Brandy Label Head Blasts Singer After Lawsuit

Published: Friday 15th Apr 2016 by Sam

Brandy may have premiered a new video today in the form of ‘Beggin’ and Pleadin,” however question marks remain over the status of its parent album.

Indeed, since news hit of the singer’s legal tussle with label head Breyon Presscott, it appears no certainties exist pertaining to the feasibility of an LP. For legal documents filed by the diva claim she is unlawfully being lured into signing a deal that principally serves to profit Presscott – head of Chameleon Entertainment – and leave her worse for wear.

Seizing the moment, Presscott’s team have issued a lengthy statement countering the claims and presenting a detailed timeline of events.

Read below…

“Breyon Prescott is deeply disappointed that rather than discussing her concerns with her present contractual status in a productive way, Brandy has taken unwarranted desperate measures to stay relevant by filing false outrageous claims and speaking on social media.

His recent work with her was the product of his strong belief that her career deserves to and can be revitalized. He tried to create a conduit for her to find an effective outlet for her music by presenting her a new deal to secure distribution.  At no point has this process generated meaningful revenue for Mr. Prescott.

As one of Brandy’s most consistent supporters, his professional connection to her precedes her recent negotiations with Sony. Breyon wishes nothing but the best for Brandy and believes she deserves a prosperous career.

The statement went on to list a number of points pertaining to the background of B-Rocka’s dealings with Presscott.

Breyon has not been served. This is a stunt to drum up publicity for her single release. Brandy released a video for Begging and Pleading today. If Prescott wanted to, he could pull the song from iTunes.

At no point was Brandy blocked or controlled from recording or releasing new music. In January of 2016, she released a single “Begging and Pleading”, without any résistance from Chameleon Entertainment.

Brandy is not signed to Epic Records.

Brandy uses her music as a tool to promote her acting career.

Breyon and Brandy haven’t spoken more than 3 words to each other in 3 years.

Brandy had huge multimillion selling hits on Atlantic Records from 1994 to 2002. But her sales began to decline as tastes changed, downloading cut into sales, and her audience moved on.

She went from selling over 1 million copies in 2002 with “Full Moon” to just 400,000 in 2004 for “Afrodisiac.”

Brandy left Atlantic at that point for Epic Records, which is part of Sony Music. Her 2008 album, called “Knockout,” bombed, selling just 214,000 copies. Epic, undergoing a leadership change, dropped her.

Without a record deal, Brandy signed a production deal (not a management deal) with Chameleon, run by Breyon Prescott. (In 2011)

Chameleon worked out a deal and got Brandy signed to RCA, despite failing previously under the Sony music family.

In 2012, under RCA, Brandy’s album “Two Eleven”, only sold 180,000 copies. The expense of promoting the album far exceeded money made from the copies sold.

Brandy was more interested in doing TV, movies and Broadway than in touring for the album; which resulted in low sales.

RCA cut their losses and dropped her.

In early 2015, Prescott joined Epic Records — under the same Sony umbrella.

Prescott managed to get Brandy a new contract at Epic, the label asked for a 360 deal– one in which they would get a cut of her other businesses like tours and merchandise. That way, if a new album bombed, they’d be protected. (As touring has overtaken record sales in revenue, 360 deals are common nowadays.)

The deal was worth $600,000 with a $75,000 advance. Brandy stalled, and never signed the contract. There were no other offers. No other label wanted her, and so she did not make a new record.

In 2015, Brandy re-recorded vocals for a new version of (“The Girl is Mine”) which was released in the U.K. Chameleon didn’t even know about it in advance.

In January 2016 she released “Begging and Pleading,” under her own label. Chameleon didn’t protest or stop her from releasing it. Once again, they didn’t even know about it in advance.

The Epic offer remains and she is still signed to Chameleon. {Source}


Tidbit: Brandy dropped an album in 2008? Named ‘Knockout?’ Surely, it’s 09’s ‘Human’ that’s being referred to?

Your thoughts?

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  1. NickiBaby April 15, 2016

    Basically calling her a FLOP. That’s all I got.

    • #justsayn April 15, 2016



  2. Who gonna check me boo?? April 15, 2016

    Damn ?????? they clocked the living flop out of her.

    • True Lambily April 15, 2016

      Damn sho did but I mean it’s no secret she been flopping but she is talented I think at this point in brandy career Indie would be her best option I mean it’s working for so many artist I can see it working for her However she needs a bonifide plan on how to roll out a album

  3. True Lambily April 15, 2016

    I’m going to go with what the label said because it’s making more sense to me!!

