That Grape Juice’s Top 5: Greatest Lady Gaga Live Performances

Published: Tuesday 1st Aug 2017 by Sam

Despite less than a decade in the spotlight, Lady Gaga has ascended to a status that eludes so many: icon.

Through song and performance, the budding legend has etched her name and narrative in the history books.
Now, as she gears up to launch her ‘Joanne World Tour’ tonight, That Grape Juice counts down our favorite Lady Gaga live performances.
Sit back, relax and  join us after the jump…

5. ‘Do What U Want’ (ft. Christina Aguilera) – ‘The Voice’ [2013]

A true testament to the power of “surprise,” few could have ever seen this coming.

Indeed, years of suspect comments and fan wars had seeming brewed what felt appeared to be genuine dislike between two of Pop’s most potent voices.

However this showing, which Xtina says Gaga suggested, laid to rest any mess. It felt like a mending of fences, a megawatt of divadom, and the definition of a memorable “moment.” It also added another dimension to ‘Do U Want,’ which was originally  a duet with the ever-controversial R. Kelly.

It’s kinda criminal that this wasn’t pushed more, given Gaga’s need for a hit at the time [see: the chaos that ensued post the release of ‘ARTPOP.’] Yet, perhaps for that very reason, it’s best this was confined to a performance and not marred by the potential of a sub-par chart run.


4. Applause – 2013 MTV VMAs

If ever there was a Pop chameleon, it’s Gaga! And she celebrated this reality with a high-octane opening at the 2013 VMAs.

Sporting five outfits in five minutes, this ambitious showing was a visual roller-coaster and was rendered all the more on-point given that her vocals never wavered.

The rapturous applause earned from her peers was all sorts of apt.


3. Bad Romance / Speechless – ‘AMAs’ 2009

Stefani has long established herself as versatility defined. This showing highlights that in earnest.
Storming through what now stands as her signature song [‘Bad Romance’], Gaga and her army of Monsters showed up and showed out.
Going on to place her powerful pipes front stage, her performance of ‘Speechless’ left us in that exact state for all the right reasons.


2. ‘Paparazzi’ – MTV VMAs 2009

Quite simply the coronation of a queen. Still early in her journey, Gaga proved with this performance that she was a formidable force and one that demanded both attention and respect.

The 09 VMA line-up was superstar-stacked and featured established heavy hitters such as Beyonce, as well as memorable moments like Janet Jackson‘s tribute to Michael and Kanye West‘s now classic Taylor Swift episode. And yet still a comparatively “new” Gaga managed to breakthrough as a major talking point.

She may have “died” at the end, but the reality is that her star was really being born. Pun intended.


1. Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017

We’re still catching our breath from this blockbuster showing.

A salad bowl of everything we’ve come to know and love from Mother Monster, she served dance, dramatics, and dynamite.

Arriving at the end of a much more stripped-down promo campaign for ‘Joanne,’ this offered up a nutritious reminder of Gaga’s status as an electrifying titan of talent. It also cemented the enduring nature of her catalogue.

From our vantage point, easily one of the most epic Super Bowl Halftime showings yet.


Honourable Mentions

Do What U Want (ft. R. Kelly) – 2013 AMAs

The Sound Of Music Medley – Oscars 2015

Medley – 2009 Much Music Awards 


Your thoughts?

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  1. Black power August 1, 2017

    Yes yes & yes!!!! Her Marry the night night performances were ALLLL ICONIC as well!

  2. ThatMessJuice.Flop August 1, 2017

    Y’all really really need a creative somebody to turn this site around. Your articles are just meh eh eh eh ehhh

  3. Francis August 1, 2017

    She’s one of the best live performers of her generation!

    I also love her performance with Elton John on the Grammy’s, their medley of Speechless and Your Song it’s amazing.

  4. Suicide Blonde August 1, 2017

    Her Oscar performance is her best, at least vocally. I still think that while her super bowl set was good, it lacked something, like I was expecting more, it was by not mean a bad show but didn’t live up to my imagination of what a halftime show performance by Lady Gaga could have been, and this just say a lot about how a great performer she is.

  5. ??? August 1, 2017

    her superbowl performance alone was the definition of EPIC. that and the fact that it slayed both of scammeryonce’s boring af superbowl performances right out of existence lmao.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2017

      It truly was more successful than Beyonce´s.

    • Lol August 1, 2017

      HAHAHAHAHA yall cant enjoy your fave without bringing Bey into the mix.

  6. JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2017

    Best mainstream performer of her generation. And the most versatile.

    • Lol August 1, 2017

      Rihanna says hi!

      • JOHNVIDAL August 2, 2017

        Nice sarcastic JOKE.

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