Fifth Harmony Impact U.K. Top Five With ‘Work From Home’

Published: Friday 18th Mar 2016 by David

Fifth Harmony‘s brand new cut ‘Work From Home’ is doing just that on the British charts.

Released to support the Urban Pop group’s second studio set, the single (which features the rapper Ty Dolla $ign) has impacted the Official Singles Chart‘s Top Five…without physical promotion from the ladies in the competitive market.


The sizzling number sits at #4 thanks to its heavily-rotated visual (inspired by Ciara’s ‘Work’?) pushed it 11 spots away from the #15 position it held last week, and arrived there after the ladies learned that their music has spent 12 weeks in the U.K’s Top Ten.

They aren’t the only noteworthy artists on the tally this week. For, despite dropping two places, Rihanna’s ‘Work‘ holds its Top Five spot following the launch of her new world tour.

The single, which features the rapper Drake, was released to push her new LP ‘ANTI‘ which is expected to move just over 9,000 units in the U.S. this week.



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  1. HailBeysus March 18, 2016

    Sips boiling hot tea! Im still laughing at the haters that said they would flop lol!

    • FC/JC March 19, 2016


  2. Hur March 18, 2016

    Where’s Little Mix on the charts? ??

  3. ♊Molly♊ March 18, 2016

    My lil queens love them all except Ally she can go…

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

      The PRINCE is here….
      This. Beat. Is.

      • ♊Molly♊ March 18, 2016

        Wtf is wrong w you

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        Everybody will always recognize you as a HEara Stan. You stan for one of the biggest flops in music. So you automatically lose every argument by default lol

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga March 18, 2016

      Molly we know you are an unstable floppy flop.Cerror is your fav

      • FAF March 18, 2016

        Sis Rihanna had Samsung buy copies to save face and still ain’t gold

        Heara done got two rings and had a baby and Rithotta still a pass around not being claimed

  4. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!!! March 18, 2016

    Lukas graham should still be number 1

  5. Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

    Purpose has been out since November and is pushing almost 11,000 units. That’s what up!

    • ♊Molly♊ March 18, 2016

      And formation been out for going on almost two months and….. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #6(-2) Formation, @Beyonce [4 weeks]. *peak #4* ??????????????????? #whaleyonce girrl

      • HailBeysus March 18, 2016

        Meanwhile cerror been in the industy 12 and has yet to sell 30 million records KIII!!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        Ciara’s been out for 10 years and will backstage selling fish plates at the Formation Tour. Right along with Keisha Cole and Keri Hilson…..

      • ♊Molly♊ March 18, 2016

        I stan Selena…. A bittttch that doesn’t struggle to chart unlike a certain baby bump faking fraud.

      • HailBeysus March 18, 2016

        Kiii you will always stan Ci-Error sis srop lying! Whats funny is you trying to stan for another flop. Selena Hoemez, who gained relevancy by sucking biebers díck. Where is Selena’s vocals? Where is Selena’s Grammy? Where is Selena’s 3.4m or more selling album? Where is Selena’s #1 song? Where is Selena’s $100m tour? Where is Selena’s factor again???? Beyonce is the ocean and Selena is a small grain of sand. We see why you mad kiii!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        No, you stay for HEara. The one with arms like a man, and a face like a cabbage patch kid’s….

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        Kii If Selena is a small grain of sand, then what exactly is HEara!?

      • HailBeysus March 18, 2016

        @Tyler Mrs Man is an atom that helps make up Selena’s Grain lol!

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        At first I thought that you were going to say “nonexistent”, but close enough LMAO ????????

    • HailBeysus March 18, 2016

      Yas! I done told y’all this tea in the Onika post lol!

      • FAF March 18, 2016

        Cabbage patch kids are cute

        Let’s leave it at that

    • Fancy BISH March 18, 2016

      Not selling fish plates at the Formation Tour chile lol 🙂

  6. Maria Minaj March 18, 2016

    Rihanna’s sales. I cant

  7. YOUR MADGEsty March 18, 2016

    Not ‘Fifth Harmony’ making that global impact though! The song is doing great in Australia & New Zealand and throughout mainland Europe also!


    Slay Girls!;)

  8. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    their song is better than rihanna’s

  9. King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

    Good for them. I see they’re talking the urban rout. Rihanna will still be on top with streams, she streams as much as Adele sells, now that’s a lot of streaming. We know what’s the hottest album out right now is and it’s ANTi.

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

      Purpose has been out for 5 months and is doing better numbers than Anti. So wouldn’t that make Purpose the hottest album out right now!?

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

        Don’t know what Justin have to do with Anti, but I guess that’s what mad and bothered people do… Bring up random albums.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        Random albums? You said that Anti was the hottest album out at the moment but numbers say otherwise.

      • Career Ender March 18, 2016

        that will have to be an international popstar’s hot selling album
        if anything is supposed to be called a basic random album it will have to be the current flopping ANTiSuccess 9k

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

        It is, it may be #1 again next week. Stay mad.

