Did You Miss It?! K. Michelle’s Music Pulled From U.S. Radio Stations?

Published: Sunday 17th Apr 2016 by David

K. Michelle‘s relationship with radio seems to have taken a turn for the worst.

Bad news for the ‘Maybe I Should Call’ singer below…

Following her decision to confront music industry power player Angela Yee during an interview on her ‘Breakfast Club’ platform Michelle has learned of a report which claims she has been blacklisted by the U.S. media company Radio One.

Not to be mistaken for the British radio platform of the same name, One is said to have cut all ties with the singer after she allegedly failed to turn up to several promotional spots they’d lined up for her to fulfill.

SR reports:

Radio One owner Cathy Hughes issued a company-wide command to have her music removed from all affiliated radio station’s playlists.  Radio One executives told the site that K. Michelle songs, old or new, as well as tunes from artists that feature her on collaboration confirmed the action, will not be played.

The  ban stems from Michelle not showing up to several appearances scheduled earlier this month in the DMV area, one being a breakfast for fifty K. Michelle fans. Hosted by Radio One’s WKYS 93.9 FM’s new morning show hosts Lil’ Mo and DJ QuickSilva, the show was supposed to be broadcast on air, but K. Michelle never showed up.

However, a rep from the star’s label, Atlantic Records, has stepped forward to claim that the story is untrue citing reported spins of the singer’s music on the platform in several states as proof of this.

Always A List adds:

K.Michelle allegedly did not want to wake up early and make the hour-long commute to Silver Spring, Maryland where the WKYS studios are based “because she wanted to sleep,” her rep also told the Radio One team.

One fan in attendance revealed that she had decided to skip her chemotherapy treatment that morning for a chance to meet the singer. She was devastated the booty-enhanced belter was so dismissive of her supporters.

As a result of the decision, Radio One’s top brass made the call to pull all of K.Michelle’s music on all of their 55 broadcast stations in 16 markets across the country.

AlwaysAList.com checked out the playlists for Radio One stations across the country through MediaBase and K.Michelle is not listed on most of them. The only Radio One station we could find still playing K.Michelle’s latest single “Not A Little Bit” was Detroit’s Hot 107.5 FM. But as one Radio One executive told us: “someone is going to be in trouble if they are playing it!”

This is serious.

For one reason or another Michelle is yet to be embraced by Top 40 radio formats seeing her become extremely dependant on Urban platforms to push her music to the masses.

With this in mind let’s hope that the singer finds a way to reconcile with One and reclaim the access to its audience she seems to have lost.

Unfortunately, a number of R&B-leaning artists still take an unhealthy approach to Urban platforms, seemingly unaware or uninterested in how supportive these platforms are to them as they set their sights on what some might call “mainstream relevance.”

As one of her genre’s leading ladies, it’d be a shame if Michelle saw her relationship with one of these influential platforms crash and crumble before she reaches her full potential commercially.

Your thoughts?



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  1. Slayyorfav April 17, 2016

    Don’t ever f*** wit a radio host

    • Skyfall April 17, 2016

      This has nothing to do with Angela Yee, Radio One spent money on K. Michelle got promo stops that she didn’t fulfill. People come at radio host all the time.

      • Sharla April 17, 2016

        Chile bye!!! U crazy if u think this has nothing to do with a radio host whose worth 3 million…. Log ur crazy ass off

      • SMH April 17, 2016

        Lol at your dumb ass thinking a ghetto radio CO-host is worth 3 million.

    • Nancy grace slays April 17, 2016

      I seriously believe she doesnt care to begin with anyways! Yall heard what they say, she didnt want to do, which was take that hr commute & wanted to sleep!!! Yall stop playin with k.michelle!!

  2. HailBeysus April 17, 2016

    Damn! That’s all kinds of bad!

  3. Hur April 17, 2016

    Her music is boring anyways. Sounds like one long ass song.

  4. BeyKnowlesBest April 17, 2016

    Here in NY the radio barely supports any real R&B anymore like tgey did in the 90s and 00s that’s the main reason R&B has fell off

  5. Sanity Slain April 17, 2016

    We need a new group of media trained r&b belters. Real talk. K and Tamar are too messy.

    • Skyfall April 17, 2016

      tamar is let messy when it comes to her career she’s only messy (which she hasn’t been in any drama for a long time) with other artist.

  6. Lake Erie April 17, 2016

    TGJ! Yal play too much. Reading the first paragraph, I thought angela yee was behind this lol. Smh. But wow, this is messed up. So far from what I noticed about K michelles past 2 eras is that they both picked up slow with ending results of of being well celebrated eras. Now with this era, yea she didn’t sell as much but tbh I think this album too was going to be picking up soon. With OVER 50 stations not supportin her smh people will either forget, not hear her or not even know she is out here right now. Smh. It’s deep because on LHHATL, she said she was blacklisted in the industry (no label) NOW no radio? SMH Radio is struggling according to some studies but SHE WAS ON THE RADIO THO. Yea it’s cool to be signed but she’s going to be really working her ass off to the mass that her music isn’t reaching.

