Beyonce Eyes Top 10 Single In UK With ‘Hold Up’

Published: Monday 9th May 2016 by David

Beyonce‘s ‘Hold Up‘ is pop, locking and rocking its way towards glory in the United Kingdom.

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Prised from her new album ‘Lemomade‘, the track has risen to #11 on the Official Singles Chart after spending one week six places below at #17.


The trail blazing chanteuse has now spent a total of 530 weeks in the Top 75 as a solo artist, has 34 UK solo Top Tens and has a spent 10 weeks at #1 since her departure from Destiny’s Child.



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  1. Barb-wire May 9, 2016

    When will fRih?

    1. Sell 500k in the US
    2. Stop being fraudulent and lying abou her Samsung deal.
    3. Stop clinging to Drake, Kanye and Calvin Harris for a hit.
    4. Actually sell the 2 mill she’s got the double cert for.
    5. Stop paying RIAA to lie for her.
    6. Stop depending on streams bcz according to her slavi “She’s the biggest pop star in the world”
    7. Out sell an album which is barely 2 weeks out?

    • Mariah Carey May 9, 2016

      At least Frih has a Billboard Hot 100 single dahhling. Which is difficult dahhling, not everybody has one of those. Get where I’m coming from Barb dahhhhling?

      • Lolz May 9, 2016

        ironic coming from a stink pusssy minaj stan who’s faves last album is x2 plat due to streams despite only selling 600K i mean she is the top female rapper in the game right now so whats the problem?. sit the fuckkk down h**

      • Bravo!! May 9, 2016

        Again!!, I feel the record label will rather have a successful album then just one single selling of an album. Beyoncé have a successful album with pure sells and single selling.

    • Keri Qween May 9, 2016

      You sound like a fool as usual

      Isnt the struggleprint 2x platinum its been out over a year and it hasnt sold anywhere near that it hasnt even sold a million copies

      As a matter of fact plastic minaj hasn’t sold a million copies of an album since 2010 but shes the self proclaimed queen of rap

      Not a plastic minaj fan talking about clinging when your fave has been featured on more songs than Rih and still no #1. You’re upset sis because when Rih and Drake collab its a hit. If it was Drake..why couldn’t plastic minaj get a #1 with Truffle Butter or any of his OWN songs ? (One Dance may be his first )

      • toeknee May 9, 2016

        Looool but Keri hilson tho, what happened to her 3yrs career? U had no room to talk abt flops when ur have is actually what you used. To describe flops.

    • rosy3 May 9, 2016

      When will your brother stop raping 12 year olds? When will k mart stop carrying your tacky ass 2 dollar tights?

    • rosy3 May 9, 2016

      Nicki is a walking stripper she in the class of blac chyna 0.001 percent barbs need to stop reaching no one is checking for nicki tired ass anymore so yall coming for rih is a sign of jealousy that drake is with rih

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        You’re DISGUSTING making fun of that childs traumatizing incident.

      • Cinnamon Girl May 9, 2016

        @Hailbeysys, shut up! You make fun of A aliyah. Calling her a burnt corpse. You fleahives are so dumb and hypocritical

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        Bitxh stfu and FUXK GRAVELIYAH! Ill come for that bitxh whenever the fuxk I want!!! One thing Ill NEVER do is come for a child! Regardless of who it is.
        Nkw do tell us more about how Beyonce is BLACKLISTED in the industry. Your music connections are soooo accurate (rolls eyes) ?!

      • rosy3 May 9, 2016

        The barbs need to stop coming for people when their favorite celeb house is full of secrets and disgusting behavior I will drag a b**** with skunk smelly ass stay in your lane barbs rih stays in hers yall on here trying to ride with your reptile friends and cockroaches coattails to get at rih mind you business worry about nicki jobless man she over there supporting hop off rih career

      • Cinnamon Girl May 9, 2016

        Beyawnce is a flop. Still hasn’t gone platinum. Ivy Park is flopping. Still isn’t selling well. Sour Lemons couldn’t get 1 million viewers. I know you don’t want to hear the truth but Flopance is flopping. Noone cares about her!

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        Gurrrl bye! The Queen is slaying and LEMONADE debuted at #1 in many countries! She has numerous sold stadium dates worldwide and her singles she’s not even promoting are climbing the charts in multiple countries. Where is the FLOP!?!?!? BTW lemonade has sold 700k in 1 week ww. Again where is the flop????

