Eve Reveals She Was Snubbed By Lil Kim / Kim Responds

Published: Saturday 13th Jan 2018 by David

Often accused of breaking solidarity within Hip-Hop’s female scene is Nicki Minaj.

Fortunately for her, a never-before-heard story released by the rapper Eve has revealed that Minaj’s support (or lack thereof) of other female rappers may be a trait she picked up from Lil Kim.

Bad news for Kim fans below…


Stung by Eve’s revelation, the Queen Bee countered with…


Kim fans weren’t as sweet. For, Eve’s story obliterated their distorted vision of Kim’s history with up and coming lady lyricists.





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  1. Kate January 13, 2018

    Lil kim is overrated trash. She’s jealous of nicki bcoz unlike her, she’s beautiful and hadn’t messed up her face. Nicki is also killing it for almost a decade and she’s wealthy. Black people hate that they’re jealous vile people. Thank god I’m half black. I don’t even associate with jealous blacks.

    • Keegan A Parker January 13, 2018

      i love my white people but jealous blacks girl you shouldn’t associate with yourself

    • Audreyherbsburm January 13, 2018

      But you listen to nicki Minaj? Sis, go see a therapist.

    • Alaska January 13, 2018

      You sound so ignorant!! Who made you? Girl take several seats to the left. Your dumb ass sound confused. Jealous Black people? You glad u HALF black? B**** I hate u HALF black. I DON’T want you affiliated with me!! You HATE YOURSELF!! You need to be enrolled in a self esteem class. Learn yoyr worth goofy!!! Do a culture background Check! Take a history class!! I want even address Lol Kim or Nicki because you just went so off base!!!

      • Oh fee January 13, 2018

        You know you are one ignorant person. It makes No damn since that it’s still so many immature and uneducated Mofo like you!

    • Caleb January 13, 2018

      Wow you’re a dumbass.

      • Mike January 14, 2018

        It’s actually “no damn Sense” and would say that people who live in glass windows shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Lill January 13, 2018

      And if it wasnt for kim none of these female rappers will be where tbey pay respect when its due her face dont s*** to do witn them nikki aint good unless she feat. On a track safaree aint writting for no more pay attention you b****** prolly wasnt born when kim 1st album came out !h

    • 4U2SEE January 13, 2018

      You sound crazy as hellzzz…..Don’t, in fact I know a mixed person would not call themselves half-black. There is no such thing that happened in this world when you are considered a half-black person. When you check for ethnicity it’s either Black or white. You brainwashed scums is the root of the problem with colorism and racism. You probably a retarded gay bee-hive who think they are anything other than black. Your soul card is revoked.

    • Oh fee January 13, 2018


    • Lyve January 14, 2018

      Your half stupid and the other half is dumb as hell. What ever parent of yours is black go and spot in thier face…since you dont like black people…

  2. truthtea January 13, 2018

    I feel like Lil Kim is the Xtina of rap. Very underappreciated and always getting the bad rap! Every established artist, whether they’re rap or a singer, is always taught by their labels and management that there is only “one them” and that’s ok! And it’s true. Artists like Lil Kim brought something unique that nobody else did or ever will again. Whenever a female artist expressed their sexuality through their art in the 90’s and early 2000’s, the media chewed them up and spat them out. Nowadays, whenever a newer artist does the same thing, they go straight to #1 and earn millions of followers by the minute and the media headlines them as “Taking control of their narrative” this is what I was talking about when I say the media and fan bases always choose who wins and who loses. It’s a pathetic game!

    • Meteorite January 13, 2018

      This so true!

  3. Faf January 13, 2018

    Ok but the same way ppl say nicki is threatened by cardi

    Kim had been talking s*** about “I’m the queen” for years

    So the same way y’all get on nicki who has HAD songs with Trina, Eve, Cardi and tried to have one with remy and foxy

    Now get on kim

    • Faf January 13, 2018

      Also Kim was calling herself queen since hardcore and she hadn’t sold one solo record, so nicki earned the right more than she did

      • Dingaz January 13, 2018

        Kim never earn her titled from sales it was from bars and her influence on female rao

      • Nina January 14, 2018

        Where has nicki solo records been kim had hardcore notorious kim la bella mafia helped upcoming artist tiff foxx and others she embraced others nicki is selling raps out of her ass!!! She got exposed her career is fabricated and further just a real groupie 2 be where she is and stood on n***** dics n necks 2 get there if it wasn’t for wayne n birdman n that plastic space bubble WHO WOULD SHE BE??? She wouldn’t be famous take away the ASS she would be another a ____________???

      • Slicc Loskii January 14, 2018

        First of all Kim second album went plat in less than 30 days, u do the math h**.. in 2000 she sold 1 million pure albums no streams no itunes no nothing in less then 30 days 29 to be exact. So please try again. Nicki has never. It took nicki 3 years for her album to SELL a Mili not stream…….

