Tamar Braxton Previews New Song ‘Rather Go Blind’

Published: Wednesday 28th Jun 2017 by Sam

Fresh from rocking the 2017 BET Awards, Tamar Braxton is offering the masses more of her new album.

The outspoken reality star invited Wendy Williams to her home studio to listen to what she’s been cooking up in the studio for the follow-up to 2015’s ill-fated ‘Calling All Lovers.’

In the segment below, the 40-year-old plays the talk-show host the song ‘Rather Go Blind.’ The track which features in snippet form within the video for ‘My Man.’

Check it out below…

Make no mistake, Tamar sings her face off! A rarity in today’s climate, which almost seems to reward those who do the exact opposite.

That said, we’re still waiting on that ‘Love & War’ esque offering. Not so much sonically, but just something that is as instant, as resonant, and as mass appealing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Trose June 28, 2017

    Tamar give us urban contemporary with vocals ala tip toe stay and fight all the way home catfish…these songs are BORING….i need bops with vocal slayage.

    • Kingvirgo June 28, 2017

      I ? percent agree with you! Her voice is amazing but these records are like my pm medicine ?????

      • Yandi June 29, 2017

        Y’all are absolutely right. She needs to pick up the tempo. C’mon now, Tay. Quit playing with us.

    • Casual June 29, 2017

      I got a pop/dance SMASH for Tamar. I’ll be in the studio over the weekend laying down the demo. Trust me — it’s her first BB Hot 100 #1. Wish me luck.

  2. Danny Bey June 28, 2017

    Why tf is Wendell crying so much. And using that dry mop on her head like a towel. ?

    Anyways can’t way for the album Tay!

  3. B4REAL02 June 28, 2017

    Well alright Ms. Tamar that was very nice

  4. Jeezy June 28, 2017

    She needs to stop begging for Wendy’s attention though! They don’t want Wendy to say bad things about her so they suck up. Which is why Wendy probably said nothing about her lip synching at the BET Awards

    • Jasmine June 28, 2017

      Wendy kept of the Braxtons on her mouth (helping their relevancy stay alive for years when none of them were doing anything and white media had nothing to report). I consider Tamar’s sucking up to Wendy as loyalty. Even now that Toni is semi-retired Wendy keeps Toni on her mouth.

      • @Nate June 28, 2017

        Even on the show, most of them still not doing anything, but planning the next place to eat. I feel like after a while the producers had to give them jobs–like you open a resturant, you go to some acting lessons, you pretend to record an album. Anywho, Tamar is talented but heartbreak songs are tired on people who claim to be in happy marriages, and this aint too differnt from My Man.

  5. Erica June 28, 2017

    One I give Tamar she’s been consistent since her second album, that first album is a mess I don’t even count it

  6. 2bad2bme June 28, 2017

    Remind me of Etta James. But over all it was hot? just watch out for them family law suits girl. ? So proud of TC as well. Did Wendy wipe her tears with her tracks ???

    • Meteorite June 28, 2017

      lol thats what I was thinking

  7. Metzo June 28, 2017

    Wayment. That’s Wendy Williams sitting next to Vince

  8. Pray for the youth June 28, 2017

    Snippet? That wasn’t the whole song and lmao is wendy crying for a reason or is she just being extra?

  9. Achooo! June 28, 2017

    Wendy Williams look a chipmunk mess and i saw her in her person she is a self hating fool like Lil Kim Chi Wong Foo. I love Tamar Braxton voice but she is getting further and further away from that quality of Love & War album. She owe so many people debt that she is getting leftover scraps. She need to called R Kelly, Diane Warren, BabyFace and Missy Elliott. If she can’t afford them then she need to take a risk and get a hot newcomer producer.

    • Honda Accord June 28, 2017

      Why would she call a bunch of 90s hasbeens to give her dated ass tracks? Her sophomore album was her best.

      • Cassandra chen June 28, 2017

        Because those 90s people get artists their Grammys, which is what Tamar is desperate for. She needs to start working with other people other than TC, they chasing something I don’t think they will be getting. Tamar first 2 album are her best so far.

    • Kaz June 28, 2017

      This album is being produced by Rodney Jerkins and Vince. BTW. I’m sure she’ll have some grammy-worthy songs/singles on it….just from Darkchild’s deep involvement.

    • Jasmine June 28, 2017

      Why would Tamar be calling R Kelly, Diane Warren, BabyFace and Missy Elliott? You act like Tamar is Toni. Tamar does not have any history in the past 10 years with any of those people and she is going to work with the people she has history with (ie the same people that produced Love & War). Let Tamar put out a new album her way and let the cards fall how they fall. She will tour to promote the album and that is most important.

      • Misdamenor July 2, 2017

        Missy wrote a song on Tamar’s debut album.

  10. Jeans June 28, 2017

    That girl can SANG! Yasssss Tay! Sing girl!

  11. DanYiel Iman June 28, 2017

    Not a fan of Tamar but this song really grabs me!! Wendell is always close to certain Reality Stars because they’re like fake friends to her especially those Kartrashian’s…???

  12. Sam June 28, 2017

    I think this album is shaping up to be like calling…. i’m sure that this song will be better in context with the rest of the album like “calling” but what i found with that album that although i liked it as a body of work i never listened to the songs individually.
    This song is boring and if i honest the vocal stylings of Tamar are starting to get boring because things and style are starting to sound too same and i don’t know if this is due to TC’s vision and him now being the consistent person working with Tamar.

    • Cassandra chen June 28, 2017

      Thank you for saying that. TC not doing nothing for her. Her songs are starting to sound the same, and it’s becoming annoying. I keeping saying it takes far more than range to be a great artists.

  13. Kaz June 28, 2017

    One, Tamar looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT MAKEUP. Like, wow. She really looks fresh faced and young. And to be 40? She looks really good for her age. She should go for this more stripped down and natural look more often…she really is a pretty woman without all the makeup and stuff. Second, I love this song ! Sounds good and her vocals are on point (as usual). Say what you want but homegirl makes good R&B music, and is one of the few artists helping to keep the struggling genre alive today. And Calling All Lovers was her best album MUSICALLY, and VOCALLY. Very underrated. It really was an R&B gem. With that “oldschool R&B” feel. I’m excited for and looking forward to this new album from her. She always delivers good music and vocals.

  14. Sunshine June 28, 2017

    Tamar will FINALLY get her accolades. Man cant erase what God has already promised! Congratulations to Tamar and her Team!

  15. Alex June 28, 2017

    love the toned down look, Tamar looks just like Toni in this pic & those vocals ???

  16. Meteorite June 28, 2017

    It reminds me of Mariah Carey’s “Cry.” from the “Me I am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse” album.

    And Ms. Wendy the saying “I’d Rather Go Blind” is not “hood” its an old expression turned song made famous by Etta James.

  17. Angela Harris June 29, 2017

    Tamar a genius….Vince over there letting you know it a cut….Keep up the good work…tony Braxton lil sister

  18. cocobutta June 29, 2017

    It didn’t grab me the way it did Wendy but ???????? those freaking VOCALS!!!

    Girl can sang.
    She has to now let the voice out shine the theatrics.

  19. Jennifer July 2, 2017

    I got goosebumps & teary eyez… #Amazing

  20. Jane Q Public September 27, 2017

    Sounds just like Toni to me, not too much of a distinction, but it’s OK.

  21. Rosetta Campbell September 28, 2017

    Tamar, I love it, love it you out did yourself

  22. Rosett September 28, 2017

    Tamar, I love it, love it you out did yourself

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