Breaking: George Michael Dies Aged 53

Published: Sunday 25th Dec 2016 by Sam

In sad news, it has been announced that singer George Michael has died aged 53 on Christmas Day.

Famed for hits such as ‘Freedom’ and ‘Faith’ the crooner was discovered by Thames Valley Police, who said said South Central Ambulance Service attended a property in Goring in Oxfordshire at 13:42 UK time.

The late star’s publicist released the following statement:

“It is with great sadness that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend George passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas period.

The family would ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult and emotional time. There will be no further comment at this stage.”

Michael’s career spanned four decades, during which he amassed sales of over 100 million.

Poetic almost is the day of his passing. Christmas being synonymous with the singer thanks largely to his global [Wham] smash ‘Last Christmas.’

May he rest peacefully.


The icon’s cause of death has been revealed.

According to his longtime manager, Michael Lippman, the star died of heart failure.

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  1. AML December 25, 2016

    There will be no one left soon
    If Aretha and Stevie are next I’ll cry

    • Jasmine December 26, 2016

      There will always be new artists. What are you talking about? The problem is new artists are not given a chance these days. It is the same commercial models (artist posers) that have a monopoly in the music industry until the consumers speak up.

    • LISA LEVINE December 26, 2016

      #last christmas #blue #carelesswhisper #everythingshewants #freedom. Exceptional Male vocalist.

    • ? + ✈ = ? December 27, 2016

      Cher, Barbara and Tina?? There’s so many legends here! What you talking about?

  2. Bish in Africa December 25, 2016

    So sad… RIP George… Damn it we r loosing so many legends. We better appreciate them while we hv em.. #praying for his family

    • Bish in Africa December 25, 2016

      Just 53

  3. Jj December 25, 2016

    Best white male vocalist

    • Lana Del Fan December 25, 2016

      Come on man. That part about him being white was irrelevant.

      • Danzou December 25, 2016

        No it wasn’t

  4. Cough Cough December 25, 2016

    LEGENDARY. You will me missed Jorge!!!

  5. December 25, 2016

    damn, that’s sad news, RIP to him.

  6. The Wig Snatcher December 25, 2016

    He was the greatest blue eyed soul singer some of the most iconic songs of the 1980s and 1990s like “Freedom.” “Father Figure” was my favorite George Michael song.

  7. The Wig Snatcher December 25, 2016

    Faith will always be one of the greatest albums ever.

  8. Jasmine December 25, 2016

    Sad to hear. I wonder what the cause of death is. I hope it is not H**/A*** or drugs.

    • MUSICHEAD December 25, 2016

      At only 53, it’s very likely.

    • Meme December 25, 2016

      It’s likely one of the mentioned.

    • YONCE December 25, 2016

      Because he is gay he has to die of h** adis or drug, people are very uneducated and closed minded.

      people die everyday for different reasons we all going to die some day. we need to stop this mindset that they society planted on uneducated people about gay, they are sick or do drugs. RIP G M

      • Jasmine December 26, 2016

        @Yonce The only thing ignorant is people like you that place a stigma on being gay. I asked a logical and realistic question about a man (only 53 years young) that suffered drug abuse, in and out of rehab, and had a partner named Anselmo Feleppa who died of the disease. You twisted my comments negatively and went on a gay crusade against straight people so you are the ignorant one. You do not get to dictate what logical questions a person can ask and you do not get to twist people’s words around to fit your negative agenda.

      • :/ December 26, 2016


        ‘A gay crusade against straight people’??


        What a weird thing to say.

      • MCole December 26, 2016

        I agree with Jasmine. There is NOTHING wrong with asking questions. He had a drug problem and a boyfriend that as positive. People forget that many times when you are on drugs you do risky things you are not supposed to do, especially sexually risky activities.

    • SHEILA LANE December 25, 2016

      ignant ass comment!

    • YONCE December 26, 2016

      Jasmine you are Dump in High Definition people die at any age , why is his death at 53 be a sign that he has Adis or h** or drugs.. if your relatives or friends dies at any age will you ask such a foolish question.

