Nicki Minaj Now Has More Hot 100 Hits Than Any Other Female In History…Except Aretha Franklin

Published: Friday 16th Dec 2016 by Rashad

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Rap,” Nicki Minaj, is close to laying claim to another impressive title:  Queen of Billboard’s Hot 100.

That’s right, Minaj – whose first charted hit came in just 2009 – had already surpassed legendary divas Mariah Carey, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, and Whitney Houston in a short time with her number of mentions on the singles chart.  Now – thanks to the recent entry of ‘Black Barbies’ – even contemporary female hitmakers Rihanna and Taylor Swift lie in her rearview.

The only person who’s blocking her from the “all-time” title?  Another musical monarch: Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin…

Via Billboard:

…Nicki Minaj notches her 70th Hot 100 entry with a No. 65 debut (the chart’s highest of the week) for “Black Barbies” [her remix to Rae Sremmurd‘s #1 hit ‘Black Beatles’].  With the song’s Hot 100 arrival, Minaj passes Taylor Swift and now trails only Aretha Franklin (73) for the second-most visits to the chart among women. Here is an updated count, dating to the Hot 100’s Aug. 4, 1958, inception:

Women With the Most Hot 100 Hits
73, Aretha Franklin
70, Nicki Minaj
69, Taylor Swift
57, Madonna
57, Rihanna
56, Dionne Warwick
53, Beyonce
53, Connie Francis
48, Brenda Lee
47, Mariah Carey
43, Miley Cyrus
41, Barbra Streisand
40, Mary J. Blige
40, Janet Jackson
40, Diana Ross

Notably, Minaj has been credited as a lead artist on 27 of her Hot 100 entries, or 39 percent. Franklin has been the lead on all 73 of hers…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kayla C December 16, 2016

    Lmao go away.

    • Maurice December 16, 2016

      the title is so confusing.
      Nicki has more hot 100 hits than ANY OTHER FEMALE ARTIST… but then u say “..except for Aretha.”
      So she doesn’t have the most hits out of all the females then.
      wtf TGJ. loool.

  2. Hur December 16, 2016

    BUT none are a number one hit. ??

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      They don’t need to be evidently. 65 million singles sold.

      • bitchbegone December 16, 2016

        Whatever helps you sleep at night sis

      • Danzou December 16, 2016

        No my 3.64 GPA deans list for two semesters straight is what helps me sleep at night. Find something better to do and find an identity outside of TGJ you f****** fagget.

      • OMG Logic!!! December 17, 2016

        3.64 isn’t worth bragging about sis…

      • Mariah Carey December 17, 2016

        It’s not a thesis dear! No one cares what your GPA is dahhling! I didn’t go to college… I was busy makin’ records!!!

      • The Legend Called Missy Elliott December 17, 2016

        Lmaooooooooo! 3.64. Wow hun if my gpa was 3.64 I would spend more time with my nose in a book than self-hating on blog. Bish take that average gpa and have several ? ???

    • Molly #STARGIRL December 16, 2016


    • Kiss it Better December 16, 2016

      Exactly. She calls herself the Queen. However, she has no grammies or number one singles.

      • Cory December 17, 2016

        But 32 of the 70 have peaked outside of the top 40 (most between the 60s-80s) and zero #1 hits. Not sure if this is a great record to have and as a solo artist OR lead artist she has only had 3 singles make the top ten. “Super Bass” (#3), “Starships” (#5) and “Anaconda” (#2).

        Even Missy Elliott as has had 5 top 10 hits as a lead artist “Hot Boyz” (#5), “Get Ur Freak On” (#7), “Work It” (#2), “Gossip Folks” (#8) and “Lose Control” (#3) while scoring another 6 top 10 hits from features.

        Much respect to Nicki but these days people are breaking records not allowed to others before the digital era. If album tracks could chart back in the day entire albums from the Beatles, Elvis, Janet, Michael, Madonna, Whitney, Prince, U2 would chart as well.

