She’s Back! Beyonce Announces ‘Lemonade’ Album Movie Premiere

Published: Saturday 16th Apr 2016 by Sam

Beyonce is back!

After much ado, Queen Bey has revealed details of her new album movie ‘Lemonade.’

More info below…

Taking to both Instagram and YouTube, the seasoned diva divulged that the wildly anticipated will receive its world premiere April 23rd on HBO at 9pm.

Peep the official teaser…


Are you ready to be entertained?!

TGJ Exclusive: We’re hearing murmurs that the HBO partnership extends beyond the album movie. Sources inform us that there is talk for a ‘Formation Tour’ tie-in that’ll see her call on a few legendary gal pals to enhance the show. How Many of you will be “pulling up the HBO’s Bumper to tune in?

Your thoughts?

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  1. .:: Centurion ::. April 16, 2016

    Yet another snippet. Mess! #SnippetYonce

    • Beyonce slays Rihanna April 16, 2016

      Has Anti sold 400k yet? #B6 will sell that in 2 days.

      • Hwhenindoubtthetruthwillout April 16, 2016

        But will it sell 3.4 million in 7 days?

      • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

        Yes. It has. Sans Samsung preseales realized via consumer downloads, ANTI has sold nearly 800k now. She’s OFFICIALLY 2X Platinum now. RIAA says so.

      • Sweaterz April 16, 2016

        If no #1 song for 9-week in a row.
        Then it’s irrelevant.
        P/S: Formation is nowhere to be seen in Top 20.
        Owh, I forgot, she’s a queen of Top 40.

        Honestly, she’s over.
        Younger generation dont listen to her anymore.
        She’s got vocal, but Rihanna is more suitable for Gen-Y.

      • Mya April 16, 2016

        Girl lies. Anti hasn’t even sold 400k in the US after 3 months LMAO!!!!

    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB April 16, 2016

      About darn time h○e.

      • Melina April 16, 2016

        BEYQUISHA is back!

    • Danyboo April 16, 2016

      I love beyonce frfr but she can come off very disrespectful at times to the hive. Like 20 seconds of a piece of imagdry we’ve seen in here formation video. Not even looking at us very rude. I feel another snippet should release before saturday for us to anticipate. I mean were excited but i feel, as a fan, very unappreciated. I mean can i have the option to feel if the film will be funny, gorgy, slayful. I mean damn weve been waiting since the superbowl for you.

  2. blue April 16, 2016

    tidal about to get another million subscribers.

  3. Danzou April 16, 2016

    This post is about to get dirty.

  4. whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 16, 2016

    The real test will be if she can sell 3.4 million in the first week and keep up with her peers!!!!

    • Alex April 16, 2016

      Last time I checked Usher, Monica, Brandy, and Brittany are her peers. She’s 34 and the only one STILL going multiplatinum.

  5. Mariah The Legend April 16, 2016


    • Beyonce slays Rihanna April 16, 2016

      Lmfao how’s that has been Vegas residency going sis?

      • Jemina Nelson April 16, 2016


    • SlaveMaster April 16, 2016

      Mariah the FLOP, b****.

      • Jemina Nelson April 16, 2016


  6. #JACKIE April 16, 2016

    I don’t care at ALL.

    • Beyonce slays Rihanna April 16, 2016

      No one cares about your manly fave either

    • trellbeylike April 16, 2016

      But you one the 1st to comment on both posts….lmaoooo like you don’t care……..I KNO YOU CARE

    • surprise..dec.2013 April 16, 2016

      That is what the entire world said to JACKED, when it was released!!!!!!!!!

      • Anti460 April 16, 2016

        No the world don’t even knew there is an album called Jackie that were out …
        Some dont even know who Ciara is ? Lol

    • RihYonce April 16, 2016

      Nobody cares about your fav and her non existent cares that needed 8 years ago

      • #JACKIE April 16, 2016

        Goodbye pressed ass buzzards. I still don’t give a F U C K.

  7. Britney Stan April 16, 2016

    Who cares?

    • Beyonce slays Rihanna April 16, 2016

      Britney’s new FLOP album won’t stand a chance d***

      • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

        Who??? LOL

  8. ScheisseThroned(GRAPEJUICEKING) April 16, 2016





    • blue April 16, 2016

      pink floyd the wall

    • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

      Michael Jackson, ‘Moonwalker'(1988)

      Ryan Leslie, ‘Black Mozart'(2014)

      Pink Floyd, ‘The Wall’ (1982)

      Prince, ‘Purple Rain’ (1984)

      Prince, ‘Graffiti Bridge’ (1990)

      Kanye West, ‘Runaway’ (2010)

      Rihanna, ‘Untitled’ (TBA) *Directed by Peter Berg




      • Anti460 April 16, 2016

        The Rihanna thing with Peter it s just a documentary …not an album movie

  9. trellbeylike April 16, 2016

    COME THRU BEYONCÉ!!!! Lemonade!!!!! As always the stans were 1st to comment! Lmaooo let’s gooooo bey!!! ??????????

  10. Beyonce slays Rihanna April 16, 2016

    RIP Anti era.

    • Jemina Nelson April 16, 2016


  11. RihYonce April 16, 2016

    RIP to your favs !! The queen is back !! I told y’all she was coming !!

    • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

      You’re right. RIP Anti. RIP Rihoenna Fenty.

    • Hwhenindoubtthetruthwillout April 16, 2016

      I think the only queen right now is Adele – 3.4 million albums sold in 7 days!!!

      • RihYonce April 16, 2016

        Clinging to Adele ! Don’t forget Beyoncé sold over 1 million the first week with ST and is the last double platinum album by a black female artist ?

      • Wigney April 16, 2016

        LIES!!!!!! Beyonce DID NOT sell 1 million in a week. Stop lying b****.

      • Rara103 April 16, 2016

        Ablum sales doesn’t make you a queen. It’s all about your presence, style, class etc……

  12. Queen Ci April 16, 2016

    No shade, but I hope more people watch this than the flop called On The Run.

    • Beyonce slays Rihanna April 16, 2016

      Another delusional ass Ciara stan. When will she?

      • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

        This post is about Beyonce. Don’t be On the Run from the truth like viewers did when the show flopped. So, when will Bey???

  13. UPGRADEBOY April 16, 2016

    Setting trends , she ain’t doin traditionnal stuffs no more,and iam so here for it,come through bey.

