2017 Year In Review: Lady Gaga’s Return to Prominence

Published: Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 by Rashad

Scribbled in history books for its fair share of good and awesomely bad reasons, 2017 brought with it some of modern music’s most memorable moments.  Now, as the year draws to a close, TGJ is reflecting on our favorite happenings that rocked – and to some degree reshaped – the Urban and Pop musical landscape as we know it.

Next, we reflect on Lady Gaga‘s helluva year:

After 2016 heard her hush naysayers with the critically acclaimed, chart-topping album ‘Joanne,’ Lady Gaga kicked off her new year with a rockin’ performance as headliner of the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show.  Stunning viewers with dazzling costumes, high octane choreography, and soaring vocals to match, when the dust settled the showing was cemented in history as the second-most watched Halftime extravaganza ever (approximately 117.5M viewers).

The spectacle not only reintroduced the singer’s catalog of pop hits to the masses, but also served as reminder of her ability on stage.  Helping lift her latest album’s cut, ‘Million Reasons,’ to a new peak of #4 on the Hot 100, the exposure also helped the project’s accompanying tour sell out dates around the world.

Click to Read:  ‘Joanne’ Tour Sells Out In Minutes

Though later postponed due to health concerns (click here to read), Gaga was greeted with news the trek’s first leg alone grossed upward of $52M with over 440,000 tickets sold.  Elsewhere, the singer/songwriter made money moves by replacing her ‘Telephone’ co-star on not one, but two engagements:  Coachella (click to read) and the highly anticipated ‘A Star Is Born’ remake (click to read).

As if the year hadn’t been kind enough, she ended it with a critically acclaimed Netflix documentary (click here to read), news ‘Joanne’ had reached platinum status (click to read more) and earned a Grammy nod, and  announcing she’s soon to become Mrs. Christian Carino (click here to read).


All in all, a pretty good year for a pop star so many had written off after the failure of her 2013 album, ‘Artpop.’  And, with word she’s back in the studio readying the successor to ‘Joanne,’ next year may be even better for her.


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  1. Suicide Blonde MUST BE STOPPED December 12, 2017

    She had Halftime, a netflix doc, did tv shows, ECT … and still didnt’ sell a million copies, no hit single (million reasons was performed EVERYWHERE and discounted and still no #1). Her tour is avg 1.6 million in those arenas. It was a good comeback. I wanted a better album. Joanne is trash. I hope the best for her next era.

    ALSO, suicide Blonde is a child PRE DATOR please have him banned from this site.

    • James December 12, 2017

      no album but Reputation sold more than 1M this year
      chill, joanne is one of the most successful female albums since released.

    • Meme December 12, 2017

      There other ways to measure success other than selling 1 mill albums and having #1 single. Gaga has an amazing era, and more growth as an artist than the eras she sell millions.

    • SMH December 12, 2017

      Wrong. Million Reasons was a Hot 100 Top 5 hit, selling over a million copies pure sales & certified platinum. Joanne was also certified platinum. Try getting your info correct next time.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 12, 2017

      Exactly. It´s sad but what Joanne sold is what any other album released now desires to sell, except for 5 or 6 exceptions. She sold almost 200k first week. It was very good, and unexpected with the change of direction and the hating campaign. And above all she did it with zero drama. She was the first female to perform at teh Superbowl in years that didn´t use a guest and that didn´t create controversy before the show to make people watch. She just did it.

    • Julian December 13, 2017

      “Joanne” is not trash, it is indeed very solid and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Don’t think Muva Munsta didn’t mastermind every second of this year!

  2. Meme December 12, 2017

    Love a good comeback story. Lady Gaga had all the odds against her. The haters “Gaga is over” campaign was in full affect but home girl came out swinging. She made the music she wanted to and gave us quality instead of hit searching. Job well done!

    • ??? December 12, 2017

      totally agree. Even madonna’s insecure fans tried to get sh*t started again but Gaga made them fall back as hard as madonna did when she fell on her ass at that awards show lmfao

    • JOHNVIDAL December 12, 2017

      That hardcore campaign about Gaga being done had lasted at least 4 years. It was crazy. The amount of trolls everywhere around the time Joanne was released… crazy. But she delivered better sales than what they had predicted by far and then the Superbowl slayed and so on. They are nowhere to be seen now. One of their biggest “arguments” was “Katy Perry ended her” LMAO

  3. SMH December 12, 2017

    SO proud of Gaga after this year. Wasn’t a big fan of hers until after that superbowl performance. She showed the world exactly how to make your haters eat sh*t and seethe at your success.

  4. Mad-on-her December 12, 2017

    Million Reasons got to No4 not No5 on the Hot 100. Takes two seconds to check.

  5. JOHNVIDAL December 12, 2017

    Despite all the hype others had prior to the show with guests and all, Gaga was the one that had the most successful show since Madonna´s. Very telling. People know she delivers and has real talent.

    People being more and being less into the music she releases every era is a different story. She could very easily do songs like The Cure all the time (basic). It worked very well on itunes with no promo whatsoever. But she evolves and releases bodies of work. Better or worse in your opinion, but she does release real projects. Several songs on joanne are really great, and she actually was part of them, unlike a couple of other pop stars.

    • ??? December 13, 2017

      lol you mean most successful halftime show since Michael’s. nobody even remembers that hagdonna did the halftime show lmao.

  6. MessyBoots December 12, 2017

    Well done, Gaga! Some folks still don’t understand you are in this for the long haul..flop eras and all, Gaga is here to stay.

  7. DanYiel Iman December 13, 2017

    Still not a die hard fan but I like a few of her songs…

    • ??? December 13, 2017

      lol she doesn’t attract roaches, so shes not bothered that youre not a fan lmfao

  8. Mase December 14, 2017

    Muva came back from the ashes

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