Janet Jackson Shares Fierce ‘Dammn Baby’ Video Teaser

Published: Sunday 1st May 2016 by Sam

Janet Jackson is still in control of the dance-floor!

The dynamic diva is gearing up to release the video for new single ‘Dammn Baby’ and, by the looks of it, she’s bringing the heat.

Word has it the clip, which is due imminently, was directed by Dave Meyers and will feature choreography aplenty.

Check out Janet’s latest preview below…


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  1. Annalise May 1, 2016

    ABOUT F****** TIME! SLAY BISH and do what you came to do!

    • Nah May 1, 2016

      Keep it

      • Jamie May 1, 2016

        Yeah keep the hate and keep it moving especially if you aren’t a fan.

      • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) May 1, 2016

        Thank u jamie

  2. Maurice May 1, 2016

    I love Janet but this whole album promo was a mess.
    And now she cancels tour in the hopes of getting pregnant? Gurrl, you had all this time and DURING the tour, you decide to get knocked up?
    She should just settle in Vegas and perform her hits.

    • Mélodie May 2, 2016

      PREACH !

  3. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? May 1, 2016

    Come thru Miss Janet. Some may think this roll out is a mess, but I think she’s doing her way on her time.

  4. Maka May 1, 2016

    What a mess!!!

    • Indie May 1, 2016

      Like your weave!

      • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) May 1, 2016


  5. Royalkev May 1, 2016

    I’m glad Janet’s doing Janet! She’ll be absolutely fine that way! She of all people understands that legends don’t let others dictate to them what to do, they make up their own rules.

    • Indie May 1, 2016

      Preach that truth to the children!

  6. dee May 1, 2016

    Another cheap black and white video! Janet is not creative anymore.

    • Misdamenor May 1, 2016

      That 3 second gif costs more than your life.

      • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) May 1, 2016


  7. Indie May 1, 2016

    This is how you know Mama J is the TRUTH, all she has to do is swing that hair from left to right and already your heartbeat stops!!! I’m ready for Mutha to give me a seamy cardiac arrest!!! And for you hater roaches, I had tickets but I was happy to get my coins back till Janet had her family cos I know when she’s ready to bring it I will be slayed like a dragon in Jurassic bish! Queen Janet!

  8. Because I can May 1, 2016


  9. Yeee May 1, 2016

    Yes I’m ready this song is my jam

  10. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? May 1, 2016

    “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)….Slay and drag for death, Janet!! ?

  11. @Dee May 1, 2016

    Now this is stupid because Janet’s No Sleeep was creative. She was reminiscing/dreaming in the video the whole time. And we haven’t even seen the video. Extravagant does not mean creative!!!

  12. Career Ender May 1, 2016

    I have a question amd I also need receipts, the submarines keep saying Rihanna own all her music masters
    1. when did Universal/Def Jam sell her , her discography?
    2. how could she have afforded to buy it when she’s like worth $90 mil
    3. is her discography that cheap?
    4. all I know is that she owns masters for ANTI and the other 3 flop singles she has
    5. I need a proper RECEIPT from camp Salvation Army or anyone which solidifies this claim that she owns her discography.

    Thank you, if no receipt then , she only onwn AntiSuccess!

    • Indie May 1, 2016

      It’s very possible as Jay Z was the head of Def Jam and whilst he was the head he owned all of the masters of the artist he signed to the label (Rihanna)! In that time he gave LL Cool J the ownership of all his masters, so its def something he believes in as he is an artist himself and he was actually working with Prince before he died on making sure all major labels took less of a percentage from artists works! Since Rihanna is a Roc Nation artist it’s very possible Jay Z cut a deal for/with her to own all of her material, as her manager he will always get a cut of the materials earnings anyway so it makes sense.

      • Career Ender May 1, 2016

        I hear you, but I need receipts.
        Jay may have been head of Def Jam but it wasn’t his company
        no company can let an artist’s discography go juat like that, this is business and not partnership or friendship
        the only artist to buy out a discography from a company that I know is MJ no one else
        you really think Universal would let Rihanna take her discography just like that? , lot of profit leaving their pockets?

  13. Suicide Blonde May 1, 2016

    I don’t understand why her fans are so into that song, Night would have been a better single choice IMO.

  14. Greg_N_Greed May 1, 2016

    #DammnBaby is exactly the words. Warning….. Don’t ever come for Mrs. Jackson. That gif and her attitude slays your favs entire discography. B**** come threw!

  15. Janet Jackson May 1, 2016

    Pray you’ll catch me whispering

  16. Lake Erie May 1, 2016

    Wow! She looks amazing! Can’t wait!

    Sidenote: At this point, idc about her album promo or or campaign anymore. Im just glad she’s giving us something when she can I guess. It’s very clear that Janet is doing what she wants, when she wants. She’s obviously in her own lane, so with that said, she’s not competing for anything or anyone. Been there, done that and not for the “one time” either.

  17. JanStan May 1, 2016

    I’ve been obsessed with that hair this whole era. As disappointing to me as a LIFE long superfan that she cancelled her tour I find comfort that she seems to have finally found happiness. And I will take ANYTHING she decides to bless with us.

  18. Pat May 1, 2016

    No one thrashes or has the precision of janet movement wise. Slay me!

  19. Former Beyonce stan May 1, 2016

    Exciting times! I love this song.

  20. ka May 1, 2016

    Janet is a straight up diva with the hair flip and better than you walk, I believe this song will do well with this video!

  21. FC/JC May 1, 2016

    Janet I Love u…..

  22. Darius May 1, 2016

    Love me Janet, and I’m so here for this music video, but enough with the GIFS! Attach some sound to these clips so we can all get our lives!

  23. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 2, 2016

    Nice teases video

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