Kanye West Fans Gear Up To Strike Taylor Swift With Streaming Plot

Published: Tuesday 14th Nov 2017 by David

Taylor Swift is under fire.

For, despite seeing her new album ‘Reputation’ soar to brilliant commercial heights, the entertainer’s alleged backstage shenanigans continue to rub fans of her alleged victims the wrong way.

The latest fan base to take on the supposed snake.

Kanye West‘s.

Some fans believe that ‘Reputation’, which was inspired by her feud with West, was released on the tenth anniversary of the death of his mother to spite him.

So, led by Kanye super fan Rhys Halkidis, the base decided to launch ‘Hey Mama’ day.

 Group members decided that streaming a single Kanye West song en masse on November 10, so that it attained more spins than anything on Reputation, would be an effective way to fight back against Swift’s alleged messiness. They toyed with using “Famous,” the misogynistic Life of Pablosingle that reignited the Ye-Tay feud last year, but instead settled on “Hey Mama,” the Late Registration ode to Donda West that took on greater poignancy after her untimely death (it’s also a clearly superior song). “It just seemed like more a positive effort than being petty and fighting pettiness with pettiness,” Halkidis says.

Days after the Reputation announcement, Halkidis created a Facebook event called “Hey Mama” Day and invited his friends to join. Halkidis and the other event administrators realized that topping the Billboard charts would be a tall order, so they set a more modest goal: beating Swift on the daily Spotify charts. Halkidis did the math—if he could get about 30,000 people to stream “Hey Mama” for 12 hours straight, they’d collectively attain more than 4 million streams. That’d be enough to match Swift’s numbers on August 27 for her lead single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” “Obviously the dream is to be no. 1,” Halkidis told me shortly before the campaign started. “That’s a massive mountain to climb.”


How the plan fared?

Very well.

‘The Ringer’ adds..

By the time the dust had settled on Saturday morning, fans had nudged the “Hey Mama” stream count on Spotify up from 23.6 million to 24.3 million, or about 700,000 spins. That would seemingly be enough to land the song on Spotify’s daily Top 200 list, which bottoms out just below 500,000 streams.


How do you feel about it all?

Do you think Swift did it on purpose?

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  1. DanYiel Iman November 14, 2017

    I’m over Koonye Kartrashian & Taylor GiftS….🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Jasmine November 14, 2017

      LOL You are over everybody but yet you are always pressed to comment on ALL of the articles regarding people you are “over.” Perhaps you are in denial girl.

  2. Lol November 14, 2017

    Her album is still platinum in 3 days. This ain’t changing anything. Let it go and move on.

  3. GurlWepa1989 November 14, 2017

    Taylor stay winning, Kanye and his p*** star wife need to take several seats and be home taking care of their kids.

  4. Oana Radu November 14, 2017

    Yeah, because his 10 fans can really turn the tables around,,,

  5. TRUTH SERUM November 14, 2017

    Have people completely lost their minds??? Who has the energy or time… invest in yourself people!!!!!

  6. FAF November 14, 2017

    Doesn’t matter taylor still outsold

    She not even doing streams this week
    shes already had a #1 this era

    She’s an ALBUM SELLER BABY!!!!

    This what happens when u play w someone cuz u think they’re weak

  7. Belladonna November 14, 2017

    No she didn’t Why would she no the anniversary of her enemy’s mother’s death? But if this is what his fans need to do to feel better then all the power to them. It’s sad that he lost his Mom that’s sad for anyone but Kanye is a Monster and the only reason people still care about him is because he’s a black Man & right now people don’t care if your sexist or homophobic as long as your a black Man black twitter will support you.

    • TRUTH SERUM November 14, 2017

      You have to be a white man masquerading as a black man. Molly the made, is that you? This has nothing to do with black twitter, black men, etc. stay on topic … Kanye is a d***** bag and his fans are insane and delusional . Congrats Taylor!!

      • Belladonna November 14, 2017

        It’s always about race when it comes to why people hate or do not hate someone.

    • Caleb November 14, 2017

      One thing Kanye is not is homophobic so I’m not sure why you dragged that nonsense in here. I think that you and suicide blonde would make a really great couple. You guys seem to think a lot alike.

    • Jasmine November 14, 2017

      Belladonna = Uncle Tom. Like I said before all that ugly fat troll does is put white celebrities on a pedastool and write negative things about black celebrities because it feels like a lessor.

  8. Nique November 14, 2017

    We (the general public) would like to be left out of this stupid ass 10 year narrative. Thanks.

  9. HOEL November 14, 2017

    This is ridiculous ahah

  10. alix lerner November 14, 2017

    Kanye West and his fans are a bunch of homeless loosers! GET A LIFE AND A JOB!

  11. We Swedes don’t wash our ass 👱‍♂️does that make us nasty, or natural 🤔 November 14, 2017

    This again.

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