    • Rihboy May 9, 2016

      When will Nicki stop featuring on down low rappers and singers songs! When will she secure a number 1 again? How many Grammys does she have again? When will she grown up and rap about something mature? Don’t get me started on the complete garbage that is her tour. I mean she literally allows her make back up dancers to dry hump her on stage! So classy. Atleast someone wanted to sponsor Rihanna! ???? no single Nicki or bey released or will release will do a 9 week reign at number 1 let alone a 3 week. Beyoncé got put on block by Drake, and he disowns Nicki now. Lol. Please stop!

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        Lmfao! While Thotanna is downgrading venues and struggling to gross something more than 900k from 1 tour stop. Beyonce is busy adding stadiums to her tour and slaying charts worldwide effortlessly without promoting the singles.
        While Beyonce is busy making artistic and timeless music fRihanna is busy feeding her fans Unapologetic and Rated R left overs telling them it’s her most artistic Ray of Light moment! But really she’s done nothing more than mask the fact she’s still desperately chasing singles and selling out for numbers. She’ll be back to saying “I find myself not wanting to perform alot of my music.” by R9. Kiii!!!
        What happened @RihBoy y’all said her music would fRihfall off the charts after the first week.

      • Rihboy May 9, 2016

        They are on iTunes! Better yet where is her number 1 song? She should be able to chart! But she should have the number 1 spot by now???. Beyonces whole album lemonade is borrowed tho! So how can you come for anti which doesn’t sample or doesn’t have stolen propaganda? Beyoncé had so much help with this album. It’s almost like she did nothing after I’ve seen the breakdown on the album and how many old songs she sampled to create hers. ???. But I congratulate her. The thief has always had a thing for misusing the media to represent her tarnished brand. Now while she is on block from the top spot. I’ll just sit and watch her singles get pushed back further and further. The nerve of talking about a blend of rated r and unapologetic. When bey is giving once again greatest hits with a sprinkle of lemonade here and there ?

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        Not you talking about borrowed material and trying to write off AntiSuccess as completely original! Anti does IM FACT CONTAIN SAMPLES FROM DIFFERENT MUSIC’S! But off course I’d expect nothing less from someone that stans for a Talentless Thot like fRih!
        Also how does one STEAL PROPAGANDA??? Please do elaborate?
        Death at you coming for writing credits when fRihanna is notoriously known throughout the Music Industry for not writing her own songs! Did we forget just a few months ago on Sia spilling all the Tea on CHEATANNA’S CREATIVE PROCESS KIIII!!!! YOU MAKE THIS DRAG TOO EASY!!! ??????????????????

      • Rihboy May 9, 2016

        And Rihanna hasn’t downgraded anything. Since it was first done months ago.

      • toeknee May 9, 2016

        Yesssss rihgirl seetheee for the gawds.

      • Rihboy May 9, 2016

        Honey let’s not discuss bey or rih writing. I careless if my fave writes! Her music sells am charts. Which is why writers come to her. Furthermore, like I said there is a video circulating showing you how Beyoncé completely ripped lemonade off! From the song sampling and more!!! The spoken word. Even the basic to minimal choreography! Everything belongs too someone else! Anti has songs that were written to perfectly fit Rihanna’s personality! None of them sampling other old hit songs! Moreover anti didn’t need to be carried by once again using black lives matter, divorce, and her drones too sell. ??

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        DEATH!!! Anti indeed has samples on it. I suggest you dig deep into her writing credits because clearly your music knowledge is very limited. You got laughing at how basic you are and full on out displaying it right now.
        I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT AT YOU BACKPEDALING AND SAYING “Honey lets mot discuss bey or rih writing.”

      • Rihboy May 9, 2016

        Ain’t nobody back pedaling?. They both don’t write so their is nothing to discuss! Moreover same old mistakes was asked to be put on her album. Which is the only song that is more so a cover than a sample. An ode to that band. Nothing else has been sampled like bets lemonade with a track by track of her thievery ??? thee end

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        HunTEA you’re BACKPEDALING. How you gunna bring up “Who wrotw it” (speaking on Hold Up) as if Cheatanna is Mariah Carey writing 98% of her catalog!
        SCREAMING now yoyou got a bit warmer but not only does she cover Tame Impala she still has samples from other music KIII!!!
        Im clocking all your tea sis! This is too easy ?????

