Black Twitter Drags Gospel Singer Vicki Yohe After Pro-Trump/Anti-Womens March Statement

Songstress Has Since Deactivated Her Facebook & Twitter
Published: Sunday 22nd Jan 2017 by Rashad

‘Nobody Knows Me Better’ gospel singer Vicki Yohe should’ve known better than to so avidly announce her support of President Trump and his policies over the weekend.

On the same day a record 2.9 million women marched worldwide to convey a message of complete disapproval for the recently inaugurated businessman, Yohe – a white gospel singer with a strong Black following – took to Twitter to salute the ‘Apprentice’ star and ended up getting schooled by some angry followers in the process.

In fact, the dragging was so merciless she turned her timeline off to protect it from further harassment.  See it inside:

After the ‘Because of Who You Are’ singer took to Instagram to say:

Her Twitter timeline has been lit up:



Ouch! Looks like she’ll have to sit out a while like fellow gospel divas Shirley Caesar and Kim Burrell.

Update:  She has since addressed the backlash multiple twice and even offered an apology after a number of churches have begun cancelling her scheduled appearances.

Your thoughts?

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  1. B_Roni January 22, 2017

    I use to like a lot of her songs.

  2. Fancy BISH January 22, 2017

    I’mma need Celine Dion to cover her best songs and sing circles around her lol

  3. Ughhhh January 22, 2017

    This site has become the new MediaTakeOut. All you guys post about is people “slamming” and “dragging” on twitter, social media beefs and bias negative post. How about you post about the speeches countless celebs made at the women’s march. Post about Obama and Michelle’s farewell speech to their staff. Post about new music! Just because Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga don’t have news this week doesn’t mean their isn’t new music! Other artist exist!
    if you can’t do that, can someone give me new outlets I can follow that can deliver more positive and resourceful information?

    • King z January 22, 2017

      Lol girl go to cnn and stop your whining

      How do you come to a site to complain about it?

      • Ughhhh January 22, 2017

        @king Because I used to like this site… and this is a comment section… so I’m leaving a comment.

    • Tori January 22, 2017

      I wonder if there’s some kind of petition to take take this site down because it has become utter b******* over the past 2 years. It’s never been this bad and dry, all the post are negative. I would expect the comments to be s*** because it’s usually fan wars are ppl trying to start one. But the writers and editors are the main problem, it’s so unprofessionally written and instead of giving the news, they (mostly Sam) give their personal opinion in mid report.

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 22, 2017

        Girl it’s all about twitter posts and stuff now. This site used to be LIT?
        I guess it’s just a different era now…

    • Dylan Birks January 22, 2017

      Hi. I’m actually starting up a new music blog soon. Maybe you’ll enjoy it.

      • Ughhhh January 22, 2017

        Keeps us updated!

      • Keri’s the Kween January 22, 2017

        It will flop

      • Its me gowrl December 20, 2017


    • Dylan Birks January 22, 2017

      I sure will! ?

    • 4u2see January 24, 2017

      Young black fabulous or read abook. Internet is the last place you’ll find the truth and positive news.

  4. Truth Tella January 22, 2017

    All Lidtards are becoming more deeply insane each day. Mainstream media is sinking themselves into a deeper hole and I love it. Bye bye CNN aka fake news we no longer need you we now have alternative news to look at. And oh Hollywood celebrities , your time will be coming to an end soon too. No body flocks to the theaters to watch your pathetic movies like talking about. Thanks to technology we now have streaming and smart TV’s and chromecast and roku and firestick and Netxflix.Look at these celebrities lowering themselves to Netflix now bcuz no one gives a sh-t about them. Yesssssssssss. And guess what? This next generation of 13 to 18 year olds won’t give a damn about what’s going bcuz that Tupac and Biggie generation are now raising that generation and we didn’t give a sh-t neither back in the day. Plus those kids are now being raise up on the internet. Those kids worry more about Iphones than a pair of Jordans. Wake up people and get out that bubble bcuz this internet is changing the game in a big way. I’m calling it now, by year 2020 artist won’t a need a record deal, we won’t need cable as long you got Wi-fi, and going to the theaters will become obsolete. We are really going into a new world order. Like I said before, At&T is trying to buy Time Warner and that along will change the game of how we look at TV. It’s time to wake up people!

