Safaree: “Nicki Minaj Is Threatened By Cardi B”

Published: Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 by David

Safaree, Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend and business partner, has revealed that he believes she is deeply threatened by the rise of Cardi B.

The pair split up for good circa 2014 and Safaree, who is said to have co-written some of Minaj’s biggest hits, has enjoyed success as a television personality as Minaj has continued to release material without his creative input.

Alas, he now says that he feels the brand he helped her to build has been cheapened by her actions making it easy for newcomer Cardi to soar in her lane.

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  1. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES October 4, 2017

    Everyone is exposing Oinknika. Gucci Mane also exposed Oinknika in his book. He said that when Oinknika met him for the first time, she said that he shouldn’t have put a b**** from Brooklyn on his song “Freaky Girl.” Talking about Kim. She’s been a hater from JUMP! Everyone thought Kim was lying, but the truth has been revealed. SHE WANTS TO BE THE ONLY FEMALE OUT THERE!

    Remember what Kim said: “Whatever is hidden in the dark will come to the light.” Now Oinknika is no longer hot, everyone is telling the truth about her. This is just the beginning of her karma. The fall of Oinknika will be one of the most spectacular events in hip hop history. Just watch. She’s been a fraud, and frauds never win in the end.

    Cardi B took the spot. Oinknika is GONE. POOF!

    • justincredible October 4, 2017

      You betta preach! ??? #GoodRiddance

    • binx October 4, 2017

      One hit song and you proclaim Cardi the new queen. I cannot with this delusion.

      • pon_de October 4, 2017

        When a bish drop her first official track and it goes to #1 (which is difficulty to get; not everybody has that to their credit *Mariah side eye* vs the 10,000,000 the other chick has dropped…yea it kinda means you’ve been replaced.

    • The Wig Snatcher October 4, 2017

      I’ve been waiting for the demise of HOnika! Thank you, Lord!!!

      • ThatGuy October 4, 2017

        Haters are up bright and early I see ??.. don’t you people have jobs?

        Kim fans taking about frauds and fakes, meanwhile Kim has transitioned into an Asian chick ??

      • Ciah’s Turtle October 4, 2017

        @The Wig Snatcher You been waiting for the demise of Onika? Wow, What type of bum bxtch sh!+ is that to say?? lmao

    • SMH October 4, 2017

      Um but didn’t yall say Iggy took her spot when Fancy hit #1? Asking for a friend lol.

    • Ronnie October 4, 2017

      Y’all really trying to run with that mess in Gucci book though lol that’s how New Yorkers talk Nicki wasn’t shading Kim. And this time next year y’all will be saying some other female rapper is taking Nicki’s spot. Y’all need to let that hurt go cause Nicki isn’t going anywhere until SHE decides to retire.

      • October 4, 2017


  2. TRUTH SERUM October 4, 2017

    One hit song from a mediocre rapper at best. I hate when trolls try to discredit a hard working black woman’s accomplishment. I actually like Cardi a lot but let’s not … This will be another Iggy situation and haters will continue to seethe. Safaree, move on sis.

    • SMH October 4, 2017

      Exactly. History repeats itself, and all these fools are gonna end up doing is turning Cardi into the new Iggy lol.

      • Fancy BISH October 4, 2017

        Iggy wasn’t prepared for Nicki and Asmellia Stanks’ smear campaigns! Cardi IS prepared for dem heffas hunnie lol

    • justincredible October 4, 2017

      Yet Nicki discredited a hardworking black woman’s accomplishments the instant she throw shots at Lil Kim on those pissy steps – “How you out 10 years and ain’t write ya rhymes.” She also proudly used a racist white man’s words to discredit black self love and #TeamNatural; “These nappy headed h*** need a periminator. Nicki discredits female rap unity every time she spits “these b****** is my sons” and does features with every male rapper and pop entertainers. Y’all need to face the facts that Nicki came into the game with a bad heart and that’s the real reason why people hate her. Her actions and lyrics prove she’s a horrible human being.

      • Oh October 4, 2017

        Thank you ^^^^^
        And when folks confirm her being terrible everyone calls them haters and bitter. She is evil

      • October 4, 2017

        shut up, no one likes you.

  3. AnonymousTruth October 4, 2017

    Safaree honestly makes my skin itch … sitting their like he’s the godfather of something .. when he’s the biggest NOTHING of Nothing ! Like the fur change? Really B , who does this dude think he is ? . Literally his whole demeanour is so false and forced it’s the cringiest thing to watch . He’s acting like he’s being interviewed about the most serious topic , like it’s a ‘Hollywood True Stories’ type expose …… bruh

  4. The Wig Snatcher October 4, 2017

    I bet Safaree is wicked in the bedroom.

    • Ajm265 October 4, 2017

      Yea I bet he sucks the best d*** in the world. ” He a lil bitty b**** he should work at hooters”

  5. Julian October 4, 2017

    Um, duh? And the sky is blue, the ocean is deep and the pope is catholic. I don’t have to have dated her for 37 years (or however long that allegedly lasted) to know that. Next.

  6. SMH October 4, 2017

    Lmao just stop. A multi platinum (pure sales) artist can never be threatened by a newbie with one hit that’s powered by streaming and hasn’t even sold 500K in pure sales yet despite all the hype. Just stop.

  7. Keith October 4, 2017

    Cardi is not a threat to what Nicki has accomplished. Now I can believe that Nicki is a little anxious because a lot of stars are insecure at their core. But Cardi has ONE song!!!! She has not escaped the probability of one hit wonder status. In fact, because she went to #1, it actually increases as she will be judged by the follow up. Remember the old show biz adage “you’re only as good as your last hit.”

  8. October 4, 2017

    so because he dates her that means anything he says people should believe? f this salty dude. he will say anything about Nicki to get press, as what Nicki said in her song[which is so true] they know that when they say her name they get mad press. he knows that it’s over between him and her, so he is just using her name now for press, he knows that anytime he is book for interviews it’s going to be about Nicki are else he gets no press.

    • Ajm265 October 4, 2017

      That’s because this corny queens has nothing else going on. He should be threaten by the next goof ball that takes his place on love and hip hop

  9. Ciah’s Turtle October 4, 2017

    Safaree.. yall broke up in 2014. Let it go sis. The fact that he’s still “opening up” about her is beyond me. Why on earth would she ever be threatened by Cardi B?

  10. DanYiel Iman October 4, 2017

    Wouldn’t her ghost writer KNOW?!! ✌??

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler October 4, 2017

      Right! Afterall, Safaree did write her rhymes. So I think he’s a pretty valid source

      • TRUTH SERUM October 4, 2017

        If he wrote her lyrics and did so much for her.. why can’t he do it for himself or another artist? Who has he written for? You heard his Wack music didn’t you. GTFOH, he’s bitter and delusional. I was rooting for him at first, but at this point….. he’s coming off as a petty broad!

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler October 4, 2017

        Why does he have writing credits on ALL of her albums ?

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