Drake Fans Riot After Rapper Cancels Show…For The Third Time

Published: Tuesday 28th Mar 2017 by David

Revolted, Drake fans have taken to social media to blast the performer for cancelling a show in Amsterdam…for the third time.

Torment and rage below…

His latest last-minute cancellation marks the third time he has postponed a show in the city in three months and is to thank for the reaction he garnered in the fan-made videos above and below.


In better news, the star’s latest effort ‘More Life‘ has recently seen him reach brand new heights on Billboard!

How so?

Find out here!

Your thoughts?

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  1. LadyEmpress8 March 28, 2017

    People be there pressed over Drake. I think Nicki is better. Beyonce is the only artist I will pay to see and Bruno.

    • 3Truth(yaaasss honey) March 28, 2017

      Nicki is trash

      • LadyEmpress8 March 28, 2017

        Nicki is a Christian.

    • Jasmine March 28, 2017

      I agree with you. I think Beyonce is a lot more professional. Drake should take notes from Beyonce on how to be professional. Beyonce would never let partying interfere with her making coins. Drake cannot even file an insurance claim to get paid for the missed dates because he has no real illness so any insurance claim would refuse to pay him. Drake will also have to pay the rental fees to the venue even though the concert was rescheduled.

      • LadyEmpress8 March 28, 2017


  2. LadyEmpress8 March 28, 2017


  3. .LISA LEVINE March 28, 2017

    Trey Songz probably went in to deep and ruptured him lol

    • Stephy March 28, 2017


      • Electrikblue March 28, 2017

        Why? That comment was wack like both of y’all

  4. gina March 28, 2017

    drake looks fine af in that pic.

  5. Jake March 28, 2017

    More than Beyoncé in her entire solo carreer.

  6. AmbeRussell March 28, 2017

    There comes a point when u have to just say you not going to reschedule or man up and do it. If he was enough for the whole day to not have canceled prior to people showing up, he could have done a half ass, and done a redo show for free for those with tickets. I mean he could have done a stripped down version of the concert, him, band and a single spot light and did a more “intimate ” performance.

  7. IG: @mixedboy March 28, 2017

    This is actually very unprofessional. I don’t care who you are. People pay their hard earned money and for the show to be postponed three times and three months is utterly a MESS. Sis, just cancel and move on doll.

    • Jasmine March 28, 2017

      I agree with you.

  8. Brandy Fan March 28, 2017

    He’s so overrated. I’m glad his present album is flopping lol.

  9. MUSICHEAD March 28, 2017

    So basically he was too high to perform lol

    • AmbeRussell March 28, 2017

      So high he was throwing up, from a comment I saw on Instagram. Couldn’t handle the stuff


    When I think of stans or fans, I think of superstars, singers that pours star quality, Drake has catchy records for sure, but he is not a star, I wouldn’t pay to see him, downloading the hits is enough.

  11. SayItRight March 28, 2017

    “LOL” do people actually pay to see him “live” ?! What a waste of time and money. I wouldn’t go even if I was paid.
    And he obviously is taking what he has for granted thinking he’s got it like that to cancel shows over and over again.
    Whenever people are gonna stop caring about him, he’d wish he’d sold out an arena.
    Stupid spoiled ass kid. Go back to the bottom and stay there.

  12. LadyEmpress8 March 28, 2017

    Bey the only one to sell arena and Adele

  13. BarrzFirst March 28, 2017

    Lol y’all goofy, how do y’all manage to relate Beyonce to Drake canceling a show?????
    PS: Drake’s overrated anyway, so who cares??

  14. Caleb March 28, 2017

    Can this really be classified as a “riot”? All I saw is a bunch of angry people flipping someone off and yelling “f*** Drake!”

  15. Stephy March 28, 2017

    That’s what they get for paying to see his ugly ass

  16. Mark111 /.\ March 28, 2017

    I would me upset as well, this for everyone, unless there’s health issues, cancelling a show AT THE TIME OF THE SHOW is bad and I would get my money back and never buy anything Drake again. People take vacation days, pay for hotels and plain tickets to these shows.

  17. DanYiel Iman March 28, 2017

    Aubrey is a Degrassi pop star on Nickelodeon….

  18. eric March 28, 2017

    Say what you want about Chris Brown, but despite all of his troubles he still shows up and gives 100%. What’s Drake’s excuse?

  19. Summer tyime tran pico at your best March 29, 2017

    Those fans are mad as hell at him ????

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