Hot Shots: Beyonce, Blue Ivy, & Julez Hit White House Easter Egg Roll

Published: Monday 28th Mar 2016 by Sam

The Easter festivities continued for The Carters today.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z were spotted arriving at the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington this morning.

The family, who have enjoyed an enduring relationship with The Obama’s, were were joined by Solange‘s son Julez, as well grandma Tina Knowles and her new husband Richard Lawson.

More snaps below…

Via Beyonce Legion:


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  1. RihYonce March 28, 2016

    Queen !!! Please drop B6 or announce the album/lead single this week !!!! ??

  2. Wendy March 28, 2016


    • Sweetnothings@78 March 28, 2016

      Why disgusting?.

      • RihYonce March 28, 2016

        Can’t stand hating ass thots

  3. SashaBlald March 28, 2016

    The real Royal family

  4. Annalise March 28, 2016

    Oh my gosh!! Smh feels like it was just yesterday that Solange was rubbing her big ass belly in the Soldier music video, and now Juelz is becoming a young man ?

  5. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 28, 2016

    No doubt I can’t stand this thief nor her camel-looking sugar daddy, BUT…

    These pics are cute; Blue Ivy always looks happy which is a good thing! 🙂

    • RihYonce March 28, 2016

      Aww somebody is scared that her favs spotlight for this year us almost up ???

    • HailBeysus March 28, 2016

      Bitxh begone Frihanna is a self purchasing Platinum Plaque fraud who teaches the young to snort coke, smoke weed, be a rude bitxh, smoke crack and thot around lmfao!

      • IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 28, 2016

        LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO… Girl, good-FUQING-bye. I tried ringing be as nice as I could…

      • HailBeysus March 28, 2016

        Be nice??? Naw bitxh you were being a fake shady ass bitxh. If you’re going to throw shade throw it and don’t try to sugar coat it. You’re right tho bye! Begone out of The Queens post! (Splashes Holy Water at R****** ???)

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        And don’t forget worship the devil

      • Annalise March 28, 2016

        You don’t see me talking mess about Rihanna’s mother who looks like Wyclef jean, or her two big-headed little brothers or her alcoholic whale-looking father. Let’s keep family out of it BÏTCH!

        Btw if Jay-Z is so unattractive then why did Rihanna’s publicist make up that rumour them, just to sell Pon de Forehead?

      • Annalise March 28, 2016

        @CinnabonEmployee You still seething because your massas made you work Easter Weekend?! Sis dem Cinnamon buns ain’t gonna ice themselves! Why don’t you hide away just like Ciara’s penis, and don’t come back until I summon you!

      • rosy3 March 28, 2016

        I told you before on the next post go suck s***

      • Annalise March 28, 2016

        @Rosebud I told you two years ago to go and find Barbara Walters, cuz no1 gives a flying f**** about your psychotic meltdowns. Now take that to the bank and cash it! You funky ass hœ!

  6. Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

    Cute. Obama has a crush on Beyonce

    • rosy3 March 28, 2016

      He is fine with a real educated wife who can challenge him on worldly things looks ain’t everything to a man Mr Obama chose well and Beyonce is not his type Michelle obama has personality very very smart I wish she was running for president and raised two beautiful girls who carries themselves like ladies respectable shows young women you can take the other route in,life pick a book up and read illiteracy is alive and well money cannot get you all those things I highlighted about Mrs Obama she is everything a black girl should aspire to an example lawd knows black girls do not have much to look up to these days

      • Cinnamon Girl March 28, 2016

        Sweetie, are you O.k? I just said he had a crush on Beyonce. Nothing wrong with that. My ex boyfriend had a crush on Nicki Minaj. People are going to be attracted to other folks. It’s not that serious

  7. HailBeysus March 28, 2016

    Okay Bish we see you! But im desperate for B6 lol!

  8. RihYonce March 28, 2016

    B6 is so close ??? my body is ready for the slayage

  9. #JACKIE March 28, 2016

    Her hair is always a mess and what is she wearing? Blue looks cute.

    • HailBeysus March 28, 2016

      Gurrrl i love my Queen but no lies detected for these pics. Even i was giving side eye at that outfit lol!

      • #JACKIE March 28, 2016

        The coat is cute don’t get me wrong but what the hell is under it lol. Julez is a cutie too!

