Hot Shot: Christina Aguilera Stuns As A Redhead

Published: Tuesday 7th Jun 2016 by Sam

Christina Aguilera is renown for her ever-evolving look. Hence, it’s little surprise that she’s once again switched it up!

Taking to Instagram, the singer – whose new album is reportedly due before the end of the year – debuted a red hair do.

Check it out below…

#ChristinaAguilera has debuted a new red hair do. LIKE if you think it rocks as much as we do!

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She looks sensational!

We’re all about the music here at That Grape Juice, but we also recognise the importance of its packaging – and how that directly plays into the success or lack-thereof of a project.

Viewed this way, with the masses yearning for something fresh and cutting-edge from Xtina, we’d love to see her keep this look and hopefully pair it with equally edgy music.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? June 7, 2016

    She’s looks cute, I hope Christina can make a comeback. She’s has the voice, to do so. I always wondered why he run was shorter then Pink’s and Britney.

    • XYZ June 7, 2016

      Because of the massive campaign against her during the Bionic era. Media really seemed to hate her back in the days. Too Bad, as bionic was a great piece of work

      • Maurice June 7, 2016

        Bionic was very camp and very gAAAAy, and I was living for it.
        ‘Vanity’ is my jam. And Desnudate, I Am, Not Myself Tonight, You Lost Me, Seeeeex For Breakfast… just some of my favorites.

      • bash June 7, 2016

        Her bad aditude made the media more than happy to drag her down when everyone else was…

  2. Authentic June 7, 2016

    Love It!! My girl looking like a s*** version of Reba n s***…???

    • MusicFan103 June 7, 2016

      Almost looks like J Sutta TBH.

    • HALF AMAZIN June 7, 2016

      This looks great in her. The blonde was played. I hope she keeps it

  3. Bev048 June 7, 2016

    Christina Aguilera is a flop. They have made her a reality show judge and now that’s her claim to fame. The reason being, I’ve met her SHES NASTY AND MEAN. She has an over inflated opinion of what her career is. The reason she has flop cd after flop cd: she refuses to embrace the soul/rnb portion of her voice. She refuses to revisit the “stripped” personality and style which everyone loved. Her her biggest hits had a soul vibe. What does she need to do:

    1. Fall back on the diva “i’m the greatest” vibe and give humility
    2. Be nice to fans and executives who make your career, stop being a snob and a C_nt.
    3. Release a rnb/soulful cd with the best writers and producers in that feel like the Roots (remember loving me for me)
    4. Embrace the pop side on a few cuts, call Max Martin.

    • MusicFan103 June 7, 2016

      I pretty much agree and have been wanting her to release a modern contemporary R&B album for years. She is stubborn and does have a terrible attitude and that like MJB predicted likely was her downfall. She called it, said Britney would go further despite lacking vocals like her due to X being so nasty and entitled. I liked her back in early 00s, but now I don’t even care for her like that or wait on new music. She is so damn lazy with her career, its absolutely sad. If she doesn’t care (and to perform as she used to on stages) why should we?

  4. MusicFan103 June 7, 2016

    Blonde and black hair (‘Stripped’) suit her much better.

  5. Cake like Lady GaGa June 7, 2016

    Trannyyonce could never.

  6. Maria June 7, 2016

    She almost looks like Eva Marie and Maria Kannelis

  7. Sam June 7, 2016

    People are so deep.
    I enjoy Christina’s voice and have enjoyed her music so far. We will never be friends, but we may enjoy a dance if she releases something in the near future.
    The hair is nice.

  8. Gee June 7, 2016

    The red hair suits her well.

  9. Chile Please!!! June 7, 2016

    This Squrl looks like Caitlyn Jenner meets Jessica Rabbit! No No!!

  10. StrawberryMuffin24 June 7, 2016

    WOW XTINA LOOKS AMAZING JESSICA RABBIT TEAS SHE CAN ROCK ANY HAIR-COLOR IN LOOK GREAT SO READY FOR HER NEW ERA AND ALBUM! Xtina is LEGENDARY been in the game almost 20 yrs and still going about to release an EPIC NEW ALBUM! I love how she kept herself relevant with THE VOICE untill she was ready to come back in slay musically! can’t wait for her amazing upcoming album she’s EVERYTHING and will always be my favorite female artist and singet!!!!

  11. Meteorite June 7, 2016

    Thank You Lord! Christina I love you girl, Lord knows I do, however that platinum blonde was becoming tiresome. I’m glad you’re changing your looks up again. Plus the red hair makes you look younger and your half Ecuadorian roots pop. So I hope this is a sign of new music soon?!?!

    • Diva June 7, 2016

      I’d say more Lucille Ball

  12. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyou June 7, 2016

    She looks amazing

  13. Lisa June 8, 2016

    Flawless. She looks amazing and we can’t wait for new music!

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