      Your dump ass don’t even know that H I V don’t even kill people that easily like before.. H I V is much easy to live with than cancer, high blood pressure, organs failure, diabetes, heart attack the list goes on.

      You need to get your self educated and understand someone can have H I V for over 10 years with no treatment before it can even have a health effect on them.

      b**** go back to college and stop hiding behind keyboard and bash people you know nothing about there life.

      • Jasmine December 26, 2016

        STFU. You don’t know me and don’t assume I do not know what H I V is. You want to read negativity into logical questions and you think you can dictate what questions can be asked. The press (including CNN) is asking the same questions today so obviously my questions are not “dumb.” The only idiot her is you and people with H I V can and do die of H I V related illnesses including A I D S especially when they are diagnosed too late or do not take their medicine. George Michael’s former partner died of H I V related illness. The same goes for people that battle drug addiction. After a while drugs take a toll on the body and can make organs like your heart stop working. I can ask any question I want to. There is freedom of speech. I do not bash anybody by asking questions but you think you can bash me because your little brain wants to interject negativity into my questions. Fall back and get over yourself. If you take my questions so negatively then I must have pulled some nerves. Perhaps you are the one who is battling H I V and drug addiction.

    • YONCE December 26, 2016

      B**** you still Dump. because he dated someone who die of H I V related illness do not make him H I V +.

      Fool do you even know that there are loads of people not just gay men but str8 men who are H I V + But there partners or lovers do not have the H I V.

      You are just among the fools that Trump talk about that will believe anything they hear or see on the news. CNN, B** etc they all report false news mostly since everything on TV is about the rating. you do not have his medical record so shut the f*** up and worry about your own life issues.

      • Jasmine December 26, 2016

        Get a life Yonce. The day I stop thinking with my own brain and enter the school of Yonce, someone who spells “their” with “there”, will be the day I decide to become an idiot. I am allowed to think outside the box, formulate my own opinions, and ask questions because I am an adult. You do not know everything and you are way too negative. You interject your own personal problems into other people’s comments so you are biased, negative, and small-minded. In life it is okay to disagree on something but when you attack someone, call them names, and attempt to belittle someone just for having different opinion than you (or in this case asking logical questions) you are dead wrong. I ask that you leave me alone from now on. I will not stand for being called names or attacked simply because I think differently than you.

  9. King z December 25, 2016


  10. Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 25, 2016

    WOW…..YET ******* is still alive. Rip George Michael.

  11. RoyalKev December 25, 2016

    We are losing all the amazing artists that dominated the 80’s (especially) and contributed to the great Pop culture handbook musicians follow today! This is so tragic! R.I.P George Michael …

  12. Fresj December 25, 2016

    Wow all the 80’s Icons are almost gone!
    R.I.P George Michael!!
    I still listen to the Faith album every now and then!

  13. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? December 25, 2016

    Nooooooo ?

  14. @ASAPicon December 25, 2016

    Im not too familiar with his artistry, But RIP.

  15. Jamie December 25, 2016

    Known for “Last Christmas”, and sadly this was indeed his last. RIP George.

  16. ronnoc December 25, 2016

    Ugh my favorite male singer. This year has been tragic

  17. LmfaoHoe December 25, 2016

    Lord I am so speechless, this fine man was first Blue Eye soul singer I falled in love with. I did not care about his sexuality as that had nothing to do with his talent and love for God regardless of others opinion on it. R.I.P. George, another 80s icon gone too soon indeed. My absolute favorites – One More Try, Careless Whisper, Freedom, And Jesus to A Child ect.

  18. THE REAL December 25, 2016

    Freedom ’90 felt like a battle cry for a gay kid like myself. It really helped me articulate what the pain I experienced being in the closet at the time.

    The following lyrics carry the biggest impact..