  14. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? April 16, 2016

    I’m ready come thru Queen.

  15. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? April 16, 2016

    Of course a Navy memeber is the first to leave a comment. I k ow y’all ready for this to.?

  16. Navy Gravy April 16, 2016

    Album MOVIE? HBO? Cornrows? Bye!!!!!

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 16, 2016

      Anti, album pushed back because of Adele, Samsung bought my album, Samsung bought my platinum plaque, my only is only selling because of streaming…. BYE!

      • Jemina Nelson April 16, 2016


  17. Queen Ci April 16, 2016

    Adela and Taylor are laughing somewhere together just kiikii’ing on the flop it will be.

    • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

      Adele, not Adela

  18. .:: Centurion ::. April 16, 2016

    Oh it’s coming to HBO?
    • Whitney Houston, Welcome Home Heroes with Whitney Houston, 7.9 million viewers
    • Barbra Streisand, Barbra: The Concert, 11.2 million viewers
    • Madonna, Madonna Live: The Drowned World Tour, 5.8 million viewers
    • Britney Spears, Britney Spears Live from Las Vegas, 5 million viewers
    • Janet: Live in Hawaii 15 million viewers
    • Rihanna, 777 tour special 1.7 million views.
    • Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour, 1.2 million viewers
    • Adele, Live in New York City, 11.3 million viewers
    On The Run Tour HBO special… 888K ?

    • blue April 16, 2016

      sweetie, give it a rest. Like damn see how it does first.
      Either way bey still getting paid.

      • .:: Centurion ::. April 16, 2016

        Do yourself a favour and stay off my font and comments. 😉

      • blue April 16, 2016

        do yourself a favour and get a damn life! And stay out of blogs if you cant handle other people’s inputs. Do you actually stan for anybody or you just obsessed with bey? Im a rihanna fan and i go down for rihanna but this constant hate for someone you claim you have no time for, is beyond pathetic.

      • .:: Centurion ::. April 16, 2016

        stay out of blogs if you cant handle other people’s inputs
        The utter self-contradiction. LMFAOOO! Heed your own words and stop seething. It’s not doing you any justice. ?

    • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

      Biiiiiiitch!!! You better read for filth with receipts. I liiiiiiiive for your scalping!

    • Melanie Fenty April 16, 2016

      B**** nooooo ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Cindy April 16, 2016

      I like Beyonce but I yelled at this.

    • trellbeylike April 16, 2016

      You forgot her I am world tour abc special with 3.4 million viewers

    • Mya April 16, 2016

      Girl. Rihanna 777 Doc ratings bombed for a non cable channel. Lmao! It was a flop

      Beyoncé’s Life Is But A Dream (Doc) 10 million viewers.

      • Wigney April 16, 2016

        Bye Felica. You should be reported, arrested, and convicted of Felony LIES!

      • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

        Two things:

        1) Fox network

        2) We’re talking about HBO

    • Wigney April 16, 2016

      I miss Nippy.

    • Shady81 April 16, 2016

      You forgot Janet’s Velvet Rope Tour had more viewer’s than the All for You tour @Centurion.

  19. Beyonce4matitionstan April 16, 2016

    Somebody explain to me… Is this a single “lemonade” ? Is that the name of the album? Will all the songs be in the “movie” ? Will the album be released right after? I’m so confused

  20. RealNegro April 16, 2016

    Everybody saying On The Run flopped. Well why would HBO link up with Beyonce again if her previous effort flopped on the Network.

    • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

      Because they need a fill-in for programming. Duh. Obviously, HBO doesn’t care about ratings.

  21. Queen Ci April 16, 2016

    The joke writes itself. In order to keep up with Adele, Taylor and Ciara, Beyonce has to release an album through TV??? What’s next??? Thru, Adam4Adam???

    • hivehighness April 16, 2016

      I know damn well you didn’t say to keep up with ciara… Wtf does she have to keep up with

    • LOL April 17, 2016


  22. SWISH April 16, 2016

    Can we leave the stan wars alone and just appreciate the fact that we’re a step closer to the album?

    • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

      Of course a Kanye stan would be griping about the comments section. Gurl bye.

      • SWISH April 16, 2016

        you mad because out of the 7 billion people on earth, only 19k cared about Ciara’s album? lmfao

      • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

        Much like you’re mad that your fave was SO insecure about Pablo that she lied about how many streams she received on Tidal when Hits Daily Double called her T out and said how that was mathematically improssible with a fierce breakdown???

      • SWISH April 16, 2016

        the self drag because it still sold more than jackie lmao .. ciara been flopping for almost a decade so everything you say is NULL AND VOID

      • blue April 16, 2016

        and yet the life of pablo managed to pull in 99million streams in its official release week…dont think tidal lied.

  23. RealNegro April 16, 2016

    Nice title change tgj. I thought yall knew when the album was being released lol.

  24. Rihboy April 16, 2016

    Lemonade? I hope it isn’t more juvenile red lobster tease jargen. Ill be at work so I will have to record.

  25. MsYonce April 16, 2016

    B**** I’m readyyyyyyy

  26. MsYonce April 16, 2016

    Seetheeeeee lmaooo seetheeeee haterzzz

  27. Melanie Fenty April 16, 2016

    Not HBO bruh. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. Coolness April 16, 2016


  29. Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

    It’s going to flop just like Formation and Ivy Park. Beyawnce, give it up. You have been blacklisted ever since that Superbowl fiasco

    • Queen Ci April 16, 2016

      I was wondering when you will make your presence, sis. Cause hell on them!!!

      • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

        Oh, sis, I will. They love to exaggerate when it comes to Beyawnce but I always clock them with facts! That’s why they hate me. Teehee

  30. Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

    I see how TGJ doesn’t want to talk about how Ivy Park is flopping like a fish out of water

    • #JACKIE April 16, 2016

      Oops spill tea sis!

      • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

        All you have to do is google it. Topshop still has lots of Ivy Park clothes on their website and in their stores. Noone even showed up for the NYC Ivy Party launch. Google it. The proof is in the pudding

  31. HailBeysus April 16, 2016

    The Queen is coming!!!

    • #JACKIE April 16, 2016

      Kii sherry? ?

