Iggy Azalea Reveals She Was Suicidal After Industry Backlash

Published: Friday 18th Mar 2016 by Sam

Iggy Azalea asserts on her hot new single that the only person she needs on her ‘TEAM’ is herself.

However, in putting the braggadocios-ness to the side, the rapper is opening up about the team that helped steer her away from the suicidal thoughts that threatened to end her life.

It’s well documented how “in” it was to drag “Iggy Azalea” deep down to the trenches in the wake of her social media showdown’s with fellow artists and the racial tensions that surrounded her ethnicity.

And while the Australian has proven herself quick to clap back (or at least try), she has remained relatively mum about the private turmoil she endured behind the scenes.

That silence was shattered today in an interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles. Watch as Ms. I-GG-Y tells her truth below..

Regardless of anyone’s take on her artistically, there is a line that – when crossed – ultimately constitutes “bullying” and that was undoubtedly occurring far too often in Iggy’s case.

It’s important to stress that she brought some of it on herself, but still – it’s doesn’t justify the mass massacre.

Maybe now we can all just…focus on the music?

Your thoughts?

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  1. LB March 18, 2016

    They should call her the serial killer considering how many careers (FLOPnika, Azealia Banks) she has left dead with just one dance video.

    Her hooks are like a drone in the US army, she destroys Nicki’s relevance with every verse kiiiiiii

    Poor barbs

    • King B March 18, 2016

      Looking at your comment, no wonder every stan base come for Rihanna. You and Mark never left a positive comments.

    • Bey Bey Fierce March 18, 2016

      Poor racist thing. Mad because you couldn’t face the things YOU put out there? I’ll save my sympathy for people who don’t bash or mock the LGBT community.

  2. BeyKnowlesBest March 18, 2016

    If she was suicidal…then don’t talk about it be about sis!

    maybe they’ll play fancy at the funeral since that seems to be the only song ppl know of hers lol

    • Really March 18, 2016

      U r the worst kind of human, if you can even be called that.

      • BeyKnowlesBest March 18, 2016

        Mean while u Stan for a lowkey racist white chick that’s trolling the mess out of black music 😀😀😀

      • LGBT Warrior March 18, 2016

        I just find it funny people are acting as though she was being hated on for no reason. She did shady things and like most unchallenged bigots didn’t know what to do with herself when she was confronted.

    • Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 18, 2016

      I knew there’d be that 1 ignorant fck that makes light of suicide just like there’s always on ignorant homophobic fck on gäy articles. You need to watch your mouth, and I don’t even like Iggy like that, but suicide is NO joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Grow up!!

  3. LB March 18, 2016

    Gurl I’m starting a kickstarter to find Nicki’s relevance, it seems to have disappeared today

    • Bey-Minaj March 18, 2016

      Nicki’s relevancy appears to be just fine, seeing that she is in South Africa on…wait for it…her own TOUR! Something Iggy is yet to accomplish, what with a #1 single and all. 😂😂😂

      • Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 18, 2016

        yesss Biitch I’m on my fucken way there…….

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) March 18, 2016

      And I’ll make a Kickstarter to treat your malaria



  5. Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = March 18, 2016

    ultimate kii at the Rihanna stan above… anyways,I can’t @ azailea banks impact too bad her music can’t have as much impact

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) March 18, 2016

      The azaleas are two sides of the same coin. One’s a racist black lady with a white boyfriend the others a racist white lady with a black boyfriend, both make hip-hop infused with electronic but one is mainstream the other one is alternative, successful commercially the other ones is successful critically, one’s a Twitter bully the others a Twitter baby, and neither of them can touch Nicki

  6. Rosie March 18, 2016

    See how hypocritical SJWs are? They claim to try and educate and support people but they “dragged!!1” her so hard they almost pushed her to suicide. That’s why they’re an absolute joke outside of Tumblr. If you’re gonna be an SJW, be one that’s not a hypocrite sending death threats to anyone who disagrees with them like the one in my avi. This will really help the GP get behind her if they hear about this.

    • oscar March 18, 2016


  7. YOUR MADGEsty March 18, 2016

    “Regardless of anyone’s take on her artistically, there is a line that – when crossed – ultimately constitutes “bullying” and that was undoubtedly occurring far too often in Iggy’s case “.


    Oh, TGJ… THE AUDACITY and THE IRONY! Given how many artists you “bully” on here, you have no room to talk!


    Anyway… Poor Iggy; I hope her music doesn’t flop this time ’round.

    • Suxmycockiness =O March 18, 2016

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  8. Barb-wire March 18, 2016

    Boo fucken hoo! Attention seeking ho.

    • Aguilera March 18, 2016

      Coming from a Nicki stan? Absolute DEATH! Nicki Plasticnaj is the queen of attention seeking. Sit down ho.

    • Misdamenor March 18, 2016

      There is irony in that statement. The aufunkindacity!!

    • oscar March 18, 2016

      kiiii the irony

  9. Jamie March 18, 2016

    Omg…I cannot with this…you wanna die because people gave their opinion? If you can’t rap, you can’t rap. Looking for sympathy. Woman the fuuuck up. Damn! Where the fuuuck was your man?

    • No Stan Zone March 18, 2016

      I hate to be insensitive, but this sounds like she’s trying to gain sympathy. Was she thinking of suicide when she clapped back at Erykah Badu? Was she thinking about it when she sent out all those racist tweets? Iggy gets no more slander than any other artist. Sorry I have no sympathy. I think she’s lying.