    • GAslickmouf April 16, 2016

      Hell yea, it felt a little more right to. Kinda like she flexin like she still wana do it when she really dnt

  4. Hur April 15, 2016

    Even if she doesn’t sell. She makes good albums. I loved all of her albums to be honest.

    • #justsayn April 15, 2016

      @ Hur
      I agree…

    • FAF April 15, 2016

      Agree and NSN sold 16mil ww
      so as far as ‘flop’ most her albums only have 2 singles
      most 90s artists didn’t tour solo, so at this point she’s a legendary figure in music
      at 37 she’s not trying to compete nor does she have to with 28 yr olds

  5. Mimi April 15, 2016

    LOL WOW, he read her to filth!

  6. CHAKA April 15, 2016

    I just cross-checked the release date and sales of Brandy’s “Human” album, and “Human” is indeed the album that Breyon’s reps misnomered as “Knockout” in his statement. Upon further inspection, it appears as though Knockout was the name of a music label that was founded by Brandy’s brother, Ray J, in 2001. Unfortunately, just like the vast majority of Brandy and the general Norwood family’s music-related projects from the year 2004 to present, the label was a commercial failure and is now essentially defunct.

    • CHAKA April 15, 2016

      Additionally, I think the confusion of the album’s stems from the fact that Human was released under Ray J’s said label, Knockout Entertainment.


      On another note, I am a HUGE Brandy fan! I saw her on Broadway last year and she was great. I just wish she’d sit down and focus. She pursues too many avenues at once (television, musical theatre, music, etc.) and as a result, her efforts tend to be minimal and lackluster across the board. And let’s not forget that she has this new talk show on Fox now, too. I think if she took a break from her other business endeavors and put her all into her music AND promotion, she’d be able to get her music career back on track.

      • CHAKA April 15, 2016

        *album’s name

      • Ace April 17, 2016

        I feel you there but i think the reason she does it is because this music business is not like it was back in the day when she was more on top of the game so she needs to put her hands into multiple pots to secure some paychecks but then that means some things may get less attention and fall by the way side. I love brandy voice but the fanfare is a lot less than back in the day so its hard for her to put her eggs only in the music basket.

      • HALF AMAZIN April 18, 2016

        True indeed. Jack of all trades end up a master of none. I’m here for a knockout roll in a movie before another album. 2/11 was cool but music is for youngsters now. Her demo ain’t streaming and such. Do like Queen Latifah and make music for fun not profit

  7. truthtea April 15, 2016

    I think he called the “2008 album Knockout” just to throw shade at her even more. And yes, Human came out in 2008, not 09. As far as everything else goes, I love Brandy but she needs to quit pretending that she’s still relevant and will never be the kind of artist whose able to build her own empire and actually run it.

    • Joë Moon April 15, 2016

      Brandy doesn’t care about relevacy! Please understand this. Saying she’s “irrelevant” isn’t shade cause that’s not her goal. All she ever wanted to do was sing. It just led to other jobs.

      • FAF April 15, 2016

        I don’t think y’all know what IRRELEVANT is.
        irrelevant is when you can’t get a gig
        brandy being on broadway and having her own series on BET speaks to her relevance
        she’s multi talented

        nobody has to sing and sell 10mil record every 2 yrs to be relevant.

      • Martaevia La’Wayne April 16, 2016

        Preach! People on here are stupid . Real fans care nothing about all the negativity and all the bs. It’s about the music! Who cares about sales anymore? We all could probably count on one hand how many artist could go platinum. People don’t support music like they used2.
        All I want is some new music.

    • Royalkev April 15, 2016

      Pretending to be relevant? How? Brandy’s simply doing what she loves: Broadway, television and making music … it’s called working? It’s also called staying booked! Since when is that a bad thing? Isn’t just about everyone in the game trying to land a show, design handbags, shoes and purses or coming out with a fragrance? Girls like Brandy, Tamar and of course Bey are making their coins like their suppose to before they retire from entertainment! Which artists just sit around and avoid opportunities? … Where they do that at?

      • HALF AMAZIN April 18, 2016

        The music industry favors youth. Brandy served her time. And the industry can get it wrong. Look what happend to Willow Smith

  8. Credits April 15, 2016

    Brandy is the vocal bible and I love her no matter what but I’m going to say this, I think she is worth more than a 600,000 dollar 360 deal and that maybe acting has gotten in the way of her focus on music, although I am proud that she stays working in different avenues, sometimes you just cannot have it all.

