Kelly Rowland Serves Pretty In Paris / Clip Of New Music Video Surfaces

Published: Thursday 3rd Mar 2016 by Sam

Cop a gander of Kelly Rowland!

The R&B siren was snapped cutting a killer figure at Paris Fashion Week today in the French capital.

Rowland was one of the many notable names in attendance at the Balmain Fall/Winter 2016/17 presentation.

Back on home soil, an uber brief clip of (what looks to be) a music video for buzz cut ‘Dumb’ has surfaced.

Check it out below…

Click Play: ▶️ BTS- Kelly Rowland and Actor/Musician Trevor Jackson dancing in her ‘DUMB’ Music Video! We can’t wait to see the Godiva Goddess in action! Thoughts? #KellyRowland #TrevorJackson #GodivaGoddess #RowlandStones

A video posted by Entertainment Prescription LLC (@entertainmentprescription_) on

Looks interesting.

Stay tuned for more Kelly’s new music roll-out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RICHIE_RICH March 3, 2016

    Come thru Kelly !!!!!!!

  2. shakira stan March 3, 2016

    Ugly flop.

    • RICHIE_RICH March 3, 2016

      You mean like you’re LIFE!!!!!

    • Nick March 4, 2016

      Shakira Stan, you are the ugly one

  3. shakira stan March 3, 2016

    Blue Ivy’s maid .

    • Jamie March 3, 2016

      I want you to walk to th mirror and look at what your momma made.

  4. x_x March 3, 2016

    Kelly is beautiful! I’m curious to know what @Shakira Stan looks like calling Kelly ugly.

    Anyway, am i the only one CRAVING a DC3 Album? The time would be perfect!

  5. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) March 3, 2016

    I am ready Kelendria!!

  6. frank March 3, 2016

    Yes! Queen Kelly.

  7. #justsayn March 3, 2016

    Yaaaaaaassssss Queen Kelendria! Kelly is serving face and legs honey!!! Drop this buzz track video so we can move forward with the actual single and video. We need you to be able to perform the new single on the BET Awards this yr!

  8. ??Queen Molly?? March 3, 2016

    Shes hot and slays bey in looks

    • LOL March 3, 2016

      Stop trying to be messy

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 3, 2016

        But did I lie? Kelly has better style and looks #TruthTella

    • RICHIE_RICH March 3, 2016

      You just had to bring up the Queen!!!

  9. LOL March 3, 2016

    Jelly is so talented, she doesn’t deserve to have a flop solo career

  10. BeyKnowlesBest March 3, 2016

    I’m not gone lie Kelly’s and Rihanna’s fashion trumps Bey’s !!!

    • RICHIE_RICH March 3, 2016


    • Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

      Ciara slays all 3 fashion wise. I also spotted a lie Rih>Bey>Kelly

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 3, 2016


  11. Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

    Slay Kelendria

  12. Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 3, 2016

    Hush h** Sharkira is an ugly has been who’s last hit was in 2000 and something.Even with with world cup clings

  13. pat March 3, 2016

    u better give us technical choreo Kelendria!

  14. RihYonce March 3, 2016

    Kelly slays !!! Anybody ever notice everytime Beyoncé is about to come out with a new album kelly music drops right before lol it happens everytime ? I wish Kelly was bigger than what she is she’s better than all of these other fnon talented artist out

  15. Lake Erie March 3, 2016

    I’m glad she is going through with this song and a music video for it. This is actually the sound for this summer. There’s two other songs out now riding a similar sound. But she was first to hop up on the piano key board sounding Beat. Can’t wait to see it. Kelly can dance her ass off no lie.

  16. UR March 3, 2016

    Damn, Kelly… Finer than a m***********! Dark is beautiful, y’all. If you’ve never believed it before, cop a gander at Kelly. Just beautiful.

  17. Danny Bey March 3, 2016

    I LOVEKelly, but she was serious about pushing this song? I thought it was just a buzz single?

  18. ?BRK March 3, 2016

    I love kelly but why is she releasing a video for dumb? I thought it was a buzz single! She shouldn’t waste her time with this song it will not chart

    • Shawn March 3, 2016

      Well it was said that formation is just a buzz track to start her tour. So why not make a video for dumb if it’s a buzz track. Some of us want to see a video to it shid I know I do

  19. Beyonce wins March 3, 2016

    Kelly, ciara.. Just give it up, y’all are gorgeous and successful enough to find other career paths, you know I can take singles off of each album they put out, and form 1 solid album for each artist, become models or TV correspondents, go take acting classes, ciara could be one hell of a dance Instructor for today’s artist, I don’t know why record labels keep putting money behind them, when has anybody been overly excited to go to a ciara or kelly concert, they do about ten tour dates and have a big tour wrap party, like they done did a 50 state/international tour,.and what’s sad is that they are really talented…but every time ms Kelly drop somethin . Here comes Beyonce with something that will make you forget that kelly even put out anything, and here go Kelly, That’s my sister, y’all better support her, kelly… You can barely support yourself

    • Shawn March 4, 2016

      That’s really sad that you would want somebody to be something that they done want to be. What happened to follow your dreams. Yes Beyonce is great. But there’s room for everybody. When I don’t like a song I just don’t listen to it. I think they are doing something right to have the opportunity to keep putting there music out time and time again. This is the music industry we heard of one hit wonders. They have been out for 10+ and counting. I don’t know about you but I rather listen to a lot of different artists then just a few great ones.