    • Caleb January 13, 2018

      Nicki had a song with Eve?? If you’re talking about “My Chick Bad”, they weren’t on that song together. Eve was on a remix that didn’t feature Nicki.

    • Douglas Johnson January 14, 2018

      Dear Faf talk what you know, because LIL KIM’s 1rst album is Solo, and it started the praving of the road that all of these fabulous female rappers of TODAY are riding on. And lets be real , these female rappers today would’nt be talking about EMPIRES if LIL KIM didnt rep Fashion & be friends with Donnatella Versase. If it was’nt for Lil Kim putting Herself in the company of Famous Designers& Movie Stars, there would’nt be Empires for Nikki Minaj too accuire, because The Celebrities Was’nt listening too Rap music. Alot of them wanted Nothing too do with it( rap )! So get it right, and I love Nikki Minaj the Nikki Minaj Now, not the colorfull wig one, and it’s because that look DOES & ALWAYS WILL BELONG TOO LIL KIM. So lets Not Hate, But Congradulate the power Behind Beauty.

    • Cupid January 16, 2018

      Simply put Lil Kim is the blue print of today’s female rap. I mean dam Beyoncé paid homage and y’all still dont get it?

  4. Z January 13, 2018

    Don’t be so dumb, the truth is that some of these female rappers simply want to be the one and only best on top. The same thing happens everywhere all the time, in the end the only thing that really counts is that it has to be dope and that’s all.

    • Minaj Mania January 13, 2018

      If that’s the case why is Nicki criticised?

  5. Justincredible January 13, 2018

    Barbz still suffering from that shETHER prognosis; they refuse to accept the fact their fave is a fraud and it shows! ? Y’all love to deflect sh!t. At the end of the day… Nicki has YET to top billboard with an all female rap collab as iconic as Ladies Night and has the most unsquashed beefs among femcees EVER. She rapped it best in Did It On ‘Em ,”We ain’t makin’ up, don’t need mediator, just let them bums blow steam, radiator.” Nicki made the thesis of her career abundantly clear, “these b****** is my sons”. She is not and never will be for female rap unity because it goes against everything she built her career on! The first to sell out and cause division among female rappers all in the name of fame, and ain’t no flop sunken place heada$$ article gon change the way how woke ppl think. The truth is in Nicki’s actions and lyrics. ???

    • Do I look like I carr January 13, 2018

      Jealousy will kill some of you. Writing a full paragraph about Nicki but the article is about Kim.

      • January 13, 2018

        Lol, the sad thing is it won’t kill them that sh!t only makes them stronger, they gave in to the hate 100% it gets worse every year.

    • Justiincredible January 13, 2018

      Damn skippy! That’s Nicki’s karma for ruffling the queen’s feathers, should’ve stayed in her own goddamn lane but unfortunately she lacks depth and creativity like a TRUE artist. All these years with no competition and she threw shade, it’s Molestaj own fault she misused her platform, she could’ve been sooooo respected and GREAT! smh. Billboard “entries” and fame and marketing/brainwashing propaganda like this article don’t erase all the controversy that’s tainted Nicki’s career. We gon ride till the wheels fall off and the female rap game will rise from the sunken place its been in, through Kim, Remy, Young MA, Dreezy, and most definitely Cardi aka Nicki’s replacement. Yay!! #FemaleRapProspers

      • January 13, 2018

        just shut up you hopeful little dummy no one can replace Nicki she in her own lane, them labels and you haters been trying for years and Nicki is still here. stay hoping for her downfall please hold your breath.

      • Me January 14, 2018


      • Douglas Johnson January 14, 2018

        I say this too all the people on this platform About all the FEMALE RAPPERS. This is a music industry & these are Artist in the Music Industry that we are debating about, my question is too all of the people replying too this Eve article. Who is the one that Made it Posible for us too have ANY OF THESE ARTIST ( MAN OR WOMAN) too debate over???????? Im Out! Enough Said.

    • DanYiel Iman January 13, 2018

      EXACTLY SHE SUCKS AS WELL, Tricki Garbagh career isn’t doing to well as we’ve stated!!

      • Electrikblue January 15, 2018

        You are so tired to keep repeating that same thing about Nicki Minaj and purposely misspelling her name smh

  6. Diane Burks January 13, 2018

    I will never understand why ill Kim changed her appearance she WAS a beautiful women!!! NOW not so much at all. She will always be a great rapper but not easy on the eyes to look at anymore. I never thought she would be a follower into the PLASTIC SURGERY scene. It truly messed her up!!!!

