Unapologetic: Chrisette Michele Claps Back At Spike Lee After Trump Drama

Published: Sunday 22nd Jan 2017 by Sam

In yet another case of “where is your publicist,” Chrisette Michele is pouring fuel on the fire that lit her up this week.

As widely reported, the R&B singer accepted Donald Trump‘s invitation to perform at his inauguration. A decision which angered and irked many who are disgusted with his publisized views on minorities and women.

Spike Lee was one of those disappointed in Michele and consequently deleted plans to feature her song ‘Black Girl Magic’ in an upcoming documentary.

Now, following a show of support from Lil Mo, the 34-year-old is responding – with a little help from her fiance.

Details below…

In a case of Tweet and Delete, Michele posted the following message – effectively sharing a “f**k you” from her lover to Lee…


At this point, it’s clear she’s embracing the moment as “all publicity is good publicity.” Like, why would she do this just at the cusp of everyone moving on to the next topic if she wasn’t pandering for press?

Needless to say, it’ll be very interesting to see what her sales and touring schedule look like in the aftermath of all of this.

Because her bread is, quite literally, buttered by the Urban community. A group none too pleased with her at present.

Maybe she should re-visit reality TV if she really wants to capitalise on the notoriety?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lupita Slayongo January 22, 2017

    Question. If gay people would rightly be offended if a popular singer performed for A person who insults their community why are people of colour expected to be ok with a person of colour performing for Trump? Think about it. The gay community would shun anyone who performed for a homophobe and so communities of colour are entitled to the same response.

  2. Fancy BISH January 22, 2017

    I had to run and get some water after her DRY performance chile lol…they paid $250,000 for dry biscuits…and to Lil Mo, your girl didn’t bridge anything or sing in perfect pitch tho…she was just dry as the Sahara Desert…Spike Lee won

  3. Lake Erie January 22, 2017

    Lmao!! Aye, I don’t knock her hustle at this moment…. This may be the most she’s been talked about since her debut for real.. so milk the publicity I guess.. but tbh. . The crowd that could have been introduced to her (bringing in new fans/ bigger platform) could care less.. I do think her core is upset also… if she’s not making any more money by reaching for more fame on this topic, then she should really stop… it could do more harm then help.

  4. Wait…what!?!!? January 22, 2017

    Spike lee: Chrisette Michelle what is your aspiration in life?
    Her: To be the bridge ?
    Spike lee: Beat it, your not in my show anymore.
    Her: Fck U IM THE BRIDGE! #basquiat??

    Me: ?

    • Wait…what!?!!? January 22, 2017

      ??? look she crazy now *brenda voice

      • Jamie January 22, 2017

        I’m sorry Mr. Skeleton…????

    • Haters Gon’ Hate January 22, 2017

      I’m dying!!!!!!

  5. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? January 22, 2017

    She better hope those white fools run and buy her new album….if she don’t get shelved.

  6. B_Roni January 22, 2017

    What the black community fell to realize is that everyone doesn’t think or feel the same. I’m black and I don’t like trump. My cousin is black and is married to a white republican and both of them support trump. It’s just a matter of opinion. My problem is that people think just because you are the same color or just because two people are gay then they have to stick together on everything and agree on everything. That’s now how it works and never will be like that. Just accept people’s opinion and move on. If you don’t like someone then don’t support them. All this mess about trump is gonna make him the most talked about president in history and it’s what he wants. He is probably laughing at how we are all tearing each other apart.

    • Sleep January 22, 2017

      Divide and conquer. This is how you take over a nation. Pay black blogs, like this old grape juice, to keep sheep distracted and arguing. It works and I like it. If people are this stupid may as well profit from it. Make your money stale grape juice.

