New Song: Nick Jonas – ‘Bacon (Ft Ty Dolla $ign)’

Published: Friday 3rd Jun 2016 by David

Breakfast is served.

On the menu? Nick Jonas‘ new number ‘Bacon’ which features Ty Dolla $ign.

The cut comes courtesy of Jonas’ LP ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ which drops on June 10th and rubs shoulders with the likes off ‘Champagne Problems’ and ‘Close.’

Jonas’ LP will take on releases launched by Drake, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Rihanna.

Will it fare better than his debut solo offering?

Share your thoughts below…

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  1. Grande the Way June 3, 2016

    Song isn’t bad. I think he needs to be repackaged though. The mature s*** thing didn’t work for Zayn and it isn’t working for him really. He has good music, is a decent performer and singer, and definitely good looking. I think the blatant pandering might have turned people off but there’s something else missing.

    • LmfaoHoe June 3, 2016

      Zayn album was good though, he has the right tracks to promote it. He needs to go on a 30 day or more intimate setting tour. I wasn’t found of Pillow talk @ first but when I heard him performed it acacpella lord yes I heard soul n those guitar riffs were beautiful with his voice. He needs to promote – Wrong, Fool for you, Truth, lUcOzAdE, Blue and She Don’t Love Me.

      • Grande the Way June 3, 2016

        I enjoyed Zayn’s album too, I don’t think it was packaged correctly though. The dark s*** thing works better for older artist, especially when he was just coming from 1D. His album deserves much more success though. It was a solid album and he is a great vocalist.

    • LmfaoHoe June 3, 2016

      Word ???

  2. Danny Bey June 3, 2016

    Yaaassss Nick! I LOVED his last album. And I’m wet over this song. ?

  3. Theman June 3, 2016

    Zayn’s album is only on single number two. Y’all expect so much so soon. Lol..

    • Grande the Way June 3, 2016

      Part of the whole packaging issue imo. You shouldn’t release an album after only one single. Its like they saw Pillow Talk smash and decided to bank on it. I get striking while the iron is hot but they didnt even wait until it was out of the fire lol. Hopefully his sales pick up. He deserves better tbh

      • FAF June 3, 2016

        He has like 5 videos tho

  4. Dev June 3, 2016

    Nick and Zayn are in a funny place. Both are in their 20’s but are both seen as younger due to their boyband/group ties. If they were solo artists making the transition i think it would’ve been easier, but because the fanbase is still the tweens that were with the in their band days, they are in limbo.
    All females have to do is put on a nice dress and do a few magazine covers and they’re on route to womanhood and whole new demographic.
    The song is okay but i don’t think it’ll do that well.

  5. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyou June 3, 2016

    Pretty nice music

  6. ?+✈=? June 4, 2016

    I wish Zayn would release DRUNK as a single

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