New Song: K. Michelle – ‘Kim K’

Published: Saturday 2nd Dec 2017 by Sam

K. Michelle is renown for keeping it all sorts of real and that’s exactly what she does on new song ‘Kim K.’

The latest taste of upcoming album ‘Kimberly: The People I Used To Know’ takes aim at the Kardashian clan and the arguable brand of cultural appropriation that they propagate. She sings:

“Wish I could be a Kardashian so I could be black. Put my face over ‘Pac, wear my braids to the back / Throw a filter on that, ’cus ain’t sh*t real / And ain’t shit funny, so f*ck how you feel.”

Take a listen below….

Kudos to K for singing her truth and the realities so many are afraid to spotlight.

We’re buzzed to hear the ‘Kimberly’ LP when it arrives December 8th. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH December 2, 2017


    • Fancy BISH December 2, 2017

      She’s going Double Aluminum Foil lol

  2. Fancy BISH December 2, 2017

    This song is wack as all hell hunnie

  3. Downsouthrebel December 2, 2017

    She kept it 1000%

    Black women missed the msg

    • Fancy BISH December 2, 2017

      Isn’t her b*** fake tho? I meannnnn…lol…chile, if I want a message I’ll go to Erykah and Lauryn! This BISH is as close to a Kardashian as anyone…reality fame and fix-a-flat realness

      • @21Septemberrrz December 3, 2017

        That’s her point … Exactly what u doing … Our own ppl criticize our kind for having an enhanced booty but praise Kim Kardashians fake booty to the point she can profit off it from us cause we buy into it. ..

      • Fancy BISH December 3, 2017

        You’re talking to the WRONG one lol…go back and see my comments about Kimye! And how has K Michelle not profited off her fake curves? She’s a hypocrite…but above ALL this song is wack and too short…K Michelle has literally came for people’s KIDS but yet here you are! Shout out to Michelle Obama, Toni Morrison, Erykah Badu, Viola Davis, Beyoncé, SZA and the numerous black women who I get my life from! K Messy can cry me a river hunnie….Niagara Falls actually!

  4. alix lerner December 2, 2017

    THIS IS NOT REAL, THIS IS CALLED BEING THIRSTY BECAUSE YOU STILL STRUGGLING! this woman is so wack! get a life woman! actually dont! how about you just go away! corny fake ass black gir,l that had to buy a fake b***

  5. Sommer December 2, 2017

    YASSSSS K Michelle! I will support this one because you said not one lie! Speak the damn truth!

  6. Tori December 2, 2017

    Song is complete trash, nothing from the era has stood out. Sometimes artists DO need labels to step and tell them what work and what don’t work. This song really just pushed her back rather than forward. This is the reason I’m always talking about artist development! She needs it.

  7. Your Name December 2, 2017

    This song is whack as hell. K. Michelle talks the most s***, but releases the most generic music. Her music hasn’t been popping since Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart three years ago. Now that album should have been nominated for a Grammy. Everything since then has been trash.

  8. Ispeakfacts December 2, 2017

    She spoke nothing but #FACTS but this song should only be a buzz track! Not an official single…

  9. Gavin Gavalli December 2, 2017

    All the black culture is about is bringing each other down! This song actually has message and you s**** minded f****** missed the point!

    • DanYiel Iman December 2, 2017

      EXACTLY & it’s always our OWN TO DO IT!!??‍♂️

  10. cocobutta December 2, 2017

    Hmmm errrrrrm well…..

  11. SMH December 2, 2017

    This is coming from the same person who used a reality show to elevate her career and admitted that her b*** was fake….but she wants to make a whole ass song about Kim..girl….

    • Caleb December 2, 2017

      The song isn’t really “about” Kim K. tho. She’s more of an example of the bigger issue.

  12. Jason December 2, 2017

    I’m here for Kimberly Pate! Y’all need to watch her interview on “Everyday Struggle”! She’s the truth, and is probably one of the few artists not swimming in industry koolaid!

  13. DanYiel Iman December 2, 2017

    She’s got my coins, it’s funny as fake as they claim K. Michelle is the whole Kartrashian family is faker yet they get praised for having ethnic features that have nothing to do with being Armenian!! ??‍♂️ ?% K.Michelle is a WINNER!!

    • Tablo December 2, 2017

      K told not one lie…and after watching the interview on everyday struggle…THIS is what her label wants but they only wanna box her on adult a/c…people who don’t like this probably don’t resginate with her struggle

  14. Caleb December 2, 2017

    Great lyrics, though it sounds like she is trying to sound a little like SZA?

  15. Markjones December 2, 2017

    Her derrière isn’t fake she move fat around …. she didn’t get injections or but implants like some of these other stars it’s actually her body. You bashing her is proving her point that she can’t win. She doesn’t even want to release this kind of music. She wants to do country but can’t seem to win because this is “trash” and she is ghetto so how can she relate to something foreign to her but the Kardashian’s can be black or white when they want. I support her and I she why she is releasing songs in the fashion in which she is.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 3, 2017

      Yeah she did. Ive seen k perform in person and her ass n hips were huuuugggee. She clearly had implants

    • Caleb December 3, 2017

      No the ass is fake and she admitted that years ago and said she missed having her old ass.

  16. Your Mother December 3, 2017

    This b**** got nerve. She is messy and the worst person to talk about the black struggle, she is a perfect example of what is wrong with some black women. She is no different then Kim K, she just black and has less money.

  17. zayke December 3, 2017

    Like they both fake. Its not Kim’s fault her mom is a brilliant manager.

  18. zayke December 3, 2017

    They both fake. Only difference is that Kim K is a friendly person which is why people like Ciara, Lalah, kelly are her friends

  19. RoyalKev December 3, 2017

    I respect that she got something to get off her chest! I’m not mad at that!

  20. Fancy BISH December 3, 2017

    And another thing! NEVER EVER wish you were someone else! Do you hear me? *Madea voice* To the youth, don’t you EVER think that someone else’s shoes are easier to fit in! Hollywood is FULL of sacrifices! And don’t you EVER think the Kardashians are a level of comparison! Bye…peace, love and Soul Glo jheri curl juice..I’m gone!

  21. Mother December 3, 2017

    She’s the last person who should be calling anyone out for being fake. She has a fake diaper booty, and a plastic face just like the kardashians. I’d rather this song came from someone else tbh because I can’t take it seriously coming from K Michelle.

  22. Neiko December 3, 2017

    Y’all are all idiots! She’s honestly using Kim K as a metaphor of a bigger picture… we as black people tear each other down for doing the samething “ Kim K. “ or someone else whose not black and praise the non blacks for doing it. Blacks have always been curvy but have been talked about for having them and then someone who goes and buys it gets more praise … we can’t even be black because being actually black isn’t acceptable but using black culture when you’re not black is! … y’all are the reason for the song

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