Janet Jackson Stuns In New ‘State Of The World Tour’ Poster

Published: Saturday 6th May 2017 by Sam

Janet Jackson is heading back on the road.

As reported, the superstar singer will embark on the ‘State Of The World Tour’ this Fall, with the trek officially kicking off on September 7th.

With tickets now on sale (and doing well), a new promotional poster for the 56-date US leg has been unveiled. Check it out above.

The jaunt sees Jackson hold true to her promise of resuming live dates after having to bring the ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ to a halt due to pregnancy.

But with baby son Eissa born this January, Jackson (who split from the child’s father two months ago) is getting back to business.

Sources close to the 50-year-old assert that motherhood and music are now her primary focus and that she’s working aggressively to ensure she’s in fighting form to deliver her best tour yet.

Anyone who’s followed Janet’s career will agree that her snapback game is on all sorts of fleek. So, we’re sure she’ll deliver dynamite come September time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. G7Pat May 6, 2017

    Thisis tour is about to slay!

    • Its me guwrl May 6, 2017

      Beuonce could NEVER honey!! YAAASSS!!

  2. Jay May 6, 2017

    She need to call Dr.Miami for a mommy makeover and a BBL cause child….. I ain’t paying to see Adele dance ijs

    • Fancy BISH May 6, 2017

      “I ain’t paying to see Adele dance.” -Jay
      I just spit out my ice chile lol…but you KNOW Miss Jackson would never hit the stage like that tho…HELLO lol

      • King Of The Blackout Shade May 6, 2017

        She’s got her team on deck, trust that. Now that the Aribian nights are no more, she can take off that those hot ass Jasmine sheets. I know she was hot as the Middle East under there. ❤️Queen Ms. Janet.. I’m nasty like that. Lol!

      • Meme May 6, 2017

        I am truly dead at ^ this comment. I can’t stand y’all. Not the jasmine sheet and Arabian nights tho lol

    • The Truth May 6, 2017

      ok that was funny

      • ka May 7, 2017

        King Of The Blackout Shade don”t kill me too funny with the Jasmine sheets lolo stop!!!

      • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017


  3. Suicide Blonde May 6, 2017

    You can tell she was oppressed by her husband, her fans denied that but don’t believe me, just wait to see her half naked on stage again.

    • G7Pat May 6, 2017

      Admit it. U low key Stan for her. Its cool. We luv u too

      • JOHNVIDAL May 6, 2017

        Suicide has always said that he likes Janet and I´ve seen him praising some of her albums many times. You are all so stan-obsessed that can never appreciate exchanges about music and opinions. And I agree with him btw. Seems like her marriage and relationship with this man stopped her from doing anything, cos the moment she divorces the moment she starts offering things again. I like to think it was all her own desire to stay away from the public for some years though. At least at first.

    • Bam May 6, 2017

      She’s not about to get half naked. She is 50 and a mother now the days of her getting half naked and straddling people on stage are over. One need only look at the Rock Wit U tour/era and the Number Ones tour to see she’s not into the half naked look. This pants she’s been wearing since 2008 long before she met her husband.

      • Jay May 6, 2017

        Madonna damn near 70 and still dancing around in Latex, try again SIS!

      • Bam May 7, 2017

        Madonna really?…Yes she’s old and still thinks she’s 20 and she gets called out on it a lot. Janet has been showing less skin since 2008 which once again was long before she met her husband. Hell I think the last thing she did that was revealing was the cover art for Discipline but after that she’s been performing pretty covered up.

        What I don’t get is why people think less clothes=s***, it doesn’t. Depending on the person less skin can look desperate (Madonna).

      • Patthepuss May 7, 2017

        She doesn’t need to be half naked to look s***. Something like her Superbowl outfit would be hot.

  4. Jason May 6, 2017

    My body is ready, and hers will be too!!! Yas!!!!

  5. DanYiel Iman May 6, 2017

    Sorry she doesn’t even make the music ? I wanna dance to especially at 50…??‍♂️

  6. Gee May 6, 2017

    The poster is ok, I know one things for sure she better be getting her body back because Janet is what I would consider a visual artist.

  7. _ May 6, 2017

    That tragic nose job

    • Its me guwrl May 6, 2017


  8. JuicyBaby May 6, 2017

    That NOSE tho…

    • Its me guwrl May 6, 2017


  9. BoyToy1814 May 6, 2017

    Ms Janet is coming 2 SLAAAAAAY!!! Got my tickets already. 4 NYC!! Gimme A Beat!!!!!

  10. Eydie Gee May 7, 2017

    Ya’ll comments got me weak!! Lol. Seriously though, I think Janet’s about to bring the noise! You know that workout is on full force!
    I can’t wait to see her!

  11. Mark Davidson May 7, 2017

    Got 8 tickets for Barclays Center NY come through queen ??

  12. B Boy May 7, 2017

    Janet is a class act! and at her age 50 im sure she will perform like a class act. following the class acts of the classy women before her who are well in their 70’s. And not Madonna. but namely Tina turner stay a class act Janet.. not many women can put on a spectacular show and prove you don’t have to be half naked to do it.

  13. Carla May 7, 2017

    Goooo Janet. She’s an amazing artist. Trulyone of my all time favorites. Congratulations on all the new joys in your life. MAY your cup overflow

  14. King B May 7, 2017

    The irony of the half naked comments when… wasn’t that the one that kill her career? Also, why brings Madonna into this?

  15. RoyalKev May 8, 2017

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Let’s go Janet! She’s hiding that body again, so it will be in fighting form when she starts the tour back up! Slay it JJ!

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