From The Vault: Mariah Carey – ‘Oh Santa’

Published: Sunday 25th Dec 2016 by Joe

Given today’s festive focus, the latest instalment of From The Vault comes courtesy of the Christmas Queen herself, Mariah Carey.

We give you 2010’s ‘Oh Santa!’

A “classic Christmas with a modern twist”, ‘Oh Santa!’ picks up exactly where the singer left off with her biggest hit ever ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Lyrically, it remains a call for help that she issues Santa’s way. Her wish? That he brings back her lover in time for the holidays.

Produced by frequent collaborators Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, it was the first single from the belle’s second Christmas album, the aptly titled ‘Merry Christmas II You’.
Commercially, the cut reached the number one spot of both the US Adult Contemporary and US Holiday Digital Songs.

Pregnant with “dem babies” at the time of shooting, it didn’t stop the elusive chanteuse from showing a little bit of skin… and we love her for that!

Directed by Ethan Lader, the video with its 60’s mise en scene displays Mariah and her band performing the song to a cheering variety show audience. Much like OutKast in ‘Hey Ya.’

No other pop star has left their mark on Christmas time quite like Mimi has.

With an annual Christmas residency, TV Movies and holiday specials aplenty, it will be interesting to see just how far her and team will continue to push that sleigh in the years to come.

In the meantime, we wish you and your loved ones a happy Christmas.

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  1. Bish in Africa December 25, 2016

    First time I’m seeing a “from the vault” dedicated to MC.. Ya’ll never give her any from the 90’s

    • ArianaRiriMariah December 26, 2016

      U so right

      Honestly don’t know why but I truly believe they are so jealous of her, it’s clearly They Stan Bey. Too bad my fave is your faves fave .

      Mariah is the Nr 1 female artist and I’m sorry none of this chicks comes close not Adele, Beyoncé, sia .

      2017 is the year for Mariah to Slay and take back her charts

    • LISA LEVINE December 26, 2016

      Mariah Carey does not need a website’s approval of her music and music status. The woman has sold 200 million records, worth over 500 million and has the biggest selling single One Sweet Day in history. She has reached her peak and now she is gliding along making her millions. Props to her. Mariah stays booked at 47 years old.

    • Aaron December 26, 2016

      lol exactly, Mariah has never been part of TGJ throw back. Including when they do the hot 100 throwback lol

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH December 25, 2016


  3. The One December 25, 2016

    Mariah is so talented and truly one of a kind!!
    Living Legend in every sense of the word.

    • Mariah Carey December 25, 2016

      Thank you dahhling

    • ArianaRiriMariah December 26, 2016

      Preach preach preach

      she is truly a living legend with so much more to give and 2017 will be the year of giving.

      Let’s all support her while she is here, I won’t tolerate haters fake crying when something happens( god forbids ).

      Let’s give her flowers while she is alive

  4. Stephy December 25, 2016

    This a cute bop but it damn sho ain’t “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

    • ArianaRiriMariah December 26, 2016

      It could be but All I Want For Christmas Is you is just shining way to Bright just like We blong together blocked shake it off (Mariah song not that CockSucking Witch) from NR1 in hot100.
      Mariah songs have a habit of Competing with each other ??
      First time I have seen this Awful blog (Don’t a know why I always combs know tho) give this legend a props.

      Mariah will always be the queen I’m sorry but can’t nobody still sing as good as her, I was in Vegas early this year and boy did she blow them pipes. I brought with me a Hater (My sister) she has never shown me that rockerfeller moment again or even hate on her.

      We have enjoyed her Christmas albums so much can’t wait what 2017 has in store for her.

      According to some Music insiders (Don’t know if I believe them) she is planning a Huge Album for 2017 with some bops.

      But Mariah has had one big problem these few years, and that’s promotion for the album.

      I want clear singles and a great body of work, bops.

  5. JOHNVIDAL December 26, 2016

    Carey´s second xmas album was amazing. It truly surprised me. Best Xmas release of 2010 no doubt. The duet with her mujm was pure artistic brillance. Epic. Plus the 4 new original songs she did for the album sounded like classics as if they weren´t new. She is THAT good. One Child is so classy and with an epic feeling to it too. And Xmas Time is in the Air again… sounds like another classic too. She´s just so artistically fantastic vocally.

  6. Gee December 26, 2016

    I believe if MC would drop some of the diva antics and work on her image I believe she can garner her respect as the great singer/songwriter/producer she is. While many don’t want to admit it her discography is one of the best of any artist as it has many different varieties and styles this is one of the reasons I respect her and her craft.

  7. Lola Martinez December 28, 2016


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