Frank Ocean Readies New Album?

Published: Tuesday 28th Nov 2017 by David

A new album from Frank Ocean is on the way?

It seems so.

Exciting news for the R&B royal below…

Ocean’s last album ‘Blonde‘ failed to fly commercially as its wings were held down by the drama surrounding his departure from Def Jam.

Now, he hopes its follow-up will fare much better.

I made the album before 30. I just aint put that bitch out!

He had this to say about his new set in a Tumblr post hours ago and sent his fans into a frenzy as they sought more clues with hopes of learning more about the yet-to-be released project.

His debut set ‘Channel Orange’ was recently certified Gold for pure sales of 500,000 units.


Do you think album #3 will do as well?

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  1. ??? November 28, 2017

    lol who?

    • Gwen November 28, 2017

      You should look him up he’s actually good

      • DTG November 29, 2017

        No he’s not. Frank Ocean’s music is boring/terrible and he the personality of a dishrag. He’s using the gay thing to pander to hipsters/SJW’s, who think they’re being “progressive” by supporting him. If not for that gimmick, he would totally ignored, because he’s otherwise dull.

  2. Real-Ish November 28, 2017

    Why that pic tho? TGJ is so messy…lol

    • Julian November 29, 2017

      Because Frankie is a gay icon and that picture is adorable!

    • Avi November 29, 2017

      A better question is: why did he take that picture in the first place? If you’re gonna give people amo to be shady, they’re likely to use it.

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      Is it real though

  3. ENOUGH ONIKA November 28, 2017


  4. DanYiel Iman November 28, 2017

    He actually makes good music ?…

  5. SMH November 28, 2017

    If its like his first album sure.
    If its like his second album he can keep it. It was boring and just sounded like white noise.

  6. Gee November 28, 2017

    Frank Ocean is more hype than anything else. I believe that people were more invested in him coming out which helped the music and the success of the channel orange era. Other than that nobody cares.

  7. Jay Redd November 28, 2017

    I think with the right promotion, Frank’s product is still viable. He just needs stability and focus and actually put together a substantial tour instead of playing at select festivals

  8. Dev November 29, 2017

    Franks Ultra/Nostalgia was the best work he did. Channel Orange was okay but failed to capture me for a long period and Blond with all its hype was rubbish and don’t get me started on Endless and everything else he has released after Blond.
    I may have some interest my Miguel is back on my radar, Teyana is due to release and SZA & Solange are still slaying my ears

  9. Caleb December 2, 2017

    Is this picture photoshopped? And his last album was actually commercially successfully even if it’s not really celebrated. Stayed on the charts for over a year.

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      Commercially *successful that is

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