      • Rihboy May 9, 2016

        Your not clocking anything ! ? You guys need to clock in and bring bey back to number 1.

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        Kii changing subjects are we. #CLOCKED! ?

    • Kev Kev May 9, 2016

      Didn’t Diamonds and Where Have You Been (Non Features) chart highly in the Top 100 of Billboard? When will the hate stop for RiRi

      • Rihboy May 9, 2016

        Yes they did diamonds being the ultimate of all slaying singles!!!

  2. IStan4Rihanna. May 9, 2016

    Congratulations Bey. The song is a banger and I get high to it all the time, so… 😉


    Also, Rihanna’s “TIWYCF” debuted at #2 behind “One Dance” this week becoming her 9th #2 single – theres a 50% chance that it’ll become her 9th U.K #1 next week. 😉

  3. nico May 9, 2016

    Congratulations beyonce you are slaying everything unlike another artist who slay just one thing

    • Rihboy May 9, 2016

      She don’t slay single success??? she don’t slay her own writing credits! She don’t slay her current tour! So scaled back and lazy now! She don’t slay without divorce hype and media led hand to sell! ?????

  4. Suicide Blonde May 9, 2016

    I haven’t listened to the album yet. Can someone give me an honest opinion about the album, it is any good?

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) May 9, 2016

      Honestly its awesome!

      • Suicide Blonde May 9, 2016


    • IStan4Rihanna. May 9, 2016

      The album is certainly nothing that is sufficiently innovative or sonically groundbreaking, however in the realm of ‘Pop’music and from the perspective of Beyonce’s discography, one may say that it is her best artistic effort yet.


      I personally think that ‘B’Day’, ‘4’ and ‘Self-Titled’ are her best albums, especially the former two, however ‘Lemonade’ follows a particular theme that the aforementioned three overall do not so they canot be compared.


      The first half of the album is the most impressive, musically speaking, but I must say that the latter half does dwindle in quality quite a bit. However, it is a “visual” album so you cannot truly judge the songs on their own merit when they’re automatically tied to a video; they’re one piece essentially and the visual aesthetics are wonderful for the most part. 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde May 9, 2016

        Thank you.

      • toeknee May 9, 2016

        @Istanforagoat, what kind of hypocrite b1tch are you, not you taking sh1t now? You stay trying to play it safe & pretending to be unbiased so the hive don’t drag your mentally unstable self.
        Lemonade is by far beyonce most successful/experimental album both sonically & lyrically. Even w/o the visuals each song with its harmony,ad libs, bey’s raspy tone/emotion well felt plus the instrumentals & different genre…………..)
        Moreover what will you know about good music when y’all stay claiming ANTi is the most innovative album ever created. #RIHTARDS.

    • Golden May 9, 2016

      You are so FAKE (Stay trying to get perfect strangers approval, and, trying to fit in), you stay in every Beyonce post, yet, you don’t like her.
      Her biggest fans are indeed her haters.

    • Rihboy May 9, 2016

      It’s really just ok. No need for a paragraph. The best songs are of course the closest ones to bangers! A few lullabies and the rest are fillers! A perfect blend of misguided information and borrowed artistry at the most. Tomatoes

      • toeknee May 9, 2016

        Ray of light moment.

  5. Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) May 9, 2016

    Go Bey

  6. Cake like Lady GaGa May 9, 2016

    I’m gonna need the submarines and the Z Squad to organise a search party to find @HailTrannny and @Analwig lives. These two H.IV+ phaggots stay perched on TGJ continuously refreshing. Get a life!

    • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

      You’re obsessed with Me Tyler and Annalise! We don’t even fuxk with you yet are names are all in your mouth! Im gunna need that public library to revoke your internet privileges.

  7. Golden May 9, 2016

    Love the song, go ahead Bey!

  8. Coolness May 9, 2016

    Love the song and the visual was a clear standout from the beginning.

    • Molly May 9, 2016

      Even tho the visual was stolen.