  9. Joë Moon April 15, 2016

    This is messy…eww. even as a fan it’s just…messy…I can’t say there’s no truth in this, but I also feel he’s trying to deflect from her other outlets, like the video that was just released.

  10. Stephon Jackson April 15, 2016

    Ooooh, Uh uh! Po’Bran, got dragged for all types of filth. This is so tacky & unprofessional. Wow. She can still sing her tale off tho. Chile….

    • King B April 16, 2016

      What is A aliyah album sales? I heard that local act sold 32 million albums.

  11. Rushonj April 15, 2016

    How convenient this came out the day the “Beggin & Pleadin” Is released. He a fat bald bitter old man, Who has robbed artist he managed before like Jamie Foxx . Brandy is legendary and was a brand before him and will be after him..

  12. grapejuicefan April 15, 2016

    No gawd that queens is terrible

  13. #TeamTinashe Stan April 15, 2016

    “Brandy uses her music as a tool to promote her acting career.” …… you would think it would be the other way around but Brandy has proven to pay more attention to her acting career than her music career. SMH!

  14. Joë Moon April 15, 2016

    RCA didn’t pump anymore funds into the Two Eleven project when she wanted a 3rd single. Wildest Dreams didn’t take off and it wasn’t a good single choice. She went to act on The Game, that was the only place at the time where she could make some kind of profit.

  15. B2B April 15, 2016

    Man Two Eleven slays!!! With the correct in ya face promo she could’ve dominated urban radio with that particular album.

    • cocobutta April 16, 2016

      Wrong singles unfortunately but BOMB ar$e album 4sure

  16. Royalkev April 15, 2016

    Most artists from the 80s/90s are seeing a decline nowadays, it would be realistic to expect such huge sales from artists that’s been in the industry for more than 2 decades! Mary J Blige, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Usher, R. Kelly (even Madonna and Janet) aren’t selling albums the way that the once did! It happens to everybody! I’m sure the label wasn’t expecting Brandy to produce this multi platinum, so they should save all the underhanded tactics to paint a picture that’s based on impractical notions.

    These labels run over some artists that are currently enjoying a commercial peak, so the veterans are surely in a position to be taken advantage of (with 360 deals and unfair conditions in their contracts). It’s easy to make this about Brandy’s sales decline and manipulate things in regards to how she hustles to get her acting gigs, but this is only about 1 thing … the contract… who it benefits… and if it’s actually a decent one (fair to both parties involved). This label is really acting Bran Nu!

    • Royalkev April 15, 2016

      * produce this multi platinum album …

    • Royalkev April 15, 2016

      *it would be unrealistic to expect such huge sales from artists that’s been in the industry for more than 2 decades

  17. MUSICHEAD April 15, 2016

    So basically Epic offered Brandy $600,000 which is well below her catalog value (including publishing proven by the fact that The Girl Is Mine went Gold in two countries this year) and Brandy realized her value and said Hell no! Good for her! Breyon is clearly an asshole and I wouldn’t sign that f***** up deal either. Beggin and Pleadin is available on iTunes via Slayana Records ladies and gentlemen!

  18. MUSICHEAD April 15, 2016

    And if I’m not mistaken, every r&b album Chameleon has released this decade has “bombed” so I do expect Breyon to be dismissed from Epic relatively soon if he doesn’t find a way to turn things around.

  19. stan April 15, 2016

    600k seems a little low, tbh. i’d expect a million at least?

  20. CodeRed April 15, 2016

    Monica would never

    • MUSICHEAD April 15, 2016

      U right. Monica would never win an award that doesn’t have Brandy’s name on it. Monica would never sell 100,000 copies of Code Red. Monica would never have her own tv series. Monica would never star in a blockbuster movie. Monica would never outsell brandy in this life or the next one. Monica would never have her own barbie doll. Monica would never star on Broadway. You are so right!

      • Credits April 15, 2016

        Brandy is the vocal bible, there is no denying that! And I love her, so let me make that clear before I go in. Monica has done way better than Brandy in this millennium in terms of music. after the storm, so gone, knock knock, should have known better, still standing 180k first week, everything to me, love all over me, even new life did better than two eleven, although I prefer two eleven, I’m just being real. Monica has been with Clive Davis from the start and hasn’t bounced around labels at no point in her career. But why do we even compare? Both are great at what they do.

