‘The Pinkprint Tour’: Nicki Minaj Show Impacts South Africa…After It Generates 22 Million Dollars

Published: Friday 18th Mar 2016 by David

One could be forgiven for believing Nicki Minaj‘s latest live show ‘The Pinkprint Tour‘ had wrapped, for this seems to be case with its parent album ‘The Pinkprint.’

The truth? It hasn’t.


The $22 million the rapper earned from its first set of dates.

The tour kicked off in Sweden on March 16th 2015 when the ‘DM sending lyricist delivered it first show at the Ericcson Globe.

There, ticket sales placed $1,894,687 in her pocket before dates delivered in Europe and North America picked up $22 million, reached despite the fact that a number of its shows weren’t sold out. March 28th’s show at London’s 02 Arena being one of them.

August 23rd brought it with the end of its U.S. run which many believed also marked the end of the tour.

Fortunately for her fans in South Africa it wasn’t, as she is now in the market to put on four shows, one of which is being held at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on March 20th.

Earnings from these shows are predicted to push her earnings from the tour past the $25 million point before she parts ways with South Africa and takes the show to Dubai where she will perform at The Venue on March 25th.

So, how many fans have attended supported her stage-rocking venture?


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    It’s probably more because not all of those dates have been reported

  2. Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 18, 2016

    Her fans are shady. They could’ve bought the album. For 46 million tickets sold, less than a million album sales doesn’t add up at all!

    • Iggy Perry March 18, 2016

      Fool. Seeing a live show is better than listening to an album. Then again I can’t expect a Frih Stan to understand that.

      • Danzou March 18, 2016

        The pink print sold over 3 million you idiot.

      • oscar March 18, 2016


      • Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 18, 2016

        When was I EVER a STDanna Stan? I LIKE/USE her music but Stan? Heck no. Fan? Moderate.

      • rosy3 March 18, 2016

        Too late for your tired shade of rih again I’m at the bookstore now getting both copy of vogue

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      Oscar get yo gay a.ss out of my replies.


    Don’t be a pain David what’s with you??? Quit deleting my posts??

  4. Danzou March 18, 2016

    This my b**** right here. She stay making money with the big dogs. The first woman to top the cash kings list. Three platinum albums. Multiple platinum singles. F*** iggy. I hate iggy. Nicki got these white rapper girls getting suicidal! !!lol! !

    • StopLyinggggz March 21, 2016

      She has one platinum album in SALES AND THATS ONLY PINK FRIDAY Roman reloaded and print print are not platinum in sales that’s a damn lie lol that’s why billboard never added them

  5. HailBeysus March 18, 2016

    Death 42 million tickets??? How is that even possible when Taylor and Beyonce are barely scanning 2m a tour???? Is that a typo???

    • maurice March 18, 2016

      I’m confused too lmao.
      Not Nicki selling x20 more in tickets than Beyonce for a short-lived tour, unless there’s a sickening typo there somewhere. lol

      • Danzou March 18, 2016

        Lol its true. Check the receipts. Yall femmes have a hard time sticking to the facts I see.

      • maurice March 18, 2016

        42 million tickets?
        as in, 42 million people?
        Not even Adele can do that

      • Arx March 18, 2016

        Not even Michael Jacksons sold 42 million tickets…

      • Trump?More Like CHUMP March 19, 2016

        Maurice Really? 42 Million Dollars & 42 Million Ppl? Her Tour Doesn’t Cost $1! Back To Preschool You Go!!

      • HailBeysus March 19, 2016

        @Trump kiii back to pre-k you go sis! Maurice said 42 million tickets equals 42 million people? Where exactly did he mention money???

  6. Maria Minaj March 18, 2016

    Damn it’s true, I just checked.

  7. Danzou March 18, 2016

    Your name is hilarious


    Lmaoooo there he goes deleting my posts again ??

  9. Flopnika Garbaj = 6 years no #1 hit March 18, 2016

    This queen of plastic surgery needs to sit her sil!cone a$$ down. She keeps on pushing through yet she gets nothing.. I mean 6 years in the business without having an impact or originality, she keeps on feeding off that Lil Kim leftovers and claims that it’s her’s, OH MY!! Shading bigger and much more legendary artists left and right did more damage than good to her “so called” career. She may be “selling out” those venues, but her most promoted latest album’s sales (without streaming) says otherwise.