      • RihYonce March 28, 2016

        The cost is cute , now whatever it is she has on under the coat is a thumbs down , I like that she’s trying something different but I’d rather her just be flawless like she normally is lol

    • HailBeysus March 28, 2016

      How you gunna tell the Hive they’re obsessed and seething over Cheatanna? Yet here you are in a Bey post once again. The self drag. ?

    • RihYonce March 28, 2016

      Beyoncé looks younger than her age please stop being a hater, it’s just the dress that she’s wearing

    • ♊Mølly♊ March 28, 2016

      Right all the bleach is aging her horribly.

  10. .:: Centurion ::. March 28, 2016

    This woman has no fashion sense whatsoever; beautiful but a whack sense of style. If she’s not wearing a gown, she looks a mess. No wonder the fashion industry doesn’t take her seriously.

    • RihYonce March 28, 2016

      She just needs to fire her new stylist & only use her for music videos lol & get Ty back or somebody else new

    • ShakuZulu March 28, 2016

      I’ll rather be known for being Beyonce then a fashion icon she’s not Rihanna fashion doesn’t make her #NOSHADE

  11. RihYonce March 28, 2016

    It’s just a funky Easter dress damn she doesn’t have to be glammed up like she’s at the grammys, & we don’t have to like everything she wears either

    • Royalkev March 28, 2016

      I think Bey’s body looks amazing in that dress! Only a daring, bold woman will wear something like that so confidently (although it’s not too overwhelmingly flashy). Sometimes I prefer Bey’s unusual style of dressing, opposed to always playing everything so safe.

  12. HailBeysus March 28, 2016

    I see the Navy’s failed experiment is still leaving Novel’s, that only the Rihtàrds can understand lol!

  13. ♊Mølly♊ March 28, 2016

    Who cares about ha.. Wheres her hot cousin?

  14. Nia Long March 28, 2016

    I legit could not tell the difference between her and Tina…

  15. Meteorite March 28, 2016

    Maybe April Fools Day she’ll drop the album?

  16. Metzo March 28, 2016

    Muva looks lush!! Now now imma need Mrs. Carter to drop that damn film and album. My money been ready since 2014. 2016/2017 will be her year. I see another IASF era coming, with promo, exposure blockbuster sales and record breaking Grammy wins ??

    • Royalkev March 28, 2016

      Yes! Let’s sip and make a toast to the future as you see it hun!

  17. MsYonce March 28, 2016

    Slayyyyyy Blue Blue slayyyyyyy ??

  18. Not a Stan just me March 28, 2016

    I agree about the outfit and she has the nerve too have her stylist with her. Jay looks like he will be glad when this is over.

  19. MsYonce March 28, 2016

    I really dont care what Bey wears anymore.People stay worrying about her outfits like b**** her s*** costs more than the houses y’all live in. If she doesn’t care y’all shouldn’t


    Beyoncé is all about high fashion it’s not our fault your idea of fashion is a pair of K Mart leggings

    • SMH March 28, 2016

      The sad thing is that you actually think this is high fashion…

  21. SMH March 28, 2016

    Mess. She is no fashion icon. Truly the world’s worst dressed celebrity. Yet another area that Rihanna slays her in.

    *waits for the ratchet thots who make up her tacky fanbase to try attacking me. Notice I said try….

    • Jewel March 28, 2016

      Lmao is that supposed to be some kind of drag? Shes no fashion icon, lmao..damn right. She’s singing/entertaining icon instead.

  22. Jewel March 28, 2016

    Some families stay getting invited to the white house. Slay. When will your faves.

  23. LDN Chick March 28, 2016

    Blue is so cute with her fluffy coat.

  24. Sexyforreal March 28, 2016

    Why is her juggs sagging? Blue looks like she scare of elmo.

  25. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? March 28, 2016

    This was incredibly cute! I just knew that Yonce was gonna be an incredible, hands-on, well-rounded mother and aunt. She was always good with children. It was so obvious from the time she rubbed the little black girl’s cheeks softly during the I Am…Tour. I hope she has at least two more kids with Jay-Z when she’s ready.

  26. Royalkev March 28, 2016

    Bey is so festive! She must be such a fun mom! On top of that she always looks amazing on every occasion! Now I just need her to drop this album! I need some musical slayage in my life!

  27. Thando March 29, 2016

    What happened to house of derion?

  28. Thando March 29, 2016

    What happened to House of Derion

  29. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 30, 2016

    Tina Lawson and beyonce carter and Solange Ferguson looks nice. Tina Lawson is a married woman her last name isn’t Knowles anymore

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