      • MUSICHEAD April 16, 2016

        I guess u forgot Full Moon sold 3 million copies world wide in 2002, Afrodisiac is sitting at 1 million from 2004, What About Us went top 10 on hot 100, Full Moon went top 20, Another Day In Paradise went top 10 and platinum or gold in about 10 countries, Talk About Our Love was an international hit and top 20 r&b 2004, Put It Down peaked at #1 at urban radio and #3 on r&b charts. Let’s see what else? There’s Chicago, Marriage Counselor, The Game, Zoe, Cover Girl until 2002, 3 Grammy Nominations and the fact that Brandy is very well respected. Try doing a Google news search on Monica. NOTHING COMES UP!

      • Credits April 16, 2016

        @musichead, When Monica dropped ‘after the storm’ that’s when Brandy’s storm began and it’s been raining on her commercial success in music ever since. LMAO. I kid. I love them both and I’m sure if monica wanted to venture outside of music she could have on grounds that she is just simply beautiful. I listen to all of brandy’s albums still and Monica’s too. The boy is mine could not have been done without the other and that’s why I consider them both legends. In other things, I read your comments on here before and you seem to be one of the few who can have an intellectual conversation about music on here, salute.

      • MUSICHEAD April 16, 2016

        @credits ok I see u lol. I like Monica a lot, I really do but people like to conveniently forget how successful Brandy has been post NSN just because that album was so big. But I see you’re not a hater and for that u have my respect. Salute!

  21. Rushonj April 15, 2016

    Monica can’t get a
    Second single from Code Blue

  22. Gee April 15, 2016

    Damn homey came for Brandy’s neck.

  23. Bey Hive April 15, 2016

    Lmao DRAG that irrelevant ugly 90’s has been flop. Look at the Brandy fans having a melt down with their excuses. Her label spoke nothing but the truth.

    • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) April 15, 2016

      B**** stop trolling!
      The Hive don’t have beef with the VOCAL BIBLE

      • Bey Hive April 15, 2016

        Because i’m Hive, i’m supposed to like Brandy? Sorry Tyler, I can’t stand that fake h**. I love you though, you can drag like no other.

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) April 15, 2016

        We know each other?

      • Bey Hive April 15, 2016

        No I Just Pop in and out of the blog for Bey news. I do notice a couple of people who are funny, and you’re one of them.

    • Joë Moon April 15, 2016

      What truth? You don’t know a d@mn thing about this. Stick your head up beys cooch and clam it up

      • Bey Hive April 15, 2016

        Lol Keep seething honey. Your fav’s has been laid out for the fake flop that she is. KISSES, goodnight lol!

    • Joë Moon April 15, 2016

      Shut up b****. Don’t you have some flop ivy clothes to buy? Get lost.

      • Bey Hive April 15, 2016

        LOL not you talking about flops when your fav is the definition of a FLOP lol. Now go buy one of your favs MANY flop albums. What, is this like her 5th flop album in a row.

    • Joë Moon April 15, 2016

      Go buy those ugly tracksuits so that rugrat s**** can get a comb for that nappy hair. You’re fvck!ng dismissed!

      • Bey Hive April 15, 2016

        LOL seeth honey. Now you’re coming for a child. I’ll let that slide, because you don’t want me coming for Brandy’s bow legged, mush face, gap tooth, b****** child.

    • Joë Moon April 15, 2016

      Insecure banjee @ss h** fvck you. Funny how a “flop” has your mind. Any other sh!t u gotta say? Go find a bey post and sit.

      • Bey Hive April 15, 2016

        LOL I love the fact that you’re seething you c** guzzling queen. By the way, how’s Brandy’s MTA concert going?

  24. Bey Hive April 15, 2016

    No I Just Pop in and out of the blog for Bey news. I do notice a couple of people who are funny, and you’re one of them.

  25. LB April 15, 2016

    OMG this flawless tea and shade. $600,000 deal with $75,000 advance, plus 360 ???? LA Reid ??????

  26. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 15, 2016

    Hot mess

  27. Jay April 16, 2016

    Every single black girl in the business is fighting to do what Brandy paved the way for. They arent even that talented. Brandy has out last even Ciara’s successful music run. 7 years of platinum plaques? Umm…just like the greats that also declined in sales…they are still legendary and iconic and can do whatever they want. They have nothing left to prove. Prince, Janet, Madonna, Patti, Diana, Tina, Gladys, Chaka…and more! Umm hello they all hit a point where they no longer released commercially viable music. Black female artist actually have it much better then white pop gals. The white fans move on fast. Its always a new it white girl. White girls have way more competition. Are we talking about Fergie and Gwen flopping too? Or hey where is Jessica Simpson and her sister? Now we have Taylor, Selena, and others who are annoyingly dominating. It’s unfortunate that todays urban industry is obsessed with light skin singers. If we think about it..all of the iconic female singers were brown skin! Whitney, Chaka, Gladys, Tina, Diana, Donna, Patti, and more! Kids are actually tired of the Tinashes and others who yall cant even remember.