    • HailBeysus April 16, 2016


  32. blue April 16, 2016

    actually excited to see what her numbers look like in this streaming based era, add the tidal factor and its just very interesting. Also curious to see if she is gonna continue pushing this pro-black image or not.

  33. Keisha April 16, 2016

    Come on mother bey I’m so ready. I know its time

  34. Cindy April 16, 2016

    Ivy Park is not doing well. Where’s the post? Stop being so biased TGJ.

    • Mya April 16, 2016

      Ivy Park is doing amazing! It’s sold out! Lmao! Crashed TopShop website lmaooo!

      • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

        I looked the night it dropped. It’s NOT sold out! Many of her ‘Ivy Park’ logo items are selling tho. The ONLY thing that WAS actually sold out was the black Ivy Park logo swimsuit(?). The one she wore on the ad. Many, many, many items are still there and available on Top Shop’s site as well as Nordstom’s too.

        Beyonce’s brand is big, but it’s clear many still don’t believe her as a fashionista, much less as a fashion icon…

    • Mya April 16, 2016

      Ivy Park is doing amazing! It’s sold out! Lmao! Crashed TopShop website lmaooo! Thank you

      • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

        It’s not sold out. Nice try, though

    • Wunderman April 17, 2016

      Ivy Park is not some limited collection associated with a celebrity name. It’s a ENTIRELY NEW BRAND. So it’s not going to sold out like a BalmainxH&M collection because stocks are being provided continuously and it’s going to exist as long as it sells. And yes, it sells very well. Nice try though

  35. Music all the way April 16, 2016

    Bit©h i saw this on facebook and i came rushing on this site for some tea….. I am so excited,,,,
    Kii…Did you guys see blue scalp centurion…hahahahahahaha, I had a good lough..

  36. blue April 16, 2016

    dont actully see this producing an album. Its too close to drake season. I think this is just something to give the tour a little need boost and keep interest in the album high.

  37. SWISH April 16, 2016

    lmao if only these ciara stans put as much energy into buying her music as they did fuming up and down these comments hating on bey and rih

  38. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016

    YASSSSS BISH!!!! I havealready made my preliminary adjustments too. After suffering a severe DIABETIC STROKE on drinking too much LEMONADE mixed with a quarter pound of SUGAR . I have already Scalbed myself BALD… Just finishing up on @ marks hair as we speak.

  39. Beyonce Bowdown2rihanna April 16, 2016

    I slay I slay I slay I slay OK I slay is now coming to hbo. Lmao. Another embarrassing hype for beyawnce. Isn’t she tired? So afraid to compete with Rihanna adele Drake Justin bieber & Kanye West now she has to release her album on TV. Lmao.

    • Rara103 April 16, 2016

      She don’t have to compete with when she is the queen.

      • LOL April 17, 2016


  40. RihYonce April 16, 2016

    Y’all can hate all you want but y’all know your favs time is up ! ?????

  41. HailBeysus April 16, 2016


  42. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016

    *Begins working on @centurines hair folicles* i only need a FEW minutes… carry on…

  43. BeyKnowlesBest April 16, 2016

    When the queen come to town everything shut DOWN!!

  44. Beyonce Bowdown2rihanna April 16, 2016

    Why can’t Beyonce release her album the traditional way & face competition? She is so afraid of flopping bcos all they do is hype her up.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 16, 2016

      I asked that same question when Rihanna pushed her album back and had Samsung to buy 2 million copies of her album and purchase her platinum plaque. Basic b****** spend countless weeks and months promoting albums. Beyoncé is on another level which why you need a premium Chanel to be worthy of hearing her music.

      • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

        Rihanna owns ALL of her masters (past, present and future) and is on her OWN label. She’s making her own decisions about her career and risky ones (in a risky, lackluster buying market) at that. Rihanna stated in her NYT interview how she contantly debated her album’s direction and material. ALL of which are decisions SHE gets to make.

        It’s understandable at 28yrs old and having full agency over her life and career that’s huge beyond her wildest dreams will be a daunting task. It’s gonna take time for her to strengthen her wings enough for her to fly out on her own and gain enough experience for her to feel confidence about her career decisions.

        Rihanna went anti-pop music, and therefore ANTI-Rihanna for her new album. And not in a direction that’s popular like Beyonce is doing now (trap, etc). She went in a direction that many NEVER thought she’d go in or was even capable of. She set a trend and a standard for other pop girls to follow – like she ALWAYS does. So if Rihanna had to “push back” an album to make sure the decisions she was pondering were the right ones, then GREAT!

        And, NO, Samsung did NOT buy 2 million albums. They SPONSORED her album promotion and paid for 1.4 million albums people downloaded using her ANTIdiaRy code. That means people had to show demand and agency to get her album FIRST, before Samsung gifted it to them. This is RIAA FACT!

      • XXX April 16, 2016

        Rihanna does not own all her masters. Only Anti era.

  45. Tamatian#1 April 16, 2016

    I foresee another front loaded overhyped album fully equipped with mediocre music that’ll be forgotten within a month. Beyonce is so boring now.

    • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

      The only folks who still care about Beyawnce are the ghetto hoodbooger fleahives

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 16, 2016

        Well that’s more than those who are interested than buying Anti’s album or attendin Anti’s tour. You goes just mad because this album will outsell Anti in a matter of hours and days! Stay mad 38 pressed!

      • Wunderman April 17, 2016

        Tell that to my Parisian business school graduate self.

  46. #JACKIE April 16, 2016

    Who cares

    • #JACKIE April 16, 2016

      Kii I love my fans?

      • #JACKIE April 16, 2016


  47. Beyonce Bowdown2rihanna April 16, 2016

    What happened to ivy Park? I noticed that Everything with Beyonce name on it is a certified flop these days.

  48. Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016


  49. HailBeysus April 16, 2016


    • #JACKI April 16, 2016


    • #JACKIE April 16, 2016

      Lmao that is NOT me!!!

    • F****** April 16, 2016

      That’s Rihnavy sis she has done it before with Mark,Annalise and Keri Queen but hey you don’t have to believe me you’ll see for yourself

  50. Meteorite April 16, 2016

    I called it! I said she won’t probably drop the album until she gets ready to start her tour! But thats fine I get to watch Lemonade on Saturday the Game of Thrones on Sunday! Bam!