    • Whatever January 13, 2018

      That is So true, but it’s really sad because in one way or another all of the female rappers have had some sort of cosmetics done, and Nicki calls herself barbz… Real Fake

      • KetaCola January 14, 2018

        Hate to burst your bubble but actually Kim started that Barbie shyt but her content is what sets her aside. I’m not a Nicki Minaj fan but a lot of that queen b**** attitude is a direct influence of Kim regardless of whether or not she will ever admit it it’s evident but the difference is that her lyrical content has no versatility and it’s full of only her ego

        The Jump off

        Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari/I’m tryin’ to leave in somebody’s Ferrari/Spread love, that’s what a real mob do/Keep it gangsta, look out for her, people/I’m the wicked b**** of the east, you better keep the peace, aiyyo/Or out come the beast

        the difference is clear when you even read the content of Kim’s lyrics while she hold herself up high she doesn’t push anybody else below her that’s what sets her apart she’s always been about her team Kim wants to see everyone win whereas Nikki’s concern is that she’s the only one at the top and no one’s coming with her

    • Jhadeh January 13, 2018

      I agree with you. Streets influenced her and also Diddy. Now of course the choice is hers, all Biggie told her to do was be s***. I was just looking at her old pics and I love hardcore. I got to admit I do love the pic was her in the suspenders with something called Bella Mafia something like that. Anyway I agree, and as you already know Society changes a lot of people’s lives and and if you’re not strong enough it can weaken you. Especially when you have easy access to whatever you want financially.

      • Electrikblue January 15, 2018

        People stay saying Nicki copied Kim y’all been saying that for almost 10yrs. Nicki has surpassed Kim point blank period. Yea Kim has a Grammy from a group song that’s it. Y’all act like Kim was the 1st female rapper. Nicki would’ve made it mainstream with or without a Kim

  7. I hate Blacak. And Whiyte bitczhc January 13, 2018

    Lil Kim is a b**** the young girl who starred her in the biggie movie said she was very mean and nasty and refuse to speak to her

    • Oh fee January 13, 2018

      Ooooooo….People like you are considered a FCKN “N*****” Def: An IGNORANT PERSON” to me you dnt deserve to be in a category Person becuz your not one. Oh yea if your component enuff to read try looking up that word. “N*****” RETARDED ????

  8. RealRapQueens January 13, 2018

    ? Bang this in ya whips! Pack ‘em call the roadie with the chips on the wrists, here’s a French kiss ? …and I GOT ALL MY SISTERS WITH ME! ? -Ladies Night

    #QueenBee #QueenofRap ??

    • Me January 14, 2018

      Aye… I got all my sisters with me. Mf that’s hating probably wasn’t even born when
      Lil Kim first hit the scene. Mf always got something f***** up to say about her. Nicki Minaj copied Kim style. Sit down and do some research before you open your mouth

      • Douglas Johnson January 14, 2018

        And thats KEEPING IT 100

      • Douglas Johnson January 14, 2018

        And thats KEEPING IT 100. THERE’S NO OTHER PERSON THAT NIKKI COULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT IDEA FROM. But Nikki Minaj & LiL kim did a Single Together so lets not forget what started this debate The Eve comment. And lets not Forget, THERE’S ONE PERSON THAT CAN BE #1 at a time, and I believe that ALL OF THESE FABULOUS LADIES WAS & HAVE BEEN #1 at a period of their careers and there will be THE NEXT ????

  9. Latrice Sharee Traylor January 13, 2018

    Please just let my girl Kim be great, as a matter of fact let all the female rappers be great and stop trying to make their lyrics seem as if they’re talking about another rapper. If they don’t say that person name directly then I don’t assume they’re talking about that person. And I have always known Kim to be direct. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t hear Eve name in the song. I heard doo doo brown chic and we all know that’s Foxy Brown.

  10. ms T January 13, 2018

    This is funny as Hell. Everybody says Nicki acts a certain way but Eve said Lil Kim wouldn’t give her the time of day. So I guess it wasn’t no Unity back then either.

    • 4U2SEE January 13, 2018

      That’s why there is no competition today any more because now people are too overly sensitive and would overrate themselves to seem great. Back them we hard bars, rhythm, flow, beats, style, swag, and a choice of who to pick. Everyone on here be arguing with themselves and have to dig up someone who opened doors in the past to tear them down for one person who is overrated. bawhahaha

  11. Ms. Outspoken January 13, 2018

    Fans be kill me with there statements as if they were there. You wasn’t there sis so how can you tell a person how to take what they feel from the situation

  12. SMH January 13, 2018

    But Eve didn’t lie tho.

  13. Gypsy InfraRed Da’Ville January 13, 2018

    I have been a fan of hip~hop @ 50 years old before the “Thelma & Louise” saga began and Kimberly Denise Jones has always been a pathetic, delusional, self-exploiting possum, she couldn’t stand the fact that Foxy was and is still beautiful and rap like a guy and could actually roll with guys being intellectual, not to mention a number 1 album as well as Eve, something she doesn’t have. Girls, w/ no. #1 albums, Lauryn, Foxy Brown, Eve and Nicki Minaj.

