Eminem Reveals ‘Revival’ Album Release Date

Published: Tuesday 28th Nov 2017 by Sam

Mark those calendars because Eminem is back!

The Hip-Hop titan has announced the release date of his hotly anticipated new album ‘Revival.’

Preceded by taster song ‘Walk On Water’ featuring Beyonce, the LP serves as Slim Shady‘s 9th studio effort.

Want to know when it’s hitting stores? The answer awaits below…

Em’s longtime collaborator Dr. Dre trumpeted the set’s December 15th arrival date on social media by posting the following video:

It arguably doesn’t get much bigger than Em on the commercial Hip-Hop wave. As such, this looks set to be quite the event.

Many will be looking to see what the numbers deliver given the somewhat warm response to ‘Walk On Water.’

We imagine they’ll still be big, especially with the Christmas lead-in. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lupita November 28, 2017

    Walk on Water was a FLOP. Already forgotten. Nowhere on the charts. Flopeyonce flopped again. No #1 song for almost a decade 😀

    • ??? November 28, 2017

      Lmaooo right! Eminem better take that flop off his album if he wants it to sell lmfao ?

    • DanYiel Iman November 28, 2017

      Obviously she’s a winner & her haters like yourself is MAD ✌?? ….

      • ??? November 28, 2017

        Lmao no, obviously she’s a FLOP and you roaches can’t handle the truth lmfao??

      • Abel Minaj November 28, 2017

        That’s pretty rich coming from you

    • Cbeylive November 28, 2017

      Bey has flops and has hits like any real artist…. where are your hits?

    • Tori November 28, 2017

      I mean…everyone who a #1 single in the last decade aren’t selling out stadiums, pulling nearly $250 million of of 100 Arena shows, doing 15 minuet sets at award shows, selling their albums at $15-20 and they sell platinum off of physical sales, has literally everyone news reporter/blogs/magazine/late night show/radio show talking with giving a proper interview more than once or twice a year…well the people with the hit singles are failing to fill theaters and small arenas, struggle to SELL over 300K, are resorting to reality tv and instagram clout, are probably not relevant outside of instagram and a streaming app so…I’m mean I’d want to flop on Billboard Hot 100 too because at this point, what’s the point?

  2. Datredd23 November 28, 2017

    They said Lemon was a flop but it’s cutrently charting higher then Walk on Water lol

  3. G7Pat November 28, 2017

    Walk on water shouldve featured rih …radio wouldn’t have been able to resist
    But He’ll do huge numbers anyway

  4. M November 28, 2017

    “….somewhat warm response of ‘Walk on Water'”????? The song was hot for all of 3 seconds and then dropped like a stone. It’s just not an interesting song unfortunately. And sadly in today’s world people aren’t trying to think when it comes to hip-hop….they’d rather hear Migos mumble over the same exact beat over and over.

  5. #formulation ?☕ November 28, 2017

    The only hot collabo bey does is with her husband JayZ… All other collabos from her are underwhelming in my eyes..

    Crazy in love
    Drunk in love
    Thats how I like it
    Deja vu
    Bonnie and clyde (hov and b hola)
    Upgrade you
    On the run (part 2)

  6. Abel Minaj November 28, 2017

    Walk on water was a massive flop and deservedly so. Absolutely HEINOUS song

  7. JOHNVIDAL November 29, 2017

    He had to wait till Taylor´s album was out for a month or more. Same way everybody especially Rihanna waited till hurricane Adele was done las go around. He is starting to not be as big. About time. Can´t stand him. The free passes he has got for decades really annoys me. Talented yes. But they have ruined other talented people for way less questionable behaviour.

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