MTV Announces Major Music Rebranding / Re-Boots ‘Unplugged’ & Announces TRL-Flavored ‘Wonderland’

Published: Thursday 21st Apr 2016 by Sam

For years, the “M” in MTV proudly and powerfully represented “music.”

A potent pioneer in shaping the music industry as it’s come to be, the cable network birthed and popularised the music video format. More broadly, it ushered in what many christened the “MTV Generation.”

In recent years the channel has been dealt a number of devastating blows – some of which were self-inflicted.

Indeed, the endless influx of inane reality shows (with no focus on music) paired with the rapid rise of online music consumption cast a bleak outlook on the network’s future.

Now under new leadership, MTV has today revealed a major image overhaul designed to re-affix their focus on music.

Exciting details on their colossal comeback campaign below…

In a press statement MTV President Sean Atkins said:

“We’re on a mission to reignite MTV with everything that makes it one of the world’s most iconic brands – its soul of music, its love of pop culture, and its unexpected, groundbreaking creative. What we share today is just the beginning, but it’s a strong first step in the journey and shows how aggressively we are moving to energize the extraordinary promise of this great brand.”

Adding an exclamation point to the announcement, the channel announced a slate of 14 new shows with an overt music focus. They include:

Wonderland: A new L.A.-based weekly music series featuring live performances from three different acts.

A yet-untitled music competition series from Executive Producer Mark Burnett (The Voice).

MTV Unplugged: the classic show is back and newly reimagined.

Studio 24: a partnership with Scooter Braun Films. The show will see a famous artist and mystery talent are paired to create a new song in 24 hours.

Year One: A new music documentary which will draw on MTV’s trove of archival footage to explore the breakthrough year in a superstar’s career.

On the music adjacent front, also served up will be:

305: Miami based drama executive produced by rapper Pitbull.

It’s The Real (working title): Produced by John Legend’s Get Lifted studio, the show is a comedic half-hour about a Jewish Hip-Hop duo.

And there’s more set to be revealed during the network’s Upfront presentation later tonight.


Needless to say, we are elated.

This is long overdue – and hopefully not too late.

Clearly, there was a business opportunity available in the form of reality TV (see: ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Teen Mom,’ and the like). Yet, the channel drove too far in that direction, neglecting what was always their main point of appeal.

We’re cheering on the re-branding and hoping  it brings about compelling content for music-lovers. The slate of new shows certainly sounds titillating – especially Wonderland.

All that’s needed is to bring back ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ and it’d be an all-round 

Your thoughts?

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  1. nico April 21, 2016

    Better stop boring series…

    • BIGGES AALIYAHFAN April 21, 2016

      So happy about this. I have wanted MTV to return to they’re musical roots for years and hoped that they would when Sean Atkins took over. So happy I grew up with MTV and I was always upset that they lost focus on the music. One thing I will say I hope the cater to ALL musical genres and not just who or what’s pop at the moment. I hope this will encourage other networks to get back to they’re roots as well I.e. BET and VH1.

      I also would love to see them bring back “Making the Video” that was one of my favorite shows.

  2. Danny Bey April 21, 2016

    This is how it should have always been. But can’t say I’m not happy it’s somewhat finally going back to its roots.

  3. JJ April 21, 2016

    I’ve always wanted to see a talent show based on songwriting rather than just singing, so that should be interested.

  4. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 21, 2016

    Awesome news! I’m 26 so I grew up with MTV during its prime in the 90’s and early 2000’s (BACK WHEN THE ACTUALLY PLAYED MUSIC VIDEOS). TRL, Unplugged, Diary, True Life and so many great shows that are no longer here. These younger kids now get a chance to experience the favorite artist in the ways some of us did!

    • Iconic Cici April 21, 2016

      You’re 26 yet you got time to stan for a stripper with a mic

      And got time to come here and argue back and forth with gravatarless accounts

  5. Molly April 21, 2016

    Yes go back to ya roots.

  6. Theman April 21, 2016

    sharing her views has nothing to do with the stupidity.. This is simply a website..

  7. MUSICHEAD April 21, 2016

    This is going to help music tremendously. So many people discovered their favorite artists on MTV back in the day. I honestly think MTV will play a huge role in bringing r&b back in the near future.

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan April 21, 2016

    YES! This is what new artists like TINASHE needs to showcase their talent! You cannot expect new artists to sell 50-100K when there isn’t a platform for the artists to display their talents and connect with fans on TV.
    Great news!

    But Viacom pulled the plug on BET’s 106 & Park and are now bringing back TRL hmm……..
    HASHTAG: #Conspiracy

  9. FC/JC April 21, 2016

    MTV is over!

  10. cocobutta April 22, 2016

    Well overdue

  11. Please… April 22, 2016

    The only way for MTV to thrive is to get videos off of the internet!!! New videos should premiere on MTV.

  12. JOHNVIDAL April 23, 2016

    LOL And who the hell are they going to invite for an unplugged in this maisntream industry???? LMAO Taylor, Rihanna or Milye Cyrus? LMAO Music is a disgrace now. Only big artists under 30 who could do this justice would be Bruno mars and Lady Gaga.

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