    • Career Ender March 18, 2016

      Marikos, aren’t those streams the same thing your fellow coast guards were dragging TPP for going 2x Pt with?
      tge salvation army aint shxt

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

        Good for Nicki, but Nicki doesn’t own her masters, so she’s not getting the biggest off of streaming, or a check at all. But guess who is at Westbury Road? The Queen.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        The Navy stay trying to shade the Hive for bringing up Beyonce’s earning YET you are doing the exact same thing. What does a “check” have to do with anything? The bottom black ads line is, TPP had better numbers than Anti.

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

        Streaming is the new thing, sales are low and been low forna while. I didn’t bring up money, I brought up success and Rihanna is doing what no other artist can do at the moment. She’s always three steps ahead of others.

      • Keri Qween March 18, 2016

        The pinkprint wasn’t a tidal exclusive like anti nor were 1 million copies of the pink print given away like anti you can’t compare the two

        However anti has already sold 600k worldwide in two months versus over a yr the pink has been out and barely sold that amount . Anti will end up selling more worldwide than the pink print just like every other rijamma album has outsold every other Onika album worldwide

        You’re pathetic tyeisha

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

        Save the excuses! 4 was leaked a MONTH before its release and still debuted with 300,000 . Anti’s a f****** flop. Deal with it!

      • FAF March 18, 2016

        It was given Away cuz she couldn’t sell it

  10. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    9k ?
    what a flop
    now iSpeakTruthNoFallacy and YOUR MADGEsty can start preparing their Masters Essay about the 9k floppage of ANTiSuccess

  11. Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

    But…but…but it’s only been out for 6 weeks.

    “The single, which features the rapper Drake, was released to push her new LP ‘ANTI‘ which is expected to move just over 9,000 units in the U.S. this week.”

  12. LB March 18, 2016

    In the meantime, flopnika sending “high priority” emails to the RIAA to cerfiy anything since the Iggy song drop today
    Not Iggy having the silicon barbie so pressed she leaking her fake B*** injections

    • Career Ender March 18, 2016

      Not Nicki Minaj having more multi platinum albums than Flophanna

  13. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    460 ……… 9k
    15k ……..???
    the streams are the only saving face for her flopping album
    I wonder who are these people who are always streaming this flop album or maybe Samsung is purchasing them streams?
    selling 9k and streaming like 50k?
    the lying and cheating continues

  14. metzo March 18, 2016

    Screamingggg @ 9k. #Antisales

  15. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    Lol at the dragfest that Tyler and HailBeysus are serving

  16. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    I remember HateBird Bolding and font incresing the WW sales of BEYONCÉ when it sold 8k back in 2014
    ans now ANTiSuccess is selling 9k in less than 2 month and worse it’s still not GOLD

  17. LB March 18, 2016

    $28 million vs 7%, think about that

  18. LB March 18, 2016

    Not Nicki also having more hits than Yonce
    8 years ago

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

      But …but…but…I thought you were team I-G-G-BYE!?
      What happened Molly the Maid 2.0???

    • Career Ender March 18, 2016

      Nicki 6 year old career – 2 multi platinum albums

      when will ms coconut head?

  19. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    I remember addressing basics and lessers who recklessly put “Queen” , “King” , “Empress” , “The Great” to their names , when they don’t qualify
    and guess which flip flop mental lesser bxtch removed their self proclaimed title?

  20. LB March 18, 2016

    But where is formation on the charts?

    • Career Ender March 18, 2016

      it’s on $100 mil before it even starts

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga March 18, 2016

      Awww,remember when you used to drop those 200K JB draggs on an album that wasn’t even sold in more than five continents.Karma is a b**** boo boo,a real ho

      • LB March 18, 2016

        Remember when formation charted? Ya, neither do I

  21. Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

    Oh! How the mighty have fallen. Karma really is a BEYotch
    May 7, 2013 at 9:13 am
    Lovebird says:

    I love all this dodging that is going on. What I want to know is why 4 has got no platinum plaque, why is 4 flopping as hard as heartbreak on hold, why is Beyonce letting Rita Ora slay the s*** out of her in the UK?


  22. Career Ender March 18, 2016

    whenever Rihanna is flopping the submarines drop and disappear faster than ANTiSuccess sales amd Work sales

  23. LB March 18, 2016

    I still can’t see formation on the charts, where is it?

    • Keri Qween March 18, 2016

      They swear that ghetto mess was a game changer and theme song for the civil rights movement

      • LB March 18, 2016


  24. Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

    Why is Anti only pushing 9K? I thought that this was supposed to be her “Ray of Light” moment….

  25. LB March 18, 2016

    Isn’t hymn for the weekend supposed to be #1 on the UK charts, I’m still not seeing it.
    I can see work in the top 5, Camila and 4 other girls are charting well but still can’t see Hymn for the weekend.
    Wasn’t it in the race for #1, where is it?

    • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

      They talk ish and then run weeks later when reality hits. Just like Formation blocking Work and Anti. It been weeks and it’s as of Formation came out a year ago. Lol

  26. LB March 18, 2016

    In the meantime I see formation can’t even hit #1 on the bubbling under. Yonce can’t even top that chart

  27. King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

    Not Iggy being able to get a #1 this decade and two other self proclaimed Queens can’t.