  51. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016

    SELF TITLED sold 1 million ww in 5 days. Anti in 3 months??? 700k 🙁

    • blue April 16, 2016

      1mil in 5 days, and 4mil in two years? Can you spell frontloaded?

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 16, 2016

      And 25 sold 3.4 million in 7 days just in the USA! Your point being?

      • Jemina Nelson April 16, 2016


    • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

      700K is US only. And that’s AFTER Samsung sponsored 1.47 million downloads for people who used her ANTIdiaRy promo code.

  52. Melina April 16, 2016

    Why are Ciara stans even on this post?

    • #JACKIE April 16, 2016

      Because it’s a free f****** country. Why are you concerned about us?

    • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

      Why is Beyawnce flopping so bad?

  53. truthtea April 16, 2016

    Y’all acting like this is something groundbreaking! SMDH!!! Nothing Michael hasn’t already done!

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 16, 2016

      Actuall Michael never did a album movie this when he was alive and neither has your favorite artist. If album movies were so common why your fav never do one? Stay mad!

      • whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 16, 2016

        Michael Jackson “Moonwalker” 1998!!
        Dumb ass!!!!!!!

      • Shady81 April 16, 2016

        Michael has done this before with Moonwalker and so has Janet with Rhythm Nation 1814, Prince & a few Rock bands so Beyonce is just taking something that has already been done before and recycling it. Mightiest well call her Recycleyonce if others have done it before then she takes it and recycles it.

      • Shady81 April 16, 2016

        You mean Moonwalker 1988 @WhanIdoubtthetruthwillout.

    • Rara103 April 16, 2016

      I’m sure someone done it before him as well, so it’s not groundbreaking as well.

    • LOL April 17, 2016


  54. LB April 16, 2016


    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997i April 16, 2016

      I’m laughing to at how this album will outsell Anti in a matter of days… I won’t even mention the tour!

      • LOL April 17, 2016


  55. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? April 16, 2016

    You know what? I’m beyond ready! Let her slay for dear life and gather wigs the hardest she’s ever done it before with this era. I can’t believe the first show starts in eleven more days.

  56. Annalise April 16, 2016

    I love me some Bey but she is going to flop so hard this era hence why she resorts to selling gym wear for skinny people when most of her stans like me wear XXXL

    • LB April 16, 2016


      • LB April 16, 2016

        Nice try Dimitrius but I don’t co-sign this s****.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997i April 16, 2016

      You guys said that last era and she dropped that surprise digital on that ass. It took only 430,000 album soldnin 24hrs to shut you haters up and retract your statements. Your fav not doing it!

  57. LB April 16, 2016

    By the way, why isn’t Ivy Park sold out yet? Any explanation? Wasn’t it selling out according to Dimitrius?

    • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

      Um Ivy Park is selling. Alot of their Items sold out! You can check CNN Money and Time Money for receiots. Plus their are like countless publications saying the same. Ivy Park is selling huntea and you WILL DEAL!!

  58. King B April 16, 2016

    It takes the navy,z squad and aaliyah Stan to drag the BeyHive.

    • Annalise April 16, 2016

      And it should have taken a coat hanger to abort your pathetic self before you got born

    • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

      You fleahives drag yourselves. What happened to that Formation crap you claimed was going to slay? What happened to that Ivy Park junk selling out?

      • King B April 16, 2016

        19k. Not Irreplaceable selling more per week than any Ciara’s single.

    • Wigney April 16, 2016

      Bye Felica. You should be thrown of a bridge for those LIES!

    • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

      Has Formation charted? Has Ivy Park sold out? Stop talking about the past. Talk about Dumbyonce being blacklisted in the industry

  59. King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

    When Rihanna teased Anti, announced a world tour, snippets, “buzzed singles” and took her time, she was scared. But when Beyonce does the same exact thing, she’s queen. The delusion.
    Let’s hope it charts…
    Hahaha, haters are still stuck in the past, talking about sales. Meanwhile Anti is about to be double platinum off of Samsung and streaming alone.

    • F****** April 16, 2016

      Yeah you better cling to streaming and Samsung because you can’t sit in the my fave’s album went platinum in pure sales club any more

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

        Oop yaaasss u betta clock that slüt

    • King B April 16, 2016

      When Aaliyah had a top 5 hits, no Grammy’s, no highest grossing tour, local, no number album, no 5x Platinum singles or albums, she is the Queen of Urban Pop, when Beyonce had that times 20 , she’s a flop. When Aaliyah sold 300k, she’s worldwide, when Beyonce sold 1.6 million, she’s local. Isn’t similar? Stop hiding behind Rihanna. Use our actual fav stats and see how successful she was.

      • Barb B**** April 16, 2016


    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997i April 16, 2016

      Subtract Samsung purchases… Then you have the real numbers! Rihanna album sales for this album is pathetic. Cling to Samsung and streaming all you want because those 2 things are her saving grace this era!

      • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

        Rihanna has nearly 800K in pure sales now AFTER Samsung sponsored her album for 1.47 million people who downloaded it using her ANTIdiaRy code.

        1 million in pure sales is coming…

    • toeknee April 16, 2016

      Aliyah fans I heard your have makes great songs for those @ d other side. She is the most celebrated artist there congrtas tho.

    • PhlyGerl April 16, 2016

      ANTI went 2X Platinum about a month ago already. RIAA just hasn’t certified it yet. It’s coming.

  60. Wigney April 16, 2016

    I love Bey but it shouldn’t be on HBO. The One The Run special on HBO bombed and she got dragged for it.

  61. KIIIIIII April 16, 2016


  62. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016


    Being front loaded is better than Not being LOADED at all… dont u think? Self titled sold 10 million RECORDS. Not bad for a non-traditional release/album. If anything was front loaded it was the 1M scamsung bought allegedley anyway.

  63. Wigney April 16, 2016

    and stop saying Beyonce sold 1 million copies in the first week. Those are lies. She sold 960 thousand in 10 days of release.

  64. BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 16, 2016

    What’s with all these crazy trolls infecting this post?

  65. IStan4Rihanna. April 16, 2016

    Why is she premiering this movie in HBO? Why not FOX or ABC or even NBC? Didnt the “On The Run” special completely bomb there?


    Anyway, cool. I’m interested to see what sound she is going for this time around so I’ll be tuned in. The concept seems promising so far.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997i April 16, 2016

      Rihanna 777 documentary bombed even worse on basic cable (Fox) so what is your point?

