New Song: Dawn Richard – ‘Serpentine Fire’

Published: Wednesday 8th Jun 2016 by David

Dawn Richard is back with fresh material and we have it right here waiting for you on TGJ!

The name of her latest creation?

‘Serpentine Fire.’

Its purpose? To honour her collaboration with Adult Swim.

She explained:

I’m always excited to work with Adult Swim.I’ve also curated and designed animated commercial spots coming out this year on the channel as well.

Give it a listen below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ayyseify June 8, 2016


  2. trose June 8, 2016

    Dawn I don’t Understand. All of you girls since disbanding have INSISTED on not doing they kind of music that made you guys famous in the 1st place URBAN POP. Not Ethreal unicorn music URBAN POP. Then dumblonde wants to do 80s blondie inspired stuff STICK TO WHAT PUT YOU ON AND YOU WILL FINALLY HAVE A HIT.

    • pon_De June 8, 2016

      not unicorn music LMAO!

    • Sorry Not Sorry June 8, 2016

      literally lmao @ the ethereal unicorn music. more like unicorn mating sounds lolol

    • Sorry Not Sorry June 8, 2016

      No shade, but Dumblonde’s stuff was still pretty damn good. It was definitely much better than the ear diahrrea Dawn shits out.

    • Jody June 8, 2016

      Have you not heard her new EP with kingdom? That’s some pretty straight up urban R&B music. As a person who loves electronic music and R&B, I give her props for being able to create the kind of music she wants to create. If you don’t like it that’s completely fine but don’t say she isn’t creating R&B music.

      • trose June 8, 2016

        Jody I feel you and I have heard it and it’s def a step in the right direction the point I’m trying to say is dawn co wrote “tell me” the should’ve been hit for DK…I just feel her single releases have not been in that vain I know she’s trying to be different and do her own thing but as a fan I want her to win and see MAINSTREAM solo success.. and sometimes i fail to see why she won’t release something in the vein of “tell me” or “lemonade” hell even “bombs away” was hot..instead of the likes of “blow” “Billie Jean” as SINGLES. The underated title is for the birds…if she wants recognition she deserves pick up where dk left off do the damn thing As for dumblonde that cd was GOOD def a lil more pop then urban but could’ve used a lil swag on it but def a 3/5 star album for sure

    • HALF AMAZIN June 8, 2016

      most of Dawn’s solo stuff has been like this. It’s probably her true aesthetic. It’s not maint stream but everyone’s not after that. She’s dope

    • What Now June 9, 2016


  3. Adrian June 8, 2016

    They all need to go away, especially dawn. It’s not by force

  4. Sorry Not Sorry June 8, 2016

    can someone who actually knows Dawn PLEASE just tell me if she listens to her own music. Seriously, I can’t ever believe Dawn is pumping this on her iphone while jogging and driving or anything….. seriously, does she know what crap she’s trying to peddle onto us??

    • HALF AMAZIN June 9, 2016

      @Sorry Not Sorry
      Every song is not meant for jogging, cranking in your car, or as someone else said–banging in the club. Maybe you musical palate lacks some depth. Dawn reminds me of Bjork, Portishead, Noisette….none of which you’d listen to for the aforementioned reasons.

      • Sorry Not Sorry June 9, 2016

        Thats what makes you only Half amazing, i suppose. My musical palate goes deeper than your comprehension love. this stuff is as deep as an obnoxiously loud & hollow dog bark that goes through you. you’re the dog?

  5. Sorry Not Sorry June 8, 2016

    and lastly…. someone at TGJ needs to answer for this post. This caused me emotional distress.

  6. 2bad2bme June 8, 2016

    Who do she think will crank this in the car, earphones, house party (possibly gay club) but girl who is playing these songs???

  7. Cough Cough June 8, 2016

    I love it!! The beat is infectious and Ivan TOTALLY see this on adult swim commercials, as that’s what it’s for. Alright!

    • Cough Cough June 8, 2016

      I can***

  8. Ann June 8, 2016

    Stop it dawn this music puts you to sleep all the same echo techno sound . Good for something I guess!

  9. Credits June 8, 2016

    So i see a lot of people above are not feeling dawn’s music and I’ve listenned to her albums so it really is hit and miss. But when she does get it right, it’s good!! Like ‘frequency’ ‘castles’ ‘pheonix’ ‘paint it blue’ and ‘warfare’

  10. GoMo June 9, 2016

    I wish she would make more Bombs, Army, Northern Light, but let Dawn make the music she likes. Mainstream is not for everyone. At least she’s constantly working.

  11. Janet June 9, 2016

    She just needs to give up. This sounds terrible.

  12. Ciah’s Turtle June 9, 2016

    Yes Dawn, Rise like Phoenix you are <3

  13. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyou June 9, 2016

    The music is alright she can do better then the song

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