      • therealist December 17, 2016

        ITs called the top 100’s for a reason and for the record they call Aretha franklin the queen of soul and she never had a number 1 hit, again its called the top 100 and Mariah carey has the most 1’s out of any woman on that list but not the most top 100’s. If you don’t believe what I say about Aretha franklin or Mariah, just google to check the receipt. Sounds like you need to get educated. lmao

      • BEY>RIH December 17, 2016

        Aretha has 2 #1’s..

      • Cory December 17, 2016

        You’re incorrect. Aretha has 2 #1 singles.

        “Respect” #1
        “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” (with George Michael) #1

        And further more… Aretha has 17 SOLO Top 10 hits (not features). Nicki only 3.

        Janet Jackson 25 SOLO Top 10 hits (does not include some of her featured Top 10’s like “Scream” and “What’s It Gonna Be?!”

        Even Jody Watley has had more SOLO Top 10 hits than Nicki. lol

        “Looking for a New Love” (#2), “Don’t You Want Me” (#6), “Some Kind of Lover” (#10), “Real Love” (#2), “Friends” (#9), “Everything” (#4) and “This Is for the Lover in You” (#6).

        Congrats to Nicki for the achievement. She will break Aretha’s record. It just doesn’t seem like a fair one.

  3. SipTheTruth December 16, 2016

    Oh wow cos she raps for 30 seconds on a feature, no feat

  4. Mark111 /.\ December 16, 2016

    Isn’t Snake new single expected to chart high next week? So back to being tied. Hoping on everyone’s already hit isn’t a feat imo.

    • December 16, 2016

      everyone already hit you say, man you are dumb.

      • Mark111 /.\ December 16, 2016

        So she didn’t hop on Black Beatles, the Maroom 5 and The Weakend’s already #1 tracks? Oh ok.

      • Danzou December 16, 2016

        He’s/she’s mocking your grammar you idiot. @- I fwu heavy.

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      Ok but how many artists are doing that and still aren’t getting charted? Nicks name alone gets her charted.

      • bitchbegone December 16, 2016


      • Danzou December 16, 2016

        No my 3.64 GPA deans list for two semesters straight is what helps me sleep at night. Find something better to do and find an identity outside of TGJ you f****** fagget.

      • Jasmine December 18, 2016

        We get it you are a biased Nicki fan and you are still in school. You are saying a bunch of blah but it means nothing. Go study and improve your GPA and then get some life experiences dear instead of just being a simpleton. It is so easy to be a simpleton but much more fulfilling to actually have a life.

  5. Fancy BISH December 16, 2016

    I should’ve known lol…The many L’s of Iggy, and here comes Nicki Minaj’s hilarious list of more MISSES than HITS in order to be the 2nd most charted female…well, beautiful gowns, Nicki…beautiful gowns lol

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      What’s more of a miss? Charting without a hit? Or not charting at all? I’ll wait.

      • Fancy BISH December 16, 2016

        You know Danzou, Miss Aretha actually DECLINED to comment when asked about Nicki Minaj in that Wall Street Journal interview…I was being nice saying ‘beautiful gowns’, but that was for Taylor Swift…when asked about your girl, the Queen had this to say…
        “Hmmm…I’m gonna pass on that one.” -Aretha Franklin
        So, to answer your question that you seem to already know the answer to…hmmm, I’m gonna pass on that one lol

    • Kwinzy December 16, 2016

      ?????!! @ beautiful gowns

      • Kwinzy December 17, 2016

        Kiii!! @ Declined to comment. I’m telling y’all Nicki is only for the minion generation…she has no solidified legacy. People deadass look at her wack stage name and crack jokes.

  6. Chileplease December 16, 2016

    Quantity doesn’t equal quantity. That’s for sure.

    • Chileplease December 16, 2016

      *quantity doesn’t equal quality.

  7. Rima December 16, 2016

    What a joke…

  8. Danzou December 16, 2016


    • BEY>RIH December 17, 2016

      You try to drag Bey for not having a #1 in 8 years yet fail to realize that Bey has 5 #1’s. Meanwhile your queen has “0”..

  9. Jasmine December 16, 2016

    Being featured on a song does not count. You can’t compare a 30 second feature to women who got hits where they were the lead artist and have no features.

