good luck to her. She’s super talented.

  9. credits March 3, 2016

    Alicia has been pretty consistent in terms of her career. Every time an artist releases an album it does not have to be labeled “a comeback.”

  10. XoMoDe March 3, 2016

    Girl On Fire was the worst thing I ever heard from Alicia. It was obnoxious, cheesy and a less than transparent attempt to try and compromise to a poppier market. Her fans didn’t appreciate the shift and in the end, she didn’t attract any of Katy’s and Miley’s suburban white girl and gay boy fans either. I said that every R&B singer who attempted to trend hop and pander to pop music in 2010-2013 would wind up regretting it.

  11. Cinnamon Girl March 3, 2016

    Alicia Keys dug her own grave when she had an affair with a married man, Swizz Beatz and he left his wife for her. Ever since she took up with Swizz her career and reputation went down the toilet

  12. What Now March 3, 2016

    I’ve always liked AK, but the home wrecker thing destroyed all hope for her making a huge comeback.

    • Jennifer March 3, 2016

      But she is not a homewrecker because Swizz had a baby girl with another woman when he was still married whit his first wife, then they separated and he started hanging out with Alicia…

  13. king March 3, 2016

    Ain’t Erika rose the same girl that helped Alicia keys pen some of her biggest hit

  14. Jennifer March 3, 2016

    First of all Girl On Fire was a really good album. If You didn’t like it that doesnt mean it was bad. It has great songs like When It’s All Over, Listen To Your Heart, Fire We Make, Tears Always Win, One Thing, 101. And Brand New Me and Not Even The King are good too (especially lyrically). Limitedless is a bop. The only bad songs are New Day and Girl On Fire.

    Can’t wait to hear the new album. She is the best soul/rnb artist of her generation!

  15. work to the pillow top another way u love it March 3, 2016

    Hope she can give a different sound of music if she do put it out this year

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