  28. King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

    I was wondering how she releasing music if her label is so against her. Sorry but Brandy is known for being a lier, hint her “marriage”. Sorry Brandy Scars, but it’s way passed the time for Brandy to make a comeback. Who waits and flops this long and then want to make a comeback. That 90s girl is long gone along with Mariah Carey vocals and Britney Spears dancing shoes. It’s time for these flops to move on, you’re not popping in your 30s. Most young girls and guys can’t even break in.

    • MUSICHEAD April 16, 2016

      Yet here u are in a Brandy thread debating her relevancy lol. If she was such a flop, u haters wouldn’t even be still talking about her. She’d be as unmentioned as Ashanti, Mya, Kelly Price, Aaliyah and the others. Yet here u come on every post dying to say something about Brandy. You’re a fan and didn’t even know it lol.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

        Yea that’s not going to work here. It doesn’t matter how often I comment on a blog post about Brandy flopping and lying yet again, it won’t equal to an album, record sale, stream count or a radio spin. Until she got some or ONE of those, she will remain irrelevant. Her fans are always loud, yet ? and ?when she release music.
        Aaliyah basically have two holidays a year, birth and death, only other person that is remembered that often is Jesus. Making even in death, Aaliyah is more relevant than Brandy. But keep living in 1998, the last time Brandy was popping.

      • Ladies & Gentlemen April 16, 2016

        Read him Mark! Read him!

      • Credits April 16, 2016

        Hey now, don’t come for kelly price, she slayed that song on kanye’s new album! Lol

      • Royalkev April 16, 2016

        You’re always doing too much! Brandy’s a liar, but Aaliyah was angel? Didn’t Aaliyah lie about being romantically involved with R. Kelly? We won’t even talk about the confusion with Aaliyah being linked to Jay Z and Damon Dash (back to back, or even worse, at the same damn time).

        I love how you claim Brandy’s stans are loud, but Aaliyah’s swear to this day that she’s somehow responsible for Bey’s success and that she would have even surpassed her if she was still alive! Which I don’t understand because Aaliyah’s self-titled was on a serious decline (while she was living). I remember because I purchased that album the first week and was rooting for. It rebounded after she passed away! I’m actually a big fan of Aaliyah’s work, but some of you’re always in here fake praising Bran and shading her regularly. Yet, you have so many delusional moments.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

        See there is where you messed up. Aaliyah didn’t lie about Rihanna Kelly. She said that she is not married and want to move on. Key words, is not, meaning at the time of the interview, she was not. Also, 15 year Olds can’t get married, so it never happened, not legally at least. But didn’t MO to the L.I.E to the, make up a whole story on how she had a wedding and it was private and only family was there. And it comes out (by her baby daddy exposing her) that NONE of it happened?! Are you going to sit here and say that a 28 year old brainwashing a 15 year old is worse than a 22 year old building a tower of lies? Get out of here with that BS. And we know nothing about Aaliyah, Jay and Dame. From Dame point of view, her and Jay dated (dated, not in a relationship) and he came in and won her over. I mean he was the one actually running the label, I mean how many fails have Jay-Z has under his belt? And Where’s the lie? Cause the most she even said about both of them is they good friends and she want to keep her personal life private.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

        And failed album? Ummm she still did 190k, went gold off of a failed first single that she never performed LIVE, nor promoted outside of 106 and TRL. Why? Because she was filming still. Starring in her movies while Brandy was nothing more than a TV star. TV shows, TV movies and only two main movies that she wasn’t even a supporting actress. Side of a side actress. If you want to talk about flops. Flop Moon came out 6 months after Aaliyah and it sold less, slower and flopped. How you going to flop over a damn decade, that album came out in 2002, it’s 2016 and she’s still “trying” and lying. Bye. ?

      • Royalkev April 16, 2016

        Hang that up! Brandy was very pregnant during the Full Moon release, she didn’t even promote it or deliver more than 2 videos (for the first 2 singles) and it still went platinum! The push for that album’s success was even that serious… Also Brandy already hit the big screen before that album! Where we going with this? I’m trying my best to refrain because I don’t want to compare them. You’re lucky I got tremendous respect for Aaliyah because I’d get you all in your feelings right now.

