Mariah Carey Reveals Racy ‘I Don’t (ft. YG)’ Single Cover

Published: Tuesday 31st Jan 2017 by Sam

Mariah Carey is attempting to drum up the hype machine for the release of her new single ‘I Don’t.’

Moments ago, the 46-year-old revealed the cut’s accompanying cover.

Set for its grand unveiling this Friday, the YG assisted track is believed to be the first taste of Mimi’s new album, which’ll be her premiere effort for new label Epic Records.

Can’t say we’re fans of  whatever was being attempted here. At all.

But – as ever – our primary focus is the music. Here’s hoping Mariah delivers with that and stops us fretting over why she’s still pushing this “look at me, I’m sexay” schtick on the cover of her “comeback single.”

Click here to listen to a snippet.

Your thoughts?

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  1. M January 31, 2017

    Interesting though…..since you’re ALWAYS spouting on about ageism in the music industry, yet you feel the need to continuous describe Mariah as “the 46-year old.” Why is that even worth mentioning? Do you list Madonna’s age every time you write an article about her? How about Toni Braxton? Or Mary J. Blige?

    Either way, roll it on Mariah!!! Keep being you and doing you, that’s why your fans love you! The reaction to the snippets have been overwhelmingly good so far too!

    • Maurice January 31, 2017

      … because journalists don’t always want to repeat themselves using the name of the person they are referring to.
      Sure, he could’ve used “The Elusive Chanteuse,” or “The We Belong Together hitmaker,” but what’s the big deal?
      She’s 46, which only reiterates her slayage at her old age.

      • Lana Del Fan February 1, 2017

        @Maurice. I would’ve agreed if they didn’t have that last sentence (that they “crossed out”). They basically inferred she’s too old to be s***, so they’re part of the problem.

        Btw: I think she looks super s***, 46 or not.

      • Lana Del Fan February 1, 2017

        @Maurice. I would’ve agreed if they didn’t have that last sentence (that they “crossed out”). They basically inferred she’s too old to be s***, so they’re part of the problem.

        Btw: I think she looks super S E X Y46 or not.

    • 2shady4u January 31, 2017

      Because Samantha is a hater, omg I wish I could run into Samantha face to face. He always has to add his rude little comments…if you don’t like Mariah that’s cool but give her news updates for someone else to post! Stupíd little kūnt boy!!!!!

    • Mariah Carey January 31, 2017

      I’m not even 46 dahhling because I discount age numerically speaking! I am eternally 12 which keeps me looking young! I just don’t age, unlike Madonna and that other one I don’t know ?

    • Paulo January 31, 2017


    • The Wig Snatcher February 1, 2017

      Sam just got clock’t…once again! Kii

    • Buttafly February 1, 2017

      This site clearly never has anything positive to say about Mariah, but posts positive things about individuals marginally less talented and successful. Every time something is written about her, it’s dealt with in a negative tone.

  2. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) January 31, 2017

    I like it! It would’ve been better if her mouth was closed.

  3. IG: @mixedboy January 31, 2017

    Why does every artist that starts a new project after a few years always have to have a “comeback”?? This lady has been here 25+ years. LORD

    That being said not really feeling the snippet but her full singles most times always slay. I’m ready to hear Friday.

    • LISA LEVINE January 31, 2017

      Shut up, you will be the first old queen singing your heart out when your next Grinder date dumps ya old a_ss. Her song is Fire.

      • IG: @mixedboy January 31, 2017

        Wow. What did I even say bad. I took up for her in regards to ageism and ONLY said I wasn’t feeling the snippet and that her full singles normally slay and can’t wait to hear it. Stop being a f~cking delusional lamb. This old a$$ queen has been a fan of hers since 91 and will continue to do so. It’s okay for EVERYONE to not be up a celebrities a$$. Oh, and you’re probably one of those fat, nasty a$$ queens on G***** I commonly BLOCK! Caio!

