Rita Ora Signs New Record Deal

Published: Monday 6th Jun 2016 by David

Almost a decade after she signed to the company Rita Ora’s relationship with Roc Nation has finally come to an end.

Fortunately, this has now given her the freedom to find a friend in a new record label as she hopes to relaunch her career in music sans the scandals that scarred her earlier attempts to impact the charts successfully.

This week, she signed the deal she believes will help her do so…


Reports have linked the entertainer to Warner Music, home to her former love interest Bruno Mars.

Your thoughts?

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  1. grapejuicefan June 6, 2016

    Good now she can have the proper team behind her

    • Maurice June 6, 2016

      If she can’t make it work with her new label and still struggles to break through America with all the gigs she’s had (fifty shades, adidas deal, features on hit songs in America), it’s pretty much over for her.
      Her personality seems off, but I’ll see what she comes out with before I make my final judgments.

      • Adele’s Husband June 6, 2016

        That’s what you think. I’m not even the f
        An of this girl but damn! The amount of negativity yall have symbolizes that you guys need love and psychological help

    • Annalise June 6, 2016

      She had the same team that put Rihanna on the map, and look how huge she’s become. If they can’t help her out then I don’t know who can, but good luck to ha!

  2. Beykim loves Lady Gaga,Beyoncè,One direction,Justin Bieber & Miley June 6, 2016

    I hope they are willing to spend money on her like Jay’s team was.If not she will be just holding $1000 for promo,which is a 1000x what Molly’s sugar granddaddies give her.

  3. Beykim loves Lady Gaga,Beyoncè,One direction,Justin Bieber & Miley June 6, 2016

    Jackie go and pick up your weave from that other Rita post.You have been dragged with no mercy.Should I give you a link for a barber shop that will be willing to fix whatever is left of the hair you have left?

    • …. June 6, 2016

      You mean a Salon right because a barber does not work with weaves

    • #JACKIE June 6, 2016

      Girl shut your pressed, irrelevant ass all the way up. Worry about Rita WHORa who will never break through the states.

    • Annalise June 6, 2016


  4. Adele’s Husband June 6, 2016

    She have a nice voice and she can Sing! Hopefully she makes some soulful music to demonstrate the beauty of her voice.

  5. Jamie June 6, 2016

    Something tells me a lot of s*men was involved…

    • What Now June 6, 2016


      • Jamie June 6, 2016

        I just couldn’t resist.?

  6. Lake Erie June 6, 2016

    Well… … let’s see how her roll out fairs.. she said she wasn’t given a fair shot in the states so let’s see. If all goes down hill she can always go back over seas. I heard she was pretty successful over there.

  7. Music all the way June 6, 2016

    I honestly don’t see it for her, I mean don’t get me wrong,she makes cutes bops but for some reasons the USA is not just here for her. I don’t know why her and Tinashe just won’t pick up.

  8. Justafan June 6, 2016

    She just needs better music

  9. #JACKIE June 6, 2016


  10. Thando June 6, 2016

    This women is very talented. Jay Z made her wait, hopefully she can get the right people behind her (producers and writers) so she can get an ALBUM out. There’s definitely potential there, especially in acting.

  11. Anti&Lemonade June 6, 2016

    Sorry for her but not everyone can be a superstar …
    She just don’t have that little thing that make you a huge star ..
    Talent or being s*** are not the only things necessary to shine.
    Girl move on

  12. MsYonce June 6, 2016

    Good for her I guess! I’m here trying to recover from the slayage last Nighttt. Queen bey snatchedddd me baldddddddddddd. She splashed me with the holy water during Freedom I got my lifeeeeee

    • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) June 6, 2016

      Ohh! Tell me more

      • MsYonce June 6, 2016

        It was the best night ever she went the f*** offfffffff! The best performer this generation!! The Mine/Baby Boy/Hold Up/Countdown transition wassss ?????… I’m seeing her again in NYC

  13. Sam June 6, 2016

    Look,Rita can sing but is not that great of a singer. She has had features on hit songs but failed with her own material even though racking up headlines the world over for other things, but then females came and managed to capture some chart success.
    I personally haven’t found Rita’s songs desirable, catchy or to have longevity but maybe this time around she will turn it around.

    I wonder if it’s a 360 deal?
    I think that she has already recorded the album and presented it to the label and is good to go so her fans might get a single before the summer is out.

  14. Slayty Perry (Prism’s 5 Billion Streams) June 6, 2016

    If she can find her own image and sound away from Rihanna she’ll continue to do well in the UK. She’s pretty much done in the US tbh.

  15. Queenshade June 6, 2016

    I can’t with this girls eyebrows …. It doesn’t need to be that dark with the blonde hair looking like a sharpie …. And I know she works with the best makeup artists so it has to be her filling in that middle part smh

  16. Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) June 6, 2016

    Break a leg b****!

  17. Rihboy June 6, 2016

    All i see happening is them either completely scrubbing her sound and giving her either an urban edge seeing that it’s what’s popping right now. Or massively drown her in pop!

  18. creebhills June 7, 2016

    i hope she gets to release a good album from it

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