Report: Brandy Dumps Boyfriend After He Cheated…With Three Women!

Published: Wednesday 12th Jul 2017 by David

Brandy has pulled the plug on her relationship with William James Stokes (aka Sir the Baptist) after she discovered that he had been “sitting up in his room” with three different women!

A reliable source with direct ties to the singer unwrapped the details of the pair’s rocky relationship in a conversation with ‘The Shade Room’ and revealed that Baptist had been dealing with two ladies they would only name as Alyssa and Amal.

It gets worse, for he is also said to have fathered children with a third woman before meeting Brandy who stormed into a birthday dinner he threw in New Orleans weeks ago.

There, to the singer’s shock, horror and disbelief, she learned that Baptist was still seeing her!

TSR adds:

Baptist decided to go on Instagram Live where fans proceeded to inquire about where his girlfriend Brandy was. “I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” he said. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

Our source told us, “Once Brandy saw that IG live video, it was a done deal.” They added, “When she sees red flags, that means it’s time to go and that was one too many. She would rather be alone than…unhappy.


#PressPlay: oop! #SirTheBaptist was live on IG when he was asked about #Brandy– he had this to say. (Swipe)

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  1. DanYiel Iman July 12, 2017

    ???‍♂️”Oops Brandy did it again!!”??‍♂️?

  2. Jamie July 12, 2017

    This whole thing is to make him Not seem gay. Not buying it one bit. Brandy the Beard she is…smh

  3. Coolio July 12, 2017

    Brandy you can do so much better I do what’s going on with her but after that car accident she ain’t been the same.
    I need new music and a tour. Specially since king beyonce is sitting down all these h*** need to come out.

    • Bam July 12, 2017

      It’s not that the women aren’t trying but their labels, managers, and radio promoters have to step it up. Beyoncé is likely sitting down for a minute but I don’t think anyone new will break out because labels and radio programmers of hip hop/r&b and top40/pop still aren’t playing black females. Sure you might get the odd Kelly Row, Tamar or K.Michelle song to spin but that’s it. If your name ain’t Beyoncé or Rihanna it’s damn near impossible as radio programmers ain’t checking for you and labels aren’t investing.
      Tinashe said it best “there’s a hundred rappers that look and sound the same yet they are accepted and played yet a black female is either a Bey or a Rih and that’s it. A damn shame.

  4. Ispeakfacts July 12, 2017

    Brandy Brandy Brandy! She just continues to make herself look crazy! This entire fiasco makes her look desperate for any type of love any man shows her! He was clearly using her for the little relevancy she got left… this is just a mess I know he probably wasn’t remotely attracted to her… a few months ago on an IG blog they provided receipts that getting with Brandy was all for his career & his initial target was Tinashe!

  5. Credits July 12, 2017

    But Brandy still demolished that ‘deliver me’ track!! That’s all I care about. If anything, they got one good song out of whatever union they had.

  6. DZKaller July 12, 2017

    Who cares ? Stop talking about your personal life and release some new music girl, we don’t care about your boyfriends.

    • W July 12, 2017

      For once, I agree. Im bored to death about all her personal live and posts.

      Give me album, tour and vídeos, or go home

  7. Yes July 12, 2017

    No shade at all, but there is something seriously wrong with Brandy, something just seems off. She has signs of mental illness.

    That being said, anyone with sight can see that Sis the Baptist is a member on g*****.

    • Fifi July 12, 2017

      I have been thinking the same thing, I think she’s bi-polar because when She’s low and down and out she is on another level, and when she’s onan good one she is supper out there and happy, no balanceor moderation. As confidant as she tries to come off , I think she’s really struggled with her drop from the top. No matter how hard she denies it, she wants to be killing the game again.

    • Credits July 12, 2017

      Maybe the accident pushed her over the edge. Traumatic life events can contribute to mental illness.

  8. Jasmine July 12, 2017

    Brandy needs to go and get tested. If he is having unprotected s** with these women (and possibly men) then he could be carrying stds.

  9. RoyalKev July 12, 2017

    I didn’t like this union from the start! My sixth sense immediately made me conclude something is wrong ( not that it wasn’t exactly obvious). I’m just glad it’s over! You live and learn and love is always a gamble. You can’t control the outcome no matter who you are! All you can do is wish for the best! Anyway Bran, I’m on to the next page of your life …

  10. Fifi July 12, 2017

    This article is really reaching..

  11. 4everBrandy_Ci July 12, 2017

    Well that’s cool for her. She found out he wasn’t what she thought he was and kicked him to the curb. I read some of these comments and of course personally we don’t know Brandy. But she’s a human being such as us. I mean this is nothing to dwell on. So with that I’m ready for new material.

    • …I HATE WHITE B******. AND ….. BLACK BIT..,,,HES…both. Not ish.. July 12, 2017

      She needs to retire from music

      • 4everBrandy_Ci July 12, 2017

        Retire? Who are you fooling? Nobody and it’s hilarious how this blog have a few pressed folks on here. She is going to continue doing what she loves and will connect with her supportive fans such as myself. #GoSit

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