New Video: Jennifer Hudson – ‘Burden Down’

Published: Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 by Sam

Jennifer Hudson is singing her truth.

The vocal powerhouse has been a fixture in the headlines since announcing her split from David Otunga – her fiancé of almost a decade.

Now, she’s released the video for ‘Burden Down’ – a haunting and telling new piano ballad.

Unfiltered, the song features such as the following:

“You keep asking / You keep taking. And there’s no reciprocation.
I shouldn’t have to do this by myself”

Watch the emotional video after the jump…


Clearly more a statement than a single, J.Hud took it to church and then some. The acapella vocals at end gave us chills.

With her private life playing out so publicly, here’s hoping she continues telling her truth via her music.

There’s long been the need for an artistic “angle” for her to approach from and singing her story may finally be…it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme December 12, 2017

    I don’t feel like hearing her scream all in my ear!

    • Brenda December 12, 2017

      Nobody wants to hear beyonce lame overrated ass.

      • 2bad2bme December 12, 2017

        Ya’ll say the same thing over and over as soon as you see the avi like I’m supposed to cry. I don’t stan over these people like you silly queens so I could care less.

      • ??? December 12, 2017

        lmao exactly, nobody is here for roach screetching lmfao.

      • iluhmesomeCHRIS December 12, 2017

        everyone stays mad that she won the oscar over beyonka’s busted af acting on dreamgirls… SO MAD

  2. pat December 12, 2017

    i enjoy her live….but for some reason her voice just doesn’t record well to me

  3. Conrad West December 12, 2017

    Amen sister Jen ??

  4. MessyJessy December 12, 2017

    she’s gaining that weight back.

  5. Brent Christopher December 12, 2017

    as powerful of a singer as Jennifer truly is, there is no audience for her music and no one in mass numbers will ever purchase an album or single from her. the Grammy she won was a “woe is her” consolation prize for the deaths of her brother, mother and nephew. Jennifer has great management that keeps her booked on an array of stages, but she will never EVER be a commercially successful artist. she can try and milk this separation for all its worth, but the “fans” will not aid in her charting or sales success. these are FACTS.

    • iluhmesomeCHRIS December 12, 2017

      wrong- i’m here for it and so are countless others that actually appreciate real music & vocal ranges.

      • Brent Christopher December 12, 2017

        READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS in this forum alone. People do NOT see it for Jennifer on a global or commercial scale. She CAN sing, but she CAN NOT push units!

    • Tim Brown December 12, 2017


    • now_you know December 13, 2017

      maybe a duet with Ed Sherran will bring her back on top

    • Jasmine December 18, 2017

      You are hating hard and deluding yourself with stupid comment like “there is no audience for her music.” She is doing her job as a singer and getting well paid for it. Why the hate?

  6. Dingell jones December 12, 2017

    Are they ever going to find the right sound for her

  7. Assmatic December 12, 2017

    Her voice is the loudest and the most powerful but she should tone it down in the studio and sometimes on stage but besides all that she is the best

  8. Your Name December 12, 2017

    Jennifer Hudson does absolutely nothing for me vocally or artistically. Sure, she has a powerful and robust voice…. but the buck stops there for me. After seeing Fantasia live recently, I see WHY she won AI. I don’t usually like to compare artists, but people are always talking about how Jhud should’ve won over Fantasia…ha!!!!

    • Jasmine December 18, 2017

      There could only be one winner from AI each year. They recorded a duet a while back so obviously there is no beef between them.

  9. Elizabeth December 12, 2017

    Well said in an overdue song…wings in flight.)!( enjoy weight lifted

  10. Alicia Croft December 12, 2017

    Awesome video, touched my soul. Incredible! Took me on a spiritual journey, thank you jennifer Hudson, for sharing such a intimate part of yourself.

  11. DanYiel Iman December 13, 2017

    Didn’t listen but ok ??…

  12. Dingell jones December 13, 2017

    Why does it seems as if they give Jennifer the right exposure, she stays booked, but they can’t find a lane for her musically, and Fantasia is given the right material, can book concerts and stages but isn’t given the right exposure Jennifer can’t even book concerts to perform on and Fantasia just have something in her that makes your soul quiver

  13. now_you know December 13, 2017

    Nothing is wrong with her voice. Its the material. Oh yeah Beyhive can stay pressed about Dreamgirls and Jennifers 40+ acting awards.

  14. Jasmine December 18, 2017

    I like her voice. She should work with R. Kelly for a more commercial sound and production. The loud belt out songs are not bops or hit records.

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