  9. cocobutta May 9, 2016

    The rap always reminds me of her when she was in Carmen a Hip-Opera

  10. King B May 9, 2016

    CORRECTION: 18(soon to be 19) UK solo top tens. She surpassed Janet Jackson with less albums. And just 8 or 9 hits behind Rihanna. Her first album produced 3, while a certain artist that was said to sell ” THIRTEEN MILLION ALBUM WW” only had TWO during her lifetime. Furthermore, she had 11 with DC and 1 uncredited feature with Coldplay. That’s not all, she had plenty of top tens in New Zealand as well. “LOCAL”. Her career: 30 (soon 31) top tens , 7 UK number ones and 627718282919 entries. For an artist that don’t give a damn about singles, this is a huge accomplishment. Fun Fact : Broken Hearted Girl was certified Silver and went top 20 in Australia.

  11. King B May 9, 2016

    *huge achievement

  12. King B May 9, 2016

    That’s not all, Localyoncé had 2 million selling album in UK and all Platinum albums there. As member of DC, I believe she had another two million selling albums .She had two number one albums in Canada, New Zealand, Netherland and multiple other countries. In Japan, she sold 400k with Bday alone. Her sales drop when she release fully urban album though. I don’t have to mention about South Korea and Brasil cuz she’s monster over there.

  13. King B May 9, 2016

    That’s not all, Localyoncé had 2 million selling album in UK and all Platinum albums there. As member of DC, I believe she had another two million selling albums .She had two number one albums in Canada, AUSTRALIA , Netherland and multiple other countries. In Japan, she sold 400k with Bday alone. Her sales drop when she release fully urban album though. I don’t have to mention about South Korea and Brasil cuz she’s monster over there.

    • rosy3 May 9, 2016

      She don’t care about number ones because her singles suck and her body of work on albums is not great either single ladies is her only song she will be remembered for its not like prince Michael Jackson adele drake Whitney Mariah and Rihanna the list goes on and on hits are what counts miss Janet Jackson also

  14. HailBeysus May 9, 2016


  15. Cinnamon Girl May 9, 2016

    #11?! That’s all?! Lol!

    • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

      Where’s CiManEra’s UK top 20???? Kiii when was the last time that man had a top 20 in the UK? The self drag hunTEA!

      • rosy3 May 9, 2016

        Single ladies with Justin timberlake in tights on snl bye b****

      • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

        Was that suppose to be a drag? Cause if so, your illiterate ass seriously failed!

      • Cinnamon Girl May 9, 2016

        But but Beyawnce is supposed to be a queen! Queens are always supposed to be #1! What happened? Lol!

  16. Cinnamon Girl May 9, 2016

    Poor Beyawnce. After all that hype she couldn’t even go gold in pure album sales the first week, couldn’t even get a million views for Sour Lemons and her tour still hasn’t sold out!

    • HailBeysus May 9, 2016

      Lmao! But where is CiManEra’s. #1 Album, Top 10 single, Stadium Tour, in anyone of the 198 COUNTRIES on this planet???

    • Anti- garbage singing vioces May 9, 2016

      Beyoncé and Rihanna will both be performing in Dallas this week!
      Beyoncé- 80k
      Rihanna- 18k

      • Anti- garbage singing vioces May 9, 2016

        Where is Beyonce poor?
        Beyoncé and Rihanna will both be performing in Dallas this week!
        Beyoncé- 80k
        Rihanna- 18k

        It is more poor u and poor Rihanna for having u as a fan, fighting for here but u dont support her tours. She’s struggling.

  17. Molly May 9, 2016

    Hold up is the most iconic song on the album it might be a classic

    • Rihboy May 9, 2016

      I agree! Whoever wrote it is boss! I picture myself driving on a sunny day! Windows down on some sort of a high, wind blowing, with hold up on! Wind blowing through my hair as I sip on lemonade! Then I choke on a lemon seed and that quickly I’m over it. That’s all this album has as a saving grace for real! But I’m already tired of everything on the album. Lemonade got too many seeds in it. It’s like you take a big gulp and you just spit it out so t nothing but seeds in this bih!

      • Molly May 9, 2016

        Nothing but true tea this is the only song that has any weight to it. Songs like sorry and love drought are already played tf out. 6 inch is dope tho.

      • toeknee May 9, 2016

        Wooow your drags are elementary & embarrassing.

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 9, 2016

        Sit yo racist ass down somewhere

      • realist May 11, 2016

        well, clearly you dont know music because all night is that s***. very soulful and beautiful!!!! I like pray you catch me as well. beautiful melody!!!

  18. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 9, 2016


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