They’re Coming! Fifth Harmony Announce New Single ‘Down’

Published: Monday 29th May 2017 by Sam

Fifth Harmony are set to honor their promise of new music with the arrival of comeback single ‘Down.’

Recent days have seen the quad tease the release of “something,” which is now confirmed to be the lead release from their hotly anticipated third studio album.

The track, which murmurs suggest “may” feature Gucci Mane, will be officially unveiled this Friday (June 2nd) – the same day they’ll be rocking the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. Peep the announcement:

Naturally all eyes are what the Epic Records outfit will serve up following the dramatic departure of original member Camila Cabello last December.

We’re all sorts of ready. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. EBookbook May 29, 2017

    Im really looking forward to it. I they will be more soulful on this album. And I really want ro Dinah to be lead. She has a leading voice

    • LanaFan May 29, 2017

      No she doesn’t! Lauren is and always has been the best vocalist!

      • Francis May 29, 2017

        I agree! She was the lead on X-Factor, but then they focused on Camilla.

        Lauren’s new song with Halsey is dope, her voice is so good.

      • iamdiego May 31, 2017

        Agreed! Laurens voice is so soulful especially when she lets go.

    • jammy June 1, 2017

      In the snippet I heard, she starts the song off.

  2. Hur May 29, 2017

    One Heifer down

  3. DanYiel Iman May 29, 2017

    I’m actually glad Camilla is gone with her whimpering soprano tones..Ready for Fifth Harmony & Junes Diary since they’re a better soulful group..?

  4. Achooo! May 29, 2017

    I can’t wait I hope they delivered that fire music

  5. Anon May 29, 2017

    Dinah doesn’t need to lead anything. She sounds good on record but she’s always out of breath when she sings live. The only 2 that have the power for lead would be Normani and Lauren. Ally’s key is everywhere but ON.

    • AnonymousTruth May 30, 2017

      DEAD @ Normani being lead ??? lead on what ! ?
      Normani can lead a dance break??…. but not a song? .
      She’s the one who’s always out of breath ..but her choreo is on point !

      Dinah is vocally the strongest ! Her range is dope .
      Lauren can sing low tones only and you can visually see her pain & struggle to try and reach a higher octave
      Mani use to show range like on ‘Better Together’ but I ain’t heard a solid showing from her since then .
      Ally is powerful .. but very pitchy live.
      The shared verse formula works as none of them can carry a whole song live unless they standing still .

  6. sleazy May 30, 2017

    I hope its better than Sia i mean Camilla medicore singles

  7. Applause???? May 30, 2017

    ?? Someone’s said to have Normani lead The single..
    No Chile! No! She’s on point with her Dancing but Vocally No!!!.. she has the lowest range out of all of them.. To Think One Day she should be Carry on with Beyonce’s Throne.. but she’s missing the most important Key..

    • NT May 30, 2017

      Actually she has the widest range of all of them … 4 octaves and a semitone or something to that effect

      • jammy June 1, 2017

        Yeah, I think she just needs to work on the “power” element of her voice and get used to singing while dancing. She needs those (or all of 5th harmony plus Camila) that Destiny Child’s training they used to have when they were young.

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