      • LISA LEVINE February 1, 2017

        @MIXEDBOY/girl – this coming from a punk whose hairline starts behind his ears,but i do love your foundation your wearing on your IG, and i was right, OLD Woman

    • Micelle February 1, 2017

      @mixedboy no one cares you don’t like the song; Your another goat and REGARDING you being mixed YOUR NOT. your another black queen who don’t LIKE BEING BLACK, YOUR BLACK DARKSKIN ass needs to stop being FAKE. YOU AINT MIXED NEGRO @LISALEVINE he’s another 50 year old looking black queen posted at EVERY gay bar thinking SHE fly #goatass

  4. LISA LEVINE January 31, 2017

    She’s 46-47 and looks incredible. If she wants to look s***, i’m all for it. BUT… lets just hope the song and vocals are on point. We all know she had outstanding material per Time Magazine with : MAKE IT LOOK GOOD and FADED and she just let them……..fade. Mariah can sit at a Piano with Big Jim Wright and sing her heart out….but then she fizzles. I’m not sure why she’s so iffy live. Vegas — she gives life and then she does the TV stuff…and fizzles.

  5. Molly #Stargirl January 31, 2017

    Looking like a tired pornstar

    • Rosy January 31, 2017

      I love Mariah but enough with this trying to be s*** image she better than this let the voice speak for itself too much trying to be someone she not Madonna always been s*** image it do not fit Mariah she trying too hard to be s***

  6. HatersGunaHater January 31, 2017

    She looks sizzling” ? Fresh looking cover, song snippet is awesome too, a solid direction, she is a legend let’s not forget her reign at the Hot 100, this year I’m sure she can extend it to 19, As Aaliyah would say ‘Quit Hatin’

  7. Kae January 31, 2017

    Someone tell Mariah she is NOT S***
    And this has nothing to do with age, she always looks like a try hard

    • Teflon Boy January 31, 2017

      S*** is in the eye of the beholder.., if Mariah feels s*** then she’s s***. Maybe worry about whether or not YOU feel s***.., if you don’t then I support your right to wear a turtle neck. Mariah been there done that though and it’s her right to wear what she feels comfortable in.

  8. TDM90 January 31, 2017

    She needs to mature. Im not about ageism but after seeing her tv thing I concluded that she’s a teenager. #PETERPANCOMPLEX

  9. Lake Erie January 31, 2017

    Tgj, stop. She looks good! What do you want her to do? Wear a hospital gown?? Smh. I say if you got it, and it looks tasteful, then rock out with it… she looks beautiful…. I ain’t mad…. …. .. i bet had it been j-lo yal would have been saying: Yaaaas, and Slay Me and all that other dramatic sh!t.

    Anyways, come through MiMi!!! I got a feeling joint is gone be on repeat for me!!! Plus it really makes sense tbh….. Everyone’s been doing remakes of the old school joints but as of late, it’s been really popular so far this year… I’m amped!

    • Blak January 31, 2017

      TGJ is thirsty for followers & comments so that’s why one day they love u then the next day they hate! You are right the song will be on repeat & it’s about the music

  10. Tori January 31, 2017

    For some reason I get the feeling that she want to or has already screwed him. More power to her, he’s a looker and I know he got the hammer!

  11. BCinKS January 31, 2017

    What is going on here? She looks like she was drunk at a costume party and somebody dragged her out and threw her in the backseat to take her home. And is it raining? Did they drive through a car wash? What is YG lookin at? It’s just too much wrong.

    BUT the song sounds like it will be a banger so at least there’s that.

  12. Suicide Blonde January 31, 2017

    They probably used a still from the music video.

    • HOMOcide Brunette January 31, 2017

      choke on a big black d*** you messy f*g

      • Suicide Blonde January 31, 2017

        Did I said something wrong?.

      • HOMOcide Brunette January 31, 2017

        You’re still breathing. why is that again?