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      Six years and no impact? She has the certified albums and has gone on two world tours. She is the first woman to top the cash kings list. She is worth 70 million in just six years meanwhile your a femme trash talking on a blog.

      • Danzou March 18, 2016


    • Ciah’s Turtle March 22, 2016

      The Queen of Plastic Surgery? This ain’t a Lil Kim Post lol

  10. ♊Molly♊ March 18, 2016

    Ew who would see that trash live bye.

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

      All of the people who DON’T want to invest in Ciara. Which is pretty much everybody.

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      Evidently you can’t read but the article says that over 40 million people would see her live.

  11. oscar March 18, 2016

    I see David is just churning out the nicki posts today lmao threatened Much

  12. Aguilera March 18, 2016

    What happened to that other Nicki post lol

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

      Type in Nicki Minaj in the search bar and it’ll come up.
      IDK why David took it off of the main page

  13. Black power March 18, 2016

    She and her team must be shaken up by Iggy’s return they’re pushing out stories left and right! Lmao not that I am huge Iggy fan.. But I like that she in some way keeps Nicki on her feet because for a while now Nicki had no one to comets with

    • Black power March 18, 2016

      No one to ****compete*** with

    • Danzou March 18, 2016

      Iggy ain’t her competition


    Anyways David since you’re being generous with these Nicki posts how about you make a post about how the South African fans were conned and lied to purchase meet and greet tickets that Nicki did not approve

  15. Betes March 18, 2016

    Im starting to have a hard time serieing on whos really #2 lol is it still RIHSCEDULED with a flop album and tour Or Nikki whom is atleast OKay in the singles albums & Toirs department. CANTi vs PinkPrint. Idk whos bigger today but i do know rih has serious competition in nikki for the #2 posistion. Im starting to think Bey wants Nikki to be way bigger than Rih which is why she passed up every oppurtunity to work with Frihanna.

    • rosy3 March 18, 2016

      You sound funky with your shade spelling don’t worry about rih she is worth almost two hundred million dollars at 28 you probably don’t have a cup to p*** in your p**** hole so big

  16. LB March 18, 2016

    I’m literally dying for dear life at how threatened Nicki and her team are.
    I can’t for dear life at them paying for all these stories after that Iggy song drop
    Not them seeing Nicki career disappear as that Iggy song rises on the charts

    • Nicko March 18, 2016

      Huh ? Iggy is irrelevant AF. Nicki currently has a song in the top 20 n she’s selling out arenas.Yall want Nicki to feel theatened by that untalented girl so bad ! Hilarious ? whats an Iggy Azalea to a NICKI MINAJ, come on now lol

  17. Nicko March 18, 2016

    Proud of Onika ?.

  18. How? March 18, 2016

    Lol how is this possible? 42 Million people attending her tour and she made only 25 million? That’s average tickets of barely $2. There’s either a typo or this is just plain pathetic lol. Either way not something to brag about.

    • March 18, 2016

      if it was your fav you wouldn’t be questioning it though,cut the bias talk and give cred where it’s due.

      • Danzou March 18, 2016

        Thank you says

  19. pat March 18, 2016

    Not a hater but she ain’t played to 42 million peopl . Somebody lying

  20. Kwinzy March 19, 2016

    I love how #TeamFraud is trying every effort to seize attention on blogs like TGJ after Iggy dropped that fire. Hilarious! The reach is real. I hope Queen Pig falls off the highest mountain peak! I was thinking tho, it would be so LIT if Iggy got legends like Kim & Missy or even up and coming rappers like Tink to do an all female rap version remix of Team. That beat is so nice. Don’t think Iggy’s the best lyricist but at least she’s humble and gets along with other females in the game compared Oinka MiSwine. If only…

  21. .:: Centurion ::. March 19, 2016

    The highest grossing tour of all time had an attendance of 10 million people. How did Onickel’s tour have attendance of 42,956,572? David, fix your shìt!

  22. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 19, 2016

    Good for nicki

  23. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 7, 2017

    Good for her

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