    If you are going to count features then each time a collaboration is made it should count once under the collaborating artists as a group entry. For example,

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      Ok but what your literally not understanding is that every collaboration isn’t CHARTING but her features are. Were y’all mad when Kim won a Grammy piggy backing off of Moulin rouge? No? Exactly.

      • TurkeyNoodleSavage December 16, 2016

        Piggy backing ? the song your speaking of WAS NOT credited as a FEATURE ! Every girl on the track (including Missy) was credited for the track .
        You fools kill me always speaking about KIM when the post or comment had nothing to do with her .

      • Kwinzy December 17, 2016

        Yet Kim has the only original verse on the track which MADE IT GRAMMY WORTHY. Why don’t y’all barb buffoons get that? No Kimmy, no Grammy. Period! She is muva and you will respect ha or Nicki finna get buried 10 feet under every cotdamn post. That’s the ultimatum!

      • Jasmine December 18, 2016

        You still miss the point. For example Lauryn Hill had Billboard 100 hits under her name but the hits done under the Fugees are counted separately. The same goes for Beyonce’s solo hits being counted separately from DC. If an artist is featured on a song that hit should only count as a collaboration between two artists and not be credited to the artist’s solo hits. So if Drake features Nicki on a song one year and does it again a couple years later that should only count as 2 hits for the collaboration between Drake & Nicki and it should not count under Nicki’s.

  10. Dee December 16, 2016

    How many of her songs will stand the test of time like an Aretha song. These comparisons are ridiculous.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 17, 2016

      The answer is zero.

  11. Molly #STARGIRL December 16, 2016

    Congrats I guess?

    • Fancy BISH December 16, 2016

      Molly with the Truth Tea lol

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      Your fave will never reach 10 h** you need to cut it.

  12. Aurelia December 16, 2016

    Having 70 entries isn’t the same as having 70 HITS let’s make that clear. Coming in at #65 on billboard is far from a “hit”

    • king z December 16, 2016

      contrary to the beliefs of queens on this web site…any song on the HOT 100…you know…one of the 100 hottest songs of the moment (despite the fact there are thousands out there)…is a HIT.

      • Danzou December 16, 2016

        Thank you king. You’re one of the accounts that I really like.

      • Mr.StLaurent December 16, 2016

        #Truth ??

      • AzuzuQueen December 16, 2016

        Why is everyone salty? I’m not a die hard fan but I can understand the difference between #1′ hits and single Entries. She’s in second place for features, remixes and 2000+ “Promo” single and 1000 more attempts @ #1. ????

  13. Jay December 16, 2016

    How many of those songs Beyonce did were solo? She is the only former band mate Ive seen use Destinys Child’s numbers to boost her solo stats. I have seen it in magazine in parentheses and all. I have never seen that with Michael (Jackson 5), Justin (NYSNC), Babyface (The Deele), Missy (Sista), and many many more. This list is a joke and should only count as the lead act.

    • HailLegendBeysus December 17, 2016

      I love how you singled out Beyonce yet Rihanna has more features with her 54 hits than Bey does.
      Out of those 53 hits Beyonce is the lead on 45 of them the other 8 are due to features.
      Out of Rihanna’s 57 she has charted 41 songs as the lead artists. Leaving 16 as features for Rihanna.
      So Beyonce has charted more Hot100 hits as a lead act than Riherpés! ?☕
      BTW DC is counted toward this list. Thats an extra 14 Hot100 hits added lol!

      • HailLegendBeysus December 17, 2016

        *DC isn’t counted

  14. Danzou December 16, 2016

    If Nicki was a man you hell dwelling f.ags and you ratchet no edges nappy kitchen having ass thots would be all over her. But because she’s a woman your first instinct is to disrespect and dismiss her. I swear gay men are far more misogynistic than men in general. Unhappy bitter angry f.aggots the lot of you.

    • BOOBIE December 16, 2016

      Why do you have to be so homophobic? You can get your point across without being so nasty…

      • Danzou December 16, 2016

        It’s the only way they listen.