  66. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016

    Bey sold 990k in 10 US but 1 mill worldwide in only 5 days. Still the highest selling debut for a black female artist. Btw the ALBUM IS DROPPING FRIDAY APRIL 22nd thats one day before this movie. & 5 days b4 the tour starts… rihsceduled culd never.

  67. King B April 16, 2016

    Sales aren’t important to Navy anymore. It’s stream… Sad isn’t it? They dragged Gaga 99 cent and Jay Z Samsung deal and now…

  68. BEYHIVE_MINAJ April 16, 2016

    And YASSSSS I can’t wait for the Queen to come and slay us all once again. I’ve been ready since last year. Since some dumbasses on this post seem to love setting themselves up with false statistics,I’ll set some of you straight.
    “She’s releasing all these snippets cause she’s scared.” Remember what happened the last time y’all trolled the hive all year with this repetitive ass mess? Shut up.
    “OTR tour flopped on HBO” OK but what about “Life is but a dream”?
    “Beyonce didn’t sell 1 million first week.” Technically she did, but in worldwide sales. Let’s not forget that only 3 days of her first week sales were counted and she still managed 600k. Imagine the sales if it were a full week.
    And I can’t at this Cinammon thot trying to be cute and clever when Self-titled outsold Jackie in its first 3 hours of release.

  69. toeknee April 16, 2016

    Pathetic navy & Molly with its numerous troll accts lol. Yall be patient its just days ahead to tuck your tongue in yall mouths.
    Sad thing is if its not adele/Taylor album sales & riri singles yall can’t say SH-t.

  70. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016

    SELF TITLED 10 MILLION RECORDS SOLD WORLDWIDE >>> ANTI 1-2 MILLION RECORDS SOLD & fizzling out fading fast & needed me is even worse song than work. Flop it better is getting no play at all lmao this era is a total Bomb And not in a good way.
    Bey has so much material to work with on this tour Partition 7/11 formation jealous superpower pretty hurts blue rocket mine etc im more excited about this tour than album or movie.

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 16, 2016

      Your point is?

  71. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    the ones who are hating are the ones whose faves flopped on their latest era(s)
    you can’t call anyone flop when your fave is not selling! !!!!!!!!!!

  72. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    I love how King B ALWAYS scalp Marikos, and I mean always!!!!!

    • King B April 16, 2016

      Notice how they never brought up Aaliyah chart achievements? They hide behind Rih.

      • Career Ender April 16, 2016

        I’ve seen it, they hate on Beyoncé but use Rihanna stats who’s currently flopping

    • King B April 16, 2016

      This is the most challenging time for Beyonce to release an album, due to streaming. Can she sell above 300k? Can she outsold self titled first week? Can she outsold Dangerously In Love? Can she get her 3rd no.1 album in UK?

  73. toeknee April 16, 2016

    If u not an adele or Taylor Stan (which we have just 1 here) you fail by default. riri the singles artist who unfortunately isn’t even selling singles no more so I guess d $0 streaming queen now.
    Then we have the dead aliyah & ciara who both have absolutely NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

  74. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016


    In just 3 days bey got pretty close to Akeys 1 week total but beys full 7 day total is 800k US & 1,3 mill ww
    . Like i said highest selling debut for a black female artist. B6 may be the highest for a black artist period if bey gets a hit right off and actually premotes.

  75. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    Delusional Aaliyah stans has no roomto talk.
    What King B said:
    When Aaliyah had a top 5 hits, no Grammy’s, no highest grossing tour, local, no number album, no 5x Platinum singles or albums, she is the Queen of Urban Pop, when Beyonce had that times 20 , she’s a flop. When Aaliyah sold 300k, she’s worldwide, when Beyonce sold 1.6 million, she’s local. Isn’t similar? Stop hiding behind Rihanna. Use our actual fav stats and see how successful she was.Reply

  76. XXX April 16, 2016

    Are people forgetting Life is But a DREAM was on Hbo and slayed. Why people only talking about On the run. She coming… I’m so ready.

  77. Fatusankoh April 16, 2016

    Yes I am so ready for queen bey haters have nothing on her I wish herall the blessing good luck to all her projects more power and more success in all she do thanks Sam for posting ok my fellow fans lets get to formation don’t let the haters get to us

  78. XXX April 16, 2016

    And why is the Navy asking is anything sold out when their fave remains with thousands of empty arena seats?

    • Career Ender April 16, 2016

      And many dusty unsold copies of Anti Album WORLDWIDE

  79. Barb B**** April 16, 2016

    Queen Beyonce my body is ready for you slay the goat and her fans honey.

  80. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    The other funny thing I have observed is that every account which has ‘stan’ or stans for irrelevant artists, automatically hates on Beyoncé amd the Hive
    Britney stan
    Adele stan
    Shakira stan
    Amanda Byrnes
    Keri Qween
    Mariah The Legend
    Aaliyah Stan
    They are all SALAVATION ARMY IS DISGUISE! !!!!

  81. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    The other funny thing I have observed is that every account which has ‘stan’ or stans for irrelevant artists, automatically hates on Beyoncé amd the Hive
    Britney stan
    Adele stan
    Shakira stan
    Amanda Byrnes
    Keri Qween
    Mariah The Legend
    Aaliyah Stan
    They are all SALAVATION ARMY IN DISGUISE! !!!!

  82. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 16, 2016

    Come through Beyoncé! So excited and open to what ever she brings to the table. After her last album I stop trying to guess her next move musically, creatively, and release methods. Do you Beyoncé and let the basic girls cling to cellphone companies to buy their album and plaques. Your real fans will support you when the time comes! #Lemonade #HBO #4.23.16

  83. Fatusankoh April 16, 2016


  84. #formulation ?☕ April 16, 2016

    Can since of yall just get over the whole Beyonce vs rihanna bull. It is so boring!!! Talking about the same damn thing. Just enjoy the music. Who gives a s*** about how many other ppl bought it. As long as u liked it shudnt that be all that matters. Every f ING post is the same. Anywayzz

    What is a album movie?

  85. quetta April 16, 2016

    My boss got into an argument with her stage manager yesterday Lol I’m so ready for April 27th!!

  86. Queen BeyOra April 16, 2016

    You guys drag Beyonce in every article. Like leave her alone.