    • Less than Smart January 22, 2017

      Thank you. Your statement is exactly the issue that people have failed to realize. Just because society groups individuals based off of their religion, race, orientation, or socio-economic status, it does not mean that everyone thinks the same or better yet should think the same or have the same issues. It’s ironic that members of the left call for the right of the individual to freely express themselves but that right is contingent on the individual falling in line under group think. In reality this mentality is the antithesis of true individuality. This is something that I came to realize and understand with this whole election process. Once the left accepts this truth, that is when the left party can be rebuilt and be representative of a party of the future.

    • Ajm265 January 22, 2017

      Yea but your cousin who is married to a white man is not trying to sell records to a black fanbase, I am also sure your cousin doesn’t give a damn about black lives, gay rights, and women’s rights. Because she’s forgot the walk of life of the minority. No one is knocking chrisette’s hustle. The point is she can do what she wants but don’t come back over here to the minorities to pedal your album. She needs to have trump and his supporters download it and request it on radios for you. We don’t want your bridge we will swim if we need to.

      • Inquiry January 22, 2017

        Your statement still groups people under one ideology and promotes group think (not all group think is bad we just need to be aware). The black fanbase is made up of individuals who will have differences of opinion. I don’t believe it is fair to assume that just because someone is married to a person of a race not their own that they have lost the ability to understand or know what members of their community face in terms of discrimination. It is very possible that his or her cousin does know and understand. I do agree that Chrisette has alienated some members of the black community and other minority groups but not all. In the same token, some Trump supporters may buy her music now and some may not. We need to let go of the one size fits all. Life isn’t simple so why do we expect each other who participate in this thing called life to be such.

    • eric January 22, 2017

      When you build a music career catering to a specific audience, it’s a reasonable expectation that your music will speak to and mirror the common feelings and experiences of said audience. You don’t perform in honor of someone who has openly spoken and acted with hatred toward your core audience.

    • Niggro Please January 23, 2017


  7. Trina January 22, 2017

    She had the attention she always wanted. #SideEye

  8. DanYiel Iman January 22, 2017

    Actually never heard Chrisette Michelle sing until R&B Divas but it was a snippet..??‍♂️

  9. Ivy Nanyamka January 22, 2017

    It was not Trump and people like Trump that made Chrisette. Please understand its a loyal and truth matter towards her real supportive fans. It’s sad because most are so quick to defend her based on the opinion of “Blacks”! Well last I check, my money was green and I been a supportive fan since day one and my cds were not burnt copies either! I also still played here music while waiting for a couple of forevers for new music. So it is an insult to your true fans when you don’t deliver the truth and try to cover your supported reasons. No one is understanding that she has always been a certain way and demonstrated you she really is until now. Then for all that was expressed in the blinding bs letter, to allow such a response from the fiancé, it’s all contradicting.

  10. Casual-T January 22, 2017

    I am glad Chrisette Michele didn’t give in to bullying. President Trump is a loudmouth, and I understand why many people take exception to things he’s said (the most famous of which was never meant to be heard publicly), but he is the president of the United States, and it is always an honor to be asked to sing for the president. Some of the items on the president’s platform don’t make for nice soundbites, but they represent pressing issues that must be firmly dealt with.
    On the real, if a secret memo leaked where some lower level member of the inaugural committee had specified that no black performers were to be booked, y’all would be rioting and looting in the streets, tearing up some black neighborhood near you.

  11. Justafan January 23, 2017


  12. Now time yca ritish wauyz January 26, 2017

    Nice of her

  13. NoneYour October 15, 2017

    So your saying that Chrisette Michele does not have the right to stand up to Spoke Lee and stand for what she believes in for fear of not having financial support from her community? Is it Spike Lee who got her where she is? It is only God, the Creator, Jesus Christ. What happened to Black Girl Magic? Or are you one of those Suntan people who support whats hot and when the sun goes down you change up?!!Not even this messy, pointless story you posted to make a dime from this story will prevent her from continuing to prosper financially or otherwise, I declare this in the name of Jesus Christ! Yep I said it!. God is her provider. Get to know Him and maybe you will stop encouraging others to compromise their beliefs to make a dime.

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