    • Rebelhive April 17, 2016

      She was blacklisted because being with memphitz, and so was tpain

  7. King Mark111 /.\ April 17, 2016

    Who skips chemotherapy for K Mart? Anyway, it’s sad that one call demands stations around the nation. The reason why music sucks because these stations plays the same 40 songs. But hey, for a person that claims to be all about her business, she stupid for snapping for a conversation over her smell by two dude promoting a mixtape.

  8. RoyalHive April 17, 2016

    Well she did say this is her last album and she said she is gonna retire. So she shouldn’t get mad

    • Faf April 17, 2016

      She said if her label didn’t let her do what she wanted to do. I don’t think that’s her plan anymore she’s releasing a country EP around the holidays

  9. LmfaoHoe April 17, 2016

    Basically shes blacklisted …..damn.

    • Rebelhive April 17, 2016

      She been blacklisted because she was on reality tv! They using that as an excuse if it is true!

  10. Cough Cough April 17, 2016

    Have you listened to a top 40 radio station lately? They suck. The same tired generic songs over and over and over again with the occasional throwback which is usually a song that once was played out. If you’re a true fan of music, most likely your not listening to top 40 stations cause most of it isn’t music.

  11. The A Team April 17, 2016

    you know angela got a hand in this ….

  12. Rebelhive April 17, 2016

    I was at the breakfast and it was not 50 people!!! It was 10 of us and she didn’t show up because if you look at her away interview she said she hasn’t slept in 2 weeks. If you care about an artist there health is first! In return we was able to jump the line at her meet & greet and an apology from Her, she was upset at herself about it! I have been to a concert where she fainted at before that’s scary, if rather someone not show up then to come and then become ill and probably have to stop singing all together.

    • Sharla April 17, 2016

      Blah blah blah… And I worked 80 Hours last week, and then went to class, and then managed to take care of my family, all while having time to log on and comment on your nonsense. I managed to do all of this with no assistant. It’s a miracle!!!!

      • Rebelhive April 17, 2016

        Wow you work 80 hours a week, I’m sorry you have to 2 jobs low income jobs to support your family, the post is about K and not McDonald’s workers

    • Credits April 17, 2016

      She needs to put down the jack Daniels and get an a*s reduction because all that unnatural excess fat behind there is weighing her down, so yeah of course she is tired. She probably can’t even sleep comfortably with all of that. Lol but she’s talented.

      • Rebelhive April 17, 2016

        Well that jack Daniels she’s guzzling now she is on there team!

  13. Bb8345 April 17, 2016

    When I saw the interview she did with Sway In The Morning, I felt super bad for her because she look like she hadn’t slept in days and she even said she only gets 4 hours of sleep a week. I think people need to understand that celebrities are human too and it’s important to think about yourself and your health

  14. k April 17, 2016

    In my opinion that’s extreme, i an’t a fan of hers, but if it was Riri are beyonce[two people i like] did what they are claiming she did, banning there music wouldn’t even cross there minds. this is messed up in my opinion.

    • Jon Jon April 17, 2016

      It’s really not… Bey and rhianna work. They actually produce. Their assets to their label not liabilities. If she’s not sleeping it’s not because she’s going as hard as bey or rhianna. She up like the rest of us watching tv

      • SMH April 17, 2016

        Just stop talking. Everything u wrote is completely moronic. You can’t even spell Rihanna correctly.

      • rosy3 April 17, 2016

        Well her priority is not straight now she back on love on hip hop where she came from she should make a song call you cannot change a hoodrat even if you try doobie doobie dooo all these shows put black women in a bad light

    • Tezbez April 17, 2016

      I’ll still f*** with her music.

  15. rosy3 April 17, 2016

    Rih and bey keep their s*** going like well oiled machine this D list heifer act like she a A list typical angry black woman with attitude take a energy drink and keep it moving rih and bey have bigger careers Michelle and tamar think they entitle because they black I will never forget that muppet tamar acting mad that rih won the grammies for best R&b album think because they sing those tired slow as songs about,your,man cheating,gtfoh k and t

  16. cocobutta April 17, 2016

    Do they play her anyway is the real question???

    Im not from the States so wonder if anyone hears her on mainstream pop stations?

    Don’t hear her much in London but now and again

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 17, 2016

      Nope not at all. The last K. Michelle I heard was 3 years ago with Can’t Raise a Man which was on an urban radio station platform.

  17. MUSICHEAD April 17, 2016

    This is what happened to Janet Jackson which is why she didn’t even bother doing promo at radio for No Sleeep cuz she knew most Clear Channel/Viacom stations wouldn’t play it anyway.

    Poor K. Michelle. She picks the wrong singles anyway. Rich feat. Trina & Yo Gotti should’ve been the lead single.

  18. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 17, 2016

    Damn she keeps messing up her own career especially since only 6 radio conglomerates own 90% of FM radio stations in the US. At one small moment she had the opportunity to be a legitimate artist far beyond Love & Hip Hop; however, she just loves to bring attention to her negativity which becomes more focused on than her actual music.

