Are You Buying?: Fantasia, Gwen Stefani Drop Christmas Albums [Streams Inside]

'American Idol' Alum & 'The Voice' Judge Faceoff With Festive Releases
Published: Friday 6th Oct 2017 by Rashad

Releasing holiday albums, especially this far ahead of the “official kick off” of the holiday season, comes as quite the double edged sword.  While on one end, music lovers are given enough time to familiarize themselves with your take on Christmas classics  by the time the Christmas season hits, the glaring, most end is the limitation of where you’ll promote the record during its release week (as TV viewers aren’t exactly ready to hear ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ before Halloween).

Alas, this is the challenge soulstress Fantasia and ska potentate Gwen Stefani are ready to face with their respective festive offerings…

Stefani is teaming with Target for her set – ‘This Is What Christmas Feels Like.’   Taking to the retail giant for the album’s deluxe edition, the ‘Rich Girl’ singer is offering an exclusive hard-back book filled with 24 pages of photos of her recording the project, pics from her private collection (family Christmas celebrations through the years), and so much more.  Stream it below:


Fannie, whose new project – ‘Christmas After Midnight’ –  is already seeing its promo plan drummed up with the announcement of the forthcoming ‘Christmas After Midnight’ tour (click here to read more about that).  Stream it below:


Now that you’ve heard both, who’ll be getting your coins?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mariah Carey October 6, 2017

    Sorry girls, I’m the Queen of Christmas dahhhling!

    • Fancy BISH October 6, 2017

      #Facts hunnie…you already got your Christmas tree up! lol ?

    • Truth Dot Com October 6, 2017

      Yes you are mutha!
      But there is room for all of us to eat.
      Fantasia’s album will be bought by me.
      Christmas gifts came early in my family LMAO!

  2. WhiteNigga101 October 6, 2017

    Flop…… All I Want For Christmas is definitely Not Fantasia nor Gwen Stefani! No thanks

    • Rdfdf October 6, 2017

      there not trying to be mariah carey boo there being who they are and please listen to the album before u speak cause fantasia album is a classic if you knew music u would know that but u so use to cook cluster music

  3. Meteorite October 6, 2017

    Nope, I bought Kelela’s new album “Take Me Apart”
    Well worth the money!

  4. China October 6, 2017

    No and No. Christimas we all Know is Mariah Carey’s season. Her two CD’s and Toni Braxton’s are perfection. “Miss You Most at Christmas Time”.

  5. Brent Christopher October 6, 2017

    NEITHER ARTIST has a Christmas(y) voice. I do not enjoy hearing either artist perform holiday carols…especially if they are intent on changing the melodies, arrangements or lyrics to match their personal styles of vocal performance. EEK! Very poor idea by both management and creative camps to allow these projects to be executed and then shared publicly. BOTH WILL FLOP in commercial sales and critics wont praise either project.

  6. DanYiel Iman October 6, 2017

    Fantasia literally is a talent!!?❤️?

  7. ADB October 6, 2017

    So… yeah. I don’t know WTF y’all talking about but I’m listening to Fantasia’s album right now and it’s lit! I feel like I need a cigar, a fancy robe, and some good egg nog. It’s Christmas time, Folks!

  8. Rdfdf October 6, 2017

    i dont know what the f*** yall talking about but FANTASIA is bringing back real music like Ella James and tina turner did yall favorites like mariah could never do a live album and make it like fantasia did on Christmas After Midnight cause this is a classical

  9. Lambily October 6, 2017

    Im here for “Christmas After Midnight” however i think Gwen will chart higher when the tally week is over!! She already has the number 1 spot on itunes holiday albums chart with this release and Fantasia is right behind her at #2 i wish tasia would have let waited another week so she could have debuted at #1 now she has to fight harder if she wants to see it make it to #1 on the Billboard Holiday albums chart

  10. JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2017

    I have not listened to netitehr of them but Gwen´s one is a no straight away. Few voices can make Xmas music justice. Apart from the monumental and universally appealing voices Mariah Carey or Celine Dion have (the two best selling Xmas albums ever and for a good reason) you have people like Michael Buble, even Leona Lewis and some others. But Gwen is a no. Fantasia´s is probably great. Although her voice doesn´t fit as much as those others. But she is a real talent and she always delivers for her fans.

  11. Dev October 6, 2017

    I’m here for Fantasia’s gospel tinged Christmas but not for Illuminati Stephani’s Christmas

  12. Jasmine October 6, 2017

    I love Christmas and I love new Christmas music. I’ll listen to both albums and any other new Christmas albums and pick a few songs from each to add to my massive Christmas Playlist.

  13. Leonard Rowe October 10, 2017

    Fantasia needs to do an album of Motown Classics and introduce them to a new generation with her otherworldly voice , that would sell . Brilliant job on this album though so i’ll take that for now

  14. Shirley Williams October 13, 2017

    Fantasia’s album is amazing. It shows off her versatility as a unparalleled singer back by a live band with a mixture of rock,soul,blues,jazz, and gospel on cd. She can sing anything!

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