Hot Shots: Beyonce & Monica Pose It Up At The White House

Published: Monday 28th Mar 2016 by Sam

Two of R&B’s most enduring divas, Beyonce and Monica, were all smiles together earlier today.

As reported, the annual Easter Egg Roll took place at The White House and welcomed an array of major names and their families.

Queen Bey was one of those who attended with her clan, but made sure to pose it up longtime comrade Mo and her adorable fam.

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I was SO happy to see @mstinalawson … A woman full of wisdom & I must admit I am always in need of a good word! Thank you Ms.T ❤️ Love you Always!!!!

A photo posted by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on

Yep!!! You see my dance??Lets get it!! #WhiteHouseEasterEggRoll this is the actual egg roll ….. #MyBoysAndI

A video posted by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on

What a dream come true to be ten years old holding conversation with the most awesome First Lady EVER…. #MrsObama #RomelosActingShy #LaiyahsAsleep?❤️❤️

A photo posted by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on

Our babies thoroughly enjoyed listening to our #FirstFamily read to them ❤️ Romelō Rocko & PJ

A photo posted by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on

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  1. .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016

    Beyonce sure does look a mess. She has no fashion sense whatsoever; beautiful but a whack sense of style. No wonder the fashion industry doesn’t take her seriously.

    • Byejay March 28, 2016

      Beyoncé never claimed to be a fashion expert lol she wears what she wears, which is usually tacky and country. But, some of us have to model for attention and some just make music. Shout outs to all the MUSICIANS not tryna be fashion experts with 20,000 stylist !!!!!!

      • Csquad_representa March 28, 2016

        Exactly why house of SCAREon ceases to exist in 2016

      • BeyKnowlesBest March 28, 2016

        I see what u mean but I do wish she was more fashion forward like rihanna, i always wanted bey to be a red carpet a lister …it frustrates me! BTW Monica looks better then her here also

      • Byejay March 28, 2016

        House of deron was HER mothers that she promoted when her MOM sold the company bey didn’t get one dime of that money Lmaoo. Ki on that one !!!!

    • RASHAD March 28, 2016

      Well some people signed up to be in the music business to excel in singing, dancing, performing, and showman ship. Everybody doesn’t want to be known as a model with a microphone!

      • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

        CLOCK IT

    • Mariah March 28, 2016

      See I’m torn between her look. If she had this dress in an editorial shoot it would have been art, but walking around it’s a NO. It’s the boob cup cut. That bothers me but the fit on her is perfection. Her hair has always been questionable since the beginning. It’s unfortunate that most girls, not just bey, don’t get the hair right. It’s always a hit or a miss.

  2. Byejay March 28, 2016

    Beyoncé and Monica actually go way back, remember during the last DC performance she brought them flowers on stage in ATL and a lot of people don’t know but Michelle was Monica background singer before DC3. They both look the same slay !!!

    • HOWYOULIKEIT March 28, 2016

      Tina actually introduced Michelle to Kelly and Bey

      • Byejay March 28, 2016

        Lol ………. no she didn’t …..

  3. #JACKIE March 28, 2016

    Monica wears too much makeup. Giving Casper teas.

    • Csquad_representa March 28, 2016

      Monica is normally tacky too but she slays Beyonce here

    • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

      Yes she does

      • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

        You should invest in some Sephora, oatmeal cream pie face.

  4. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    Beyonce looks like a crack head!!!!!

    • ♊Mølly♊ March 28, 2016

      Oooooooops kiiii

    • Csquad_representa March 28, 2016

      Omg dead

    • .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016


    • #JACKIE March 28, 2016

      I screamed????

    • LB March 28, 2016

      I’M CRYING

    • IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 28, 2016



    • Porsha Williams Stan March 28, 2016

      Nooooooo LMAO

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      Seeing that you’re a crack baby, you should know all about that. Doesn’t your fav have an Adam’s apple?

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        I’m the real Cinnamon Girl. Someone else pretending to be me wrote that but they were right. Beyonce looks like a crack head from Skid Row here in L.A.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

      Ciara looks like she belongs on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

      • #JACKIE March 28, 2016

        Ciara gives a high fashion tea. Beyonce wishes.

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        …AND she still has a man face

    • Melanie Fenty March 28, 2016

      OMG ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. ♊Mølly♊ March 28, 2016

    Beyonce outfit is so tragic. Fashion killa? Never dat Bey.

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      Selena HOmez’s entire career is tragic f*****.

  6. Csquad_representa March 28, 2016

    Beyonce looks bloody awful. Did she roll outta the bed and come to the White House? She’s a textbook definition of #TACKY

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      All Ciara has going for her is fashion and Russell. Let’s hope his gay ass doesn’t drop her before the “wedding” .

