R. Kelly Mocked By Vince Staples / Cancels Tour Dates

Published: Tuesday 1st Aug 2017 by David

R. Kelly faces more criticism from the Hip-Hop industry this week.

The latest rapper to bash the “Pied Piper’s” alleged crimes against women and children? Vince Staples.

Details below…


Vince was startled when his remarks saw him come under fire from Kelly’s fans.


Vince’s diss comes as Kelly was forced to cancel dates on his latest tour following the surfacing of claims he was holding vulnerable women hostage in a sordid sex cult.

TMZ reveals:

Our sources say the 4 stops were nixed due to poor ticket sales, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we reported … his Friday night gig in Virginia was barely half full, and fans were annoyed that he only played for 45 minutes.

Reps for the entertainer say the rest of the tour will continue.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lmfao_Hoe August 1, 2017

    Everyone including theses unknown ass rappers coming out the woodworks need to STFU. Make a name for your damn self before coming out like you on some Drake level s*** with the hits or an MC like Kendrick,Cole, Logic, ect. to validate an OPINION on Kells (whose music likely lead your mothers’ to conceived ya asses. I swear everyone wanna jump on the HOT TOPIC of right now. Since you rappers wanna go about Kelly how about ya address the INDUSTRY for not supporting real R&B black women, Tell the other Rappers to stop disrespecting women period, stop PROMOTING molly to get b****** high and possibly take advantage of them defenseless, sending wrongful messages to the youth ect. This isn’t even an issue nor a damn case, anyone with COMMON SENSE can see here Kells is a sugar daddy to these women.

    • Mother August 1, 2017

      You are way off topic sir, none of that changes the fact that R Kelly is a creepy predator who peed on a 14 year old girl and illegally married an underage girl. He needs help, and so do you.

      • JuicyPrune August 1, 2017

        ??‍♂️Mother knows best☝?

      • ??? August 1, 2017

        so its ok for rappers to disrespect & degrade women in their music as long as theyre not holding them hostage in a s** cult? lmao sit down “mother” lmao.

    • jorge August 1, 2017

      you need to STFU! He was asked a question how he felt about That disgusting guy and he Answered! F*** his music! hopefully your lil girl or lil sister doesn’t fall victim because all your worried about are non important factor! Grow up and grow a braid dummy!

    • Shera August 1, 2017

      This sick mofo has been doing this for years! Im glad the rest of the public is finally hitting him where it hurts in the damn wallet! He is P*** and this Throwback nikka will Never get any of my money. He needs to go back to Chicago where they think he it the king, He is the Ghetto Pide piper of Chi lol! Vince and Vic Mensa were right to call this fool out

    • Len August 1, 2017

      All rappers do not degrade women, hence Vince Staples. R KElly is disgusting point blank!

  2. Lol August 1, 2017

    He did this to himself. Don’t prey on underage girls and people would respect you more.

  3. ??? August 1, 2017

    once again, WHO???? why the hell are all of these nobodies jumping on the r kelly train to make their name? lmao boy go sit down somewhere, we don’t need you to tell us r kelly is a pervert lol.

    • Lol August 1, 2017

      It doesn’t matter who he is. That doesn’t take away from his point. Shut up and go read a book.

    • jorge August 1, 2017

      WHO will r*** a turn your child/ or lil sister into victim is R KELLY! that’s what matter you dummy! Thats the only point hes trying to make ! But your so dumb you dont get it! bless your heart and hope your family doesnt fall victim cuz your dumb

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