    • Cynthia Taylor January 23, 2017

      How do people like you keep Turning a blind eye to Donald Trump (not my pres) is beyond all logical thinking, oh, I forgot most poor dumb white people voted for him.

  5. Tom Johnson January 22, 2017

    Grab em’ by th P***y. That’s hip hop’s mantra right there. That’s the black comedian’s go to line. It is surprising the hypocritical blowback that Trump gets from black community. Trump’s swagger is reminiscent of your favorite rapper, he has been referenced in dozens of rap songs for his opulent wealth and bachelor ways, but now you hate him, ha ha. He was your boy when he was hamming it up with Lil Jon and Vivica on the Apprentice. Too late now, he is your President for at least 4 years.

    • Veronica January 22, 2017

      Which hip hop artist is President or running to be? Also, since when does hip hop represent all black people? So now that I’ve debunked your whole premise and argument…. What is your defense for Trump’s propensity to grab womens’ genitalia? And also defend Ms. Yohe supporting him and claiming that he’s chosen by God? Also state why black people are hypocritical because we have the sense to see through that bull. Hip hop was a terrible attempt given the fact that white people purchase and always have purchased more hip hop than everyone.

      • Tom Johnson January 22, 2017

        What did you debunk? I am saying for the black community to be so silent on the vile lyrics in hip hop. The nasty words recited daily by black youth all over America from 4 on up singing Lil Wayne, etc.. No outrage. These are popular music not underground music. And as far as hip hop being white and who created it , you got to be joking, ha ha, every time a white artist tries to enter hip hop -Iggy. Eminem,Macklemore etc. , they are dragged for cultural appropriation. You want hip hop when it comes to who gets the Grammy but get called for its misogyny and vile sexism which I’m not judging , listen to that sh** if you want, but don’t roll up high and mighty when a white dude says P–y in private when you got little black children dancing to worse at the park party down the street in any black hood, America. It’s so hypocritical, Jay z , Tupac, Biggie, Jeezy, Wayne, on and on vile a** lyrics, on Obama’s playlist too, but then these same MOFO’s hear Trump say P**y and you all are acting like you all are little virgins, GTFOH.

    • Duane January 23, 2017

      This is how low we’ve sunk. You’re satisfied with your President being on the level of a hip hop artist and a foul mouth comedian. Amazing how the definition of “unpresidential” has changed from a black man to a white man. Just 8 short years ago fist bumping your wife was unpresidential. Now the behavior of a hip hip artist including grabbing women by the tarts is presidential. Wow. White privileged goes deeper than I ever imagined.

    • lisa January 23, 2017


    • ShirleyTemple January 23, 2017

      If you have children, they are probably buying the latest hip hop music right now while bumping and grinding and twerking to it…. cause white kids buy more hip hop than anyone else… Thanks to you and your people hip hop has surpassed in sales what anyone could imagine… Thanks for making the artists rich with your money spent on their music… and PuHLEASE – Trump has no, I mean none what so ever – swagger… ha ha ha ha thanks for that laugh…. Trump and swagger yeah good one ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

  6. Polo January 22, 2017

    Nation of Islam tells you and warns you over and over again to stop trusting the wolves, but noooooo black people are so damn trusting!! Yall will learn one day!

  7. Tom Johnson January 22, 2017

    She did nothing wrong. Supporting the freely elected presaident of the US is not grounds for boycott. The man is the president now. Black people are being dumb, boycotting everyone who meets or says a nice word about Trump. B*******, I hope these people come to my town, I will be the first to buy a ticket for their show, I’m anti boycotting Chrisette and Vicki Yohe. Never listened to her before but enjoying her voice right now. For all you haters , try protesting your favorite vile rapper’s lyrics which are destroying the mind’s of your youth.