    • Kwinzy December 16, 2016

      I love the way how you really feel about black people. It’s like your inner KKK is showing out. Beautiful. Not coonery at all, really!

      • Danzou December 17, 2016

        I can’t stand white people for s*** and I’m not part of no damn KKK.

      • Truth December 17, 2016

        @ Danzou the Dodo bird, really are a dumb c***. He didn’t say you were a part of the KKK. He was pointing out the opposing resemblance of your love for blacks, and your hated for whites to the KKK, as to how KKK feel about their own, and their hatred for blacks. Dumb ass.

  15. Danzou December 16, 2016

    So if y’all dismissing her 70 then that means you’re dismissing everyone else’s entire too right? Cuz by y’all gay ass logic, a hit of only worth being counted as an entry? If that’s the case then I guess Aretha should give it up too huh? Lol idiots.

  16. king z December 16, 2016

    how do people on this site dismiss nicki’s features, but praise Rih for hers?

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      Cuz they are bitter. If she was a man they’d love her. They’re superficial gay men who shade anything in sight if they aren’t attracted to it. You see it everyday they hate themselves and project it onto the artists. For example, they’re always calling straight artists gay or closet bottoms like its funny but it’s self hate.

  17. mr.m December 16, 2016

    what a joke
    when 98% of it are features
    gurl bye. that bish is nothin but a big b***.

  18. Danzou December 16, 2016

    The real truth here is that the navy and hive especially are threatened. So they are melting down. I knew this was coming lol.

    • Mr.StLaurent December 16, 2016

      I don’t think they are “threatened” .
      They just love to hate on Miss Maraj ?

    • HailLegendBeysus December 17, 2016

      Honest Question. What Hive member is in here shading? I see no Hive just Navy, your usual haters and troll accounts. Fancy is as close to Hive as it gets, but that’s an Iggy stan.

  19. BOOBIE December 16, 2016

    Congrats Onika. Hard work pays off!

  20. Justafan December 16, 2016

    Let’s keep it real. She really only has 27. If you’re not the lead artist, IT DOESN’T COUNT.

    • Danzou December 16, 2016

      Evidently it does count. You can’t ignore a rule because you disagree. Even At 27 hits that’s a lot for a female rapper.

    • We Found Rihanna. December 17, 2016

      Since when you make the rules Hun, Billboard say they count!

  21. Fresj December 16, 2016

    Do people not understand that any song that hits the billboard 100 is in fact a hit.
    Literally thousands upon thousands of singles are released every day,week,and month all year and majority never see the Top 50 of their respective genres let along ever hit the Top 100.
    Since when does an artist being a feature or having a sinlge thats a collaboration make it any less of a hit?
    If that’s the case majority of Rihanna,Beyonce,and countless other artist #1’s don’t count at all.
    Stop trying to decrease artist merits and achievements just because you dont like them.
    Every lady on that list gets so much respect from me.
    Those are incredible numbers,Hateretha reigns supreme though.
    Beyonce has 54 Hot100 appearences solo,so how exactly are they using Destiny’s Child stats?why are people lying when Destiny’s Child only has 14!That’s still 68 Times she has been on the Hot100!In short if hitting the Hot100 was so easy alot of artist would be on this list as well.

    • Danzou December 17, 2016

      LMAO I read hateretha in that dionne Warwick voice.

  22. Miami December 16, 2016

    ? Why is this closeted f** Danzou seething up and down this post? I see you’re still harboring resentment from losing that white d***. You should have continued to use that Fleet, because no one likes a “Brown Betty” ? you dirty f**.

    Now get over it and MOVE ON. Bitterness isn’t cute, especially for a fat f** like yourself ?

    • Danzou December 17, 2016

      Did that make you feel better?

      • Miami December 17, 2016

        Hopefully your f***^t ass will take heed to it and move on. Bitterness and resentment is not a cute trait.

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott December 17, 2016

      Drag that shitty pants heffa! Bish’s lips seen more peen than a pair of underwear.