      • Royalkev April 16, 2016

        *it still went platinum! The push for that album’s success WASN’T even that serious

      • MUSICHEAD April 16, 2016

        We’re not going to play the “let’s pretend Aaliyah was a big artist” game today. Aaliyah’s debut album may have come out 6 months before Brandy’s and a year before Monica’s, but she was nowhere near as successful as either of them. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of all 3. In fact, Aaliyah never even had a triple platinum album until after she died. Look at her certification dates.Yes Aaliyah does get hyped because she died early and because her producers made great music for her. But in reality, she was just a pretty girl who didn’t write, didn’t produce, didn’t choreogragh, but was a muse for those who worked with her. And at the end of the day, that should be enough.

    • Credits April 16, 2016

      Sometimes it’s not even about the so called “comeback” or the fight to be commercially relevant. What you are failing to take into account is that this is her job and she is an artist who will probably never stop recording until the day she dies. You think she is worried about the time that passed? Nope, she’s performing and doing what she loves all while getting paid.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

        Then why is she so desperately trying? Like this post said, if the label were trying to stop her, they would pull the song. End of story. And don’t act like she wasn’t doing the most with the last album. These artists are delusional and always blame the labels when they flop, yet she flopped on Atlantic, flopped on Epic or whatever label she been on. I haven’t heard anything about that low budget show she has out or is it even still on? I bet it won’t get a second season. And she’ll just blame BET. Someone is the common denominator here and it’s Brandy.

    • Royalkev April 16, 2016

      *you’re always in here fake praising Bran and shading her regularly

    • Ladies & Gentlemen April 16, 2016

      Read them down Mark, READ THEM!!

  29. Julien April 16, 2016

    She is no one’s vocal bible.

  30. LB April 16, 2016

    Whilst we’re discussing Brandy’s label troubles, can someone explain to me why Ivy Park is still not sold out?

    • Ladies & Gentlemen April 16, 2016

      Is that you in your gravatar? If it is, you are fine as hell!

      • LB April 16, 2016

        Nope, not me

      • Ladies & Gentlemen April 16, 2016

        🙂 oh ok. Who is that? Is he an actor?

  31. Rob Moss April 16, 2016

    2.Two eleven didn’t excel commercially because of poor single choices, because “Put it Down” was a success but “Wildest Dreams” lacked commercial appeal.

  32. King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

    Want me to prove how Brandy and Monica based their careers off of Aaliyah’s every move? Answer this, who released their first album at age 15 with a top 5 hit, second album with a Dion Warren balled and release their 3rd album after a 4+years break from their 2nd album? Also have songs produced by Timbaland. Now, who did it first? That’s what I thought.

    • King B April 16, 2016

      Too bad everyone outsold her. Y’all lying about her career start to take off, her self titled album debuted at no.2 and quickly free fall on the chart until the news of her death.

      UK Sales
      Born To Die 1,000,000 (2012)
      I Am… Sasha Fierce 1,600,000 (2008)
      Aaliyah 300,000 (2001)
      Now I see why y’all stay press about everyone. I would be mad too if my favorite got outsold by Brandy and alternative artist despite with the help of casettes.

    • Ladies & Gentlemen April 16, 2016

      Speak that truth Mark, they’re mad.

  33. Abomb April 16, 2016

    How he know if there are no other deals on the table. He is just a link to a production deal. He won even spoke to her in 3 years. It woulda like he is a liar. Plus I’m sure a lawyer looked at that contract, and saw that he was double dipping her, and advised her not to sign that contract. Folks just gotta use your brains an read between the lines. I smell a rat. And it ain’t BRANDY!

  34. Abomb April 16, 2016

    How he know if there are no other deals on the table. He is just a link to a production deal. He hasn’t even spoke to her in 3 years. It sounds like he is a liar. Plus I’m sure a lawyer looked at that contract, and saw that he was double dipping her, and advised her not to sign that contract. Folks just gotta use your brains an read between the lines. I smell a rat. And it ain’t BRANDY!

  35. cocobutta April 16, 2016

    Well hey my girl has NEVER been dropped!

    We ALL know Brandy has been known for her fakeness and lies over the years (Marriage, issues with Shar, Countess, several other industry peoples) BUT that does not distract from the achievements she has and has had. BRANDY been a brand force from day one and that must not be discredited by anyone.

    The statement must have some truth because any signed artist can not release stuff without clearance so shes not being blocked too hard except not signing a deal that messes with coins that should be hers.

    • cocobutta April 16, 2016

      Legends with 20+ years should not be subjected to 360 deals.
      If a label respects an artist of that stature they should set a package deal of part paid 2 music videos and help with promo. The artist should then be told to push the project like an independent by booking interviews (radio and tv) as well as perform perform perform then tour. Then artist should pay back the agreed amount to the label whether the cheque comes from music or other ventures over a period of time. Only once paid off can next project be in works. If not workable be independent.