  10. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) March 18, 2016

    She is too damn sensitive. You know that you’re a celebrity criticism is going to come with the job. You’re rich and famous, pay these people dust. She didn’t even go through half of what Britney Spears went through and she’s going to kill herself over Vines??? Grow a backbone sis

    • Hmmm… March 18, 2016

      Agreed. Everyone’s different when it comes to sensitivity, I understand that, but if that’s the case, then you do not belong in the music industry, and you damn sure don’t belong in the hip hop genre. The world is not going to change for you. And why are people pretending like Iggy was this nice, sweet, girl who was a dope rapper who respected the genre and was simply attacked for a being a white rapper? This girl is racist and homophobic. The most accurate representation of a celebrity that you will ever see, is how they behaved before they were famous, and how they behave when they think no one is watching. Everything else is unreliable. Iggy had the balls to call herself a runaway slave master, but she didn’t have the balls to take the heat? Nah.

  11. YOUR MADGEsty March 18, 2016

    Not the Britney Spears comparison though… DEATH! LOL. But you’re kinda right, sis!

  12. Michael March 18, 2016

    She deserved every bit of the backlash she brought upon herself. We don’t need you, Sam, to make us feel guilty for he multiple fvckups. She’s not going to give you an interview, so stop stanning.

    As for focusing on the music, we’ll be able to do that when she releases something resembling music that doesn’t have that ridiculous accent no Australian has ever had.

    Sounds like she did some growing up during her time off, and she clearly needed it. Let’s hope she’s learned from her mistakes.

  13. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 18, 2016

    I’m sorry to hear that she was mentally unstable and considered the idea of harming herself; however, her fragility proves that she’s not hip-hop. Yes, people are going to come at you hard, but you have to take that energy and reciprocate it in your music.

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      You’re always dating some real s***

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      Saying *

  14. March 18, 2016

    i’m glad she didn’t off her self, not a fan but that doesn’t mean i want her dead it’s never that serious, people go through all types of sh!t every day, even when they have money.

  15. oscar March 18, 2016

    people are actually saying she should’ve killed herself smh

    • Hmmm… March 18, 2016

      I would never go that far, but I just find it interesting that she was a bigot, very blatantly should I add, and then became a victim. The universe has a funny way of bringing you back down to size…

  16. Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

    She wasn’t built for this! She ain’t about this life!

  17. Danzou March 18, 2016

    Ooh boo f****** hoo

  18. Danzou March 18, 2016

    Just when I’m about to give her credit she says some dumb s***. Damn. Girl you are STILL an industry ploy with a tinge of white privilege and white supremacy driving your success. Period. You’re only here because nicki paves your way. F*** outta here with that ethos b*******.

  19. well well March 18, 2016

    mmh. pity? i dunno. what was it tho? racial slurs… huh? her own fault stepping in that lane. ofc you get beef. if she can’t deal with it she shouldn’t have done it. or her team shouldn’t have chosen that game.

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      Exactly. Is she just gonna act like the old tweets don’t exist? I’m not forgiving her for that. If the tweets didn’t exist then I honestly would be a fan but it is what it is. Save the self pity crap.

  20. King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

    And? All you had to do was log off twitter. Playmate Poor Little White Me card.

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      B thank you. Typical white person looking for pity for nothing.

  21. FC/JC March 18, 2016

    Im not here for this “Wo Is Me” story telling…. Lets look at the facts and receipts… Iggy caused all the backlash she received by being a messy racist on Social media, She said some questionable things all while pursuing a “Rap” career… Are people going to just forget about how naive she was when she first started out before she became a topic.

  22. Lake Erie March 18, 2016

    SMDH! Iggy, Iggy, Iggy….. smh. Can’t you see? You are a rap artist … ..
    .. You Rap! People are going to ask you to freestyle. Especially a new artist! That’s just how hip hop is. It’s the way it goes. Same with R&B artist, people ask them to sing a tune all the time on the spot…. when you were asked to do one, it failed. You were procrastinating, wasting time and then you had the audacity to FREE STYLE a written song off of your album. Unfortunately for some of these host, they didn’t catch that because they usually don’t listen to alot of artist music that they interview. Then you did it again. Also with you going at it with other notable MCs on twitter didn’t help it. I understand her depression but you got to own yo Sh!t at the end of the day…. I got a feeling this era will be similar with the testing because from what I just saw, ole boy had you on pause when he asked you in this interview: How do you defend?: “Rittle Rattle Rittle rye raw raw raw” lol. Smh. Iggy response: The fans liked it so I kept going……
    .really? Lol

  23. WINTZ March 18, 2016

    Did this b.tch think people were going to kiss her a$$ after her blatant racist comments?

    We know deep down that you hate us, we do NOT like you either. Deal with the heat or step out of the fuqN kitchen!

  24. Londonhonesty March 18, 2016

    Lol why didnt she just do it would have been better for everyone trash h** dirty s**** dont deserve to prosper …. Black power

  25. Nicko March 18, 2016

    She’s such a weak b**** smh

  26. Kwinzy March 19, 2016

    At the end of the day Iggy doesn’t have lyrics like “These nappy headed h*** need a perminator” , “Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side” or the whole mixtape Nicki disgusting lyrics on “Curious George” where you insinuates that black ppl look like monkeys. See, there’s a reason why I’m an ex-fan of Nicki Minaj and you’d be a hypocrite to shade Iggy for those tweets whike Onika hides on your radar. Nicki does nothing for the black community and is far worse, if anything she’s destroying our eardrums with them cancerous lyrics. Iggy NEVER came into the game hating saying she was the best female rapper and disrespected female rap legends. People just hate iggy cuz shes a white successful rapper, period. The fact Kim and Da Brat took it upon themselves to remix Fancy proves they respect Iggy and not Nicki. Lol!

  27. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 19, 2016

    Nice interview

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