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        Ciara has 3 modeling contracts plus she doesn’t have to wake up to a camel’s flaming nostrils every morning

  7. .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016

    You need a respected fashionista like Victoria Beckham and Rihanna to pull of that look. From the side, she looked like she had saggy tìtts that are just hanging out. As for the hair, well, time has proven that short hair or even hair that’s pulled up is not her thing; she just doesn’t look good in them.

  8. .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016

    I applaud her for trying to be edgy, but this was ultimately a fail. People aren’t even talking about how she was at the White House and her family, they are talking about how awful her outfit was.

    • Csquad_representa March 28, 2016

      Edgy and Beyonce should not be in the same sentence. Her, Nicki and Mariah are the most tacky b****** in the business tbh

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        Edgy! Ha! Ha!

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016


  9. #JACKIE March 28, 2016

    Kii the girls are dragging

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      Ciara fans drag themselves just by being Ciara fans.

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        BAM ! With a drop of BLOOP! BLOOP!

  10. Annalise March 28, 2016

    R&B Icons! Slay Mo + Bey! SLAYYYY!

  11. LB March 28, 2016

    Cute pictures

  12. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    I’m a black female but can we sistshs stop it with the weaves? Beyonce’s wigs keep looking worse and worse as the days go by and Monica doesn’t have any edges anymore. I remember when Monica first came out she had beautiful healthy hair. I wore wigs/ weaves several times and I just couldn’t do it. They don’t feel right on my head and I don’t feel confident plus most men don’t like it. I prefer to rock my own hair

  13. Coolness March 28, 2016

    Love this! Thank God Mo got rid of that Koolaid colored weave because this bob is mad cute. Bey has an amazing figure but her fashion sense has been leaving a lot to be desired lately. HOWEVER, like those above have already reiterated, many of us who are fans of hers focus on what she came into the business to do – slay tf out of us with her amazing TALENT.

  14. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 28, 2016

    Beyoncé looks a MOTHERFUCĶĮŇG MESS as per usual…

    She is a beautiful woman but the bįţčh cannot dress to save her life; she has no style whatsoever and then when she tries to be “edgy” it looks as if she is just wearing solange’s throwaway’s.

    Poor thing.

    Mama Tina, help yo’ daughter out!

    • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

      Umm Mama Tina is the one that dresses her. She even said this

      • IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 28, 2016

        She did?


        So this is the HOOD OF DEREON talking?

    • LEXX March 28, 2016

      Nooooooo ROTFLLLLLLMAO

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      And Rihanna can’t sing to save her life! Which is more important for a SINGER??

  15. Porsha Williams Stan March 28, 2016

    Monica’s makeup is CAKED ON and Beyonces hair and outfit are both FRIED! However the kids are super cute.

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      Have you seen the dumb h** you stan for lately? The irony…

  16. Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

    Not Ciara and Rihanna (models with a mic) stans coming for Beyonce. Y’all need to sit this one out because your flop favs could never. Everyone looks adorable! Ciara wasn’t invited and Rihanna will never have a family kii.

    • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

      Ciara’s been invited to the White House twice . And you’re right. Ciara could never look as horrible as Beyonce does here

      • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

        How much has Jackie sold-to-date?

    • Datredd23 March 28, 2016

      Rihanna has been invited though and aftended privately try again

      • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

        I said Rihanna will never have a FAMILY so where are the lies? Nobody wants her damaged goods.

    • Datredd23 March 28, 2016

      And u know this how sis?

  17. cocobutta March 28, 2016

    Yes my powerful black women with longevity.

    Love me some Mo forever regardless and Bey my stage slayer with vocal chops as bonus

  18. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    To you Beyhives, I know you folks like Beyonce but c’ mon, now. She looks horrible. All of that money and she’s looking like that? I wonder if her and Jay Z really are going through it and she’s depressed about it?

    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      Ciara should be depressed about the state of her career.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        But she’s not. She’s enjoying her life and not looking a mess like Beyonce is

      • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016


  19. brazio March 28, 2016

    Beyonce does look at mess! Monica Is prettier than her in this pic

  20. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 28, 2016

    Not the MOSQUITOS coming for my faves fashion sense though…

    1) Where is your faves fashion-icon award, nominated and handed to her by Anna wintour?

    2) Is the HOOD OF DEREON label still in existence in this universe?


    • Pop Royalty March 28, 2016

      Who needs a fashion award when you have 20 Grammys? LMAO! Y’all worried bout the wrong things. Has any of R****’s Vogue covers outsold Beyonces last one yet??

      • Annalise March 28, 2016

        SCREAMING, and didn’t Rihœ-nah have one of the worst selling Vogue covers of all time in 2012, and the second worst that year?!

