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Published: Thursday 20th Jul 2017 by Sam

Ashanti is embracing a new method of promotion for her reemergence on the music scene.

As widely documented, her last project ‘Braveheart’ was talked about for years, so much so that when it finally arrived there was little to no fanfare.

Opting for a less is more approach this go round, the 36-year-old has been teasing with mysterious video clips on social media.

The latest was unveiled today and she captioned it with “#justwaitonit #sayless”. Check it out below…

Video cred @aaronklisman #justwaitonit #sayless

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We agree that in cases like ‘Shanti’s, the pre-game hype can actually work to one’s detriment if all the ducks aren’t in a row. So, in many ways, less is best. Especially after all the prior broken promises re release dates and the like.

That said, we are eager to hear what she’s been cooking up.

She has the fortunate/unfortunate problem of improving on all fronts but sadly at a time when the masses have moved on.

Perhaps with the right song and setup she can make moves again.

It would appear the answer is around the corner.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Coolio July 20, 2017

    She should just release it.
    Like come on we ain’t really checking ma
    But we are interested lol

    • truthtea July 20, 2017

      If you ain’t checking, why are you here? Why did you watch the clip?

  2. Ashanti #1 Fan July 20, 2017

    I am here for it

  3. Frank July 20, 2017

    She should get on a song with Calvin Harris, Pitbull, Dj Khaled, or David Guetta

  4. navybound July 20, 2017

    In her case as well as karrueche. A reality show would be a remedy. I think she needs to reconnect on level to remember who she was and is now. I know these days about reality show. If the kardashian can do it without comprimising the show that is is, Ashanti can try then release music.Look at tamar, Ashanti and management should definitely look into it.

    • navybound July 20, 2017

      It is

    • Caleb July 20, 2017

      These reality shows I feel are exploitive and just try to make a fool of its participants and tarnish an artist’s image. It is beneficial careerwise in some ways but it is often at the cost of losing one’s dignity. I can already see what they are trying to do to Keyshia Cole.

      • 4everBrandy_Ci July 20, 2017

        I agree! These reality shows do promote these artist but no so much. I wasn’t digging Keyshia Cole being on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” because she’s already established. And she should’ve had her own reality show or spin off from the ones before. She really connected with her fans by having her own show and a documentary would’ve been the suitable route for her fans to anticipate her new material. Not everyone has to go to the reality show route because to be honest they’re too much.

  5. …I HATE WHITE B******. AND ….. BLACK BIT..,,,HES…both. Not ish.. July 20, 2017

    Ashanti needs to stay thin .. like Rihanna and Ciara to get endorsements like Revlon and. what is she waiting for to drop or is she’s really scared of hive and navy attacks …., ,

  6. DanYiel Iman July 20, 2017

    Are people actually here for Ashanti & Keyshia No-Soul Cole tones?…?

  7. Ashanti #1 Fan July 20, 2017

    Ashanti I pray you never do reality tv

  8. Casual July 20, 2017

    With her last album, she used up all the momentum on the wrong singles. I still think First Real Love had the most hit potential from Braveheart. She’s got the talent, but she’s got to get behind the right tracks.

    • Justmeeeee July 20, 2017

      @ Casual EXACTLY!!!!
      Brave heart was a dope album.
      I could not believe that she wasted a video on ” Never should have loved me”…
      First Love, Scars, Count your Money
      or that other song ( I forgot the name or it) but sonically it was so dope. It was the one about Nelly.
      *sings* hands down you are the greatest….
      That was the song.

  9. 4everBrandy_Ci July 20, 2017

    I always digged Ashanti and with her still putting out records she definitely has longevity. This current is really fickle when it boils down to certain artist. I gurantee she has something lined up for promotion. But I think she’s better off promoting her new material and going on a tour.

  10. Jumbojim July 20, 2017

    The time is Now to drop it…She bout to drop a summer anthem, I can feel it!

  11. TheChiromancer July 20, 2017

    From what I’ve heard, she has worked with some A-list producers and writers for this album, which is new for her. All along, her issue was the fact that she wrote and vocal produced pretty much all of her work. Great for her publishing, but after so long of that formula her growth was stifled. No one pushed her to be great. I think she has some fire in the arsenal, to be honest and I’m ready to here it.

    And to all of you on here trying to be slick about Ashanti, that is STILL Ashanti. She paid her dues and she has the receipts. Show some respect and watch your damn mouths.

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