Boss Business! Beyonce On Cusp Of Buying A Stake In NBA Team

Published: Friday 4th Aug 2017 by Nehemiah

Beyonce‘s quest to takeover the world continues.

More on what could be joining her empire after the jump…

Cources close to the songstress have revealed she is interested in purchasing an ownership stake in her hometown NBA team, the Houston Rockets.

The team’s current owner, Les Alexander, put the Rockets up for sale last month.

Considering Yonce and Jay Z are fans of the league, this wouldn’t be an unfamiliar move for the superstar.

The talented tandem have a loving history with the NBA that consist of cheesing court side at the NBA Finals and also Hov’s minority stake in the Nets. Notably, Jigga was  instrumental in the team’s move from New Jersey to his hometown Brooklyn, New York. [Source]


If Mrs. Carter chooses to purchase a stake in her hometown team, she will instantly elevate the Houston Rockets’ local and international marketing – which is already flourishing in broader regions such as China.

Beyond the marketing potential, the entertainment mogul would be joining other artist who have invested in sports, including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Venus and Serena Williams (Miami Dolphins); Justin Timberlake (Memphis Grizzlies); Nelly (Charlotte Hornets); and Usher (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Bey’s other investments include WTRMLN WTR.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeysBugg August 4, 2017

    Queen! Coming for 1 billion net worth all on her own! Jay is shaking!
    Sports illustrated also said Beyoncé would immediately become the most important NBA Owner if she bought a team. Her brand just keeps getting bigger and stronger! ????????

    • ??? August 4, 2017

      Lmao oh sit your delusional ass down bug. scammeryonce’s late asss won’t be any more important than any of the other pop stars who ALREADY own nba stakes. u roaches stay inflating & exxagerating this basic b*tch who has no talent other than stealing other folk’s ideas lmao.

      • BeysBugg August 4, 2017

        Professional sports reporter —–> your irrelevant hating a** trolling opinion.
        Run in traffic now. ?☕

    • SMH August 4, 2017

      Please explain how she’s a “boss” when her husband is in control of everything and is the higher income earner of the two lol.

      • Lewey August 4, 2017

        He may be worth more, but he isn’t the higher earner Year over Year. Sit ya hatin ass down.

  2. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler August 4, 2017

    Black girl magic!!!
    She’s such a boss

    • ??? August 4, 2017

      lol u mean latina girl magic. J Lo taught her lmao.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler August 4, 2017

        Latina girl magic isn’t even a thing. Like are you dumb?

  3. Suicide Blonde August 4, 2017

    Tgj always finds the most unfriendly pictures of her, she looks so unbearable.

    • SMH August 4, 2017

      Are there any other kind? Lol

  4. Lol August 4, 2017

    She probably knows nothing about sports. She’s like a deer in headlights when she goes to Serena’s matches.

  5. …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 4, 2017

    bad move…she is listening to Jay-Z….on how to spend her money this isn’t a good idea. .. She should not let jay convince her how to spend her Doe… She should educate herself first. because he will control this entire deal…with her money

    • ??? August 4, 2017

      lol this dumb b*tch cant even spell educate lol. that’s why jay z is the Boss with the money in that relationship lmao.

  6. blue August 4, 2017

    she can’t afford it even with Jay-Z’s money. the team is going for 3 billion.

    • Tim Brown August 4, 2017

      Perhaps this is an investment group, like the one Grant Hill has.

  7. Realtalk August 4, 2017

    People please read what the headline says. Beyonce in talks to buying a “stake” meaning a percentage. I hope she does. For that of you that said no she shouldn’t, she’s letting Jay rule her money, stop it and look at the brighter picture of her being a “boss” and strong at it. Buying a stake or two I do believe is making good boss moves and setting up for her children’s future. Good move Beyonce

    • Sam August 4, 2017

      RIght tho. These comments on here sounding like She putting all of blu’e’s trust fund money up on the table smh

      • DanYiel Iman August 4, 2017

        People don’t know how to read anymore it seems,✌??

    • ??? August 4, 2017

      lol um she’s not a “boss” if her husband/s**** driver is calling all the shots. u bugs need to go back to GED class lmao.

  8. Caleb August 4, 2017

    This would be truly historic!

  9. Anne August 4, 2017

    Wow, that’s huge! Good for her, love to see a successful double minority (black woman

  10. Oh August 4, 2017

    *Courses close to the songstress*
    OOoo the classes be talking lmao
    I’m sure you guys meant Sources

  11. Sara bellum August 5, 2017

    This might be the Mandela effect but didn’t you guys post this already?

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