      • Kya April 16, 2016

        No one is safe from a 360 deal. Sales are unpredictable and labels have to make a profit somehow.

    • Joë Moon April 16, 2016

      Those were some pointless and unnecessary diggs you took at her. Thought you were better than that.

      • cocobutta April 16, 2016

        Joë I love the public persona and music and achievements of Brandy but im not blind to certain traits.

        Doesn’t mean shes not a great entertainer.
        I’ll always support her musically and be getting my life at her concert. Too many come at Mo for no reason

    • Joë Moon April 16, 2016

      @cocoa it was still tactless. You don’t see me lashing at monica and there is source material for that, but I won’t. It’s all about intent. People love to belive any negative press on Brandy to validate their biased preconceived notions against her rather than give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s not right or okay.

  36. Royalkev April 16, 2016

    I’m going to say this, only because I don’t ever want to be apart of any disservice to Aaliyah’s legacy … she’s one third of the 90’s R&B trio that assisted in cultivating R&B music! They all deserve credit for that! Their influence is still seen in music today.

    Whitney, Janet, Mariah was in a Pop/R&B lane. Mary’s music fused together a gritty Hip Hop/R&B sound, Erykah Badu & Jill Scott were Neo-Soul and Toni Braxton delved more into Adult Contemporary R&B. Sade – smooth sophisticated Jazzy Soul. The way I see it, only three girls truly pioneered the R&B movement: Brandy, Aaliyah & Monica! They carried the torch from greats (that came before them) that created ‘Soul’ music and transformed it. It’s exactly what Bey’s doing now in the Urban (or Urban/Pop) lane.

    I think Brandy, Monica and Aaliyah have different strengths and were special because their unique packages: Monica(Past), Brandy(Current), Aaliyah (Future). I’ll explain: Monica slays (in any time period) with those songs that sound more traditional/ Old school (A Dozen Roses, Everything to Me), Brandy’s can gravitate to music any current styling and always delivers a modern take on things fit for the times: I Wanna Be Down(R&B), Put It Down(Urban), Beggin & Pleadin(Trap/R&B) and Aaliyah was always futuristic (‘Are You That Somebody’, ‘We Need A Resolution’). None of her music ever sounds dated. All 3 women were vital to R&B! I’m saying what I really feel and that’s why it silly for me to see the Brnady vs Monica vs Aaliyah war going on in 2016.

    • Royalkev April 16, 2016

      Sorry for these errors, I’m rushing and on my way out …
      *Brandy’s can gravitate to any current styling in music and always delivers a modern take on things fit for the times: I Wanna Be Down(R&B), Put It Down(Urban), Beggin & Pleadin(Trap/R&B)

  37. Indie April 16, 2016

    This was shady and reached of bitterness! IF Brandy was so against touring and pushing her album then why did she come to the UK and perform over her to push the album at the Indigo O2 and why is she coming to the UK again to tour to push here new project? Also does anyone remember how upset Brandy was that her and Monica did not get to tour together around the time of It All Belongs To Me, check back at all of those interviews Brandy seriously wanted her and Monica to go on tour but Monica was;t ready to tour cos she wanted to raise her family! Also around the time of Brandy’s last album what TV was she doing? She didn’t do Chicago until last year right and I’m pretty sure The Game head ended by then, believe there is another side to this story, i’m holding any type of opinion until Brandy has spoken

    • cocobutta April 16, 2016

      You’re actually wrong about the tour. Monica had New Life out but Brandy wasn’t ready so their timing didn’t match once 2/11 arrived. It’s a shame they haven’t visited this idea still as everyone places them together and will sell bigger than them doing solo tours in my opinion.

  38. Kya April 16, 2016

    Brandy is the perfect example of 90s media training. Idk about this guys true intent because he just happened to release a “statement” the same day she dropped a music video, but Brandy has always been about image and she can’t seem to shake it. I’m a new Brandy fan. It took me like a year to get through (almost) her entire discography including unreleased tracks and I realized why people Stan for her so hard. The girl is a beast and does things that I’ve never heard other singers do. I just want Brandy to say f*** everything and do her. She’s been around for 21 years and she’s still relevant so why not?!!