  87. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    Why is ANTi not selling in ALL countries it was released in?

  88. HailBeysus April 16, 2016

    The scalping in this post from the Hive is merciless today! My fellow BeyHive ain’t playing today!
    Also y’all do realize that is not a Mariah Stan!!! Thats Navy hiding behind Mariah’s stats!

  89. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    The only thing that is flopping is ANTI
    342K US
    743K WW
    she gon Work and flop and work and flop and work and flop again!

  90. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    So pathetic that Flophanna has stayed at #1 for 8 weeks but has sold between 1 -1.1 million of her Work song

  91. RIP April 16, 2016

    Fantasy Ride(2009):195K Us+78K WS
    Basic Instinct(2010):116K Us+55K WS
    Ciara(2013):133KUs+40K WS
    Jackie(2015):62KUs+41K WS

    ?????? B**** and you’re worried about Beyonce? 4 outsold every album listed combined including if you add the sells of The Evolution.I’d be super salty all the time as well.
    You can hide Behind Adele,Taylor even Rihanna(Anti hasn’t even crossed 400K in the US ??) and still not have a point.Ciara fans coming for Beyonce is like the earth trying to shade the sun,shits just not happening.
    Beyonce is Beyonce and Ciara is Ciara(flop).If Ciara had fans, her idea of a tour wouldn’t be standing rooms,ball rooms and gay clubs!

    • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

      Why is Formation such as a flop? Why is Ivy Park such was a flop? Stop deflecting

      • XXX April 16, 2016

        You need to worrying about why Ciara in general, is such a flop. less about Beyonce and her endeavours because she still remains 100x more successful than your fave has and ever will be. Stop self dragging.

      • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2016

        Ciara is flopping with 3 multi million dollar modeling contracts plus a platinum single? You can Ciara a flop all you want to but your fave has been blackballed in the industry

      • XXX April 16, 2016

        My faves biggest flop>>>>> Ciara’s career in general. Now sit down and stop trying to deny that she’s a flop. How much did her last couple of albums sell? Where’s her Tour? Is she even signed? This modelling contract will probably fall through like the rest of career. Stop trying to deny she’s anything but an epic flop and get off Beyonces c***. Your fave is so early 2000s and hasn’t been properly relevant since 1,2 step.

  92. Duffster Lovato April 16, 2016

    I’m extra excited for this, this weekend just got better first Demi slays with that “I Will Survive” and Bey is giving us new music.

  93. Duffster Lovato April 16, 2016

    I’m extra excited for this, this weekend just got better first Demi slays with that “I Will Survive” cover and Queen Bey is giving us new music.

  94. Career Ender April 16, 2016

    They’re out here running their mouths meanwhile Anti is about to sell less than 10k in a week or two

    • Annalise April 16, 2016

      Don’t do that again! You know what tf I’m talking about B*TCH!

  95. DIABETIC STROKE April 16, 2016

    Poor Frih. Scamsung got S****-ANNA working like a DOG. first they had rih sweating in the studio for 36 months str8. Now they got her sweating to unsoldout arenas grossing only 900 k per show and album literally not even selling so they gave it away to every streaming site across now available for Frih. Findinh rih on any end of year list will be pretty rough indeed.

  96. Fatusankoh April 16, 2016

    God please the princess rih and family she the princess don’t worry the hatemongers hav nothin on you thank sam for making my day

    • Fatusankoh April 16, 2016

      You can make fun all you want the love I have for bey willlast for ever fatusankoh

  97. Everyone Slays Bleachyonce April 16, 2016

    LMFAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO not HBO tho! Do ya’ll know that Bleachyonce has the LOWEST RATED TV SPECIAL IN HISTORY? This h** gon flop so hard!!!!!! LMFAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO

    • XXX April 16, 2016

      Life is but a dream says hi.

      • Everyone Slays Bleachyonce April 16, 2016


      • XXX April 16, 2016

        Life is but a dream says hi.

      • Everyone Slays Bleachyonce April 16, 2016

        On the Run HBO special (880k views) still says hi boo boo LMFAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO

      • XXX April 16, 2016

        Plus the record breaking millions from Life is but a dream.

  98. Everyone Slays Bleachyonce April 16, 2016

    Formation floppped and Ivy Park clothing is flopping. The struggle is real hunty LMFAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO

  99. LDN Chick April 16, 2016

    WOW. This will be interesting. I hear it’s 2 hours and 20 mins long. She always takes it next level. Look at all the other stans claiming prematurely it will flop when they will be the same ones tuning in. Rihanna, Ciara and Aaliyah are all flops right now. Rihanna can’t even sell 1 million albums with a chart topping song, Aaliyah couldnt even sell big in the 90s and Ciara cannot sell period. So just stop unless you Stan for Adele and Taylor Swift, Beyonce is the only one who can actually sell genuine copies of an album out of all your flop faves.

  100. Everyone Slays Bleachyonce April 16, 2016

    I can’t wait for those HBO ratings hunty. The dragging will be severe and vicious like the Formation bubbling under chart flop LMFAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO

  101. Krista April 16, 2016

    Oops don’t mess with the Hive today, stinging in full force. She’s coming!!

  102. HailBeysus April 16, 2016

    Le Struggle to take on the Hive!!! So many troll accounts kiii!!-

  103. King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

    They can bring up Aaliyah all they want, the facts will always be Beyonce wasn’t nothing but a group member during Aaliyah’s life. Even Beyonce said that she was “one of the hottest female artist, Ms. AALIYAH” when Beyonce was interviewing her on the red carpet instead of walking it. Lol. Oh here’s the receipt. Right out the Golden Cow’s mouth.

    • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

      But aren’t you always saying “This is the now! Stop being stuck in the past!” Kiii poor Thotliyah. While Beyonce is about to release a album movie and start a STADIUM TOUR. Aaliyah is where again? ?☕

      • April 16, 2016

        Err Aaliyah is DEAD by you using death as a drag now? SMH

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

        Oop you said it.not me
        Mess @Thot2Ashes creating this random account to try and shade me coming for Graveliyah ?????