  21. Kitty Puurrzz March 28, 2016

    2 R&B QUEENS. Need i say more?

  22. ASHY March 28, 2016

    I think Mo’s pretty much thrown in the towel on Code Red.I don’t think RCA is interested in doing much with it either. 🙁

  23. Fatusankoh March 28, 2016

    Looking good queen bey haters have norting on you

  24. ♊Mølly♊ March 28, 2016

    Ciara and Rihanna both are fashion icons in their own right… Bey stans need to accept the fact their fav forever looks sloppy,tacky,and cheap from the weave to the heels.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

      As soon as you accept the well known fact that HEra is a f****** flop….
      Who will probably NEVER have to opportunity to step one of her 13 inch heels into the White House.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        Wrong, dumb dumb! Ciara has been to the White House several times. Stop embarrassing yourself

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        HeHe will NEVER have the opportunity to grace the President’s presence, like Beyonce has, for TWO reasons:
        1.) She sings like the GHOST WHISPERER
        2.) She looks like a f****** man

  25. .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016

    She’s getting dragged on Twitter. Her dress looks like it is worn inside out.

  26. Dallas Kennedy March 28, 2016

    Beyonce looks a mess….but considering the other 20 plus something times she has been there she slayed… Nothing to prove very unbothered a trip to the white house to her is like a trip to the grocery store… I mean when the other girls gonna make regular appearances at the white house

  27. Stephon Jackson March 28, 2016

    She did what she could… #QueenBey

  28. Metzo March 28, 2016

    Bey is not a hipster she can wear whatever the f*** she wants. “No make up” make up look and still looks better than your faves. She doesnt need a “fashion” icon title, cause she’s a singer not a model with a mic. Some of yall got everything mixed tf up

  29. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

    ….And Ciara looks like she has a penis.

  30. Metzo March 28, 2016

    Talk about fashion queen when neither Rih or Ciara have ever outsold Bey’s vogue cover. Does Ciara even have one..

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

      No , HeHe doesn’t.

      • Metzo March 28, 2016

        Lmaooo not HeHe

  31. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 28, 2016

    Y’all need to stop talking about Bey like that! She doesn’t look that bad; it just looks like she has a white gay stylist who tried to put her on. The outfit fits well; it’s just the boob cut out which makes it weird.

    • Metzo March 28, 2016

      Exactly.. The outfit itself is flattering to her fit figure.
      I love the outfit. It’s different and “weirdly cute”.
      I guess people were expecting her to wear a gown with a jolie slit…

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 28, 2016

        I think the problem is that the outfit, hair and make up don’t have a black girl swag to it. It looks like something Gwyneth Paltrow or Emma Stone would wear. She looks better than Monica in my opinion whose looks like she’s about to get that $10 special at Costco.

  32. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 28, 2016

    Beyond Beyonce, I’m more focused on the fact that these moments are the last that we will see so much chocolate at the White House, because this time next year, it’s going to be a narcissistic egomaniac who will tank the American economy with some random mail-order bride, Russian b*tch.

  33. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

    The Navy stans for a Mannequin head with a mic and the squad is just upset because HeHe looks like Skeletor.
    Beyonce is more of a boss b**** than both of those h***. Her Stan base actually has PRESIDENTS in it!

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 28, 2016

      I seriously doubt Barack knows one damn song by Beyonce. He probably got drunk to Crazy In Love back in 2003 at the club and that’s it. She’s just a nice piece of ass with a good 1,2 step on a stage.

      • Melanie Fenty March 28, 2016

        BLOOPITY BLOOP BLOOP!!!!!!!!!!! Not the shithive thinking the Obama are friends with hood trash like Bey and Jay when they used them for a wider reach. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        Umm, the Obama’s are very familiar with Beyonce. She and Jay-Z were HUGE supporters of the Obama campaign. She sang at the inauguration TWICE, and “At Last” during Neighborhood Inaugurational ball. PLUS, Beyonce and the First Lady are partners for the “Move your Body” health program . So you sound ignorant. Then again, I would expect nothing else from a Rihanna stan.

  34. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    I can’t at Beyonce being dragged for dear life on here and social media! Give it up, Beyhive. No matter how much you try to drag Ciara and Rihanna with your recycled insults it does not negate the fact that Beyonce looks like a r*****

    • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

      B****! You stan for a Z list celebrity. Stfu.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        “A z list celebrity” who would never come out of the house dressed like that!

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        Ciara is singing in bathroom stalls all across the globe…
        That makes Z LISTER sweetheart. The Queen Bey would NEVER!

  35. Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

    She just might be a black Bill Gates in the making!

    • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

      You and Beyonce both need to lay off the pipe

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        YOU need to master how to stay in your own f****** lane and HeHe needs to layoff of the steroids. Because she looks like a reverse cross-dresser.

  36. #JACKIE March 28, 2016

    Wow! I knew the Hive were jealous of Ciara’s beat, but they are absolutely seething in here! Kii. #CiciSlays

  37. ♊Mølly♊ March 28, 2016

    The hive was only cool with Ciara because I was cool with Beyonce lol its hilarious my impact is undeniable. Im glad squad is dragging the basic hive and their tacky uneducated queen.

  38. Melanie Fenty March 28, 2016

    Beyonce girl….. HOT MESS

  39. Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

    Lets make one thing clear, the Hive never needed to partner up with The Help as allies. We had no proper competition worth destroying in the first place *sips tea*

    • #JACKIE March 28, 2016

      Omg seethe sis kii

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        I thought you were a Selena Gomez stan now?

      • #JACKIE March 28, 2016

        I didn’t know the Hive had the ability to think?. Like mutha like Stan base.???

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 28, 2016

        Unlike a certain stan base, we also have the ability to purchase albums. Is Jackie certified plastic yet sis?

  40. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    Beyonce you know you wrong when a B lister such as Monica with way less money than you has you looking like you shop at Rainbow

  41. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    A multi millionaire artist who dresses in the dark#IyanlaFixThis

  42. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    @Jackie, oh the hive is so darn embarrassed they don’t know what to do. You see how they have Tyler Perry out here fighting solo because they’re too embarrassed by their Queens’ outfit choice

    • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) March 29, 2016

      I’d be more embarrassed if my fave had to tuck n pull before AND after every performance, like HeHe does.
      Keep my name outta your f****** comments b****!

  43. RIP March 29, 2016

    Fantasy Ride,Basic Instinct,Ciara,Jackie…Jackie has sold less than 70K in the US and less than 150K worldwide
    I think I’d be more worried about my faves career and not tacky Beyonce(love her but she is tacky)

    Rihanna 14th #1 and that’s about it.Anti has sold 300K+US .and a little over 300K worldwide. Instead of worrying about tacky Beyonce,I’d be worried about why 300K equals Platinum in the US. Why self title sold more in the first week than anti has in a month. Why her tour is being outsold 4:1 compare to said tacky person’s.Or why the navy keeps lying and saying Anti has sold 1 Million when it’s 400K away from it.

    That’s a lot to worry about,she’s tacky but she slays your basic faves.B6 will outsell all 4 of Ciara’s last albums combined(like 4 & Self titled have),will do WAY more than Anti and it won’t even have a #1 single on it ? and the best part about is it she won’t have to lie about being platinum or in Ciara’s case rely on streams to push her to gold.

    I’d be salty too

  44. HailBeysus March 29, 2016

    Kiii not the Z-listers clinging to the Gavvy ????? Wasn’t @Cinatard just trying to cling to my drag in the other post by adding ‘don’t forget devil worshipper.’ LMFAO!!!! I CAN’T AT THE Z-LISTERS DESPERATELY NEEDING THE GAVVY AFTER THE HIVE SLAUGHTERED THEM. Anyway all this shade about Fashion is null and void. My fav never claimed to be some Fashion Modle/Fashionista! However she’s still that bitxh when it comes to her music. Same can’t be said for C-Error or Cheatanna lol!

  45. TeamTasia March 29, 2016

    Lol the C-Squad got dragged for filth

  46. Cinnamon Girl March 29, 2016

    R.I.P. Beyhive. From social media to the gossip blogs your Queen got chewed up and spit out

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 29, 2016

      You Stan for HeHe that’s a drag it and of itself lol.
      You loose every argument by default .

      • Cinnamon Girl March 29, 2016

        Your girl Beyonce loses every time she tries to dress herself

      • HailBeysus March 29, 2016

        Say what you want bitxh! But the same Anna Wintour that y’all talk about and is that bitxh when it comes to the Fashion Industry has said plenty of wonderful thing’s about Bey. Here’s the most recent during Bey’s September Vogue issue. The issue Anna Wintour solely decided Bey was fit for the cover even tho Bey refused to give them an Interview. The first person to ever grace a magazine without coming into contact with the magazine. Anyway here’s what Anna had to say “I think Beyoncé is every woman. She’s superwoman, she’s an extraordinary business woman, she’s a force of fashion. She totally understands the way to communicate to millions and millions of fans.” – Anna Wintour

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 29, 2016

        HeHe loses everytime she dresses up in drag, which is constantly

  47. Cinnamon Girl March 29, 2016

    Beyoncr. The White House Easter Egg Roll.
    When Trying To Be The Baddest Bish In The Room Goes Wrong

  48. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 30, 2016

    They all looks nice

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