  20. True shines through March 3, 2016

    It appears that there are still those who don’t take Kelly seriously as an artist ( this is somewhat understandable), but it is not wise to assume that no one takes Kelly seriously as an artist. I’m somebody, and I have always respected Kelly’s artistry. I own ALL of her albums,even her Diva Deluxe EP (released on Itunes),and they ALL stay on repeat. I think her music breaks molds. She’s also a trailblazer (she collaborated with a European DJ, and that suddenly became an R&B trend in 2011).
    I think people sleep on Kelly because Kelly sleeps on herself. I have never had a problem with her music, but I have a huge problem with her inability to follow through with her musical eras.
    Kelly has a hustler’s mentality and I’m not mad at her for that; but her time management skills need work. She’s constantly taking on multiple projects at once and as a result her album promo undoubtedly suffers. “Here I Am” should have been her break-out album. She broke away from Matthew,was released by Columbia records, spent a year recording independently and still managed to produce a worldwide EDM smash with “When Love Takes Over”. This got the attention of a label head and Kelly was suddenly a Universal Motown artist. Her first official single (“Motivation”) became a chart-topping hit. This song stayed atop the R&B charts for several weeks consecutively. It became a platinum selling single, and spawned a number of remixes done by other big name artists (you know you’ve made a great song when your peers try to duplicate it). After all of this, you would think that “Here I Am” would have been flying off the shelves, but it was not,and the reason why is because Kelly dropped the promo ball.There weren’t hardly enough televised appearances or performances,and when she landed the FAME tour gig,she cut her tour time short in order to do X Factor UK. She stopped promoting the album. She expected her label to push singles for her and of course they didn’t,so the album ‘flopped’ even though it was a great body of work that produced hit singles (“Commander” and “Motivation”).
    Fast forward two years later and “Talk a Good Game” is released. This is arguably the best album of Kelly’s career. So many songs were single worthy, but of course, Kelly played it safe and went with what she (and the label) thought would be Motivation no.# 2. They released “Kisses Down Low”,it was not Motivation no.#2. They then released “Dirty Laundry” as the second and final single off the album. Kelly never performed “Dirty Laundry” while on her promo tour. She performed it live while on her concert tour which she co-headlined with The Dream. But wait, she then cut that tour short to film the X Factor US and promo for “Talk a Good Game” came to a screeching halt. So the album,while great musically, still flopped. Why? Because most people didn’t know there was an album,because Kelly never promotes for the masses.She has never had a strong promotional era and she has never completed a concert tour.That’s a problem.
    Kelly’s issue has never been a lack of talent or musical capability. Her issue has always been a lack of follow through and finishing what she starts,which directly effects album promotion. Kelly fails to fully dedicate herself to her music outside of what she accomplishes in the studio because when it’s time to promote,Kelly busies herself with other projects that make her money, but take her away from what her main priority should be; her music.
    I can certainly understand why people are frustrated with Kelly and claim she’s a “basic artist”. Those people are basing their opinion on numbers alone. The fact is if Kelly’s albums had all been multi-platinum phenoms, people would be singing a very different tune. People today base every thing on first week metrics. Whatever happened to the ‘slow burn’ album. Kelly is a platinum selling artist. As a solo act she has pushed over 25 million units. That’s a huge deal, until you compare it to the units of other pop artist who are pulling in those numbers for one album alone, but many of those artist don’t hold a candle to Kelly’s artistry.
    Just because an artist doesn’t sell well does not mean that their music sucks. It usually means that there is a missing element; and in Kelly’s case that element is time management and strategic marketing and promotion.In my opinion, Kelly is one of the best in the game artistically speaking, but so many people still don’t know it because Kelly can never get the ball Rowland (pun intended :).
    Hopefully she will surprise us all with this new era. We shall see.

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  21. At it again March 3, 2016

    O.K. I watched the video clip on repeat, and realized that during the “yeah I do that like it’s magic” line”, Kelly makes her dancing partner’s hat disappear. This might actually be a cool video. It needs to premiere effective immediately. Kelly needs to stop playing around. Doesn’t she know people are feening.

  22. work to the pillow top another way u love it March 4, 2016

    Nice outfit on Kelly w

  23. rowland stone March 4, 2016

    share the video plz!!!!

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