  13. Dane January 31, 2017

    Maybe if you guys would stop trying to be shady and actually become a real BLOG. Sam is always being negative. Rashad €>>>>>>>SAM

  14. Blak January 31, 2017

    TGJ yall some phonies lol just the other day y’all was riding MC loving the track now y’all back tracking talking bout y’all hope she deliver. Again consistency will keep folks coming back for more & substance y’all lack it! whoever did this post Get some consistency you will get followers! By the way the song is hot fire #IDont

  15. leveinard January 31, 2017


  16. Kurtz January 31, 2017

    Y’all are talking MiMi stays winning!!
    She looks amazing age don’t matter
    The snippets sound dope
    I can’t wait for Friday ??

  17. Ajax January 31, 2017

    She’s been giving this look since Butterfly, she likes it, she looks good. She is not gonna change for you h*** in here????? I mean why if she is a press conference and you are just a conversation if that. ? Kill em MC!!!!

  18. Ibrahim January 31, 2017

    I think this is bound to flop. Too manu recent events people need to take out of their memories to be interested in new music from her. Here’s hoping it is and enjoyable tune at least!

  19. SWISH January 31, 2017

    lmfao this some tacky ass journalism

  20. MUSICHEAD January 31, 2017

    There’s nothing wrong with this cover. Stop hating!

  21. Teflon Boy January 31, 2017

    Mariah’s never really been one to slay a photo shoot.., a beautiful woman no doubt but her poses are usually awkward. No shade, not everyone can be a Rihanna/Aaliyah when it comes to delivering music visuals. That said, Mariah brings the slay where it counts i.e. The studio and the vocal booth. 25+ years of musical consistency and ya’ll fails worried about a single cover?! #CashMeOusside with that mess.

  22. SMH January 31, 2017

    Mess. I can’t with her anymore.

  23. Mariah Carey January 31, 2017

    Which is longer – my career or Samantha’s nose dahhling?

  24. Theman January 31, 2017

    What is the issue with this site & Mariah? You complain about every damnnnnn thing. She’s a woman. She can be s***. She’s not telling you what to do as a man. You don’t complain about JLo/Beyonce. So shut up. Biased as shytttt.. Every article is a hate article. Get over it. She looks great. Could they have chosen a better pic? Yes. But either way, she looks great.

  25. Mooriah January 31, 2017

    her eye roaming like it’s on a sprint tower tho

  26. Josh January 31, 2017

    Mariah has always been a woman who enjoys being s***. Let her be! At least the cover is a thousand times better than what we got from Def Jam

  27. Rihboy January 31, 2017

    I’m so here for this!

  28. eric January 31, 2017

    Mariah is one of my favorite artists, but I don’t like this look on her. She looks desperate to be sexually appealing. When you make it about the voice and the music (like Celine Dion) you don’t have to look stupid tacking yourself onto a lame rap artist whose time will be up soon. Mariah needs to get back to the voice and stop making a show out of everything. Why does she need so much attention for her body? Is it supposed to distract from the lazy lip syncing artist she has become?

    • gurlbye February 1, 2017

      Celine is hardly relevant these days. Good or bad we’re still talking about Mariah almost 30 years deep.
      Don’t worry about how a grown woman decides to portray her self or express herself musically. She’s paid, she doesn’t HAVE to work with rappers. She’s making the music she loves.
      If you don’t like it, don’t give it your energy.

  29. Justafan January 31, 2017

    She looking fly AF

  30. Jackx January 31, 2017

    Can’t wait for Friday, by the looks of the cover I can tell the video will be entertaing?

  31. TheOne February 1, 2017

    Mariah looks great.
    Can’t wait till Friday!!!
    This album will be fire!!!

  32. Nobody’s Kid February 1, 2017

    I love Mariah but she looks like a washed up pornstar.

  33. NT February 1, 2017

    On one hand I feel like this look makes Mariah very happy and on the other hand I feel like it’s super s*** and that if she toned it down, gave us her natural curls and SANG that would be a great thing to witness.

  34. gurlbye February 1, 2017

    Yeah, the fact that this is a site run by a gay man doesn’t excuse the high amounts of agism and misogyny up and through these posts about our female faves. Actually gays can be even more misogynistic than straight men…just look at the beauty standards set by the fashion industry.
    But I’m sleep though.

  35. Now at your best game way tuesidnz February 2, 2017


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