  19. Stephon Jackson April 17, 2016

    Serves her mean nice-nasty disrespectful ass right. This lady is just flat out nasty. Typical weave-hat wearing loud mouth hood rat Tommy Sotomayor be talkin’ about. Her mouth is what gets her in deep deep trouble! Anyways, hopefully this isn’t true but if it is… Oh well…

  20. rosy3 April 17, 2016

    Some of these R&B singers think because they have a voice people will flock to them her and tamar comes across as mean girls tamar has the worst ghetto talking mouth on TV it’s sad to see that she represent black women I cannot stand her incoherent talking smacking her mouth it’s pathetic looking and give k Michelle credit she did graduate college did that even help with her crazy mentality

    • Crazy April 18, 2016

      Why do you idiots always have to call Tamars name under a kimichelles post??????

  21. Stephon Jackson April 17, 2016

    @BlackDepressedBitch, b**** shut your stupid ass up! You’re so desperate for my damn attention it’s sad. Where in my f****** post did I bash all black women? I’m speaking on disrespectful b****** like YOU & K Flopchele. The main reason why no one really wants to f*** with you psychotic b******! The main reason why most of y’all are the LEAST desired pusssssy in the f****** WORLD! And, how the f*** do you know I only stan for “light skinned” women?!
    This just shows how insecure & loony SOME of YOU black b****** are! Who the f*** even THINKS like that!?! Aretha, Patti, Chaka, Gladys, Mary J, Toni aren’t high yellow women B****! I love all shades of artists! I come from a Black-West Indian woman! Whom doesn’t walk around screaming at people, degrading people & acting like a man beast wild ass no home training ghetto hoodlum tramp! I NEVER claimed that I hate all black women.
    I hate black women (B******) like you! The ones that never know how to shut the f*** up! The ones that always gotta repeat their damn selves like a f****** mocking bird, the ones whom constantly trash talk & jealous about other women because truly deep down inside they HATE themselves. Low self esteem, black nappy headed weave hat wearing hoodlums loud mouth b****** like ya damn self!!!
    You don’t f****** know me at all B****! If your burnt depressed black s*** faced ass don’t like my commentary, then stop following behind every damn thing I say trick.
    You’re a young dumb uneducated loud mouth ghetto tramp black b****. Steady on post after post after post trash talking h**’s that’s far superior to your DEAD to ashes fave! Look at yo motha f*****’ avi W****! You got a damn pic of Aaliyah with Jay Z trying to fantasize about a damn relationship that went on before your sorry ass excuse for a father busted a whack ass nut in yo motha’s smelly hoodrat ass p****! What kinda teenage b**** (like you claim to be) sits on blogs all damn day long that’s filled with grown ass GAY men arguing back N’ forth about dead relationships/people & ALIVE artist doing FAR better than you, me & ya dead thot fave in yo avi trick?!
    I know! A bum black low down failed at life b**** like ya self!
    Your depressed ass just spew negativity from your comments. Probably, mad because all you’re going to be in life is a weave hat wearing uneducated GOVERNMENT receiving black nappy headed THOT that’s ran thru & deeply wounded all while stanning for the DEAD. Just depressing! Don’t @ me no more trick! BYE!

    • HailBeysus April 17, 2016

      IQHSNSOXJBSHWWJ WHAT KIND OF FLAWLESS VICTORY!?!?!?!? ??????? BITXH!!! I had to take my wig off just to stomp on it!!! I FELT THE ???? IN THAT RESPONSE KIII!!!

  22. king April 17, 2016

    K Michelle better stop burning bridges in the entertainment field . you already know that mainstream radio stations barely plays r&b music. So you actually needs these urban stations to play your videos. Sometimes to get where you want to be you got to make sacrifices. And tone down with some of them antics cause they not making things any better

  23. Tezbez April 17, 2016

    The problem isn’t music is not good it’s the media not pushing r& b music period. Angie stone has great cd not being played. I really like k michelle cd. Chrisette Michele has music coming that sounds great and most likely won’t be played either. We need some other pop and hip hop on the radio.

  24. Christina Ruiz April 17, 2016

    That’s bs I love her music there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her music you go K keep doing u

  25. terrance troope April 17, 2016

    radio one is garbage anyways. the programmers and directors play music they like not what the consumers want. they are the reason why independent artist are making a push because they don’t need the radio. it’s stupid to pull all her music because she didn’t do what they wanted and to use the cancer ploy is a bit too much.

  26. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 17, 2016

    Radio station don’t play r&b music like that unless it featuring a rapper

  27. Samsung brought my albums April 18, 2016

    Poor kmart

  28. Ciah’s Turtle April 18, 2016


  29. Ariel June 26, 2018

    I reallly hate this for K. One thing people can’t hate on, is her voice. She’s really talented. She can sing 10x better than half of the artists that’s “trending” right now. She’s my favorite & the best singer alive right now. IDC it’s MY opinion . so don’t @ me.

  30. Hilda Lazard July 30, 2018

    That’s what she gets big ass bully. Always talking about others cant sing and aint making no money herself.

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