    • LB March 18, 2016

      Queen of rap, slaying with queen B
      Charts: Bish wer ????

    • HailBeysus March 18, 2016

      Beyonce is not a self proclaimed Queen. The World Music Awards called her the Queen of Pop and R&B during her Bday era! Kiii they even introduced her along side Michael Jackson calling her The Queen of Pop and R&B. We see why the Gavvy mad! All these years later and Rihanna can’t be dubbed a Queen of nothing. So the Gavvy had to come up with ‘Digital Queen’ lmfao!!!

    • King B March 18, 2016

      LOL A certain princess too, she only gt number one when Billboard changed their rules. The decade that she debuted in, she gt outsold by everyone including Brandy and Monica. And in the new decade, she got outsold by DC.And in this decade, none of her catalogue are charting. If you don’t mind, would u post the WORLDWIDE iTunes position? I know Beyoncé is somewhere in the top 20.

  28. LB March 18, 2016

    And death at the hive coming to the rag dolls aid. Iggy has done so much damage that rag doll HQ is in limbo….lmao…I can’t.
    Hive or no hive, still want change the fact that Iggy is doing serious damage to Flopnika relevance right now

  29. LB March 18, 2016

    Charts looking for formation whilst the rest of us are looking for formations impact and Nicki’s relevance

  30. LB March 18, 2016

    I will literally die if team charts higher than silicon and lotion

  31. Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

    Ciara has inspired other musicians, including Beyonce. Say what you want about her but she’s a fabulous dancer/ entertainer

    • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016


      • Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

        You don’t know real talent so of course you wouldn’t understand my statement

    • YOUR MADGEsty March 18, 2016

      How exactly has Ciara “inspired” Beyoncé and what other “musicians” are we speaking of?



      • Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

        Beyonce’s Partition video is very similar to Ciara’s Love S** and Magic video. Chris Brown has said that Ciara’s dancing inspires him. I know you’re a jealous Rhitards because Rihanna doesn’t inspire anyone but Ciara gets rave reviews from lots of folks

  32. HailBeysus March 18, 2016

    I cannot at the Rihtârds getting worked up and seething over Formation a free tidal buzz single exclusive that was never sent to radio! Just imagine the meltdowns once the offical single and album drop. They already cried over The FWT out grossing Cheatanna in just presales KIIIII!!!!

  33. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga March 18, 2016

    Is that Justin Bieber on top or Frih,oh look its LB and F_ck 111 not saying much there.Your fav is done

  34. LB March 18, 2016

    Try to spot formation too, I’ll wait

  35. King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

    FailBussy just cries for attention. It will say any and every to get it. Like I said, I’ll respond when Formation charts. Until then bye bye. Anti #3 and Work is still #1. Call me when Beyonce tops both charts this decade. ☕

    • LB March 18, 2016

      Death, the attention seeking thot will reply with a novel
      It is desperate for attention

  36. M El March 18, 2016

    Anti that fiyah and Rihanna is a Queen,do it bissshhh_?????????

  37. HailBeysus March 18, 2016

    Lmao Marsha and his excuses is hilarious! Im sti SCREAMING at the gavvy in shambles over a BUZZ SINGLE ?????! Not WreckedButthole still trying it after i dragged and clocked it with receipts in the last post KIII!!!

  38. LB March 18, 2016

    In th meantime, according to HDD, Anti might be #1 next week…. Work work work work work

  39. LB March 18, 2016

    Oop, according to HDD, anti is back at #1

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 18, 2016

      Worry about those $10 tickets

  40. YOUR MADGEsty March 18, 2016

    So, this week Rihanna will have the #1 song and #1 album in the country?


    Okaaaaaaay! 😉

    • King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

      Like i said, hottest album out right now.

    • Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

      You Rhitards are so dumb it’s frightening!, Rihanna does not have the number 1 album or song in the U.k. Nice try, though

  41. King Mark111 /.\ March 18, 2016

    More eggs on the past face.

  42. RIP March 18, 2016

    Anti is a flop please get over it. Her album being streamed by 1 Million is no excuse why in less than two whole months she’s down to 9K a week. There have been albums that have leaked via Torrents etc and managed to open with 6 figures. In actual sales has it even crossed 500K WW, never mind the US!

    Had Formation been released to other music platforms it might’ve done better, especially seeing as how a flop single, stole every bit of hype Rihanna had when her album dropped.S***,she has a #1 single and people are more interested in boring ole Beyonce and that flop single.

    Let her have her singles,lets address this flop album and H.E.A.T(Half Empty Arena Tour)she’s on. WhTF brags about selling 9k in a week when you’re supposed to be Queen?

    How come streaming is only acceptable when it comes to her navy and how does it feel to know the only way Anti sees Gold in the US is if streaming is added?

  43. cocobutta March 19, 2016

    FH defo take the catchy urban song title of the 2 groups but hey Little will still bury them live. Even the weakest singer s*** Leigh-Ann has improved her vocals

  44. LDN Chick March 19, 2016

    Omg not 9k. I’m dying. It won’t even outsell artpop let alone TPP or 4. I cant even breathe.

  45. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 20, 2016

    Those group are awesome better then little mix group

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