  39. RIP April 16, 2016

    I believe him even with the human album confusion.
    Can we realistically say Brandy is worth more than the deal offered?The deal doesn’t come with her Atlantic Records back catalog.Especially when her albums cost more to make than they profit,Id say they were being generous.I say this with no disrespect or malice.The demand for Brandy just isn’t there anymore. She has had a long career and is well respected but that hasn’t translated into her album sells since 2004.2/11 did less than 200K with a semi hit,which was only a hit due to CB’s involvement.

    Certain fans act like they don’t understand that the music industry is still a business.Brandy’s lucky he’s not suing her for the various breaches of contract.I grew up on Brandy and I adore her music(94-04), but I believe this guy completely.She’s out here telling fans she can’t release new music but had time to release those horrid Knockout records compilation albums,released “Beggin&Pleadin”,and managed to rerecord her vocals on the girl is mine.
    SN:I wonder where her and Monica’s career would be if they hadn’t waited so long to release albums after their second albums.

    • Joë Moon April 16, 2016

      Breyon was pressed to sign Brandy under this deal, let’s not ignore that fact! I also like how he seems ao sure that no label was interested in her when there was a rumored universal Republic deal offered to her. It also doesn’t make sense that if there were NO demand doe Brandy that she’d somehow ve able to swing a negotiated deal with a Sony affiliated label after her time at Epic.

      Bottom line, Breyon wouldn’t have been after Brandy at ALL if he didn’t think he could make money off of her somehow. If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense, that’s business 101 folks. People forget that Brandy is more than just a singer, she is a BRAND. You all need to think more critically about these things rather than blindly accenting messy “pressç like this. Do better.

      • MUSICHEAD April 16, 2016

        Thank you! Breyon pursued Brandy in 2010 because he was a pressed fan and wanted a piece of her catalog revenue. Now this n**** wanna act brand new cuz Epic hired him. He’ll be back on the streets again by this time next year!

  40. Dev April 16, 2016

    Okay, the things is that although this man thought he was being smart he has indeed not done himself any favours because artist with be wary of signing up with him he he cannot stay professional. His team could’ve just released the first part of the statement and ended there.
    It’s apparent that the majority of the 90’s artists that we loved are not selling like they used to but that doesn’t mean that they are less talented or there music isn’t loved, it just means that the climate had changed and these artists have decided to keep with there sound and genre instead of trying to go with the times and follow a younger sound.
    I hope my treasured r&b artists are able to continue to make music regardless of sales

  41. Credits April 16, 2016

    At this point, I’m thinking that Brandy wants to go independant now, That’s her motive and chameleon doesn’t want that.

  42. Ladies & Gentlemen April 16, 2016

    Didn’t BillBoard rank Aaliyah & Monica in the top 20 for there impact and chart success in rnb, and then had Brandy at 45.

    Also isn’t Aaliyah and Monica in the music record books twice to three times over Brandy? Monica-3, Aaliyah-2, Brandy-1 which is the Boy Is Mine with Monica.

    And YES at Mark reading these people down! They can’t take your truth.

    • Sam April 16, 2016

      And that takes away what from who?
      Brandy was the face of a generation and an inspiration to young girls in the 90’s and achieved her own successes.
      I’ll remind you that Lauryn Hill became an icon after one album over a decade ago and can still fill concert halls so its actually all swings and roundabouts.

  43. FreedomRinger April 16, 2016

    Firstly, if you cant even get her 2008 album correct, how the hell would I believe anything else you have to say.

    If Brandy was so focused on her TV and her Broadway..what else was she supposed to focus on.

    How many of her fans/Stars Begged and pleaded for a 3rd single ‘Do you Know?, and did it come out Mr Prescott,- No because she was not in control of her singles being released by your ‘production’ company!!!

    So He should not be claiming like he had her best interests, I remember brandy going to any venue big or small to promote the album, and that she was doing her best. Two eleven is still a body of work, and anyone of those tracks could have been released.

    Brandy should not be shaded like this, and in fact I think shes too talented to care. To state that she uses social media as an outlet to make outrageous claims? Look in the mirror buddy!!

    prescott claim that he or brandy havent spoken in 3yrs so if the deal with RCA had dissolved, and brandy was attached to Chameleon records, what has he done to help brandy eversince?

    NP Brandy ‘What have you done for me’ An Unreleased Independent Slayage by None other than miss Brandy Norwood!!!!

  44. wtuck001 April 18, 2016

    they dragged the s*** outta Brandy! lol

  45. Ant April 19, 2016

    I personally feel like her season is over. Its nothing wrong with that. Maybe tv and broadway is more in her lane now. Tyrese, Ludacris, Ice cube, their all doing it. Everything is constantly changing. Nothing ever stays the same.

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