New Song: Leona Lewis – ‘One More Sleep [Acoustic]’

Published: Friday 24th Nov 2017 by Sam

With Thanksgiving now in rearview, Leona Lewis is kicking off the countdown to Christmas.

The vocal sensation, who is hard at work on a new album, has paused to revisit holiday offering ‘One More Sleep.’ 

Originally released as part of her 2013 ‘Christmas With Love’ LP, the festive jam receives the acoustic treatment in a reworked version for Amazon Music.

Take a listen below…


Vocally, Leona is fine form and the song, even in this stripped back incarnation, has us in the holiday spirit.

Here’s hoping the year ahead sees Leona unwrap success once again. She’s an incredible talent, who we feel has only scratched the surface musically. Paired with the right producers, she could be a real problem for her competitors.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mimi November 24, 2017

    Hopefully she can make a good come back !!! Her voice is getting back to her Spirit days, am here for this. Nothing but positivity and love for a sister still going and driving herself in a career that she loves.

  2. Citi November 24, 2017

    Honestly she should’ve done the Whitney tribute and it would’ve put her back in the public eye because she can slay some Whitney. Unfortunately she was prob the last person they thought of .

    • Mimi November 24, 2017

      Totally Agreed !!!!!!!!!!! Her X Factor renditions Whitney covers were absolutely amazing !!!!

    • eric November 24, 2017

      I agree, but TPTB always push the artists who they think have a good amount of longevity to help sustain a profitable industry. They picked the wrong one in Christina. I actually like her less now than I did before. I’ve always liked Leona though.

  3. Ariel November 24, 2017

    This woman is stunning and her voice is phenomenal. Glassheart is such an underrated album…..I’m so here for her. I hope she can really have a solid comeback with her next album:)

  4. JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2017

    Besides Mariah and Celine´s Xmas albums this song was one of the very few I could really consider as a great new offering in years. Leona did that with this song. A pity the song and she in general didn´t go anywhere. People already have legendary Mariah Carey I guess.

  5. TrueThat November 25, 2017

    A beautiful person, I’ve never seen an artist with such morals, her vocals are always breathtaking. This version is awe inspiring. Leona has reached all the major highs, by no means has she peaked, she has so much more to offer vocally. Whilemina agency, hopefully provide her new release the good PR it deserves. She has so many Grammy awards to win, every performance of hers takes her music to new heights. I would love to see her live. I think she would have done an effortless Whitney too, as good as Xtina was. Whitney described her as a younger version of her in 2008.

  6. JUAN VIDAL CORDOBA November 25, 2017

    Xtina´s was not good and effortless though. It wa sa struggle. As expected. Pretty much no one can match the trinity delivery wise. Leone can to a certain point. But she´s not special or different enough. That said it doesn´t matter. She has probably the best “next-Whitney-Mariah” since the 90s. Definitely better than Ariana and the likes.

  7. Jack Sherman November 25, 2017

    Originally released Oct. 24 2013. The song is awesome. This edit just as great! I believe if it had received much deserved radio play in the U.S. it would would be more popular.(jmo) Ms Lewis is a phenomenal artist. I say, watching her perform Little Big Towns Girl Crush and smashing it. She can handle any genre of music that is presented to her. She is truly an underrated artist.

  8. Joe December 2, 2017

    I have always loved Leona Lewis and have all her albums, but she is very underrated. I can’t stand today’s crappy music and all the crap s***, so come on girl, do your thing and get back on the charts where you deserve. I will always support your music. Love ya Leona

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