  104. King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

    Monster Ball 1.2 million viewers.
    On The Run 808K.
    Thisbis the same channel of Games Of Thrones, a show that is always in the millions viewership. So what the excuses? And it was B***** and Camel on stage. #OhTheFlop

  105. BritneyBabe (BeyBarbFenty) April 16, 2016

    notice how certain people ran the hell out of this post when receipts were brought up LMAO

  106. King Mark111 /.\ April 16, 2016

    The pest are hyped, will call out Rihanna and be on mute when this ish flops, just like Formation. Remember that? It ended Anti. Poor Rihanna, going #1 twice, not falling out of the top 3 for two months and having the #1 song for 8 weeks is a struggle. ??

  107. Kyle April 16, 2016

    YESSS Bey is backkkk! Look at the meltdowns and frenzies! Cierror who? Flopliyah who? Frih who?

  108. Jon Jon April 16, 2016

    Soooo the funny thing to me is while Beyoncé and Mariah fans are going at each other’s throats on here. Mariah might actually be on Beyonce’s album. SMMFH…

    • Mariah April 16, 2016

      I don’t understand that. It makes no sense at all. Both ladies are A List Music Royalty, Legendary
      It’s weird to see both camps fighting

  109. Annalise April 16, 2016

    I’m bout DONE with you hœs!

    • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

      Where ya been sis? Thus post got messy quick! The trolls came out to play today lol! IM LIVING FOR THE MELTDOWNS KII!!!

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        Hey Hunnie!! Lmao I was shopping and came home to this messy ass post. One of these phaaggotts has been trolling and taking shots at me for months under 2 names. I have receipts, but imma give that hœ one more chance to backpedal before I behead ha!

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

        Omg! Things are going to get messy! Mess @Centipied and @Blue going at it in this post kii!!! The Slavi are acting like wild rabie infested dogs over Beys return hahahahah!!! Poorthangs are turning on one another ?!

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        KIIII did they? LMFAO I haven’t read through most of the comments… But I’m not surprised, cuz Blue has clocked him and the rest of the navi before?.

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        I DiedTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! I JUST saw it and i’m f*cking screaming at the top my lungs!!!!!!!!!!

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

        KIIII!!! Lmfao did you see @#Jackie thinking I was exposed as a troll ?????!!
        I was wondering when you and @Tyler were going to make an appearance. Tbh tho it was actually kinda refreshing to see the other Hive members slaughter the PEASANTS lmao!!
        Im so excited for Lemonade!!

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        SIS!!!!! EYE AM SCREAMING!!! @Tackie is genuinely upset that we rejected her a few weeks ago and has been taking ‘L’s’ left, right and centre.

        Kiii btw I peeped you beheading the @Thot2Ashes Stan yesterday and I was GAGGING!!!!!! you know that hœ is up in the library typing up her dissertations as we speak! LMFAO

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

        Lmfaooo!!! NOT WRITTING HER DISSERTATIONS AS WE SPEAK KIII!!! That bitxh is beyond basic. Trying it and being dismissed in 2.5 seconds! ?

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        It’s weird cuz all of the rumours I’ve been hearing about the album end up being the truth. I heard a rumour 2 weeks ago that she was releasing a film called lemonade. I have a feeling the album will be the films soundtrack. I also saw a leaked tracklist, and now I’m wondering if it’s legit. B6 is gonna be soo LIT!!!!

  110. nico April 16, 2016

    Queen slay my life

  111. Keri Qween April 16, 2016

    She always has to go through all the theatrics honey just release the music and let it speak for itself

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga April 16, 2016

      Is Keri out of her witness protection program yet?I see they let you earlier to sniff the premise…Down boy

  112. Mariah April 16, 2016

    I’m ready! I’ve been looking for some new Bey. And TGJ claims she will be calling on some LEGENDARY Gal pals?… Could this mean Mariah Carey? It would only confirm the rumors of the two teaming up. Ooooooo I’m excited either way. Come on Beyonce!

  113. Mariah April 16, 2016

    you all are really acting like just because this was done before that you can’t enjoy the art coming from her. Many artist have done similar projects but what separates them is the simple fact that they are different artist. Stop comparing it’s really weird

  114. Annalise April 16, 2016

    Apparently Adele will be on a track called ‘Lemonade’ ?. Mariah might also make an appearance. Potentially another DC appearance might happen (I have a feeling, cuz of the way Kelly was acting on the breakfast club). Sip some lemonade BÏTCHES and hold on to your weaves because Beyonce is back!!!!

  115. Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) April 16, 2016

    She came to slay bish!
    This is about to be a spiritual event. That is all!

  116. Erica April 16, 2016

    She’s doing pretty good with this project, her IVY Park brand, and the tour. Her new Stadium date that was just announced in Spain is almost sold out after being on sale for only a day. This has been a good week for Beyonce.

  117. B&B April 16, 2016

    Beyonce bout to snatch your fave’s wig in 7 days b******, be ready!

  118. Annalise ? April 16, 2016

    Hmmm i’m wondering if ‘Lemonade’ is going to reference the diet she went on before she did Dreamgirls. Maybe she is going to sing about the pressures that women go through to meet society’s standards and look socially acceptable. Adele is a gorgeous curvy woman, so a lot of audiences will identify with her if she’s on the song. I have a feeling it will be an empowerment anthem (like Pretty Hurts but deeper).

    • Annalise ? April 16, 2016

      + If i’m right, then she could easily tie in some product placement for IVY PARK in the music video. If the song is about women with different shapes and sizes then why not promote it.

  119. B&B April 16, 2016

    The anticipation killssssssssss meeeeeeeeeeeeee ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. RihNavy April 16, 2016

    @CremationStan, you’re trash sis. Ok, bye now

  121. RihNavy April 16, 2016

    @SpiritAirlines Stan, you can post all the made-up receipts you want, but let’s not forget how you tried Annalise, told her to come see about you, disappeared for MONTHS, came back, left multiple post like a scary H O E and then provides a fake email address and THEN when she called you out, you didn’t respond.

    You’re more of a flop than the pilot who flew your fave to oblivion. Now be a good girl and empty out your faves ash tray ?

    • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

      I CAN’T BREATH!!!
      “You’re an even bigger flop than the pilot that flew your fav into oblivion”
      Bitxh I needed to be resuscitated 5x after reading that!!!!