  14. Gwendolyn Thompson January 13, 2018

    Lil Kim you still got it girl i give mad props yoy go girl .

  15. Gwendolyn Thompson January 13, 2018

    Lil Kim you still got it girl i give mad props you go Ma.

  16. Mark Velazquez January 13, 2018

    I just have to say this. Please need to calm down. This is a fact…most if not All these artists for the last 10 years buy plays and they buy spins on streaming services. There is no way to REALLY compare Nikki to Lil Kim. Kim was is an era where you bought a PHYSICAL CD. Nikki like Cardi buy streaming plays, YouTube plays and so on for popularity. I am not stating Nikki isn’t any good as an artist, but I will state Lil Kim worked her way up in an industry that was different. How do I know I know they buy plays because I am in the same industry and it’s done everyday. They also buy likes, fake fans on social media and so on. All of this can actually be proven through apps that search for unique fans, unique responses, areas where comments are made, times these comments were made and if these followers are original people. I am only stating this because of all these comments hating each artist without fully knowing them. Appreciate them for what the do and don’t. Comments about a person’s sexual behavior or about plastic surgery are irrelevant since they all have done this and will continue to do so.

    • January 13, 2018

      dude you made it seems like Nicki and cardi b is in the same league when it comes to pure sales dude 99% of Nicki Minaj music sales are pure sales, not streaming. Nicki been selling physicals music too, so don’t run in here downplaying Nicki Minaj selling power.

    • January 13, 2018

      Nicki Minaj is a very hard worker, she earned everything she got, don’t downplay Nicki’s accomplishments to put Kim up. just as I wouldn’t downplay Kim’s accomplishments to put Nicki up, nicki’s recipes are out there so there is no reason to put anyone down to put her up same with kim.

  17. Douglas Johnson January 13, 2018

    Well it’s all B*******, because for years while young money was coming into the light, you heard NO SHADE from lil kim or Eve, and know that Lil Kim is bringing her Style back too like( thanks too the explosion of Nikki Minaj entrance onto the stage as a Solo performer. And Nikki theres no shade, but i give it when it’s deserve & you and I and the rest of the World knows that LIL KIM made Color Wigs & Lip Stick way before you did ! You (Nikki ) just took it too another level that also helped send your star into orbit Alot faster than normal. And please girls all of you are FABULOUS & have your own style, and If Lil Kim was a hater of recording with other female artist then why is she on Nikki Minaj & Remy Ma & Mary J.Blidge singles???? And that song of Eve’s that suppose too dis LiL Kim fashion over lyrics, well Eve has a clothing of her own , and since then i have’nt heard any songs of Eve’s , but ive seen her in movies & Gwen Steffanis video’s. My point is you all are grown ass Women so act like ladies and appreciate & congradulate what each of you Bring to the Entertainment Scene. Stop this pitting each other against one another.

  18. Red January 13, 2018

    Well lil kim has been in the game for awhile. They all use kim as a come up in the game. Which is ok but pay your respect to her. Kim don’t come for nobody unless they come for her. As for Eve she ain’t got nothing going right now. So this is her chance to have a few minutes of fame and talk about kim. Kim should charge people everytime they use her name im just saying.

  19. Juanita McLeod January 14, 2018

    Why everyone start lies you Know it’s not real that’s the people problem.

  20. D. J. January 14, 2018

    Nicki posted this to be messy — her usual self. The problem is that these two women are best friends now. None of the public beefs that Nicki has, and there have been many, have ended on a positive note.

    I heard Eve tell this story on the Talk. Please Google the discussion to get the real story. She admitted that she came on a bit strong during that first encounter and could understand Kim’s reaction. She also stated that Kim is one of the sweetest persons that she knows and that they are good friends now who talk at least once a week.

    I’ve never heard anyone in the business say that Nicki is nice, but I hear it said about Kim often to be objective. Also, Nicki has come for this woman several times, stole her whole catalogue of style and a lot of her material. Here she is trying to stick the knife in again. Really?

  21. QUEENCRY January 14, 2018

    SEE LET ME START OFF!!!! I love them both….. Since BIGGIE ive been inlove with lil kim aka kimberly jones..F*** WITH A HATER SAY KIM BEEN DA N ALWAYS WILL …QUEENCRY AKA BMOREQUEENCRY….FAN NOTORIOUS KIM F*** OUTTA HERE

  22. Shae January 14, 2018

    When will R.E.S.P.E.C.T., Be just that! Why come some of us black women just not embrace the fact that we are all talented in our ” different” ways, and these essential tools that one possesses are used diffrently. Although we may agree to the same does not make the outcome the same.

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