The Sales Predictions Are In! Kesha’s ‘Rainbow’ Set For #1

Published: Saturday 12th Aug 2017 by Sam

It’s been a rocky road for Kesha, but it appears there really is a pot of gold at the end of her ‘Rainbow.’

The singer had been locked in litigation for years with one of music’s most notable producers. And given the nature of her accusations (see: sexual misconduct) and the stakes involved, her career ground to an abrupt halt. A state it remained in for several years.

With the worst seemingly behind her (despite crushing blows in the courtroom), she this week released her third album – a record that is now poised to top the Billboard 200.

What are its numbers looking like? Join us below to find out…

According to Hits Daily Double, ‘Rainbow’ is set to open at #1 with the following figures…

95,000-115,000 – Sales Plus Streaming
[80-90k – Pure Sales]


Solid numbers on several fronts, especially given all that’s happened as well as her previous charting trajectory.

It may be many years off, but her story could and would make a great movie somewhere down the line.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mariah August 12, 2017

    Illuminate s*x kitten. Jus like the rest. Flop like GAga pleaseee

    • Travon Martell Austin August 12, 2017

      Hey I am a lamb and Mariah would NOT support this message.

      • Mariah Carey August 12, 2017

        I certainly don’t dahhling! We love Kesha for rising up against some of the abusive men in this industry.

      • Electrikblue August 13, 2017

        lol why this fake Mariah always pretending we know it’s not her lol

  2. Jeans August 12, 2017

    Omg! So happy for her. She persevered and stayed strong and true to herself! LOVE IT!

  3. Liam August 12, 2017

    These aren’t bad her album is good once or if she gets to perform on major award shows she will be fine once the general public.knows her music is out. The album is really positive and conveys great message I think people can relate to so we will see.

  4. Abel Minaj August 12, 2017

    Good for her, that’s more than what warrior debuted with

  5. steve August 12, 2017

    Am happy for her especially because most people don’t get a second chance

  6. DanYiel Iman August 12, 2017

    What nobody can say is that she performs very well within her tones & I love her album so far!!

  7. …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 12, 2017

    Sooo what about Mary blige divorce new album that mf kendu was a publicity stunt . oh ok.

  8. Musika August 13, 2017

    She’s come along way from singing about waking up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy. Congrats to her for this big comeback!

    • Truth August 25, 2017

      I’m so glad Taylor Swift is coming back. Kesha’s album is just pity sales ,funny she sold around the same amount Britney Spears did with Glory give or take a few & she’s no JT so forget that.

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