  122. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga April 16, 2016

    I don’t get why the navy are even speaking.Anti is an embarrassment.It is a shame to my people,it is a shame to my community, is a shame to all world leaders,it isa shame to Barbados,it is a shame to Jay,it is shame to the mothership that brought her here.She has shamed us all with this mess.As for Tackir,it is a shame to Epic and since they are thr only ones who it exists we will leave it there

  123. RihNavy April 16, 2016

    @AaliyahOHNOOO! Stan, not you threatening HailBeysus, Talmbout you gonna run her off the road when you spewed the very same rhetoric to Annalise and bished out, don’t try it sis, no one takes you seriously just like the person you try to claim aka @MarshaMarshaMarsha as your good sis.

    Now, straighten up and fly right ??????????

  124. HOWYOULIKEIT April 16, 2016

    Wow. All these meltdowns and the album is not even out?

  125. RihNavy April 16, 2016

    April 16, 2016 at 7:16 pm
    Aaliyah Dana carter says:

    Also Beyonce has Aaliyah loppy seconds ????? dame dash said that jay z tried to get with aaaliyah but dame had won over him. And this was in 2000? When Beyonce reportly started dating jayz. Kiii. Beyonce was jay second choice lmboooo. Your favorite has to live with the fact that aaliyah had jayz d*** in her multiple times before it even got near her abortion clinic she calls a p****.

    I read all that and I hear you, but I think all of that turbulence has your mind clouded sis, because what we ALL know and realize is, regardless of what “drags” you continue type (with NUMEROUS misspellings, & punctuation errors by the way), the Hive has something that you & Mark don’t, the ever-present fact that our fave is ALIVE ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️❤️

  126. Pro_Bey April 16, 2016

    Am new to this site and i notice the hate for beyonce is real i personally think beyonce is amazing. One of the most interesting artist out there. I just cant wait for the album this will be epic .

    • RihNavy April 16, 2016

      Hey Molly ?

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016


  127. RihNavy April 16, 2016

    “Not only can she do basic math like 1 +1 but she also can’t practice dental hygeine. 🙁 remember how your favorite is a aliyah sloppy seconds if it wasn’t for a aliyah rejecting him your favorite would had probably killed her self due to the depression”-@6FeetUnderLiyahCarter

    Two Words, sis: Plane Crash ?⚱?

  128. Only Human April 16, 2016

    What ever happened to moderating a website or blocking hateful comments? It’s sad that Sam intentionally let’s these Stan wars occur just to get a few hundred comments so that he can get a measly little coin. All money isn’t good money, Sam and you should be ashamed. This website used to be enjoyable, now it’s deplorable. Smh.

    • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

      How long have you been commenting for? Ive checked as far back as 2011 and the stan wars were still ablazing than lol!

    • RihNavy April 16, 2016

      You must be new here sis lol.

  129. Wtf? April 16, 2016

    This isn’t anything but another Purple Rain. She snatches ideas from legends all of the time and feeds them to her ignorant fanbase like they’re new because they know no better.

  130. HailBeysus April 16, 2016

    Bitxh choose a topic! Your giving me Centipied teases! You constantly changing topics like its gunna sway me!?! Nuh uh bitxh! Idgaf about what Nas said about Bey! Didn’t he have beef with Jay? Of course his ass is gunna bash her. 50 Cent seem to think other wise when Bey got up in his face at the club.
    Now bitxh im gunna need you continue WRITTING them DISSERTATIONS over night because all your tea is being evaporated before it even makes it to the table!

    • RihNavy April 16, 2016

      Pay it sis. The @CarrieBurnedDownMyPlaneWithPyrokinesis Stan is as tired as its copied & pasted drags that it ha saved in its Microsoft Word 2003 folder. ???

      • HailBeysus April 16, 2016

        ???!!! Bitxh is writting a Novel for you so when you @her the next time ?! I can’t with her claiming @Marsha scalped me! Bish where and when!?!?!

    • Annalise April 17, 2016

      HGTFHFYCDHFDTFFJ!!!!! I go to sleep and wake up and come back to this! EYE AM DEADT at @Thot2Ashes getting read for vampire blood. I’m f****** GAGGING!!!

  131. LB April 16, 2016

    Still wondering why Ivy Park is not sold out yet. What happened to “it’s selling out” and yet there is plenty in stock?

    • RihNavy April 16, 2016

      Still wondering why you’ve been on this same post all day. Still wondering if you’ve taken a bath or shower, giving me Molly teas. Still wondering why you recycle the same drags?????

    • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) April 16, 2016

      If I received a free Anti ticket every time you asked that question, at least 10 arena’s would be full right now

  132. T April 16, 2016

    Lmao queen bey album not even out yet and she got these lessors stans panicking already. Now watch all these other artists start doing album movies just like they started doing surprise releases after bey did it. It’s a fact that beyonce is your faves fave. Stay pressed.

  133. Royalkev April 16, 2016

    OMMMMG! I wanted someone I love to come up with this idea so bad! Leave it to Bey to create the masterpiece! This is going to be EPIC! The level Bey’s growth with each new era is unfathomable. How many new heights can one can reach! …. So f****** Crown!

    • LOL April 17, 2016


  134. Don’t believe the hype April 16, 2016

    Luckily Kpop exists, I’m still slayed by GOT7’s Fly, the scene is so boring, pop stars are getting too comfortable and bland.

  135. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 16, 2016

    Nice sneak peak at Beyonce carter video Lemonade since it will fully be release next staurday

  136. Annalise ? April 17, 2016

    SMFH EYE AM SCREAMING! @AssholeLiyah-Dana-Cümster!

    Didn’t I say this fraudulent b*tch would be up all night preparing it’s dissertations in advance!!!! Not you leaving empty ass threats when I told you I would knock your teeth down your throat and you’ve continued to dodge me for 8 months. On top of that you’ve left multiple fake email addresses!

  137. SMH April 17, 2016

    Still interesting to me how these stan wars always involve beyonce vs rihanna sales, or beyonce vs ciara sales, but things go magically quiet when its beyonce vs adele sales, or taylor swift sales. Guess the beyonce fans know when to stay in their place.

    • HailBeysus April 17, 2016

      Lmao the lies you tell! The Hive has def come for those two basic swift stans when ever they try it. As for Adele, child please! Their are no Adele stans here. Just fake ass Gavvy hiding behind her album sales.

  138. nico April 17, 2016

    Im in Europe nobody give a f*** about Taylor here its your favorite Us artist good for yourself…. adele is Just the next celine dion so why compare her to beyonce ?

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