#ICYMI: Miley Cyrus Hits ‘Today Show’ With ‘We Can’t Stop,’ ‘Malibu,’ & More [Video]

Published: Saturday 27th May 2017 by Rashad

After learning her latest country-tinged single, ‘Malibu,’ broke into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 (and to #1 in over 35 countries) this week, Miley Cyrus put her boots to the promo pavement to ensure her it enjoys buoyancy on those respective tallies.

Already showing off her chops to NBC’s ‘The Voice’ on its finale, yesterday saw Cyrus take the summer-ready song to ‘The Today Show.’ There, she not only gave a respectable rendition of ‘Malibu,’ but also treated fans to a live take on ‘We Can’t Stop’ and gave her thoughts on the horrific Manchester bombing attack at Ariana Grande‘s concert.

Did you miss any of the action? It’s inside:


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  1. Trending Village May 27, 2017

    Now back to this B**** who had all this s*** to say about Black music in the press. I think you all should hold her responsible for being the culture vulture she has become. Its nothing wrong with hopping to one genre to another, imo she is very talented and Bangerz was cute BUT to criticize and denounce Hip Hop-the very genre that help you Xscape (not a misspelling just plugging my strong , talented and successful black women) from that Hannah Montana image you so desperately wanted to shed is just a showing of her rubbing her white privilege in the faces of the black men and woman who created and continue to influence ad revolutionize popular music. And That Grape Juice my issue with you is that you keep promting her and by promoting her you are promoting white artists eating our culture and spitting it out like spit. And Every time she comment on something it’s ALWAYS the media’s fault. Miley, What’s good!?

  2. Don’t even May 27, 2017

    Stop hating on the white people who cross multiple genres. Where are your comments for the black artists who lighten their skin? Wear wigs, get blonde hair? We all know what they’re trying to do. Always blaming the white artist.

    • DanYiel Iman May 27, 2017

      Stop acting as if Black People aren’t born with blue eyes & blonde hair so technically STOP REACHING…Miley is cool & I’m also tired of folks not like what she said about Hip-Hop she said it was a phase leave it at that…??‍♂️

    • Sam May 28, 2017

      Lightening skin, wigs and blond hair isn’t exclusive to white people, its not a genre and they didn’t create it

  3. Liam May 27, 2017

    She slayed

  4. LB @LB_Joakim May 27, 2017

    I hope this culture vulture b**** flops hard so she can go away

  5. I HATE WHITE and BLACK B****..,,,,ES.. May 27, 2017

    The article about this white b**** is so mild and polite yet you talk bad about Rihanna. That white trash bag needs to apologize to Nicki Minaj when she was talking about race.

  6. Sam May 28, 2017

    I guess when Malibu Miley isn’t as successful as you wanted you go back to singing the songs from the “genre” that you were trying to distance yourself from

    • Austin December 13, 2019

      Isn’t as successful stupid they just said top 10???? How in the world are people honestly this freaking stupid???

  7. LanaFan May 29, 2017

    I wish she’d stop singing Dolly Parton’s song!

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