    “Heaven knows I was just a young boy,
    Didn’t know what I wanted to be.
    I was every little hungry schoolgirl’s pride and joy,
    And I guess it was enough for me.
    To win the race? A prettier face!
    Brand new clothes and a big fat place;
    On your rock and roll TV.
    But, today, the way I play the game is not the same;
    No way.
    Think I’m gonna get myself happy.
    I think there’s something you should know.
    I think it’s time I told you so.
    There’s something deep inside of me.
    There’s someone else I’ve got to be.
    Take back your picture in a frame.
    Take back your singing in the rain.
    I just hope you understand.
    Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.”

    RIP George Micheal

    • joselinefan_xo December 26, 2016

      Aaalll we have to do now is take these liiies & make them true…” Love it!

  19. Mariah Carey December 25, 2016

    George was incomparable. I knew George personally and I am honoured that I got to cover his song on my last studio record. Rest in peace ?

  20. Thando December 25, 2016

    The album “Faith” will forever be my childhood. His cover of Stevie Wonder’s “As” with Mary J. Blige was my teenage years, I was a young horny gay Black man during the release of the delicious “Amazing”….and off course the eternal classics than even the non-fans know “Wake me up”, “Last Christmas”, “Careless whisper” (although I prefer Tamia’s cover) but “Fastlove” has to be my favourite out of all of them: “Looking for some education, I make my way into the night. All that b******* conversation” and that glorious breakdown in that song “….in the absence of security, I make my way into the night. Stupid cupid keeps on callin me, but I see nothing in his eyes, I miss my baby” and the soul-pinching keyboard….WOW 2016 you’ve been so great at taking away the TRUE artists. The greatest tragedy is that judging by the people doing music now compared to the 90s and later, its just poor, poor. Thank you George for being my childhood from afar, thank you for sharing your talent with us, and through your music thy will not stale!!! Now let me roll a joint and re-listen to one the greatest albums (in CD format) EVER at FULL volume: my White neighbors are going to have to deal. I LOVE YOU MICHEAL!

    • Shakira Stan December 26, 2016

      Make sure you don’t Die of A*** too.

  21. joselinefan_xo December 26, 2016

    So sad. I loved many of his songs like everything she wants and careless whisper..that last one chile gets me in the mood lol. R.i.p. georgie ?

  22. ROCK December 26, 2016

    The careless whisper of a guilty friend

  23. cocobutta December 26, 2016

    Lots of presence on stage and music videos, instrumentalists and excellent song writer.
    Lovely tone to his vocals.

    A true man of the pop realm, mixing tempos of songs and bringing different elements of himself to the visual.

  24. Del December 26, 2016

    RIP George. He was a gifted singer/songwriter who wrote and performed some timeless music that will live on forever.

  25. Shakira Stan December 26, 2016

    RIP George, you might have left this cruel life but your work will always live on.
    Rest now, till we meet again to part no more.

  26. RhiRocks December 26, 2016

    People better appreciate Beyoncé while she’s still here

  27. JOHNVIDAL December 26, 2016

    Too many big artists from the 80s (their peaks I mean, their careers are longer) have died around the age of 50. Cannot believe it. This man was very very very talented. His voice so beautiful and some of his songs phenomenal. He has TRUE classics under his belt.

  28. Slick December 26, 2016

    Just want to share this with you guys. I was listening to “Last Christmas” on my way to work on Xmas day (yesterday).I got a Facebook notification on my cell, so I browsed my FB feed. Thats where I learned of the news…I felt a deep shock and hurt.
    While I have never met George Michael, his music had been a huge part of my life. I made it a point to introduce his classics to those who never heard of him or even cared to notice. Why? his voice, the music, and his struggle in life to find love.It resonated deep.
    I can tell you in humility, that I cried like a child when I got home. Never thought id do that for a stranger. But I guess we are all connected more than we think. I am truly grateful for his gift to us.

  29. Speak December 27, 2016

    I had the biggest crush on George growing up. Such an amazing voice, and an amazing catalog of music.

  30. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 29, 2016

    Rip to him and he will be misses by many people and his fans

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