  23. iamdiego December 16, 2016

    Im proud. look at all the black women on the list. yaaaassss! ALL Queens. MJB, MC, Janet, Bey, Dionne Warwick, Rih, Nicki, Miss Franklin and Miss Ross. congrats!

  24. Yeppppppp December 16, 2016

    Ummmmmm really. If ur not the lead artist on the song than its not your entry. Why is this compared to Aretha Franklin!!!! Dumb generation

  25. Jordan December 16, 2016

    It’s obvious talent doesn’t mean anything!! nicki is TRASH!!!

  26. Kwinzy December 16, 2016

    I swear there’s always a divide between minions and real people with musical taste when it comes to Ms Minaj. Oh wow, the industry made her a puppet to fill a void for female rap by putting her on every other artist’s bloodclawt song! Y’all need to come to grips she ain’t nothing more than a PLANT. Aretha been out for decades and is too relevant to have some fake ass bish not only dethrone her with this wack feat but also destroy real artistry and what the essence of music stands for. Mimickry, gimmicks, features and pop tart hits defines Onika’s career in a nutshell. She’ll never earn the universal respect as the Queen of Rap. She’s the best and the worst female rapper of all time…kii!! I’m being deadass, check Google. That’s that sweet karma, baby! She also has the most Billboard Hot 100 hits without a #1 single. Not much of a feat now, huh? That’s how easy it is to dismantle propaganda. She still ain’t sh!t.

    • Danzou December 17, 2016

      All that and still she’s made 20.6 million this year alone on her name ALONE. No album. No tour. 20.6million. 65million singles sold. Three certified albums. Two sold out world tours. clothing lines. Perfumes. You’re a hater.

    • Fancy BISH December 17, 2016

      Kwinzy just gave me pure LIFE ALERT lol

  27. ROCK December 16, 2016

    Rubbish.The whole chart is a joke at this point.

  28. Ronnie December 17, 2016

    Y’all mad as if it’s going to change anything lol feature or not, people either bought or streamed the song simply because they wanted to hear Nicki’s verse which made the song chart. So yes her features should count. And I guess y’all should hope she never scores a number one because if she does she’s already accomplished everything else lmao

  29. OMG Logic!!! December 17, 2016

    Yet Iggy Azelia still has more #1 hits than this flop heffer.

    • We Found Rihanna. December 17, 2016

      Nicki has more #1 albums to credit. Haha.

  30. Mariah Carey December 17, 2016

    Now getting back to my 18 Billboard Hot 100 Number One singles… which is something Ms. Minaj doesn’t have!

  31. blue December 17, 2016

    hot100 entries aren’t hits unless they hit top 20 for more than a week

    • BEY>RIH December 17, 2016

      Formation, Sorry, and Hold Up were all top 20 for at least 2 weeks but yall claim they’re flops. I dont get it

      • blue December 17, 2016

        honey formation and hold up were in the top 2 for like a minute and another minute they were completely off the chart…thats not a hit… maybe i should have said that one needs to atleast reach the top 20 for at least 2 weeks and have some sort of life span past a month in the top half of the chart.

  32. Boosie December 17, 2016

    This latest accolade will be remembered long after her hits, and just like them this is irrelevant.
    Who’s taking this seriously?

  33. JOHNVIDAL December 17, 2016

    LOL The jokes write themselves with these features-streaming “queens” 🙂
    Again, call me when real tremendous records are broken. Last time I saw one it was Adele´s two diamong albums. That´s all.

    • blue December 17, 2016

      full of it much?
      adele’s two diamond albums are not indicative of the current sales market in any way shape or form…

      • THE REAL December 17, 2016

        You basically just proved John Vidal’s point to “call him when REAL tremendous records are broken” ???

      • blue December 17, 2016

        by saying that adele’s sales are anomalies in the current sales market? how exactly?

      • JOHNVIDAL December 17, 2016

        You´re just mad cause your precious favorites (probably Rihanna if I remember correctly) will never ever witness tremendous real success in their careers. You can invent all the streaming and featured records you want but I still won´t buy the bullpshit when it is so obvious those artists are not having Adele´s type of success, or others before her. They are just not as big and universally acclaimed. That´s all.

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