    • Cynthia Taylor January 23, 2017

      This is so appalling. This country is so divided. You can’t post the things Vicki Yohe posted without repercussions. She won’t be selling much of her music to the black community anymore. She is as racist as the day is long for posting what she did. All racist people should just hate themselves and leave other people alone.

    • Cynthia Taylor January 23, 2017

      You will also burn in hell with your racist ads on fire forever!

    • ShirleyTemple January 23, 2017

      Well since her music catered to black people, her music sales will be hurting. You know you white people can’t deal with that soulful gospel. Enjoy her voice for the moment you will soon switch back to Kari Jobe

  8. DanYiel Iman January 22, 2017

    Never heard of her anyway so not missing much? ??‍♂️

  9. Beyoncé Jackson January 22, 2017

    Ok and? She’s a white lady and an evangelical Christian. Didn’t 53% of them vote for Trump? Not surprising.

  10. Bettye January 22, 2017

    They are coming out of the wood works with their racist assess. Her belly would grow to her back before I would buy her music.

  11. M. Lovett January 23, 2017

    Now she knows what the Obama’s experienced for the last 8 years.

  12. Pam Thornabar January 23, 2017

    Vicki says she believes that Trump is God’s plan. Maybe she’s right. God may be using him to expose demons like you! Using God’s name for profit, when your heart is filled with hate.

  13. 4u2see January 24, 2017

    Why they’re trying to make Trump into something they want to see? He’s not religous or a funamental Christian. He own casinos in Alantic City with dancing strippers.. He threw people out on the street and denied black people proper housing. He’ve judged women at beauty contest. Say things that he needed to be asking for forgiveness.Disrespected people he knew in the past , etc. She is worshiping for his bossy aggressive Narcissus ways to think he conquer success in his ways and play the victim like we’re the “haters.” I don’t care who you choose but don’t try to insult someone’s intelligence because of your shallow rhetoric . Obama was classy like classic timeless music that never gets old.

  14. Now time yca ritish wauyz January 26, 2017

    Never heard of her before at all

  15. Jessica Taylor September 24, 2017

    When Jesus comes to defeat Satan….
    Everyone is Christian and knows the Bible so well…..
    So Jesus is everywhere…
    This government is run by Christians~ the white house, etc….
    Twisted, backwards, false~ just because one claims to be Christian means nothing. So let me explain a bit…. Jesus is not God. Jehovah is not Jesus. The Bible specifically explains why Obama done what he done, why Trump being how he is but yet is “ruler of this government”. HELLO. Satan is the ruler. So I guess Jesus was in the white house when Obama passed gay marriage. I guess Jesus was there and saw fit for Trump to rule our country; a womanizer, a racist, one who makes fun of people with disabilities, etc.. WHAT HAS ANYONE IN THAT WHITE HOUSE DONE~ GAVE US FREEDOM? NO, GOD GAVE US FREE WILL. THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWS US TO WHAT THEY ALLOW US TO DO. P.S NO SAME S** MARRIAGE IS REAL, THAT’S MAN MADE AND IS DETESTABLE TO GOD. The only government that will remain is God’s Kingdom. Yes, our evil corrupt government will soon be destroyed. Be careful who and what you believe. Just because one was raised in a church, sings gospel, claims to be a righteous christian~ does not mean ANYTHING. READ AND STUDY HIS WORD AND SEEK TRUTH~ TRUTH~ TRUTH AND STOP BELIEVING IN FALSE WITNESS AND LIES. AND IT WILL BE REVEALED TO YOU… FOR INSTANCE… I WAS ONCE TOLD BY A PASTOR THAT GOD’S NAME IS NOT JEHOVAH. BUT HIM AND THE ENTIRE CONGREGATION SINGS DAYS OF ELIJAH THERE’S NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH. HOW CAN YOU BE A MAN OF GOD, A PASTOR, ONE WHO TEACHES AND PREACHES GOD’S ORDER BUT DOES NOT KNOW PSALM 83:18 (CHECK FOR YOURSELVES)… GOD AND HIS WORD IS VERY REVEALING, YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT AND BE WILLING TO ACCEPT IT.

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